Crochet Gifts for Mom - 23 Ultimate Gifts for Crocheting Moms

August 01, 2022 10 min read

There is no doubt about that - moms are the best, but crocheting moms are better. Crocheting is a fun hobby for many moms worldwide and could inspire your next gift to your mom. 
Your mom deserves only the best, but finding the ideal gift can be challenging. That is why we put together this extensive list of the best crochet gifts for moms.
We have thought of everything - from clothes to totes and water bottles.
So, let’s begin and find the best gift for your mom!

Gifts for Moms that Love Sewing & Quilting

If you had no idea how to show your mom how much you appreciate her - this classic T-shirt will be the perfect gift. The quote “Just a mom who loves sewing” is suitable to show interest in your mom’s latest hobby!
The sunflowers around the vintage sewing machine are the perfect T-shirt design for a mom that adores sewing. On top of that, the vintage sewing machine is a symbol of how traditional and important sewing is for people - especially seamstresses.

“Hot moms love sewing” is a quote on a wine tumbler suitable if you want to remind your mom that she still got it! Every mom in the world wants to feel beautiful - and if she needs a reminder, this quoted tumbler is exactly what she needs. This tumbler can be personalized to have your mom’s name on it - so you can add that personal touch to your gift! Moms that spend much time hovering over a sewing machine often forget how beautiful they are, and your task is to remind them! Plus, the pink details remind your mom of her femininity and help her feel gorgeous again

If you wanted to show your mom appreciation because she taught you how to sew, this is the ultimate gift for her. “Mom-taught sewing skills! I trained with the best” is the quote that will tell your mom just how highly you think of her sewing skills. On a bad day, this mug will help your mum remember that if everything goes wrong - she can still sew right, and so can you thanks to her. Roses on the cup serve as a token of love and are the perfect gift for your beloved mom!

If your mom taught you how to sew, here is another excellent gift idea if you need one. “This is what an awesome sewing teacher looks like” is the quote worthy of your dedicated mom, who took plenty of time to teach you how to sew. Showing appreciation for teaching you the valuable skill of sewing was never easier than with this personalized tumbler. With the adding her name on the tumbler, you can add a dash of thoughtfulness & love to this personalized gift for your mom!

Here is the best gift for a daughter to gift her mom. This soy wax candle is the way to go for those who want to remind their mom just how much she stands out from the crowd. With the candle that has such a witty way of showing just how much your mom is special, you will remind your mom just how unique and particular she is - not just to you but to everyone around her. Plenty of sewing details on the candle will be a testament to your mom’s uniqueness. The rose-colored candle is perfect for embracing femininity and mom’s special interests - and it smells super nice too! Get your mom one, and put a smile on her face.

“Crazy sewing lady” is a new take on the age-old saying, and it’s a humorous way to make your mom feel proud of her special hobby. It will undoubtedly bring a smile to her face every time she sees this shirt and wears it! This T-shirt is the go-to gift for all the quirky moms who need a laugh, and the fun design complements the quote. Sewing is a praiseworthy hobby; you should tell your mom how admirable you think it is!

“Sewing mends the soul”is something every seamstress mom will agree on - sewing does make you feel much better about everything. This tote bag is a testament to vintage lace, the vintage sewing machine, and various sewing accessories. If your mom is the same - and sewing mends her soul, this tote will be the ideal accessory when she runs errands or goes to work. Vintage sewing machines are gorgeous - and your mom will love taking this tote bag with her anywhere and everywhere!

“Life is short, buy the fabric” is the perfect quote on a dress if you want to help your mom to find the strength to sew more. She might argue that she doesn’t have the time - but this boho summer dress is the appropriate gift to encourage that hobby! Life truly is short - help your mom understand that it’s time to focus more on her hobby and after all, herself. Lacy borders and fun colors are essential details for a summer dress, especially for a sewing mom!

Every creative person will have to agree with this quote “being creative is not a hobby - it’s a way of life”. Creativity is something all crocheting moms have and use for their projects, and this bottle carrier is proof of that! Support your mom’s hobby by keeping her hydrated in style, all the while supporting her creativity and her interesting hobby. Various sewing details and a crocheting woman with buttons in her hair make this bottle carrier the ultimate gift!

Your mom might feel like she stands out because of her love for crocheting - but the “it’s okay to be different” quote is there to tell her it’s absolutely fine to stand out. The fun flamingo with sunglasses and crocheting supplies around it illustrates how your mom should feel in her daily life. Standing out doesn’t come easy to everyone - but this hoodie might make it easier for your momjm. It’s better to be the fabulous flamingo than just a regular pink one!

“Quilting life” steel water bottle is a gift worthy of your quilting mom. The fun, colorful flowers and details on the bottle show your mom’s love for quilting and how dedicated she is to her hobby or quilting job. The fun colors and flowers show that quilting is a crucial part of your mom’s life - and it might encourage her to pursue her hobby more. If you had no idea how to show your mom you appreciate her quilting capabilities - this bottle is a suitable way to do it!

“Quilting because murder is wrong” is the wine tumbler for every mom that got into quilting to calm her nerves. Every quilting adult would agree that they would be much more irritable if it weren’t for quilting. The grumpy cat along with the quote illustrates perfectly just how much quilting helps to relax and unwind. If your mom is the same, this wine tumbler will bring a smile to her face every time she sips on some wine and quilts!

If your mom isn’t too big on large gifts, this phone grip might be the way to go. It has a sewing machine made out of various words related to sewing, along with the quote “time to create”. You wanted to gift your mom something small but meaningful, this phone grip with delicate roses would tell your mom how much you love her and her hobby. Whenever your mom puts down her phone, she can be gently reminded that it is indeed - time to create.

For moms who use quilting to calm their nerves, a pajama set is another great gift. The top has a quote, “f*ck off, I’m quilting, and I will slab you”, which is a funny way to let everyone know your mom is not to be disturbed when quilting. After all, quilting is a time to relax, and if your family doesn’t get that - this pajama set will say it for your mom. The pajama bottoms have plenty of vintage sewing and quilting accessories to make the set pop!

As it says on this sweatshirt, “sewciopath” is a modern, funny take on the word. It illustrates how much your mom loves to sew and enjoys her hobby. Along with the word “sewciopath”, the sweatshirt features a vintage Singer sewing machine and lots of roses. Pink roses symbolize love and affection - everything you want to show your mom with a thoughtful gift such as this hoodie. If you want to show appreciation for your mom’s hobby, this is the sweatshirt!

Gifts for Moms that Love Crochet & Knitting

Every mom needs a leather tote - this is the one for a crocheting mom. “Living that crochet mom life”,along with a fun crochet illustration, is guaranteed to be a hit for your mom’s birthday present or a present just to show her you care. This fun bag is a way for your mom to show off her lifestyle to everyone while she’s out and about. The large heart on the tote will show your mom how much you love her!

“I have two titles - mom and knitter, and I rock them both” is the quote for a mom that enjoys knitting almost as much as motherhood. When your mom sips coffee out of this tumbler, she can feel proud of her two titles in life and enjoy her day. This gorgeous tumbler features pink and blue details to show your mom’s strength along with her delicate femininity. The fun knitting details on the steel tumbler are the go-to gift for a knitting mom!

This insulated tumbler might answer all your gift-related troubles if your mom enjoys knitting to relax and unwind. “A ball of yarn, a cup of tea, a comfy chair - a happy mom” quote demonstrates you understand your mom needs a few simple things to feel good. The only thing that could make it even better is an insulated tumbler with a cute illustration. On the other side of the tumbler is a comfy chair and knitting balls to depict just how relaxing knitting is!

If you are looking for a present that depicts simplicity - this heart ornament is the way to go. On one side of the ornament, you have a quote “yarn mom”; on the other, gorgeous pink flowers, yarn, and a heart to show your unconditional love. Every crochet mom in the world would like to think of herself as the “yarn mom”, as it helps her feel more unique. So, if you want something that is a sure hit, stick to this heart ornament with roses and yarn!

“I crochet, so I don’t kill people (save a life… send yarn) is a funny quote that is perfect for a crochet mom. Moms who crochet know how much crocheting calms their nerves and after all, crocheting prevents them from actually killing people. If you want to give your mom something comfortable to crochet in, this hoodie is an instant hit! The enormous pink heart made out of yarn on the front will show your mommy how much you love her!

Every person into crocheting will agree with this quote “you can never have too much yarn”. After all, every crocheter in the world knows that running out of yarn is a real thing - and no amount of yarn will satisfy their passion. Besides, this wallet has cute flowers and plenty of crochet accessories depicting love for every crocheter's yarn. People use wallets every day, and this white wallet will bring peace to your mom, so it’s an ideal present if she’s stressed lately!

The water bottle with the quote “you are never too old, too wacky, too wild to have crochet life”illustrates how much your mom loves crocheting. The water bottle has lots of pink peonies, a synonym for good luck. If your mom is going through a tough time, this water bottle will make your mom smile and make her feel better about the current situation. On the back of the bottle is a charming basket of yarn with flowers to make it even cuter!

“If mommy is sitting, mommy is knitting” is a suitable quote for a mom who spends all her free time knitting because she loves it so much. Suppose she is one of those who use every free moment to enjoy her hobby - if that is the case, this mug is literally made for your mom!  The design depicts pink peonies for good luck, along with knitted hearts and knitting accessories to truly conjure up your mom’s love for crochet and all things sewing-related!

Lastly, we have presented the best 23 gift ideas for crochet moms. All of these gifts celebrate your mom and her fantastic hobby of crocheting!
We hope you found the right gift for your mom that illustrates how much she loves crocheting. If you are still looking for the right present, we advise you to go through this list once more to figure out what would suit your mom best.
At last - have a great time shopping for a crochet gift for your mom!