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July 15, 2021 23 min read

Your significant other has been with you for a while, and it's finally your anniversary! You want to get them the perfect gift, but you're having trouble deciding what they would like best. We get it. Shopping for someone special can challenge you, even when you're sure what they want or need. And finding the perfect gift for women that is within your budget is even more difficult! But don't worry. We've compiled this list of 33+ Best Anniversary Gifts For Her 2021 to help you out! These gifts will be sure to please any woman in your life. And, you can't go wrong with any of these fantastic ideas!

6-Month Anniversary Gifts For Her

6 months is an important milestone for any relationship, so you should gift an outstanding gift to celebrate the 6-month anniversary.

We’re starting off with a cute phone case that will ensure that your girlfriend is always reminded of your cute love. It says: “Six months ago: CACT-U; CACT-I”, as well as an image of two cactuses waving at each other. Next to it is an illustration of two cactuses embracing, and above them is the word “NOW”. Below the image, the text says: “CACT-US”. This clever play on words touches on how six months ago, the two of you were just getting to know each other, and now you’re an item. Before, you were two individuals that were each just doing their own thing, and now you are a package deal. Buying this adorable phone case for her will guarantee to always put a smile on her face.

This wonderful pillow features a heartfelt quote: “Never forget that I love you. Hug this pillow until you can hug me”. The quote is perfect for couples that are in a long-distance relationship. It emphasizes how important it is for her to know that you love her and that you’re always there for her. Furthermore, the pillow is perfect to snuggle up to when the two of you are apart. The second sentence encourages her to hug the pillow until you two are reunited, and she can finally hug you. This way, in moments of loneliness, she has this gift from you, and it will feel like you’re right there with her. Get her this pillow, and you two will never be apart again.

This keychain is the perfect gift for all the couples that found love online. The quote reads: “You are the best thing I’ve ever found on the Internet”. We all know that the Internet is one big place with so much to find. That’s why this quote is so meaningful. You were able to find her out of everyone, and you are now happy together. It takes a special kind of love to make that happen. Also, the fact that you two found each other online and not in person also speaks volumes. Not only did you fall for one another through the screen, but your love only grew in person. So, buy her this keychain, and it will always remind her of your love story.

2-Year Anniversary Gifts For Her

Your woman has companied with you for 2 years now. She is the one that makes you happy, and her smile melts away all of your worries. You want to find a gift that will show her how much she means to you. Here are some ideas for 2-year anniversary gifts!

If you and your girlfriend are fans of witty remarks and joking with each other, then this is the perfect gift for her. This ornament says: “Two years, and you still haven’t smothered me in my sleep… Yet. Thanks for that”. In every relationship, one person is the blanket hogger and a restless sleeper. If that’s your girlfriend, this joke will definitely land. But it’s not just a funny quip. It also shows how much you love her because you don’t get annoyed with her for this but find it endearing. It takes a lot of love to turn one’s faults into things you love most about them. So, get her this ornament and show her this!

If you’re looking for a personalized gift that will make her heart flutter every time she looks at it, look no further. This adorable ornament says: “2nd Anniversary; 24 months of love; 104 weeks of bliss; 731 days of loyalty; 17544 hours of blessing; 1052640 minutes of laughter; 63158400 seconds of friendship; Two years down, forever to go”. In the middle of this, you can put her favorite picture of the two of you together. This message is special because it breaks down the time you two have spent together into months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and even seconds and adds the most beautiful feelings that you had during that time. By getting this gift for her, you’re telling her that not a single second with her is meaningless.

For fans of a darker aesthetic, this gift will definitely do the trick. On one side, the phone case says: “You and me - we got this”, and on the other, you can put your names and personalize the gift. The message is seemingly simple but has so much meaning. It implies that when the two of you are together, there’s nothing you can’t do. The hardships won’t be as painful, and the joy will only magnify. Wise people say that success is worth nothing if you have no one to share it with. Well, that’s exactly the message of this gift. Let’s not forget that no problem will seem unsolvable when you have each other. So, get her this case and send her a powerful message.

3-Year Anniversary Gifts For Her

This pillow carries a powerful message: “1 Universe; 8 Planets; 195 Countries; 809 Islands; 7.4 Billion people; and you have the privilege of being married to me. Happy anniversary”. The quote is the perfect combination of funny and deep. It puts into perspective how lucky you two are to have found each other in such a big world. But it also further emphasizes how lucky your wife is to be with you. It’s a perfect joke that doesn’t take away from the significance of the occasion or the message. It just adds a little laughter - just what you need for a perfect marriage. Get her this gift, and she’ll cherish you forever, just like she knows you cherish her.

This mug is guaranteed to get a chuckle from your significant other whenever she sees it. It says: “After 3 years, I still just want to touch your butt. It’s nice”. While it may seem simple and funny, it actually has more weight to it. It shows that you are in love with her just like you were at the beginning of the relationship. Attraction tends to fade with time, and this message shows that’s not the case between the two of you. You still find her beautiful and attractive, which is exactly what she needs to hear. This message has the best of both worlds - a meaningful sentiment in a funny form. If you get this mug for your wife, she’ll definitely love you for it (and probably let you touch her butt more often).

Here’s another fun gift. The message on the hoodie reads: “03 years in, and I haven’t killed him yet”. It celebrates your three years together but also plays with the common trope of husbands annoying their wives. However, the truth is that those little bickers and fights are what make the relationship dynamic. They are all superficial and never result in anything serious because the foundation of love is so strong. The message also shows that your wife's affection for you trumps everything that you may do to annoy her. This hoodie will also serve as a reminder of that in any similar situation in the future. So, when you get this gift for your wife, you will also be doing yourself a favor!

5-Year Anniversary Gifts For Her

This ornament is perfect for a couple celebrating their 5-year anniversary around Christmas. On the back, it says: “Loved you then, love you still; always have, always will”. On the other side, you can add your two names and personalize the gift. The quote is a short and sweet rhyme that reinforces how strong your love is. It shows that, even with all the time that has passed, the love hasn’t changed. It only grows stronger, and that will continue forever. This ornament is a perfect reminder of your love and commitment to one another. So, buy her this gift, and she will never wonder how much you love her again.

This stainless steel tumbler features a wonderful quote. It says: “5th anniversary. 60 months of love; 260 weeks of bliss; 1,826 weeks of loyalty; 43,824 hours of blessings; 2,629,440 minutes of laughter; 157,766,400 seconds of friendship. Five years down, forever to go”. The message it conveys is that each passing second that you spend with each other is meaningful and filled with love. The fact that it ends with friendship, emphasizes that without friendship, a relationship cannot succeed. The last sentence illustrates how excited you are to spend the rest of your life with her. On the other side, you can add your favorite picture, which will make the gift that much more special.

If you are looking for a stocking stuffer for this holiday season and your anniversary happens to coincide with that, we’ve got the gift for you. This adorable puzzle piece-shaped ornament has a beautiful message. It says: “5 years down, forever to go”. The quote is simple but has a lot of weight to it. Sometimes the simplest of sentences carry the most meaning. That’s the case with this one. The point of this quote is that you are celebrating the five years that you have spent with each other, but also looking to the future. You are looking at the rest of your lives together and cannot wait for what’s ahead of you two. If you get this gift, she’ll know how much you value your relationship.

Here’s another ornament, and this time it’s heart-shaped. On the back, it says: “Love where we’ve been, love where we’re going”. It reflects on all of the adventures that you have experienced together in the past and looks forward to all of those that are yet to come. It also shows that you are confident in your relationship and love where you two are. There’s nothing more valuable to a woman than for her to know that her man is happy in their relationship. Also, the quote points out that all of the hardships that you overcame together are worth being there with here at this moment. So, if you want her to know this, go ahead and get her this gift.

If you are looking for a gift that your beloved can carry with her wherever she goes, this one is for you. This tumbler says: “6 Years; 0.6 Decades; 72 Months; 313 Weeks; 2192 Days; 52,595 Hours; 3,155,695 Minutes; 189,341,712 Seconds”. On the other side, you can add pictures of the two of you, which will make the gift so much more special. As far as the quote goes, it shows how those big six years are made up of tiny but incredibly momentous moments. Those are the moments that are the glue to any relationship. It’s not just about the big milestones but about all of the small ones that lead up to them. Get her this gift, and make sure she knows this.

The quote on this bedding set says: “To my wife: Never forget that I love you. I wish I could turn back the clock and love you longer. If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes…”. The message it conveys is that it doesn’t matter what happened before the two of you, it matters that you are together now and forever. Besides, there are some sweet affirmations show your wife how important she is in your life: “You are my life, You are my love”. Get her this, and she’ll never forget.

10-Year Anniversary Gifts For Her

If you’re on the hunt for something that your wife will use daily, we’ve got just the thing for you. This stainless steel wine tumbler features a simple quote: “Cheers to 10 years”. It will remind your wife of the history you two have and the years that you’ve spent together every time she sips her wine out of it. You don’t always need an elaborate quote or a long message to express what you feel. This simple quote celebrates your union and your life together. It will do a perfect job of letting your wife know that you cherish what you have each passing day, If you want your wife to know you wouldn’t have it any other way, gift her with this 10-year anniversary item.

Personalized gifts are always a good choice, and this little ornament is no different. The quote on it says: “10 years and counting”, as well as the year you’re celebrating your anniversary in. On the other side, you can add your two names. The quote is short and sweet. It celebrates the years that you’ve had together but shows that you cannot wait for every anniversary that is to come. This is because celebrating them with the woman you love is a blessing, and that is not lost on you. The shape of the ornament, which is a house, adds even more meaning. It shows that you are each other’s home. So, if that’s something you want your wife to know, don’t miss out on this gift.

15-Year Anniversary Gifts For Her

We’ve got another ornament for you. This one reads: “15 years of marriage. No refunds, no exchanges”. This quote may be short, but it’s packed with meaning. It shows that you have absolutely no regrets about choosing her as your wife and spending your life with her. You wouldn’t change anything, no matter what. You also wouldn’t exchange her for the world. If you add to this your two names on the back, you get the best gift ever. Women need to know that you are confident in your marriage and in them, which is exactly what this ornament shows. So, get it for her, and she’ll definitely know.

This tumbler features a meaningful quote. “Our love still grows. Our anniversary means a lot more than any other day. I celebrate my love for you and cherish you in every way.” This statement expresses how much you cherish this special anniversary, as a milestone for you to give more love to each other. It also puts emphasis on the development of your relationship and its evolution through time.Our life together gets better and better, and I keep on loving you more and more”. It shows that with each new day, you get the opportunity to get to know each other a little bit more. That you have the opportunity for one more new adventure. Getting your wife this present means that you want just that.

We’ve got another wine tumbler for you. This one’s quote says: “Cheers to 15 years. We still do”, and the names of you two. You’re celebrating all the years you’ve spent together and honoring the time you have ahead of you. The “We still do” part implies that nothing has changed since the day you said yes to one another at your wedding. Regardless of the challenges you’ve faced together during your 15 years, your love has only grown stronger and more powerful. And from this perspective, you wouldn’t change a thing. You still choose her every single day of your life together, and that will never change. If you buy her this gift, she’ll definitely know that.

20-Year Anniversary Gifts For Her

20 years is a quarter of our life. Are you looking for the perfect 20th-anniversary gift for your wife? If so, we have a few suggestions that are sure to make her smile. 

For gifts, sometimes it's difficult to find something with the right amount of sentimentality and thoughtfulness. We've solved this problem by making a list of ideas for you that will leave her feeling loved and appreciated on this milestone of the day.

If you and your wife are fans of video games, or you just like looking at life that way, this mug is perfect. It says: “Level 20 complete”, as well as your and your wife’s name and your anniversary date. While the video game aesthetic is fun and all, it still has a lot of depth. It depicts your relationship as a chance to get to higher levels of life that you otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to reach. It illustrates growth in an understandable and fun way. Also, it’s well known that as you get to higher levels of a game, you face new challenges. However, there’s no greater satisfaction than overcoming them with the love of your life. That’s exactly why you should get your wife this mug.

This wonderful heart-shaped ornament is the perfect anniversary gift. It reads: “We have loved for 20 years. That is 240 months; 1,044 weeks; 7,305 days; 175,316 hours; 10;518,984 minutes… and counting”. Once again, the time you two have spent together over the last 20 years is illustrated in a different way. It may seem like just pure numbers, but it’s much more than that. It’s about reminding you to value and treasure every passing second that you have with the other person by your side. It’s there to remind you never to lose sight of what is truly important - the two of you. So, if you want your beloved wife to see this perspective, don’t think twice about getting her this ornament.

The quote on this fabulous phone case says: “Just married 20 years ago”. It’s a play on the well-known “Just Married” sign that is an essential part of every couple’s wedding day. However, it aims to show that your feelings for one another haven’t dimmed even in the slightest bit since that day. Your love and admiration have only grown. The enthusiasm you felt on that day is present each day that you are together. If you could get married again today, you wouldn’t think twice about it. That’s what the quote indicates. If you get this phone case for your wife, she’ll be reminded of this wonderful message every time she picks up her phone.

30-Year Anniversary Gifts For Her

If you and your wife are animal lovers, this wine tumbler will make her heart melt. The quote reads: “When penguins find their mate, they stay together forever. You’re my penguin”. It connects humans to the animal kingdom in the cutest of ways. It shows that you have found your true (soul)mate and that you have every intention of keeping her by your side. It also conveys the fact that you are aware that you are lucky enough to have found her and that you aren’t going to let anything get between the two of you. Your love and connection are stronger than anything. By getting her this gift, you’ll be able to confess your love to her every day.

We’ve got the perfect gift for a couple celebrating their 30th anniversary. This tumbler reads: “Happy 30th anniversary! 30 years of marriage; 360 months of hugs; 1,564 weeks of laughter; 10,961 days together; 263,064 hours of love; 1 blessed family; 1000s of laughs; countless memories made; a never-ending love story”. The quote is special for a number of reasons. It shows your love through the most wonderful memories you two have. It also emphasizes that a beautiful family came out of it. But most importantly, the quote points to how a relationship evolves over time and gets more nuanced but no less special. All of those things are a part of your love story that will never end. And that’s exactly why you should get this special gift for your other half.

This phone case is a perfect simple gift for your wife. The quote on it says: “Celebrating 30 years and looking forward to forever”. It merges the past and the future through the present. In the very moment when you are celebrating your years together, you are also looking towards the future. You know that with her by your side, the future can only be bright. There is no future without an appreciation of the past. No one knows this better than a couple celebrating their 30th anniversary, but there is no harm in reminding your wife. This way, she’ll think of this every time she checks her phone. So, if you get this gift for your wife, you’ll ensure that she never forgets what your marriage means to you.

Other Recommendations

27. Anniversary Sound Wave Art

This song sound-wave art print is part of our Soundwave Art Canvas Collection, which belongs to Anniversary Gifts For Her Collection. This gorgeous sound wave art design makes for a wonderful gift for a loved one or a welcome addition to any home! If you’re hoping to truly wow your wife with a romantic gift, this one is The One. Give this as an anniversary gift to show them how much you love them, or surprise them at home with this delightful gift.

28. Anniversary Preserved Roses Gift for Wife

These uniquely preserved roses are the perfect anniversary gift for your wife's special day. They come beautifully enclosed in a heart-shaped glass vase that will make every moment feel as though you're being transported back to the emotions of that exceptional day. These roses in this exquisite vase will never die. No matter how far away you might be or what happens next, she'll always have them close to her, looking at her with love.

29. A Map of the Stars for Great Anniversary

It's hard to keep the memories of unique nights in our lives alive, but we'd love for these happy moments to stay with you forever. It could be when you met, the moment you first said "I love you," or the day that you said, "I do." This would also be an ideal wedding anniversary gift for the wife. Put a smile on her face and tell her how much she means to you, no matter where you are in your relationship.

30. A Symbolic Necklace- Anniversary Gift for Wife

Right now, give the woman in your life the gift of beauty. A symbolic necklace is a piece that’s more than just jewelry. It is a symbolic wedding anniversary gift for the wife and a wonderfully sentimental way to make celebrating your anniversary unique. You can capture every moment with minimal words because this beautiful design speaks for itself. This necklace embodies all she needs from you to feel special on any occasion: some flair with her birth flower or an affirmation of your love for yours.

31. Calligraphed Wedding Vows Anniversary Gift for Her

The anniversary of your wedding vows is a sentimental reminder of your love and commitment. This anniversary gift for her is a demonstration that you never forget where it all began, with this keepsake in a place of honor. A lovely reminder for each anniversary as you continue to build your life together.

32. Theragun mini for wife

Get this as a unique anniversary gift for her. The Theragun does not just feel comfortable. It also looks good with its sleek stainless steel design. And because everybody needs one, your wife can always use it in more ways than one - before bed or after dinner to help melt away any hard day's stress and tension. There's no better anniversary gift idea is one in which you can surprise your wife with something she'll love, and you've found one. You put so much thought into this present for her; she feels like the luckiest woman on earth.

33. An Indoor Garden

Do you and your wife like to enjoy new hobbies together? Well, it might be time to start indoor gardening!

With this practical anniversary gift for her in your home, your wife will grow fresh herbs with ease. In fact, she won't even need to leave the house for years on end! This smart garden combines hydroponics and aquaponics growing methods, so all you'll need is a bit of sunlight and water.

34. A Phone Sanitizer

You can show endless love to your wife by keeping her stuff (and probably her nose) clean. This “PhoneSoap” is the perfect way to clean off bacteria and a fantastic anniversary gift for her. It's like a mini-sauna for her phone and jewelry! With this, you'll always be able to keep your phone and jewelry clean in just minutes—no more waiting for all those germs to grow back!

35. Spaghetti Strap Summer Dress

This lightweight strap summer dress will be a surprise anniversary gift for your wife. Featuring spaghetti straps and an eye-catching design in 2021, you will leave her speechless with this dress. Dress it up with platform sandals and delicate accessories, or wear it casually with sandals and tousled hair, either will make her shine!

36. A Weekend Bag for Her

Is there a fantastic anniversary gift for a girlfriend on her anniversary? All you need is a bit of thoughtfulness, and even the smallest gift can mean so much to your girlfriend. I'm not sure what your relationship status is. But if you're celebrating an anniversary with a loved one who has been with you for a long time, select something meaningful. Besides surprising you, it will leave your girlfriend enthralled with your love. Here are the best anniversary gifts for your girlfriend.

37. Anniversary Aurora Mirror for Her

This sparkling, creative and undeniably feminine mirror is the perfect gift for your girlfriend. The smart way to make her morning routine a little more fun before she heads out into the big world! Every girl just wants to have fun with a gorgeous French dressing-table mirror in stunning pink as the perfect pick-me-up.

38. Fleur de Peau Fragrance

Fleur de Peau fragrance is the perfect anniversary gift for a special occasion for your girlfriend. Inspired by ancient mythology, this romantic fragrance includes features like flowery notes and powdery iris that allow it to both be used on skin and in fabrics. Fleur de Peau can even double up as decoration!

39. Pave Eternity Ring

The classic eternity ring is a romantic way to show that you will never stop loving her, and it can sit alongside your wedding band and engagement ring. The Huiyitan Pave Eternity Ring, with its delicate diamond-encrusted detailing, perfectly reflects this everlasting love.

40. Personalized Parisian Heart Padlock

The perfect gift is for the lover of travel and romance. This is a beautiful way to keep your love secure from miles away. Give your partner a personalized padlock as an anniversary gift. Keep memories of all the great times you've shared in Paris or any destination of yours with this gift from Getting Personal. They'll be able to keep their special gift near the famous love locks locations around the world.

41. Anniversary Balloon for Your Girlfriend

There's nothing like seeing that big, gorgeous smile on your girlfriend's face when she sees a romantic balloon waiting for her on the anniversary day. Let this favorable moment be one you'll never forget; trust us: balloons are the perfect way to let someone know they're special! Helium-filled balloons blow out of their packages since they are delivered in private, and you can customize them with a message from us. It doesn't get more romantic than that.

42. Personalized Wooden Postcard

This is a perfect way to show your girlfriend on your anniversary that she's on your mind. Get this wooden postcard from Getting Personal, and you can add as many reasons you love her. Show her all the sites you've seen, or even just say your favorite trait in women is with these cute little cards!

43. Personalized Trucker Girlfriend Tumbler

This anniversary gift for a girlfriend will play the role of a reminder for her to stay hydrated. This shows how much you care for her and for her health. It becomes far more particular with Personalized Trucker Girlfriend that you can write her name or quote on. Let her warm your insides with the sweet taste of arabica for up to 12 hours on snowy days. Alternatively, stay cool all day long while getting noticed by every single pedestrian in the street. She will stay healthy and remember you anytime.

44. Geo Pillar candleholder Set

The taller candleholder in this set is made with a gold top and burns longer. The shorter candlestick comes with silver metal accents and wax colors that are just as pretty. Give your girlfriend the gift she won't ever forget by giving her some light for an anniversary dinner!

45. Heart Necklace Anniversary for Girlfriend

This necklace is for the girlfriend that matters most - she lights up every day in your life.

It is a wonderful anniversary for your girlfriend and a gentle reminder of how much you care. With this heart necklace, you can say that your anniversary vow will always be there for you no matter what.

46. Recycled Glass Photo Frame

If you are looking for something meaningful to give your girlfriend on this anniversary day, think about giving her a beautiful photo frame. Looking at the photo is the fastest way for her to remember you. The recycled glass photo frames from By Amber and Rose are made of eco-friendly materials, so she will love them!

47. Custom Message Shortbread Cookies

A great catch for the wife or girlfriend who prefers fun to fur. Choose from a range of sweet flavors like chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and white chocolate. Let her know how much she means to you with this great gift idea.

48. Personalized Tree Wood Carving

It's the perfect way to commemorate an unforgettable year of marriage. Keep all your future anniversaries in one place with this gorgeous personalized anniversary present for him. Engrave your initials, his initials or both, on the wood and enjoy looking back over each milestone you've been through together!

49. A Dozen Reasons I Love You Tokens

Show her how she makes the sun shine brighter, is sweeter than chocolate and cream. She deserves a dozen reasons why you love her. Let us customize your specific relationship for more than 50 different reasons; he will be sure to find one that fits perfectly.

50. Personalized Songbird Vase

These beautiful personalized songbird vases are a way to show your other half just how much you care. Customize this with their initials, the month and year of a special occasion like an anniversary, or anything else that you know will make them feel extra loved from your end. This is something they'll be able to cherish for many years into the future!

51. Our Adventure Book

This love-filled adventure book is the perfect 2-year anniversary gift for her. With a leather cover, it’s just full of mushy sentimentality for all the happy times ahead of you. It makes such a thoughtful, romantic keepsake that can be easily tucked away in one's closet or on their bookshelf within arm's reach.

52. Sculpted Hand-Painted Anniversary Figure

It may be the simple things that make a difference, and this Sculpted Hand-Painted Anniversary Gift for Her is a romantic way to express your love. The delicate sentiment carved upon capturing the willow tree figurine can also link past and future generations.

53. BedJet Cooling and Warming System

The BedJet Cooling and Warming System is a product that helps to regulate the temperature of your bed, so it’s just right for both you and your partner. This innovative mattress will heat one side while cooling the other, all designed to get you comfortable again at night.

54. Nikon Z5 Camera Body

This camera is for the lady in your life who loves a wonderful photo. Life is full of adventures, and it’s important to capture every moment. This camera body is versatile so that your girlfriend can create memories of faraway places on holidays. This luxury Nikon would be an ideal anniversary gift idea for girls.

55. Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine

This 20th-anniversary gift for her has a sleek and stylish design that will look great on any kitchen countertop. Dazzle them when they open up their present and see this beautiful machine that makes espresso at the touch of a button. She can be satisfied with a cup of coffee every day or create one for you and your family.

56. Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

With this Keepsake Hands Casting Kit, you’ll miss the warming feeling when holding your wife’s. You and your loved one will each hold out a hand and pour casts into the mold to immortalize your youthful skin tone in resin. That way, you'll always be able to remember it!

These are the top anniversary gifts for her, you can buy in 2020! We’ve curated a list of over 33 items that will make your loved one feel special and happy. You don’t need to spend too much time and money on an expensive gift, as these affordable options prove. Plus, by giving your partner something from our list, your women expect it, which is always lovely.

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