19+ Clever Ideas For Personalized Nurse Gifts

July 08, 2022 7 min read

Considering the past two years of the pandemic, nurses have been through the wringer, from caring for sick patients, to navigating literal life-and-death decisions for themselves. Not to mention that nursing is already not an easy career for them, with lots of pressure of long-hour shifts, short staff, assist every medical team and so on. 

Showing the thanks with a kind word or gesture will help show what a great job nurses do every day. If you happen to know a nurse and still don’t know how to express your gratitude, we have a list of personalized gifts for nurse. The nurse gifts recommendations below will be great help for gift-giving in every occasion.

Personalized Nurse Gifts For Female

The perfect personalized gift for nurses is right here! Sunflowers are a symbol of positivity and strength, while hummingbirds represent joy in life. 

Those factors are exactly what nurses have been contributing to the society. They make a huge difference in the lives of sick people. 

To make unique and personalized gifts, you can add the name of your beloved nurse on them!

Let's be honest. Even though the main task of a nurse is to take care of their patients, they may encounter an angry, rude, disobedient, or anxious ones. 

Dealing with them is a work of art, which takes lots of ego and mentality as well. 

So, these funny personalized gifts for nurse with an inside joke on is definitely belonged to a nurse who has a sense of humor.

Nurses who put their faith into practice have an extra sense of dedication, which makes them truly loving and compassionate to others. 

At the same time, they honor the God, and the belief in Him. Especially design for Christian nurses, this water tracker bottle will be an essential item for their daily water intake.

It's very important for nurses to stay hydrated, to "live their scrub's life". That’s why the water tracker bottle is a must for nurses who need to keep up with their highly-demanded job. 

It will encourage them to drink enough every day, and keep an eye on how much time has passed since their last glass of fluid. 

The perfect size (32 Oz) means it's very portable, even while on the go or during busy days at work.

Even though nursing is a tough career path, nurses are always happy to see patients in the hospital. It means they get a chance at making someone feel better. 

They love their jobs and consider themselves lucky for getting this opportunity.

As one of the most important departments in the hospital, nurses are the ultimate decision-makers. But "calling the shots" at work will never be easy. 

The wine tumbler with the quote "Nurses call the shots" will help the nurse be aware of her influence. Also, it’s a reminder for her to enjoy her favorite drink every time she gets off work.

This wine tumbler is one of great nurse gift ideas!

The nursing profession is a tough one. It takes more than just talent, skill and passion to heal others while also navigating through life's most difficult challenges. That being said, this quote is appropriate for any nurses, whether they are registered, fresh graduates, or retirees. Give this personalized tumbler saying “Nurse - Her Soul Is Fierce - Her Heart Is Brave - Her Mind Is Strong”, so they can feel motivated every day.

“I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me”, from the Apostle Paul in Philippians 4:13. The quote we printed on this personalized stainless steel bottle is a variation to shout out to every Christian nurses. They are the human beings that deserve our utter respect.

Female nurses have the bravery and willingness to go after what they want. Even though seeing sweat and blood daily, they never give up on patients. 

Exposed as they are to all sorts of these situations, they become strong judges of character. 

This personalized winner tumbler featuring inspirational message, which makes an ideal gift for the fearless women you love.

Nurse gift ideas for your lovely nurses in your life, who have God in their heart, bring them this gift on special occasions to let them know that He’s always around them. Also, who doesn’t love an on-the-go T-shirt like this?

Not all angels have wings, but those that carry the mission to care for the sick, they're angel wearing stethoscopes. They are nurses, ethereal, but real. To your angelic nurses, this personalized wallet will be a cute touch for her to stand out. 

The quote "Nurse Looks Challenge In The Eye And Gives It A Wink" printed on a personalized ceramic mug is an excellent reminder for all nurses. They embark upon the nursing journey.

Life can sometimes feel like one long struggle, but with each obstacle overcome comes new strength. This personalized gift will make any nurse who receives it smile.

Another best option for personalized nurse gift to show how much you care for them - an ornament that speaks right back to their hearts. This beautiful piece features a quote saying "Best Nurse Ever" on one side will make their heart throb.

This Circle ornament with nurse uniform will remind our hero of their dedication and service each time they see it. This Christmas will be more delightful for them when they's hanging this ornament with their name on it.

Your precious nurses will love this personalized water bottle carrier that lets them bring their own drink with ease. You can even have their names engraved on it for added personalization.
The quote "Nurses - Kind Heart Wise Mind Brave Spirit Bold Faith" is an inspirational message that will remind the recipients how important it can be during difficult times. However, with the strength from within, everything is possible.

Nurses are the ultimate thrivers, never giving up no matter what life throws their way. They know that when things get tough, all hope isn't lost. It just means there's one more challenge ahead of them. And since God is with them always, no need to worry. They’re strong enough to handle their own problems.

Coffee is a life-saving necessity for nurses, so they can do their job. The natural caffeine also gives them that extra push they need when their legs start feeling like jelly after standing all day. That being said, why not give them this personalized tumbler to help them start off a shift with “some coffee in one hand and confidence on the other one”? They will walk in the ER with powerful footsteps!

The detail on this piece will make your nurses swoon! It's a wine tumbler that has an intricately designed heart map. It will certainly stand out from all the other wine cups on offer. Give them this unique item. They can show off their sense of style by displaying it in the office or at home, anywhere they want.

Personalized Nurse Gifts For Male

Nursing can be a very masculine career, and every man appreciate the path they chose. They feel proud, and valuable, in a female-dominated field. This personalized t-shirt speaks out loud the satisfaction of male nurses for their professionalism. And as a giver, why don’t you show him how much you appreciate his hard work?

A classy wine tumbler for a little dose of alcohol for your beloved male nurse. The nurse appreciation gifts with custom design and the message “Nurse Life Is The Best Life" will make them feel encouraged to keep doing what they do best:  save people’s lives.

Good male nurse gifts can shine their all day long. They provide excellent care to patients by following behind doctors and other medical professionals with an eye on their tasks at hand. They make sure that everyone's needs get met in order, so a medical team can all work together smoothly. This personalized nurse tumbler features the quote "Because even doctors need heroes" on one side will be the best gift to shout out to a male nurse you know.