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August 25, 2021 17 min read

The holidays are coming up, and you might be wondering what to get for your boss. This blog post has over 17 different ideas spanning all sorts of interests, so there's bound to be something they will love on the list. Whether their favorite things include coffee or wine, this list has it all- even some more personalized ideas like custom jewelry or paintings! You can't go wrong with one of these thoughtful Christmas gifts for boss!

Unique Christmas Gifts For Boss

Looking for a perfect Christmas gift for your boss? Check out this gorgeous necklace that comes in a case with a message that says: “I feel truly blessed to have a person like you in my life. Your guidance, input, and knowledge have helped me immeasurably. Thank you for having the patience and taking the time and effort to mentor me. For keeping me focused, encouraging me when I doubted myself, and opening my eyes to all the possibilities.” This meaningful quote implies that a good boss makes his employees realize they have more ability than they think they have. And your boss is definitely one of those people who keeps pushing you and never stops believing in you. By gifting this incredible piece to your boss, they will realize how grateful you are for encouraging you when you doubted yourself.

If you wish to surprise your boss this Christmas, check out this sleek-looking full-color ceramic mug that says: “You’re the best boss in the world”. Just like how all trees need water to grow, and all humans need air to live, companies need strong leadership to survive and prosper. Your company’s leader is the person who is in that position for a good reason. Gift this piece with a simple yet meaningful message to your boss and show them how grateful you are for such a strong leader.

Your female boss is a true leader if her actions inspire others to keep moving forward, learn more, do more, and become more. If you want to thank your boss for being such an inspiration to you, you can gift her this fantastic water tracker bottle that says: “Girl boss - think like a lady, act like a boss”. It will encourage your female boss never to be afraid to show her feminine side while acting like a true leader of the company. Not only does it make for a great Christmas present, but will also inspire her to keep moving forward.

Christmas Gifts For A Female Boss

Consider gifting your female boss this simple yet stylish classic t-shirt that features a quote: “Girl boss - she believed she could, so she did” since being a female boss in a world of mostly men can especially feel lonely. But your female boss has made it due to her sheer power of will and dedication. And Christmas is a perfect time to show some appreciation for having such an amazing female boss. This piece will show her that you admire her dedication and that she is a true inspiration to you.

The best bosses break down problems into bite-sized pieces and talk and act like each little task is something that people can complete without great difficulty. This ability is what makes your boss such an amazing leader. And what better way to show appreciation towards your boss than surprising her for Christmas with this lovely phone grip that says: “Boss Lady”. Not only that, but this piece also showcases pink roses that are symbolism of gratitude and admiration - making this piece the perfect Christmas gift for this dedicated woman.

A Boss lady is someone confident, charming, and fierce. Someone who knows her worth, takes control of her life, and achieves her dreams. Apart from these amazing characteristics, your boss has made sure she gathers only the best employees for her company. If you want to show gratitude and admiration towards your boss, you should definitely consider gifting her this lovely full-color ceramic mug for Christmas. It will remind her how amazing her employees are any time she drinks from it.

Christmas Gifts For Male Boss

Want to get something unique for your male boss for Christmas? Check out this peculiar wine tumbler that features a rustic wooden plank design and a quote that says: “Ringmaster of the shit show”. This message implies that he is the leader of the hectic place known as your company. While your workplace can be busy and turbulent, your boss keeps it all together and drives the company towards success and prosperity. So, be sure to show your appreciation to the man with this piece, which will definitely put a smile on his face.

Just like the message on this piece says: “Great leaders inspire greatness in others”, ultimately, leadership is about keeping your team focused on a goal and motivated to do their best to achieve it, especially when the stakes are high and the consequences really matter. It is about laying the groundwork for others' success and then standing back and letting them shine. If you want to show your gratitude towards your boss for being a great leader who inspires superior performance in others, you can do so by gifting him this fantastic Christmas ornament that will warm his heart. Not only that, but this piece will look fabulous on his Christmas tree as it features a stunning pink flower design.

What makes 1 awesome boss includes 1000% hard-working, 500% unrivaled skill, 100% passion, 300% caring, 0% sleep, and 110% caffeine. But being a boss isn’t just telling others what to do - it’s also about inspiring your employees and helping them so they can do a better job. So if you want to express your admiration for your boss’s dedication and hard work, you can do so by gifting him this stunning full-color ceramic mug for Christmas. Not only will it make him feel admired, but will also remind him what an amazing employee he has any time he drinks his coffee from this mug.

Funny Christmas Gifts For Boss

Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. It takes 1000% hard work, 500% unrivaled skill, 100% passion, 300% caring, and 0% sleep to become a true leader. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others, and that’s what your boss is doing with his employees. Be sure to show your boss how grateful you are for helping you grow and gift him this fantastic water tracker bottle. Not only does it look absolutely gorgeous with its crown print, implying that it’s meant for someone in charge, but it also features tracking labels, which will remind your boss to stay hydrated during their work.

In most cases, being a good boss means hiring talented people and then getting out of their way because your boss knows that you will do an amazing job. Fill your boss’s Christmas with joy by gifting them this lovely Christmas ornament that features a message: “My favorite employee gave me this ornament”. And with mistletoe and snowflake prints, this ornament will definitely look good on their Christmas tree. Apart from that, by gifting this piece to your boss this holiday season, you will show them that you genuinely care about them and that you respect them as a person in charge but also as someone who inspires you to be a better person.

If you’re looking for something that will cheer up your boss this holiday season, check out this great stainless steel bottle that features a funny quote: “Tears of my staff” which will definitely put a smile on his face. This quote is a humorous take on the fact that many employees are unsatisfied with how much work they need to do. And even if you have a lot on your plate, your boss is always there to support you and inspire you to move forward. That’s why you should thank them by gifting them this great piece for Christmas, which looks absolutely fabulous with a perfect mix of water design and sleek matte background.

Personalized Christmas Gifts For Boss

This Christmas, be sure to show your gratitude towards your boss by gifting them this stunning wine tumbler that says: “You are the best boss, keep that shit up”. Because being a boss is all about lifting an employee’s vision to high sight, raising a person's performance to a higher standard, to building a personality beyond its normal limitations. That’s why you should show your gratitude towards your boss by gifting them this fantastic piece. Not only will remind your boss how much influence he has on their employees, but will also fill him with joy.

The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority. And your boss was there for you to guide you towards becoming not only a better employee, but a better person. That’s why you should surprise your boss this holiday season by gifting them this fabulous stainless steel tumbler that says: “you’ve been such an S.O.B” which is short for the Super Outstanding Boss. With a quote like this and a calming blue background and a crown print, this personalized piece will fill them with Christmas joy, all while reminding him how much he/she means to you.

If you want to express your gratitude towards your boss and surprise them for Christmas, consider gifting them this stylish stainless steel tumbler that says: “bossicorn like a normal boss but more awesome”. And since your boss is an outstanding one, they will go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their employees. If people believe in themselves, it's amazing what they can accomplish. This piece will definitely put a smile on your boss’s face with a funny quote like this one and a unicorn print.

Other Recommendations For You

Best Christmas Gifts for Female Boss

Get your female boss something wonderful this Christmas season (and gain major brownie points with her). It may be difficult to figure out where to start if you're not very close to them. It would be nice, if you guys are basically BFFs, to make them feel appreciated with something thoughtful. You don't need to stress over what gift to get 'em this holiday season. We have compiled some great gift ideas, from fancy cheese boards to chic home office decor to cute jewelry. Check out the Christmas gifts that make your boss’s heart delighted below!

Tabletop Christmas Tree

For a female boss who is too busy to decorate a Christmas tree at work, here is a small version that is already lit. Holiday mood guaranteed! With its faux branches covered in short needled pine in medium to dark green variegated shades, the Christmas Green Prickly Pine Tree has a festive look. For a natural touch, the tree has pine cones nestled in its branches. Based on burlap and weighing 18 pounds, it measures 18 inches tall. The 20" Prickly Pine Wreath has faux branches of short needled pine, with several pine cones tucked here and there for a natural effect.

The Original NutriBullet Nutrient Extractor Blender

This blender will be a Christmas gift for boss that makes her jump for joy. Original Nutribullet Multifunction blending/juicing system lets you easily chop, shred and dice any food. Utilizing exclusive Cyclonic Action, the included extractor blade effectively breaks down and emulsifies food for maximum nutrients. She will like how she can just drink from the vessel, or put a cap on it and carry it with her — something we think an on-the-go boss would also appreciate.

64Hydro Personalized Coffee Tumbler

This is a one-of-kind tumbler designed with love and appreciation. Calling all bosses! Say thank you in style this Christmas season by giving them the gift of a tumbler to help them keep their drinks stay at the perfect temperature while they're out tackling life's challenges. And because it can be personalized with a name, your boss will be reminded each time that it was you who gave her the gift! This also makes a beautiful personalized Christmas present for colleagues or employees, as well as business friends and family members. Your boss can now enjoy your fresh and delicious beverage until the last drop!

Lunch Bag Tote

Your boss will love this professional-looking adult lunchbox. Anyone who brings their own lunch to work or enjoys a mid-day picnic while working at home will love this tote bag. Food can be kept cool or warm in it. And the lunch bag tote can be stored in the refrigerator. In this 8" x 10" bag, you will find enough space to keep multiple reusable water bottles, snacks, and containers. There are several geometric and floral patterns available. Make it a thoughtful Christmas present for the health-conscious boss who likes to meal prep.

Script Personalized Stationery Cards Set

Christmas is the perfect time to thank your boss for their work with a personalized stationery set! Thank them in style with notecards and envelopes. At any time of year, personalized stationery makes a special gift, but during the holidays it is especially meaningful. Your boss will adore this set of envelopes as they write thank you cards and letters. And they'll appreciate the fact that you spent time to give them something special.

Monogrammed Ceramic Catchall Tray

A beautiful Christmas gift for the stylish boss who can never find her everyday essentials. This monogrammed tray sits nicely on any countertop. It's a practical ceramic tray that has plenty of room to hold the essentials lying around your house such as keys, wallet (or purse), phone, pen, and pencils...! The best part has nothing to do with organizing, though. Give your boss this catchall tray and don’t forget to personalize it to make it a truly unique gift. They will cherish this simple yet useful item for years to come.

Best Christmas Gifts for Male Boss

Gifting your boss can sometimes be a minefield. Spend too much and you might make them uncomfortable. Spend too little, and you might as well not get anything at all. It should feel familiar, but maybe not too familiar, and at the very best it may even reflect some of their interests outside of work. In order to help you out, we’ve collected gifts for every type of boss out there, from camping enthusiasts to coffee lovers, to working dads, to people whose Zoom backgrounds are nothing but plants. Finding the right gift can be tough, but with our list of thoughtful Christmas gifts ideas for men, it'll be easier than ever!

Google Nest Mini (2nd Generation) Smart Speaker

Google Nest Mini is an affordable, compact smart speaker with Google Assistant built-in. It offers a fast and simple way to host fun conversations. Find out what's up in the world, listen to music on your system (pairs via Bluetooth), or crank up the volume on that TV show you're watching without lifting a finger. With multi-room options for whole-home sound too!

Makes perfect Christmas gifts for your tech-savvy boss who prefers Google’s ecosystem.

Electric Cold Brewer

It doesn't need to be an expensive holiday gift. A cool coffee brewer is the perfect Christmas gift to show your boss they're appreciated! Beat them to work in the morning with a tasty cup of cold brew Grande, and also enjoy themselves when they get home from a hard day's work. The Rapid Cold Brewer spins hot water through grounds like a tornado, creating smooth, delicious hot or iced java in just 15 minutes. Don’t worry about bitterness because coffee grounds are never exposed to high temperatures.

64Hydro Water Tracker Bottle

Here’s another good and practical Christmas gift idea for your boss. It's a nice way to keep them motivated to stay hydrated and healthy. By using this tracking bottle, they can stay on top of their water consumption habits. Many people are unable to drink enough water each day, especially working professionals. With this one, they can drink the necessary amount of water, and they will be reminded to do so. The hourly marker even appears here. It's a realistic gift that will be given with consideration to your boss and is also within the budget.

Laptop Cooling Pad

When someone works a lot on a laptop, it tends to get hot at times during the day. The prolonged overheating of a device can shorten its life or cause various hardware malfunctions.

This is why a cooling pad is an essential item for home workers. With this gift, perhaps you can also prevent leg burns! Since they usually work on couches with laptops on their laps, this might be a nice gift!

The laptop pad can be added to a laptop through USB, so it is portable and universal. This one is made noise-free to prevent distractions to the workplace and suits most of the common laptop sizes. One of the practical Christmas gifts for boss you can’t miss!

Olive Waxed Canvas Travel Tote

When he's packing for work or travel, this Olive Waxed Canvas Travel Tote is a great place to store his essentials. It includes three pockets: one large slip pocket and two small pockets made of waxed cotton canvas. These pockets will hold smartphones, wallets, keys, and more. An integrated zip keeps items secure, and with a drop of 5.5 inches and an adjustable shoulder strap, he can be comfortable on the move. It is possible to add monogramming to further personalize this iconic piece. An embroidered name, initials, or motto are all possible choices.

Personalized Cuff links

If your boss is fashion-forward, these personalized cuff links will make the perfect Christmas gift. Celebrate your boss's style with these personalized items, made to fit any occasion. These finely crafted leather pieces are sure to impress them on their next visit to the boardroom or a formal dinner party. The best part? It's simple to get desired personalization by just typing in the letters you want to be engraved for an affordable price that fits any budget. A quick fashion fix for the busy, impeccable business executive.

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Boss

We all know the Christmas season is quickly approaching. We also know that this time of year can be a stressful and hectic time for everyone to get gifts for their boss, coworkers, friends, family members, and more! You might not afford anything fancy, but there are plenty of thoughtful items out there that won't break the bank! One way to make it easier on yourself is by finding inexpensive gift ideas which you can order online or from your local store. The following are some great Christmas gifts under $25 that are sure to save your day!

Coloring Book Featuring Beautiful Mandalas Design

This affordable book contains 50 mandalas that vary in complexity and detail. So they can slowly work their way up to the most challenging patterns or work on a simple design when time is limited. This thoughtful Christmas gift is sure to be loved by your boss!

This affordable book contains 50 mandalas that vary in complexity and detail, so they can slowly work their way up to the most challenging patterns or work on a simple design when time is limited. This thoughtful Christmas gift is sure to be loved by your boss!

64Hydro Personalized Coffee Mug

The 64Hydro Personalized Coffee Mug is the perfect Christmas gift for your boss this festive season, to show them that you appreciate all their hard work. The cup can be customized with a name, so every coffee break will be a lot more special! Dazzling coffee mugs from 64Hydro are great for any workplace, get one for your boss, and maybe you would want to grab one for yourself! Visit here to discover beautiful coffee mugs from 64Hydro! Your boss is sure to love them at first glance.

Vegan Cork Leather Slim Cardholder

A light present that just about anyone can afford, the cardholder is a great Christmas gift to surprise your boss. This cardholder is ultra-thin and lightweight, made of cork leather. The cork leather has the traits of the tree from which it is made, making it not only incredibly beautiful, effective, and easy to care for, but also ecologically friendly. This cork cardholder is the perfect size for carrying around a few credit or business cards and some cash. Your boss now can take your gift anywhere with her.

Personalized Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This personalized Bluetooth speaker is an awesome Christmas gift for the music lover on the go. He will surely enjoy it. With its handsome wood enclosure, this speaker offers crisp, live sound and is compact yet powerful. This speaker system offers crystal-clear, crisp, clean, and complete stereo system sound thanks to its enhanced subwoofer. The movie-watching or sound tripping now becomes much easier for him. This speaker is available in two color options: cherry or bamboo. It has a working time of 6-8 hours and a charging time of 2 hours.

Corporate Black Leather Clock Keychain

With this elegant Corporate Black Leather Clock Keychain, employees can access their keys in a timely manner. Finished in silver with black leather trim, this item features a sleek, functional design. Three key rings are included, along with the quartz clock. On this keychain, you can store your personal, professional, and hobby keys. A personalized clock keyholder would make a great corporate gift. They will have no other corporate accessory that's even remotely close to being as beautiful and functional. That's why they'll treasure it always!

Last-minute Christmas Gifts for Boss

Are you struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift for your boss? The holidays are fast approaching, and it's time to get shopping. Luckily, we have compiled a list of last-minute Christmas presents that will make any boss smile this Christmas. Whether they are into gadgets or love reading, there is something on this list for everyone!

Why Choose? 8 Flavor Chocolate

Christmas is a time when everyone gets chocolate. The one here is special! The pieces are all different flavors, so it's like giving her eight chocolate bars without her getting fat! You can forgive her if she doesn't share, as there is only one piece for every taste, and she probably needs to try them all! If you look closely at this seemingly simple bar, you'll see that each square of dark chocolate is inscribed with a unique title. From Japanese tart cherry to French Champagne, each organic ingredient reveals the secret of this small-batch treasure — one bar, eight flavors.

The New Wine Rules Book

Here’s the Christmas gift for the boss who is getting into wine! As part of our guide of the best wine books recommended by sommeliers, four experts recommend this book by John Bonné, a wine writer who contributes to the San Francisco Chronicle. “Wine is always so filled with rules and intimidation and people feeling insecure. It's actually really well explained by him. He gives people certain security and lifts all these myths,” says Aldo Sohm, a wine director of three-Michelin-star Le Bernardin and the face of Aldo Sohm Wine Bar.

Mouse Pad

For the creative boss on your list. It might be just another standard office accessory, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring! According to Etsy, the mouse pads are "custom-imprinted in our studio in Seattle, Washington using high-quality materials and processes." And this Christmas gift for boss is sure to make even the most mundane office task a little brighter. They'll thank you when they see how much fun it makes getting work done with the help of this lovely mouse pad!

Butterfly Tote Bag

A tote bag is always useful to have at hand. No matter if your boss needs it to carry home leftover lunch, a book sent to them, the milk they pumped, or some documents they have to review the next day, this canvas tote is at the ready with a vintage-styled chart of different butterflies.

Designed to be washable and durable, these canvas totes can withstand daily wear and tear. They're great as grocery totes, car totes, book totes, teacher totes, Halloween tote bags, and more! Also, they make thoughtful inexpensive gifts for friends and others who enjoy nature, butterflies, and outdoor activities.

The holidays are just around the corner, and you may be scrambling to find a gift for your boss. Whether they're male or female, here's a list of some great Christmas gifts that will show them how much you appreciate their hard work this year. Share with us what your favorite holiday gift is — we’d love to hear about it!

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