Golf Dad Gifts - Pick The Best Gift For Your Golf Dad

August 30, 2022 11 min read

The reason why golf is such a popular sport is that you can play it all your life. 

Many of our dads like to play golf because they can enjoy this sport at any time of the year, at any age, and at any place.
And since they enjoy this sport so much, why don't you go ahead and surprise your golf dad with a spectacular gift that will make this day?

If you’re out of ideas, don’t worry. We’ve made sure to put in the extra effort and compile a list of the best golf dad gifts for you.

Scroll down to see what we picked out!

Best Golf Gifts for Dad

A bit of wordplay combined with a spectacular design is what makes this steel tumbler worth every penny. “Best Dad By Par” - that’s what it says on the front, and a man playing golf on the back. It also has an amazing design featuring two different photos on the front and on the back. On the front, you’ll find an image of a golfer standing in a well-known position with some beautiful colors in the background and some trees around him. On the back, you’ll also find a golfer standing in a position right after hitting a ball, also surrounded by trees and beautiful colors that remind us of the sunset.

If your dad is a devoted American golf player, this is the perfect surprise gift for him. This white polo shirt has a golf ball-inspired print on it, an American flag, and a quote on the back that says “Husband, Dad, Golf, Legend”. Going with this piece of clothing to the next golf match, your dad will surely make other golfers’ heads turn. After all, fashion is an important part of golf, and this shirt is a fashion statement that your dad needed this golfing season.

Green is the color of golf, and golf is a way of life. Since your dad loves to play this noble sport, why not surprise him with this unique mug that has a funny message on it that says “Born to golf, forced to work.” On the back of this mug, there is an interesting illustration of golf balls and a couple of golf sticks. If you ask us, this mug will be the main attraction at the next golf match. 

This golf-inspired phone grip is the best gift idea you've had in a long time. It's green and has distinct golf-inspired letters spelling “Dad”, so everyone knows that your dad is a devoted golf player. Also, this phone grip goes with both Android and Apple devices, so you won't have to worry about anything.

This black and yellow polo shirt is a stunning choice for all dad golf players out there. It's got a simple design to it and a cute little illustration of a golf ball and two crossed golf sticks. It’s Star Wars-themed, so every golfing dad that’s also a Star Wars franchise fan will adore this polo tee. What's so special about this polo shirt is the back of it. It's got a Star Wars-inspired quote that says “May the course be with you.” Basically, what you're saying to your dad is that you wish him the best of luck in his future matches.

Personalized Golf Gifts For Dad

This black, yellow, and white mug is a perfect example of that. It says “The golf ball. If it goes right, it's a slice. If it goes left, it's a hook. If it goes straight, it's a miracle.”It's certainly a creative message that will make your dad’s day. The message is not the only interesting part about it, though - it's got an interesting design with a man playing golf that’s surrounded with golf balls! It’s a perfect gift to tease your dad for not being able to hit a ball straight.

Here's another personalized gift idea for your golf dad. Why not take this chance and gift your golf dad with this cool black and green mug that outlines the basic four steps of every golf move? The steps are “1. Swing, 2. swear, 3. look for  ball, 4. repeat.” As long as your dad sticks by these moves, he's the winner. Remind your golfing papa of these simple steps and how he sometimes sucks at them with this colorful mug!

This black wine tumbler that says “It takes a lot of balls to golf the way I do,” which can be personalized as well, is a great example of that. Besides that, the tumbler features a man hitting a golf ball far, accompanied by some beautiful trees and a sunset that’s beautifully illustrated. On the back, where the quote is, you’ll find two put sticks and three golf balls. Getting your dad this wine tumbler will certainly put a smile on his face and make drinking his favorite beverage ten times more fun.

The interesting part about this black hoodie is that it says “Let's Par-Tee”. It also features an amazing sleeve design with countless golf clubs and golf balls. The pattern will help everybody in your dad’s surroundings learn about his favorite sport!  His fellow golf players will surely get the joke, and it will crack a few genuine laughs the next time your dad steps out onto the golf course. Overall, it's a great way to start off the colder season in a fashionable way.

This black T-shirt is the perfect choice for all golf enthusiasts that are dads. It says “I might look like I'm listening to you, but in my head, I'm playing golf”accompanied by a man hitting a golf ball with some amazing colors in the background. It's a thoughtful gift for your golf dad, but not just that. It's also a way of saying that you understand where his thoughts wander whenever you feel like he's not listening to you.

Golf Father's Day Gift Ideas

This tumbler has a creative design with golf sticks stacked together. On the front, there's an interesting rundown of golfer nutrition facts. We can guarantee that this is every golfer's dream, so why not make your dad’s dream come true and give him this? It’s the perfect pick since it features some vintage golf clubs in the front that show off the history and the long tradition of the sport. We guarantee your father will love it!

Half of this polo shirt is plain black, while the other half is a stunning golf and checkered-inspired print. It's also got a dedication on the black side of the shirt that says "The Golf father," which is a clear association with the popular movie "The Godfather." So, if your dad happens to be a fan of the film and a golf enthusiast at the same time, this fashionable polo shirt is the jackpot.

Golf dads are truly special, and we should take every chance we get to let them know. This black hoodie that says "Golf Dad, like a regular Dad but cooler” is a great way to remind your golf enthusiast dad that he's not like other dads out there, but that he's much cooler. Besides, no one can say that they have too many hoodies, especially not cool ones like this. Help your dad stand out in a crowd of regular dads with this fashion item!

We can bet that you have never seen such a cool tumbler before. Not only does it have a cool design of a man riding a golf cart, but it says "Golf is the only sport where you can drink and drive."And it's true. On the other side of the tumbler, you’ll find a hilariously accurate picture of a golf cart with some golf clubs along with some beer in the back and a full beer cup in the front. There's no rule that prevents you from toasting any time you feel like it while enjoying your favorite sport. Surprise your golf dad with this wine tumbler and make his golfing experience more interesting! Make it even more special by adding your dad’s name.

This polo shirt is casual yet fashionable with a golf inspired print, an American flag, and a message that says “Drive it like you stole it” which is a reference to golf cart driving. It’s an inside joke for all golfers, since they know that the craziest drivers show their true form when they sit in one of these. So if your dad is a long-time golf player, he will definitely want to have this fashion piece in his collection. With this item, your dad will be #1 on the golf court. Besides, doesn’t everyone enjoy driving the golf cart?

Cool Golf Gifts For Dad

This bottle got an inspiring quote that says “Life is a series of choices.” You can even make your gifts personalized by adding your dad’s name. It’s a fashionable yet very useful gift that your dad will use on a regular basis, especially when he goes golfing. So, the next time your dad steps out on the golf course, he can carry his water bottle in this fashionable and convenient piece!

Here’s another cool tee idea for your golf dad. It’s a casual T-shirt that can go with basically everything in your dad’s closet. Now, your dad can wear this to the next golf match, Sunday brunch, or even to a night out with his buddies. It’s even got a cool message that says “This is how a cool dad rolls” with a creative picture of a dad sitting in a golf cart while the background resembles a texture of a golf ball. If you don’t have an idea of what you get your dad for his birthday or any other special occasion, you won’t go wrong with this one.

This mug with a message that says “Warning! May start talking about golf” is the perfect funny warning sign for your golf dad. What makes it even more hilarious is the design that features rugged top and bottom-layered designs that warn you of the next topic, a high-quality metal-looking background, and some flashy red warnings on the front! You can customize it by putting your dad’s name on it, and that’ll make this present even more special to him!

Another fun gift idea for your golf dad is this green golf-inspired mug that says “I golf, therefore, I am”. As simple as it may sound, the meaning is quite clear. Golf is a part of your dad’s life, and that’s just the way it is. You can make this mug personalized by adding your dad’s name to it to make it even more special. One more thing that’s worth mentioning is the amazing design with lots of golf balls and golf ball holders that are scattered around a bright green grassy-looking background. 

For golf players, golf is everything. And in their free time, golf players play golf, watch other people play golf, search for golf-related topics on the web, talk about golf, think about golf, and dream about golf. It’s no surprise that their life revolves around this sport. So, if this is how your dad spends his days, then take this chance to get him this personalized tumbler and make his day. It features an amazing green design on the top and the bottom of the tumbler with the middle resembling a golf ball pattern. It’s truly a perfect gift for your golf-loving dad!

Funny Golf Gifts for Dad

The first on our list for funny golf dad gifts is this wine tumbler in a beautiful green color with a golf ball on it. It’s also got a funny message on it that says “Weapons of grass destruction” which refers to golf sticks and golf balls. Although they’re not really weapons designed for destruction and won’t jeopardize your dad’s beloved golf course, they are sure to break a window or two from a missed swing. Any professional golfer will surely love to have this wine tumbler in his collection and giggle a bit.

This T-shirt suggests that getting drunk and driving the golf cart is also a fun idea. Although it might not be actually allowed on the golf course, it’s a pretty imaginative and fun message to have on a T-shirt, don’t you think so? We bet your golf dad would agree 100% with this statement and would love to have one of these in his closet. Every golfing dad drove the golf cart while being tipsy, and those are one of the most memorable experiences he has probably had. Remind him of that by gifting him this shirt!

This phone grip is not only cool but it’s also meant to let people know that your dad is the “World’s Okayest Golfer.”Of course, to you, your dad is the best golf player in the world, but there’s no harm in joking around and getting him this phone grip. Don’t worry. It won’t lower his confidence, it will just make him laugh and thank you for such a humorous gift (plus try a bit harder next time he’s on the course just to prove you wrong).

A true golfer should never forget to “Always wash your balls.” Keep your golfing equipment spotless, new, and ready to make you a winner. To make it even more thoughtful, you can make this gift personalized and add your dad’s name. The mug features an original design that has neatly mowed grass on the top and the bottom of the mug, while the rest of the background is in a beautiful white wood-like patern.

We’ve made it to the last item on our list, and it’s this comfy black hoodie that rhymes. “My favorite golfing buddy calls me daddy”. The fact is that a black hoodie is a fashion statement that never disappoints. And when it has a creative rhyme such as this one, it’s like hitting a jackpot in golfing gifts. Don’t miss a chance to gift your dad with this unique piece that will make heads turn everywhere he goes.

We've finally made it to the end of our list for the best golf dad gifts. By now, we're sure that you've been able to pick some of your favorites. 

Golf is a beautiful sport, and it can be played any time of the year, at any age, and at any place - your dad knows that best. Support your dad in his love for this sport and make his day by picking out a gift. Whether you spend a lot of time choosing gifts or give your dads last-minute presents, I believe that he will appreciate them all. 

We’ve singled out personalized, Father’s Day, funny golf gift ideas, and many more. Choose your favorite one from the list we've compiled and surprise your dad!