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July 25, 2021 19 min read

For the gay couples in your life, it can be hard to know what gift to get for their anniversary. You want something meaningful that will represent how much you care about them but also something they'll actually like. Here are 25+ of our favorite gifts for gay couples! 

We hope this list helps you find the perfect anniversary gifts for couples and loved ones! 

6 Months Anniversary Gifts For Gay Couples

This full-color ceramic mug is one of the best gifts that you can get for your partner. It has an important message that reads: “6 months down, forever to go, I love you babe”, indicating that the 6-month period was just an introduction to a lifetime of love and support. This mug features two halves of avocado wearing bow ties, happily smiling while looking towards each other, representing you and your partner, happily in love. The mug is also decorated with a couple of hearts that are colored in rainbow patterns, indicating the LGBT community symbol. Gift this mug to your partner and let them know that the 6 months you have shared together are just a beginning of a lifelong journey!

This full-color ceramic mug may just be the perfect gift you were looking for. It carries an empowering message that reads: “He is the other half of my rainbow”. This message serves to connect the myth of a pot full of gold at the end of a rainbow with the universal LGBT symbol, implying that in your view, your partner is as significant as treasure. Below the message, there are a couple of male sex symbols that overlap, indicating the depth and commitment that you have for one another.

This wine tumbler is a great gift for your 6 months anniversary! It has a quote that reads: “Thanks for putting up with my bullshit for 6 months! Happy anniversary!”. This joke implies that even though you can sometimes be difficult to be around, your partner is putting up with you. That also means that your relationship will stay strong for a long time. Below the text, there is also a rainbow symbolizing your unity and commitment to each other. Sling with the rainbow, the tumbler is also decorated with quotes like “Love is love”, stars, and hearts. 

One-Year Anniversary Gifts For Gay Couples

This stainless steel tumbler has a powerful and heartwarming message that states: “The day I met you, I have found the one whom my soul loves, you complete me & make me a better person,... I love you, forever and always”. This beautiful message is just a part of the design, on the back side of the tumbler, we can see two hands holding together, and below them is the designated space to place your name and your partner’s name, making this a unique and personal gift. Gift this tumbler to your partner and let them know how much you love them!

This beautiful wooden ornament is one of the best things you can give your partner for your first anniversary! It has an interesting design, showing two tuxedos hanging next to one another, with the quote “Mr. and Mr.” written above them. It serves to remind you and your partner of your wedding and to show the significance of your union. The tuxedos are decorated with roses on top of them, amplifying the love that you have for each other. Gift your partner this wooden ornament for your first anniversary, and be sure that it will hang on your Christmas tree each year!

This stainless steel tumbler is something that anyone would love to get on their first anniversary! It has a powerful message written on the front side that says: “You are the best thing I never planned”, implying that no one can plan to fall in love, but when it happens, you know that the feeling will last for a lifetime. The back side of the tumbler is decorated with a couple of hands holding one another, connected with a scarf painted in rainbow colors. The tumbler is also decorated with the quote “love is love”, stars, hearts, and male sex symbols. 

5-Year Anniversary Gift For Gay Couple

On the front side of the mug, there is the text that reads: “I love you, just the gay you are”, cleverly changing the word “way”to “gay” in order to make the quote funny and relatable. Also, take note that the word “gay” is colored in a rainbow pattern, the universal symbol of the LGBT community, making it even more appealing. Below the text, there is a heart with a beat sensor that is also colored in a rainbow pattern, along with two other smaller hearts that serve as decoration. Gift your partner this mug, and make sure they know that you love them, just the ‘gay’ they are!

This stainless steel tumbler has a unique and stylish design, with a black background and a clever message that reads “Love you, Only you, Very, very much, Every day, more and more”. The message is written in such a manner that the first letter of some words is capitalized and bigger, in the end, spelling vertically the word “LOVE”. On the other side, we can see a couple of hands that are connected with a string tied to each hand’s index finger, indicating your commitment and connection. Both sides are also decorated with several hearts colored in rainbow patterns. 

This phone case might just be the perfect gift that you were looking for! It has an empowering message that says: “And so together, they built a life they loved”, implying that the love you have towards each other is the greatest power in the world, enabling you to create a life that you love. The top and bottom parts of the phone case are painted in a rainbow pattern, indicating the universal symbol of the LGBT community. Gift this phone case to your partner and make sure to let them know that you two managed to build a life that you love and that there is nothing more important in the world than the love you two have for each other!

10-Year Anniversary Gifts For Gay Couples

This ornament is a gift that anyone would love to get from their partner. It carries a heartwarming message on the left side that states: “This is us, a little bit of crazy, a little bit loud, and a whole lot of love”. This message serves to explain that you are a little bit crazy and sometimes loud, but that does not mean that you don’t have infinite love for each other. On the right side of the ornament, there is a picture of two hands holding one another and behind them is a heart painted in rainbow colors. Give this ornament to your partner and let them know that even if you are a bit crazy and loud, the abundance of love that you have for each other makes up for everything else!

This wooden ornament carries one of the most beautiful messages that any partner can get! On the left side of this flower-shaped ornament is the text that reads: “10 years, and I still fall for you every day”. This message serves to explain that even after 10 years of marriage, you still feel every day like the first time you fall in love with them. The left side of the ornament is a drawing of a flower, painted in rainbow colors, indicating the strength and commitment of your marriage. 

This stylish full-color ceramic mug may be the perfect 10-year anniversary gift that you were looking for. On the front side of the mug, there is a message that reads: “All of me loves all of you”, implying that there is no part of you or of them that is not aligned perfectly with each other. This message indicates how deep and strong your love is because there is no part that you would like to change. The mug is also decorated with a couple of arrows, differently colored hearts, and male sex symbols. 

25 Anniversary Gifts For Gay Couples

This wooden ornament is surely a gift that your partner would appreciate a lot. It is shaped like a car, with two men sitting next to each other, and on the back of the car, there is a quote that reads: “just married, 25 years ago”. That makes it a perfect gift for your 25th anniversary! The car is decorated with a couple of hearts painted in rainbow colors. Also, on the rear bumper of the car, there are several rainbow-painted hearts tied on a string as we would usually see tin cans. Let’s give this wooden ornament to your partner to let him know that you feel like you two just got married, even tho it was 25 years ago!

This stylish wine tumbler is surely something that your partner would appreciate as a gift. There is a quote on the front side of the tumbler that reads “Love is love” in stylized letters, colored in a rainbow pattern, representing the universal symbol of the LGBT community. On the back side, it has a picture of two dragons that have intertwined tails, representing your unity and commitment to your marriage. The tumbler is also decorated with lots of grey hearts on a black background giving it a stylish and unique look.

This stainless steel tumbler is surely the best gift you can give to your partner if they like deer or hunting. On the back side, there is a heartwarming message that says: “To my husband, I didn’t marry you, so I could live with you, I married you because I can’t live without you… I love you forever & always, love, your - and here is a place for you to place your initials”. This message serves to explain how deep your feelings toward your husband are and how lucky you are to have him in your life. The front side is decorated with a picture of two deer standing proudly in the forest, as well as the rainbow color pattern that represents the LGBT community. 

30 Anniversary Gifts For Gay Couples

On the front side of the ornament, there is the text that says: “Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be”, explaining that no matter how long a couple is together, the best years are still ahead of them and that there are many things to do and share together. The edges of the ornament are decorated with rainbow colors, the unifying symbol of the LGBT community, along with several rainbow-painted hearts. Gift your partner this ornament, and make sure to tell them that the best years are still ahead of you two!

This stainless steel tumbler carries an important message: “When we get to the end of our lives together, the house we had, the cars we drove, the things we passed won’t matter what will matter is that I had you, and you had me” meaning that the things we have in life aren’t nearly as important as our spouse and the love we share with them. The front side of the ornament shows a picture of two old guys walking together toward the sunset, symbolizing you and your partner. Gift your spouse this tumbler and make sure that they know that you value the love you two share much more than anything else in life!

This phone case has an important message that reads: “30 years of marriage, 10958 days, 262992 hours, 15779520 minutes, 946771200 seconds together and still counting, happy anniversary”. This message serves to explain that 30 years is a very long period of life, and the more important thing is that you are not stopping and still love your spouse as you did the day you two met. It is an important thing to let them know that even tho time passes, your love for them isn’t fading. Gift them this phone case and make sure that you celebrate your 30th anniversary, hoping to see many more anniversaries in the future!

Other Recommendations Of Anniversary Gifts For Gay Couples

"Gnome - I'm Mostly Peace, Love And Light" Ceramic Mug

Bear Couple - "Loved You Then, Love You Still" Couple Gift  Wine Tumbler

Dragon Couple T Shirt

Love Is Love - Pride Stainless Steel Tumbler

Liberty & Justice For All - Stainless Steel Bottle with Straw Lid

Be Proud Of Who You Are Tote Bag

Wolf Couple "I Love You To The Moon And Back" Ornament

Personalized gay couple pillow cases

Knowing just the right anniversary gaygift can prove difficult. It’s someone special who deserves something no one else could ever give them. Which is why The Adorable Pillowcases are perfect. These throwback pillowcases pay tribute to your first-ever anniversary with tushies on either side of a couple spooning each other in their bed, holding hands and wearing matching PJs (you).

Plus, they come in any color you want and are fully customizable so that you have total control over how “us” it feels! Let us know again about the product: We get it – finding a cute anniversary gift for those you love might seem daunting for many people out there.

Sloth Anniversary Couples Print

Celebrating your anniversary has never been this adorable! Celebrating is a huge deal, which is why you want to remember it with something that will make both parties’ hearts jump. If you and your partner are alike in love with sloths, then these cute prints are the perfect ornament to hang up at home, or anywhere you decide to nestle them. The gifts for gay men look like a beautifully hand-drawn sloth climbing two trees, embracing with their paws wrapped around each other as they lean on one another. The world's "Happiest Anniversary Ever" (or any phrase) can be customized in the bottom left corner of the printed art for free - just choose from 8 different fonts and add an original date below if desired! 

Paper Flower Rainbow

For any occasion, these Paper Flower Rainbow are the natural choice to light up your day. These gorgeous paper rose like unique gay gifts hanging will surely brighten up any home or place of work and will stand as a reminder of your beautiful relationship. Inspired by many colors in nature, this product is perfect for those who want to infuse their home with rainbow awesomeness! Whether it’s an anniversary or just another holiday season, you can use these Paper Flowers for a great decoration that has major staying power

64Hydro "Be Proud Of Who You Are" Water Tracker Bottle

Wow! This gay wedding gift idea is a really thoughtful and practical anniversary gifts for him. Show him how much you care with a water tracker mixed in some love, encouragement, and gratitude. You’ve been wondering what to get your true love for the 6-month anniversary, and that moment of relief has finally come. You find yourself searching through countless internet pages, dreaming of him or her opening up this gift we all call a water tracker bottle. What is a water tracker bottle, you ask? See that look? That’s the feeling of receiving such an amazing gift - he can now know exactly how many glasses of water to drink every day without going overboard!

Paper cut 1st anniversary gift

Perfect for any of young gay couples out there, this paper lantern is the perfect size to make a set on your table or mantelpiece. Big enough for two, but small enough to hang close to each other in exactly-height spaces like window sills. Cute pattern; beautiful laminating effect that makes it stay pretty rain or shine and also positively last the test of time--perfect for couples with busy lifestyles! Light as air, decorative and symbolic at once: doesn't get more perfect than that

Give yourself the gift of memories in light-up paper cut form - that's what we're here for

Custom Song Lyric Poster

Create a custom illustration for your favorite song lyrics, which is like gay couple art to keep from now on and as a gentle reminder of happy moments in the years ahead. This gift will surprise your special someone with how thoughtful you are. Browse through about a million different song lyrics, and select the perfect ones to be printed onto a poster that is framed in black. This way you can display those favourite lyrics close by, so they live on forever!

Box of Date Nights

Designate time with your loved one and this handy little date night sampler. It can be a funny gay gifts for boyfriend These cards are designed to be creative, personal, and romantic for any age. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone anniversary or just want to pop the question, these sweet nothing's are all about that special someone. This special box of Date Nights will mark the end, month by month, of each year and help you create new memories to last as long as it.

Custom Star Map

We think this would be a beautiful gift for the gay cutest couple where it includes glimpses of their story starting from that first date. Imagine seeing the stars as they looked on your very first night together. From there, you can put in what ever you like to write lovely messages. This idea of never losing the stars in your eyes or forgetting how you knew can be captured with this personalized map of the stars.

Imagine laughing, singing, dancing under a night sky full of twinkling lights that are bigger than anything found on earth, and we'll even give you meaningful memberships to telescopes so when it comes times to implement that 10-year plan for visiting Jupiter as well as other celestial bodies, you'll know how to locate them among the infinite number of other stars shining brightly.

64Hydro Deer Couple Campfire Mug

They'll remember your anniversary down to the minute with this cute set of mugs. When a couple sets up an anniversary date outdoors, what can they do to make it easier on themselves? Get away from the campfire smoke that makes the air hard to breathe and your morning cereal burnt. That’s where these 64Hydro Deer Couple Campfire Mug come in handy! With not only enough space for coffee or whatever you like, but also a little added love with each mug, this is perfect for those of us who are romantic at heart.

Custom Photo Collage - Gay Wedding gift

You know how people always say that seeing is saying a thousand words? Look at this beautiful photo collage art, a wonderful gay wedding gift idea! I want to see the pictures carefully printed on these wooden letters and create my own wedding keepsake. These wooden letters are printed with photos of the happy couple. Search for a photo that captures the day and time when you knew, felt, or just said yes; pick out the perfect font to get every letter customized perfectly. Give your loved one a lasting gift they will never forget with photos of you two side by side.

Engraved Cake Stand

The perfect destination for their delectable, freshly baked dessert is on this gorgeous engraved cake stand. They'll love keeping the fondest moments of their life atop our tall and sturdy stand. Add a special touch by engraving your names or the phrase "Happy Anniversary" to show them how much you care about what's inside - and outside! Imagine their joy when they see this beautiful cake stand with a sweet inscription! Small gift is also meaningful enough for happy anniversary, gay. It's the perfect symbol of your love and devotion.

Beeshion Gay Couple Gift Puzzle Necklace

Every couple is special, and this one deserves a meaningful token! Make your gay friends feel like the best people on earth with this incredible pair of gay couples necklaces. Whoever said rainbows are exclusively for girls? You could give them puzzle pieces, or two matching sets of rainbow colors to celebrate their love. Even if they already have an engagement ring, let's not forget a necklace needs some lovin' too! Choose from our great selection today. Wear your matching Beeshion necklace as a reminder that love is hard but worth fighting for; just don’t forget to kiss every now and then too.

Couples Aprons

Sometimes you feel like cooking, and sometimes it’s not your thing. But for those who love cooking, they probably do so while wearing their fav apron. Wear them at home or just show them off in the kitchen! The Couples Aprons are the perfect best gifts for gay men who love to cook and clean. And if you end up sharing these with someone else - say an anniversary gift to your lover or new family member - it'll be way more fun because you get to pick out what color they like best!

You're The One His and His Pillowcases

When you want to impress a significant other or for any occasion, a matching pillowcase is the absolute perfect gay marriage gift. You can add any design and text with our customizable pillow cases, which will show that extra love and touch you put into your gift. Plus, it's great for couples who always sleep at different times, so they're never up together watching TV in bed on their devices!

Quick And Dirty - An Offensively Fun Game!

This entertaining game is perfect for your next gay anniversary party, Bachelor or Bachelorette bash, office birthday party, etc. Comprising a purposefully blank deck of cards in assorted colors and two dice, the object of “Quick And Dirty - an Offensively Fun Game!” is to start with one card from the top of the pile and use it appropriately on every other player's turn. Consider our: "Take as many seconds to think about your answer that you'd like" card. Wit defines this game; creative responses are always rewarded with bonus points if they're hilarious!

Wedding Cake Couple Topper

Are you looking for a meaningful gift for your gay friends? Show your support of their marriage in a sweet way by choosing the dessert’s topper! The Wedding Cake Couple Topper lets you do just that – and choose two people for double the fun. They come as a set of bride and groom figurines, so they are not only thoughtfully chosen, but designed with precision for making this day even more perfect.

When it comes to weddings, little gestures can make an enormous difference; this is why we have them at such great prices. Add another layer of sweetness to the cake by getting these wedding cake couple toppers for your friends who are about to get married!

25 anniversary gifts for gay couples

Colorful Rainbow Shower Curtain

Looking for a way to add personality and flair even to your drabbest bathroom? Why not look at our Rainbow Shower Curtain, one of the most perfect gay anniversary gifts. A quick update with this 100% cotton shower curtain will take an otherwise drab room from boring to bright. With its cheerful, vibrant colours and bold design, it is certain to put you in a good mood before starting the day or after ending it. And don’t worry that you might find stains on the fabric because we made this special polyester coated version for durability and easy clean-up!

Personalized Wedding Clock

Think back to all those times you've forgotten to set the alarm and your partner has been left waiting... This personalized wedding clock is a great way to show how much you care. A timeless wedding clock given as a personal gift is based on the saying, "true love never ends". The words and numbers of this clock are designed with this sentiment in mind. Whether it's given to someone for Valentine's Day or an anniversary, every adorable gay couples will appreciate having their relationship timer, so they'll never forget again!

Wine Label Customized with Rainbows

What better way to celebrate life’s big moments than with a customized gift that will last a lifetime? Choose the perfect bottle of wine and customize it with our personalized, hand-drawn custom Rainbow Wine Labels. Originally designed by four women in Texas who were inspired by their mom's own draw paintings, now you can share that same inspiration with your loved one! The process is simple: we chose an inspiring quote from John Locke, "If man would look for his end, he needs search no further than himself" and provide you with my favorite house-warming or engagement rainbows colors. 

Corner Name Personalized Engraved Brown Leather Coasters

The Corner Name Personalized Engraved Brown Leather Coasters are the best wedding gifts for gay men to help your favorite couples never forget their anniversary. Not only does this gift serve as a beautiful decoration for any household, but it's also so practical! Imagine that moment when you come home from work and see them on the coffee table ready to go. 

Whether you're in a relationship or not, these beautiful coasters provide elegance and plenty of romance. The leather is soft enough that even if wine gets spilled, there'll still be no staining problem. On top of all of these perks, they'll last forever because we have each coaster personalized with 2 names engraved right beneath one another! What better present could you give?

64Hydro Metal Style Skull Couple Love You Stainless Steel Tumbler

Sexy and funny couples tumblers are the newest way to express your love to adorable gay couples. They’re fashionable, cutting edge, and built for two. These three-dimensional stainless steel tumblers come in a double compartment design that screws together for sealing tight! They also feature wrap around laser etching with stylish fonts, so you can let the world know who you belong with. Pick from our wide selection of available colors to find one just right for yourself or as an anniversary gift!

Personalized Bamboo Wooden Serving Tray

Always an awkward situation, trying to find the perfect gay anniversary gift for that special someone you love. Well now gifting is indeed possible! Say goodbye to stressful and expensive gas stations searching for any old trinket-here are just a few creative tips: Tabletops are all the rage lately in home decor, so why not buy this personalized serving tray as a little slice of springtime happiness? Be sure to get your mom something she won't regret years from now by grabbing her one of these beauties. The bamboo wooden finishes give it an understated yet refined look, while also making it durable enough for every potential dish a mother could throw its way!

Matching His & His Sweatshirts

When was the last time you and your significant other donned matching outfits? Give in to cute moments with these graphic sweatshirts for both wifeys and kings! The set of two hooded cute gay couple shirts is perfect for those who love showing off their better half, while one either says king on them with a crown or wifey with red lips. These will keep you so warm that when both of you are outside running errands or at the boardwalk, all thoughts of cold weather will go away. Give as the perfect gift from one spouse to another or for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or anniversary parties!

Lovery Gift Basket, Luxury 13 Piece Bath & Body Set

There is nothing more romantic than a gift basket for both partners! Remember that girls love to spoil themselves, so don't forget about the practising romance and hospitality. Imagine this Anniversary Day, how lovely it would be if you had two bundles under the shared tree, instead of just one! Let this bath set be your luxury gift for a special someone.

There are so many ways to celebrate the love of two people in cute gay relationships. While it may seem impossible at times, we hope this article has given you some ideas for celebrating your anniversary with someone special and lasting memories. We even have an entire section dedicated to anniversaries! Shop more meaningful anniversary gifts for boyfriend to make sure that you’re able to give them something they will cherish forever. From 6th month anniversary gifts for gay couples or one-year anniversary ideas for gay couples, our team is here and ready to help you find the perfect gift.

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