Bonus Mom Gifts - 35 Incredible Gift Ideas For Bonus Mom We Love

August 01, 2022 16 min read

A bonus mom is a mother who chooses to show unconditional love to a kid that is not biologically her own. When you need them the most, they come to the rescue and provide advice, support, care, and kindness.
They might be aunts, grandmothers, stepmothers, neighbors, or even coworkers.
Our lives wouldn't be complete without them; thus it's necessary to thank them. And what better way to do that than with a meaningful gift for mother?
In this article, we’ve carefully compiled a list of excellent bonus mom gifts, including mugs, tumblers, jewelry, candles, and many other things that will bring a smile to her face!

Best Gifts For Bonus Moms

First off, we'll take a look at some of the best extra presents for moms. The first thing that sprang to our mind was this stylish T-shirt. It's a one-of-a-kind fashion accessory because of the animal print on a dark backdrop and the chic lettering.  Add the "Tough enough to be a mom and a bonus mum, crazy enough to rock them both" statement, and you have the ideal combo for such an incredible person as your bonus mom! Get your bonus mom this stunning T-shirt, and you can watch her face light up each time she wears it.

You’re so lucky to have a bonus mom who is always there for you, no matter what. To say thank you for all of her love and encouragement, we've found the ideal present! This sleek sunflower and butterfly-themed tote bag is the way to go! Plus, the bag has a humorous saying on it which says “Rocking the bonus mom life” which is sure to bring a smile to her face! Now is the time to purchase her this fantastic bag, which she can use for anything from grocery shopping to beach walks!

Is your bonus mom a major coffee fan? Then, this tumbler is a great gift for her! Not only is it functional and will keep her coffee warm, but it also has a stunning design with sunflowers, and meaningful message “Badass Bonus Mom. You may not have given me life. But have certainly made my life better!”The best part is that you can personalize it with your name, so she remembers you every time she takes a sip! 

Have you ever wondered what your additional mother consists of? The answer lies right here on this snazzy coffee mug! She's a whirlwind of patience, passion, hard work, multitasking, caffeine, and unconditional love, yet she gets no sleep! Besides, this mug features an eye-catching design that combines animal print with blue and silver colors, and there's an amazing illustration of a female figure on the reverse! We’re sure your mum will love having this coffee mug in her hands every morning!

A bonus mother is one of life's greatest blessings. With that in mind, it's time to show your gratitude to her with a superb present! And no other alternative compares to this stunning hoodie with a sunflower design! “I never dreamed I’d grow up to be a super bonus mom, but here I am killing it” is a funny quote that perfectly fits this hoodie and your awesome mom, of course! Above than a funny quotes, it’s like a compliment for your beautiful women “You’re a super wonderful mom” 

Personalized Gifts For Bonus Moms

Do you think your bonus mom is badass? If that's the case, then she deserves a wine glass that proclaims her brilliance! Although clear wine glasses are a popular choice for some, this vivid design with gold-toned accents, diamonds, and an animal pattern is the ideal choice for a fierce mom! You can even add your extra mom's name to this present to make it even more memorable! A stunning wine tumbler is a perfect-personalized mom gift to show your bonus mom how much you care.

Looking for a thoughtful gift to show your bonus mom how much she means to you? Then this necklace is an excellent option! Besides the dancing heart pendant, the necklace comes with a special message written on the box itself! The genuine message on the box that reads  “You didn’t give me life, life gave me you” would warm the heart of any bonus mother. A bonus mom isn’t someone who bring you to real life. But in fact, she gives you love and make your life more beautiful. Let us help you tell the beautiful words to your beloved mom.

The perfect present for your comic-loving extra mother might let you express your gratitude for her with a tiny yet significant gift! Just take a look at this beautiful wine tumbler with a comic-inspired design. It’s a fun way to say what everyone already knows - your bonus mom is the best ever!And what's even better is that you can personalize it by adding her name to the back!  So, don’t hesitate and make her evening wine-sipping even more enjoyable with this striking tumbler!

This candle with a sensational flower design has just the right witty message that says “Thanks for being an awesome bonus mom, keep that shit up!” More than a funny message, it expresses your love and gratitude to your mom in a hilarious way. Make this gift extra special by adding her name to it, and we guarantee you that your second mom will laugh out loud when she opens it!

Christmas is around the corner, and we have an ideal gift for the occasion! Take a look at this chic personalized heart-shaped tree ornament with a butterfly diamond design. But wait, there's more! If you flip it around you’ll find a heartfelt message “I’m so lucky & grateful to have a bonus mom like you”!A bonus mom is someone who fills your life with laughter, love, and happiness. And there’s no better way to say thank you for being that special someone in your life than with this loving Christmas gift!

Bonus Mom Gifts From Son

In the following part of our post, we'll cover bonus mom gifts from sons! And, the first item we found will leave any bonus mum in awe! There are many reasons why bonus mom is so special. Still, among them, it’s because she is - a role model, secret keeper, advice-giver, problem solver, listener, and supporter who is universally adored! All the nouns in this definition mentions to only one woman - your bonus mom. Bring her this tote bag to let her know she keep many important roles in your life. 

Your stepmom will now be able to enjoy her morning cup of joe from a mug that brings tears to her eyes every time she sees it. The front of this lovely blue mug depicts the many excellent attributes of a second mother, while the reverse features a fascinating daisy flower. No woman can resist happiness when read such emotional definitions about herself “An incredibly strong woman who can carries much love in her heart“One deeply loved and admired”. So, is there a better coffee mug out there for a bonus mom who means everything to you? 

Your bonus mom day will go much more smoothly with this phone grip on her side. And to top it all off, it features the slogan "Bless bonus mom" in a stunning blend of black, white, and gold. If she likes to be reminded of the Lord's constant presence in her life, you're giving her a present that will do it subtly and stylishly!

A bonus mother is someone who adores you despite your lack of a biological connection. We've come up with an ideal present to express our gratitude for her unwavering support and affection! Her cup of coffee will stay hot for a long time thanks to this gorgeous, insulated tumbler! With a beautiful floral pattern and a photo of a mother and her baby, it wonderfully captures your unique relationship! As a final touch, the "Not by blood, but by choice" statement graces an already outstanding tumbler! We do not doubt that your second mother will love it and, who knows, she could even shed a tear or two.

A cozy hoodie or sweater is an absolute need during the winter holidays. With that in mind, this hoodie is a gift that your bonus mom will truly appreciate. For those times when additional love and attention are most required, a second mother comes to the rescue. To reciprocate here's your chance to show your appreciation for all she's done for you by giving her this terrific comfy hoodie! And adding the phrase "I'm not a regular mom, I'm a bonus mom" turns it into an extra-special present. So, don't put it off any longer - this is one Christmas item she won't be able to resist!

Bonus Mom Gifts From Daughters

When you call a bonus mom, no matter where they are, you can be sure they'll answer their phone. Our grip will make using the phone much more comfortable for them. The grip contains a lovely floral pattern in a pink-green color palette with a verse from Proverbs 31:25 that says: “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future”. There are many insightful words in the Bible, but none of them match a strong lady like your bonus mom more than this verse, which depicts the Christian woman's adornments - strength and dignity. That's why it's the ideal gift for a Christian bonus mom!

“You may not have given me life. But you have certainly made my life better” is a heartfelt message that would melt the heart of any bonus mum! The phrase was the ideal fit for the front side of this water bottle, which is both an aesthetically pleasing and useful present. During the hot summer days, being hydrated is essential, and this water bottle with an eye-catching design is sure to get your mum to sip her water in style. If you add the tree-DNA illustration on the back that perfectly depicts your family bond, you have the ideal gift for any occasion, your bonus mom will love it!

Look no farther than our selection of unique gifts to show your bonus mom how much she means to you! And, it’s hard to go wrong with a necklace that has a dancing sunflower pendant. It's hard to meet a bonus mother as unselfish and beautiful as yours. So, this necklace will be sure to say "thank you" in your honor. Even if she didn't know it before, the sincere phrase inscribed on the elegant background of the box itself will make her realize how special she is: “I think you are the best!”The moment she opens the box and sees this beautiful necklace, you can bet there will be a few tears shed!

A bonus mom is a woman who affectionately assumes the role of parenting when it is not her biological kid. She does it with arms wide open, a full heart, and frequently without any reservations. In our opinion, that's what selflessness and true love are all about. If you're looking to demonstrate your appreciation and affection, then this T-shirt is a perfect choice. It has a white backdrop with an artwork of a lady, and the  “Any woman can be a mother, but it needs someone special to be a bonus mom” saying!  We’re sure your second mom will love this present! So, don’t waste any more time and get it for her now!

When it comes to a bonus mother's love, it's widely known that it goes beyond the boundaries of genetics! If you’re a daughter looking for a way to convey how much bonus mom’s guidance, support, and unconditional love mean to you, then an “I didn’t grow inside your tummy, but you are definitely my mummy” water bottle is the way to go! Featuring a tracker on the back, your mom will be reminded to drink her daily water intake with this stunning water bottle! Oh, and the design is just leaving everyone speechless, being an ideal gifts from daughter to mom.

Bonus Mom Gifts From Biological Moms

Gifting your son's bonus mom this beautiful necklace is the perfect way to show your gratitude: “Thank you for being my son’s bonus mom”! Featuring a dancing wishbone pendant with dazzling cubic zirconia and goldish embellishments, this stunning necklace is sure to turn heads. As a sign of good fortune, the wishbone is worn by those who hope for the best in the future, as well. Oh, and the necklace comes with a meaningful yet humorous statement printed on the gorgeous flower background of the box itself. Remember to include your name in the message, too, to make your present truly unique. We're sure your son's bonus mom will adore wearing this beautiful piece of jewelry as a reminder of your shared love and admiration!

Nothing beats a tumbler when it comes to practical bonus mom gift ideas. Not only does it help define the style of the user, but it also offers an important practical benefit, such as keeping drinks hot or cold! But, this tumbler is just something else. As a kind of self-talk, it includes several daily affirmations that are aimed to encourage a positive mindset.And considering the bright, joyful style, there's no reason your kid's additional mother wouldn't enjoy it! Gift her this sensational tumbler that will help her brighten up in case she's having a rough day!

What lady doesn't like lighting a scented candle at the end of an exhausting day? The answer is none!  Candles like this one, with a witty message like "You are the bom (bonus mom)" on them, would certainly blow her mind! By combining bonus and mom, it creates a boom with love and care for the child, for sure! Gift this candle to your child's bonus mom if she is amazing to the point of exploding with awesomeness!

Giving something both unique and useful doesn't have to be difficult. This water tracker bottle is a great illustration of that! If you take a look at the front, the word "beautiful" is all that's needed alongside gorgeous sunflowers. It was a no-brainer to design this bottle with sunflowers since they signify optimism and love for the world around us. This isn't it, though. If you flip it around, you’ll see a tracker that will help the bonus mom stay hydrated in the sweltering heat of the summer! Make a lasting impression on your child's second mother by giving her this wonderful bottle that will soon become a regular in her life!

Christmas Gifts For Stepmoms

A tree ornament with a floral pattern in the shape of a heart is a certain way to get your mom’ heart racing. And the quote that reads “It takes someone special to be a step-mum, thank you for being mine” will just make her love you even more! The cute message is like to say that she is so special and awesome and also to show your deep respect for her. So, don't wait to surprise her with this stunning ornament!

When it comes to defining a family, it's not just about blood or last names; it's about dedication and love. What does it mean to be there for someone? It means turning up when someone needs you and being there when they need you most. That's what true love is all about - it's unwavering. In honor of that, this tree ornament features a heartfelt message that reads, "We aren't step, we aren't half, we're just family ". A few tears may fall from your mother's eyes if you give her this Christmas ornament!

The simple act of lighting a candle at home is a great way to create an environment that is both relaxing and contemplative. As a bonus, they make great Christmas gifts, especially this one! It has a modern Christmas design with a heart-warming slogan, "Stepmoms - doing all the things "real" moms do without the credit."Any bonus will feel touched as receiving such a lovely compliment like that for what she’s doing. 

Birthday Gifts For Stepmoms

The first product in this category is this trendy water bottle. It's adorned with a stylish floral pattern and a slew of some of the   To give your stepmom a genuinely considerate present, try this bottle that features Bible verses and a water tracker that encourages her to remain hydrated. In the eyes of a child, having a stepmother with a heart full of love is one of the most beautiful things they can hope for, and this water bottle makes that dream come true!

Here we have another inventive tumbler idea for your stepmom’s birthday celebration. Light pink and red are prominent in this one, with an amazing picture of a mother tree holding her child's hand. A powerful image and statement that shows how stepmothers portray strength, courage, and unwavering love and that your bond with them cannot be greater than the one you have!  With a heartfelt thank-you message on the front, you've got the ideal birthday present for your stepmother!

You can be sure that your stepmother would be overjoyed to receive this “Behind a lot of great kids is a stepmom who stepped up, stepped in and gave a shit” water bottle. It's beautiful, useful, and, most importantly, sends a humorous message. This is a great time to tell your bonus mom how she helped you fill a hole in your life and how much you appreciate all she has done for you! As soon as he gets it out of the box, his face will light up with excitement! So, don't spend any more time and make her birthday memorable with this gift!

Mother’s Day Gifts For Stepmoms

Mother's Day is a terrific occasion to honor all of our role models, especially our stepmothers. This area is packed with presents your mom will appreciate receiving on Mother's Day. Here is a lovely necklace with a dancing heart pendant that immediately sprang to mind. An outstanding flower-themed background and heartfelt thank-you messages are included in the box apart from the necklace. You're lucky to have a bonus mom, so give this thoughtful gift to let her know how much you appreciate her.

Many women in our life don't fall neatly into the typical "mom" category, making it more difficult to come up with creative methods to express our gratitude. But don't worry, we've got you covered! It has a clever line that says, “Brilliant Step-Mom. Couldn’t ask for better. Deserves 5 stars for putting up with my Dad”. With a floral pattern in pastel colors, this tree ornament is an excellent present for any bonus mom! It's a fantastic way to convey humorously that she has a title that should come with a built-in superpower, as its job isn't simple. This special gift for mom is guaranteed to put a smile on her face!

You can't go wrong with black, right? This black water bottle carrier confirms our claim. Count on that, your bonus mom will be delighted! A woman's fantasy come true: the dark backdrop with flower-pattern in pastel hues! "Not all superheroes wear capes, some are called stepmoms," reads the compelling phrase on this bottle, which shows that stepmoms are a distinct breed of women. We can bet she'll get weak in the knees when she sees the present.

We've discovered the perfect gift for your mom, who is a total coffee addict. Make sure to check out this mug, which features an elaborate and eye-catching pattern that is sure to become her favorite mug for a relaxing cup of tea or coffee. This year's Mother's Day gift has a special message for stepmothers: "Anyone may be a mother, but it takes a fearless warrior to be a stepmom." It’s like another way to tell that your stepmom is more wonderful and brave than any mom in the world. So don't wait any longer and get her this striking mug now!

Attractive and yet useful in a way? It's the perfect gift for any mother who enjoys a glass of wine from time to time. The words Attractive and yet useful in a way? It's the perfect gift for any mother who enjoys a glass of wine from time to time. The words "Motherhood demands love, not DNA" inscribed on the front effectively reflect the reality that stepmom's love transcends genetics! If you turn this tumbler over, you'll see a gorgeous and colorfully crafted DNA strand that's been decorated with flowers. Is there a better present for a wine-loving bonus mother than this stylish tumbler? If there is, we're stumped as to what it could be.  inscribed on the front effectively reflect the reality that stepmom's love transcends genetics! If you turn this tumbler over, you'll see a gorgeous and colorfully crafted DNA strand that's been decorated with flowers. Is there a better present for a wine-loving bonus mother than this stylish tumbler? If there is, we're stumped as to what it could be.

With any luck, our list has helped you choose the ideal present for your bonus mom! Keep in mind, though, that a great gift isn't always the most expensive one. The thought and care that went into a gift are what truly distinguishes it from the others.
Each of the items on our list is unique and wonderful in its way. This collection has something for every mom, from deep and emotional to funny and eccentric.
So, whatever you decide, your bonus mom will undoubtedly cherish it.