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August 13, 2021 18 min read

Your parents are the best people in the world. Christmas is coming up, and you want to get the perfect present for your parents. They've always been there for you, and they will always be there for you. You want to make sure that this Christmas, your gift is perfect! Whether it's a present wrapped in shiny paper or a card with thoughtful words inside, you can't go wrong with these gifts. Here are 20+ of the best Christmas Gifts for Parents 2021.

Take a look at this stunning ornament with a nude backdrop and a typical Christmas design. The front reads, "Mom, I am forever thankful for everything you are & all that you do, your endless love, your unwavering strength, the memories we share & for always being there.”. It is the perfect way to express your gratitude to your one and only mother for everything she has done to make your life and holidays together so wonderful. The back holds a place for your mom’s name to give it an extra personal touch. We have no doubt your mum will be touched and delighted to receive such a thoughtful present.

The bond between a mother and her kid is the most precious of all human relationships. And a mother's love for her beautiful kid endures in the darkest of times. Therefore, Christmas is an ideal time to make her feel treasured and loved, while also providing a chance for laughter. And there’s no better way to do so than with this stunning candle. Christmas-appropriate illustrations of holly, berries, and pine garlands complement the witty message: “Mom, life is heard, but at least your children aren’t ugly”. Undoubtedly, she’ll light this awesome candle with pleasure as’s always thinking about her kids.

Want to go all-out and really spoil your mom this year? Then your best option is to gift this wonderful quilt bedding set that will bring your mom the coziest dreams ever.  Inspiring phrases like "You know me best and love me most, "First friend, best friend, forever friend," and "I'm proud to call you mom" are scattered around a heart in the center that bears the words "I love you, mom." These phrases, written in an endearing white typeface, are set against a winter landscape - night sky with snowflakes falling, Christmas tree with snowmen. This is a perfect way to express your gratitude to your mom for always being there for you. At Christmastime and all the year through, her heart will be filled with love as she falls asleep remembering you.

Your mother knew she would do everything to keep you safe and loved the first time she held you in her arms. “Don’t mess with mamasaurus, you’ll get jurraskicked”. Using a "mamasaurus" to illustrate how fiercely protective mothers can be of their offspring is a brilliant metaphor, and the inclusion of a film reference is a pleasant touch. Oh, and the design is stunning as it follows the wonderful bright green backdrop with colorful flowers. One last detail that will show your mom how much consideration you put into her present is having her name printed on the reverse. This holiday season, show your mother how much you value her with this humorous but meaningful wine tumbler.

Beautiful words of unconditional love and support, "You are my sunshine" demonstrate how much your mother means to you. This fantastic tumbler features a funny “Mom Nutrition Facts” section on the reverse, outlining all the things one lady needs to be the ideal mother. And the facts are spot on with 1000% unconditional love, patience, and hard work! This gesture will convey to your mother that despite appearances, you are aware of the sacrifices she has made and the hard work she’s put into raising you. Choose this present, and you can rest assured that your beloved mama will be touched to the core!

This Christmas presents is every mom's dream gift- a place for her to share joyful memories with the next generation. The perfect mix of love and laughter, this book has entries that can be filled in one at a time or all at once as pages are turned back. Good deeds and advice from friends will help any mother continue on her journey, knowing she has the support of loved ones behind her every step of the way. Whether you need inspiration or just want to have some fun ... come explore I Love You Mom: And Here's Why!

8. Mom Personalized Water Tracker Bottle

Help your Mom do her part this holiday season by giving her the Personalized Water Tracker Bottle as a perfect Christmas gift for mom. Remember how things get really exciting when you give a personalized gift? The time marker on this water bottle will ensure that your mom is meeting her daily fluid requirements, and prevent those "I'm feeling dehydrated" comments. 

9. Snickerdoodle Candle

Snickerdoodle candles are a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays with your favorite warm, sugary scents. The team at Mother Nature has crafted their small batch fragrance oils from natural ingredients and pure essential oils for a luxurious aroma that you can enjoy year round. Handmade in North Carolina, these high-quality candles provide 30 hours of bright flickering light for cozy winter nights and smooth mornings before heading to work or school! Available in four different sumptuous scents: Snickerdoodle, Lemon Lavender Sea Salt and Orchid, and Rain Water. What are you waiting for? Gather family and friends around the kitchen table this holiday season while enjoying her incredible candle scent!

10. Meadow Hand Warmer

Be careful not to make your mother's hands cold this winter with these luxurious hand warmers. For such lovely best Christmas gifts, you can keep her fingers cozy throughout the cold months of winter. Crafted by artisans in Nepal from wool and viscose cloth, these hand warmers are also reversible for twice the warmth. Buy one today- they're an irresistible gift for mom!

11. Mama Bear Necklaces

These adorable necklace pendants are perfect for the mom in your life. With so many options, she'll love whichever one you choose! Their pastel colors make them perfect to wear every day and all year long. They also come with a gorgeous gold chain - which means you can get her the unique Christmas gifts of time! Who wants to be a mama bear and get their paws on a necklace even the biggest cub can't resist? Customizable too! These necklaces are perfect for all mommies-to-be.

Your dad is more than just a man! He is everything this hoodie says - a “husband, daddy, protector, hero!”  Besides, it features retro fire-orange and white colors and an intriguing typeface with the word hero being accentuated. When you find yourself utterly dismayed, your hero dad always comes to save the day. He understands you as no one else can and reassures you that you’re never alone! We do not doubt that this hoodie will make him very happy and will quickly become his favorite thing to wear when the weather gets chilly. Give him this awesome Christmas present, and he’ll definitely feel like a true treasure!

If you’re searching for a perfect Christmas gift for your dad who’s a big Star Wars fan, then this tee is all you need. The quote says: “The dadalorian - This is the way” and when you pair that with an amazing simplistic and modern design, you’ll have yourself the best Christmas dad gift ever for your Star Wars-loving dad. The part “This is the way” hints that protecting a Mandalorian brother and doing some good is the path that Mando should choose to go down. Mando's willingness to sacrifice all for his siblings is emblematic of the selfless devotion of a dad has for his family, especially kids. The year of your birth may be added at the bottom of the quote as a personalized touch. This shirt is sure to wow your father!

Ever wondered what your dad consists of? If that's the case, the secret lies in this chic, full-matte black insulated tumbler. On the front, you'll see a table detailing the nutritional facts of a dad. And the facts are on point, with 100% of strength and guidance, 110% hard work, and 0% wrong answers! A warning label that reads "Contains significant amount of Dad jokes" is placed below it. The border pattern consists of snowflakes, reindeer, presents, and Christmas trees, all of which are common motifs on Christmas sweaters. You may make this present even more meaningful by including his name on the reverse. Choose this present, and you can rest assured that your beloved papa will be touched to the core!

“Funny, patient, strong, hero, reliable, provider”are all the qualities a man needs to be an ideal father. As the most powerful person you know and someone you've always looked up to, your dad deserves the title of hero. He is trustworthy and understanding because he takes the time to listen to your issues and provides you with effective solutions. Even in the midst of adversity, your dad always manages to make you laugh. Last but not least, your dad is a provider since he taught you important life lessons. 

A beautiful mug proclaiming, "This is what an awesome dad looks like," is the perfect way to let your dad know how cool you think he is. It will certainly brighten him up every time he drinks his dose of Joe. Your dad is a pillar of strength and knowledge who also happens to be hilarious and tells terrible dad jokes. Because of this, loving fathers like yours are very exceptional. A top hat and a mustache in lovely blue silhouettes stand out against the mug's full-matte black backdrop, making this the perfect Christmas gift for your gentlemanly dad. Trust us, you won’t be able to take this mug from his hands!

17. Scrabble Deluxe Designer Edition with Rotating Wooden Game Cabinet

These games are really perfect dad Christmas gifts. Scrabble Deluxe Designer Edition with Rotating Wooden Game Cabinet for your family game night. It’s so easy to set up and play that even the little ones can enjoy it! In these wonderful Christmas gifts, you will never have to worry about score markers coming out of their slots or sliding all around the board, because we've solved those problems for you. Just pick a tile and now everything is in place until you choose your next letter - victory guaranteed every time!

18. AeroGarden Indoor Garden

Surprise your dad this Christmas with cool Christmas gifts he could really use and enjoy. Introducing the AeroGarden Indoor Garden! This countertop garden is perfect for those who love gardening but can't get outside to do it, so give them plants that are easy to grow indoors. Plus, there is never any shortage of fresh things to cook with when you have extractable seeds in one kit—your parents will be ready for all occasions. Show how much you care this holiday season by gifting them something grand and make their day unforgettable!

19. Outdoor Cooler With Table

Do you want to have an outdoor party with your parents? A Christmas party will be more perfect if you will be with your beloved ones. You need look no further than the Cool Bar! Outdoor entertaining just got a lot cooler. With an extendable tabletop, transform from a contemporary cocktail table into a sleek and stylish coffee table in one simple twist. They designed this cool-looking bar with all the space to display drinks, snacks, appetizers - practically anything you could want as an outdoor beverage holder. Enjoy easy lounging with family and friends at your own personal oasis that will make any get together feel like paradise.

20. Matching Ugg Slippers

If you don’t know how to choose practical Christmas gifts for your dad, these slippers will be suitable for you. These soft and cozy slippers are perfect for a winter night. The iconic sheepskin lining makes them so warm, they'll keep your feet toasty! It features patterns on the side of the shoe that will match all your housecoats! They are also water resistant, so any spills or stains won't ruin their look. Take care when you're purchasing that both men and women are available sizes in this line.

21. Free Standing Hammock

Haven’t you had any Christmas present ideas for your dad? Hang and relax with the new Free-Standing Hammock! The perfect addition to any space, indoors or outside. This stand will hold your dad’s favorite hammock, so it is always at the height that you desire while offering sturdy support for superior strength. With five adjustable heights, he can pick his perfect position without sacrificing comfort or safety. It's effortless to set up in a flash for a uninterrupted time in nature!

Personalized Christmas Gifts for Parents

22. Personalized Christmas Ornament

Momentous from the holidays are the best gifts for any married couple in Christmas, especially when they're placed on the Christmas tree. This year, give your parents something that celebrates their time with family by giving them a personalized ornament. One of our favorite reasons for customizing these ornaments is to share your kids' memories with those who made it all possible. Bonus: just keep adding to this ornament every year, so you can always see what important people have been added!

23. Christmas gifts for old parents - Custom House Portrait

Every Christmas morning, parents across the country wake-up to a train station full of gifts for from their kids, waiting to be opened. This year, let them know how much they mean with a custom portrait of their home printed on high-quality paper and framed in sturdy wood. There's no better way to make your loved one feel extra special this holiday season than by remembering what makes them so extraordinary now and always.

24. Family Tree Picture Frame

Looking for a way to commemorate your family tree? What better way to show off your family than by proudly hanging their pictures on this gorgeous, intricately carved family tree photo frame. This metal frame includes 10 picture frames of varying size hung on intricately carved branches that form one unified tree. Hang great Christmas gifts on your parents’ wall and let it be the perfect place to show off photos of your family members to remember them every day. 

25. 64Hydro Cardinal Parents Stainless Steel Tumbler

Every Christmas, we try to find the perfect family Christmas gifts for our parents and grandma. Sometimes they’re impossible finds, but this year you could have saved a lot of time! All moms and dads deserve a little love too, so whatever they drink will last all day long in this heart-warming stainless steel tumbler that features an elegant yet practical design that won’t break or scratch on coffee tables or car dashboard when it falls. Now every sip is their favorite because everything from coffee to tea will taste even better in these amazing insulated tumblers!

26. Christmas gifts for new parents - Personalized Apron

"Moms deserve the best!" proclaims this light-hearted little striped apron that will have any mother in mind every time she cooks. Your personalized designs are colorfully and brightly captured on the front of this 100% cotton apron which is sure to add some cheerfulness to laundry day as well! And your purchase helps moms in need achieve pregnancy and childbirth safely, since Every Mother Counts gets $5 for each apron you buy.

Home-made Christmas Gifts for Parents

27. Christmas gifts for your parents - Home-made Soap

This home-made soap gift is rather unusual, but that’s what makes it so special. What would your parents think if you hand them an unwrapped bar of soap instead of some fancy flower arrangement and expect the same enthusiasm? Why not give them something they can actually use in their daily life? Home-made soap might be one of those gifts that really gets used, and saves money too. You just need to make sure you do thorough research first–there are tons of recipes out there for every skin type imaginable. Trust us on this one: your parents will adore more than just the fact that you made this yourself - they’ll also love its fragrance or even how long-lasting it

28. Christmas gifts for godparents - Handmade Scarf 

There’s nothing cosier than a handmade gift from your loved ones. That’s why this knit kit is perfect for the colder months ahead! The scarf doesn't require being a pro to master, so you'll be ready in no time with some yarn and knitting needles that will come at an affordable price. It also comes as an impressive surprise when they unwrap their pretty new scarf, complete with colours that are stylish as well as keeping them warm during these winter months. Give it all you got and make sure your parents know that even though they may not tell you often enough, gifts like these mean more than words could ever convey.

29. Christmas Cookie Kit

So bake something tasty, and whip up a batch of cookies using the recipes that are included with your cookie kit. Sharing thoughtful gifts is always best during this time of year when it's hard to remember what else you're good at, seeing as how exam season is coming soon. Who doesn't want to surprise their parents with home-made goods they helped make? Get out those mason jars and grab your favourite recipe! Christmas comes but once a year-make it special.

30. Handmade Keychain

The perfect gift for any mom that needs some improvement in the keychain department, this DIY version of a keychain is bound to be a favourite amongst mothers. Give them an afternoon project and give yourself something like this to hold onto until you can get down there for that visit. It will feel uniquely yours because it will be personalized and have tiny trinkets attached with your deep thoughts about what makes her one-of-a-kind. 

31. Customized Wine Stoppers

Difficult to drink a glass of wine without finishing the bottle? Customized stoppers make perfect gifts for this Christmas or even any other holiday. Imagine your parents' joy when they open their best wine, so you can enjoy it with them! Not into a customized print yet? Adding some sparkle and festive trimmings on top make these presents something that anyone would like to get. Give the gift of drinking responsibly this year with personalized wine stoppers!

Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Parents

If your parents are the “shoes off in the house” type, a fun or customized doormat can be a useful and thoughtful housewarming gift. The words “World’s best parents” on it are a wonderful way to convey a sense of warmth into their home that will now radiate with love even more! Your parents put a lot of love and effort into bringing you up to be a better individual. They were always there for you, no matter the circumstances. While there are no awards for being the best parents, we think this amazing doormat is gonna make them smile every time they come back home!

This elegant wax candle is a lovely Christmas gift for parents and a thoughtful way to spread festive joy within your family. In the center, the message “To my wonderful Mum & Dad, with love at Christmas” is written in a sophisticated pairing of traditional and modern cursive fonts. Below it, you can see a personal message: “Merry Christmas, I hope you all make lots of happy memories this year”. It will convey your sincere hope for their continued health, happiness, and joy all year long and beyond. Plus, you can also personalize this awesome Christmas-themed candle with your name to remind them of your undying love every time they light the candle!

Looking for a small but thoughtful gift for your parents this holiday season? Then look no further than this wonderful ornament in the shape of a Christmas tree. The special message that says, “Joy, love, peace, blessings - Happy Holidays”is written in a modern green cursive typeface set against a simple white backdrop. These meaningful words on this fantastic Christmas ornament will show your parents how much joy and peace they bring you, how much you love them, and how many blessings you wish them this holiday season! Typical Christmas decorations consisting of stockings, stars, gifts, and berries curve the message, giving it a special effect. Get your parents this cool tree ornament to convey how much you treasure all the holiday moments spent with family and to wish them that this Christmas brings unlimited joy and happiness to their lives!

If you're searching for something special to gift your parents for Christmas, this lovely ornament is a safe bet. When your family is a little unique, this heart-shaped ornament with a touching message that reads, "Family - a little of crazy, a bit of loud, and a whole lot of love"will make everyone chuckle or nod their head in agreement. This quote talks about how you’re all a bit crazy, sometimes loud and noisy, but when you are all together, you always feel loved, and you love. The design is also stunning, with a blueish backdrop, with snowflakes and other minimalist images decorating the margins. This lovely ornament will stand out on your family Christmas tree as your one-of-a-kind family does!

Christmas is nothing without family, and family is nothing without parents. So, consider this spectacular tree ornament a perfect Christmas gift for your mom and dad. The heartfelt sentiment on it reads, “Thanks for all the things you do, I’m so lucky to have loving parents like you”. Parents provide for us in every manner possible from the moment we are born until we leave this world. They give up a lot for you and love you in ways that you won't find elsewhere. Give them this magnificent Christmas gift, and you can be sure it will have a special place not just on the tree, but in their hearts as well!

37. Christmas gifts for my parents - Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

A massager is one of the best Christmas presents. Give your parents the experience of a Japanese Shiatsu massage with this lightweight, easy-to-use massager. They can sit in the back or neck to experience the relief that comes from manual massage techniques that gently manipulate pressure points and release muscle tension. Comes complete with cordless remote control, so we can use it through clothes without needing to remove any items!

38. Essential Oil Diffuser

These sleek ceramic aromatherapy diffusers are perfect for any home. Simply add a few drops of their favorite essential oils to the fragrance oil chamber, place the candle on top of it when needed, and revel in the wonderful aroma that will fill your parents’ entire room. Better yet, once those aromatic candles burn out, or they just want fresh scents around, simply buy more essential oils like peppermint and lavender to switch up!

39. Christmas gifts for retired parents - Bread Making Kit

The best Christmas gifts for parents play to their strengths. So if you’re shopping for someone whose favorite activity is baking Christmas cookies, why not treat them to a bread making kit? With every day being an opportunity to bake something new and delightful, a bread-making kit makes for a thoughtful gift that won't go unnoticed. This five-piece kit includes the tools needed to prepare dough, shape it into loaves of rustic whole wheat or sourdough breads in a few hours; add nuts, seeds and cheeses before placing the loaf in your own oven.

40. Couple Miracle Full Color Ceramic Mug

This sculpted ceramic mug is a creative Christmas gift for the coffee-lover in your life. If your parents are fans of coffee, these beautiful mugs will be perfect Christmas gifts for them—it'll also make them feel special every time they grab this mug off their kitchen shelf! Your parents will surely love it because they can save up memories every day with their favorite drink, coffee! The Couple Miracle Full Color Ceramic Mug is perfect for those romantic moments on lazy mornings or afternoons.

This hand-crafted personalized full color ceramic mug makes for the best couples holiday gifts. Artists who specialize in detailing realistic looks at the human face, body parts and clothing details intricately made each piece–so no two designs are alike. 

41. Bluetooth Speaker

As one of the best practical Christmas gifts , you can make parents happy with this stylish Bluetooth speaker. It’s a small speaker, but don't let that fool you! With an amazing sound that is clear to fill any room and tough design to withstand the wear and tear caused by family life - you'll be surprised how big it sounds on even the smallest device. At home, at work, or wherever there's music playing- it will up your Christmas game in an instant! The best music around is all in the air. Sing along to your favorite carols with a Bluetooth speaker too small for bulky, but big on outstanding funk and flair.

42. Indoor Smokeless Grill

When you're shopping for Christmas gifts this holiday season, take your parents back to their youth. Give them a toy they probably never got when they were young. Put that off-brand bike in the attic and give mom or dad an indoor smokeless grill instead! Grilling at home just got a lot easier with this indoor smokeless grill. Suitable Christmas gifts for the parents who love spending time in the kitchen, grilling meats and vegetables while minimizing unwanted smells! You can certainly impress them with the gift of healthy cooking. This Christmas, get them something they will actually use!

64Hydro has a wide variety of personalized Christmas Gift for Parents. At the end of this blog post, you can find our curated list with some thoughts on each gift idea that will help you pick out the perfect present to make your loved one's feel special during this festive season! We hope these ideas inspire you as much as they have us at 64Hydro. Merry Christmas from all of us here!

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