[2022] 15+ Best Funny Nurse Gifts Make Them Burst Into Laugh

September 26, 2022 4 min read

Nurse is one of the most stressful and dedicated job in the world. Their smile is valuable, so don’t let it fade away. Keep that in mind, we’ve gathered 15+ the best funny nurse that you have never seen before at anywhere. Explore top nurse gifts right away, we believe that the first person who burst into laugh is you, right after you read some quote on these hand-picked items.

Funny Nurse Gifts For Yourself

“Drink water and stab people” is a funny reminder for yourself to stay hydrated and take care of yourself more. Dear you - a hard-working nurse: Just be healthy first, then you are able to perform best at work of “stabbing people”.

“Doing that, twelve hours hustle”. This funny quote can’t make your day shorter, but make your day better by staying hydrated. Say it out loud and starting a day with a positive energy. Don’t worry about how long or short a day is because there are always more things that need completing!

This quote describes exactly your daily task in the funniest way: “We can’t fix stupid, but we can sedate it”. This blue tumbler expresses your pride about what you do and who you are. Being a humorous nurse, just let people know how much fun you got!

Funny Nurse Gifts For Bestie (Coworker/ Sister)

This bottle is printed with “needles scrubs and rubber gloves” as a way to identify its owner: a true nurse. That’s also a funny message to express her sense of humor in a very “nursing way”. The best part is you can freely put your bestie’s name on it and make it belong with only her. Are you interested in such a special item? We still have a wide range of personalized nurse gifts for you.

“Be a nurse, they said. It’ll be fun, they said” is a popular state of any humorous nurse. Not only an affirmation of job pride, the quote express her willingness to work with a happy attitude. With your sister, one working day is one chance to shine since she can dedicate 100% yourself to your dreaming job.

Your favorite nurse is caring, “like a normal nurse, but more awesome” due to her humor. This Nursicorn cup is the perfect funny nurse gift for who is keen on unicorn. As this beautiful animal, your nurse constantly provides positive energy and satisfaction to her patients and friends.

Funny Nurse Gifts From Dad To Daughter

“Being a nurse is easy!, since you believe your little daughter can do it well. This quote could be a funny encouragement that lift your daughter’s mood up. Set aside all the challenges, all she need is just your support by giving her a sweet message like this at the right time.

"Nurse, call the shots!" This is an interesting quote that Dad saved for his daughter. She could be your little girl in nurse mode, but she's also a talent when it comes to completing tasks perfectly. With all her attitude of trying, she deserves this gift and a compliment from you.

Give this funny quote for your little nurse and grab her smile in some seconds: “Wow, look at you, become a nurse and sh*t, congratulations!”. We all know nursing job is tired, so don’t forget to give her this sweet reminder: Go away from the sh*t sometimes to get yourself a break!”

Funny Nurse Gifts From Mom To Daughter

1000% of hard-working, 500% of unrivaled skill, ... but 0% for sleep. That’s your daughter nurse. Experiencing a hard-working shift, this funny quote will help you refresh your daughter. Show your great care for her by understanding perfectly what she did and trying daily. Along with funny meaning, this is still a nurse appreciation gift you pick for your beloved nurse.

“Drinking with a nurse, safety 1st” could be a funny reminder for all nurse who love drinking. Let be a mom who understand and support her job and her interest as well. This special wine tumbler with her name on it would be your right choice to help your nurse enjoy her free time effectively.

“First she drinks coffee - Then she save the lives” could be a funny way to give encouragement to your daughter nurse who are coffee-holic. Just give her some coffee, she can save the lives.

Funny Nurse Gifts For My Wife/ Girlfriend

Why don’t you let your nurse wife being a patient one day in a funny way? This Prescription Coffee is the best for all who need coffee to be productive at work. Just take one full tumbler of coffee, taking a deep breath, enjoy, and repeat until mood improve.

“Best F*ucking Nurse Ever” is a simple quote, but describe perfectly how great your wife is! Not only caring her patients with all time, she is a wonderful partner with all heart. Feeling lucky to have this best nurse, give her a funny compliment without saying a word.

There could be no word that show how amazing your girlfriend is, until you know this quote: “Cute enough to stop your heart, ... skilled enough to restart it”. There's nothing more valuable than a caring girl like your favorite nurse. Why don’t you still hesitate to treat her best with this stunning item?