The Best Viking Gift You Can Find - Let’s Take A Look At Our List

September 09, 2022 11 min read

It is widely known that Viking is the current word for maritime people that originated in Scandinavia.

But, the series with the same word “Viking” is even more famous and has gained incredible popularity among all generations. If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves Vikings, this list will help you with that. Our inventory consists of 20 unique gifts focused on Vikings fans.

Also, what sets these gifts apart is their unique design, the clear message they carry, and the practical use for which they are intended.

We recommend you look at our list and choose one of the perfect gifts we have selected!

You can never go wrong with a wine tumbler as a gift because of its practicality and use. However, this is the right thing if you are looking for a gift for a Viking fan. A unique design that would attract every eye is not everything. This design is also associated with the famous “Vikings” series that has millions of fans around the world, so if your dad is not of Scandinavian descent but loves this show. It’s just as perfect of a gift as it is for someone with Viking blood. This design features a wolf from scolding lava roaring in the distance. The overview of the wolf is mostly gray, featuring the easily recognizable symbols of Nordic mythology.

This blanket is the perfect gift for any Viking fan. If you look at the design in detail, you will see a wolf that occupies the largest part of the blanket and a bunch of other details that fill the corners. The wolf in question is called Fenrir, the wolf that’s the sun of the god Loki and known for the prophecy of him swallowing the god Thor in Ragnarök. It is important to note that the perfect combination of gold, silver, and black colors is used and that the blanket is done with luxury style. We are sure that a loved one who is a Viking fan does not have a blanket in his collection of Viking things, so be sure your gift will be unique.

If you have a Viking fan as a parent, friend, or loved one, this remark will leave him speechless: "Never Underestimate An Old Man Who Was Born With Viking Blood". Shades of black and white, such as the warrior and fires shown on the tumbler, are merely an accent to the powerful statement that makes it great. In the middle, it depicts an old berserker with a battleaxe, which adds to the value if you intended this tumbler for an old and wise Viking fan. It is important to note that there is also a black background while the rest of the things are painted white so that everything is perfectly visible for people that your father will be bragging to about his tumbler!

You and your beloved partner are Viking fans, but you don't know what to buy him as a present? This Viking pattern double bedding set is a perfect gift for any lover as it is a unique item. What would catch everyone's eye is one of the main characters of the Viking series, whose head is painted in detail over the bedding. Adding to the design, the word "Valhalla" adorns the cushions, something every Viking must adore. There is also a perfectly blended combination of black and gray colors that do not appear aggressive and clearly show the motif over the entire blanket. From the center of these beautiful sheets, the All- father is looking!

If you want to make a Viking fan happy with a perfect and unique gift that he doesn't own, this bedding set is a great idea. These sheets house some of the most well-known creatures from Norse mythology. On top, you’ll see Huginn and Muninn, who are the crows of the All-father. In the middle, you’ll find the tree of life, and just below it are All-father’s wolves Geri and Freki. These are all mythic creatures from Norse mythology that carry a lot of meaning, plus, they’re all in black & gold combo which really screams power! If you’re looking to surprise a viking friend, this will allow them to sleep like earls and jarls every night!

If we start talking about tumblers’ practicality and their usefulness, we can never stop. In short, a tumbler is a smart option for sports, gym, fitness, and other activities. However, what sets this tumbler apart from all others on the market and makes it a perfect gift for any Viking fan is the motif and design that depict it. The front is dedicated to Thor’s hammer called Mjölnir, and the All-father. The rest of the tumbler is designed, so it depicts some of the most beautiful designs and patterns from the Nordic mythology. What makes the design even better are the shadows that create glare, and the main character and part of the design look bulging!

If you are looking for a perfect gift for a Viking fan but also something that will be useful for him or her, this bedding fits perfectly into that concept. The leading figure that adorns the blanket in light combinations of red and gray is not all that makes this bedding perfect. There are also animals from the famous Viking series, such as a bird and a wolf, along with ancient pillars and weapons that adorn the design. Any Viking fan will recognize the All-father sitting on the throne and his wolves below him - Geri and Freki. Also, if you pay attention to the pillowcases, you will have the opportunity to see two heads in armor that every Viking fan will recognize very easily.

If you think that a water bottle is a valuable gift, and on the other hand, you want to find something meaningful for a person who loves Vikings, then this is a perfect choice. The head of a Viking warrior, painted to the smallest detail with armor, mouthpieces, and teeth, is something that will delight every Viking fan. There is also a gray and black combination design that covers the entire bottle. If you look at the other side of the bottle, you will also see the schedule on the back and axes under which there are motivational messages.

If you are looking for a practical and, on the other hand, unique gift for a Viking fan, this stainless steel tumbler is the perfect option. On the front of the bottle is the famous God named Odin without his left eye. From the back, we can see Thor's hammer called Mjölnir, which Odin wears as a mask. If you take a closer look, as any Viking fan would, you will also see animals such as a wolf, a bear, and a bird that perfectly merge with the face that adorns the design. Of course, the back side of the tumblers is also worth mentioning because, with the combination of gray and white, designers created an earth-shattering axe with markings that any Viking fan would immediately recognize. This tumbler is a valuable gift for everyday use and an addition to the collection that fans of the series already have.

If your loved one, friend, or family member is a Viking fan, this shirt is a perfect gift for her. The black color combined with the blue color that gives the impression that it is glowing is an ideal way to highlight the design. This wolf's name is Fenrir, and according to Norse mythology, he is the wolf that will eat Thor in Ragnarok (Norse Armageddon). The wolf's head, as well as the text that adorns the uniquely drawn circle, is something that will make every Viking fan smile. In addition to black, you can also choose blue or red to complement someone's style fully.

Every Viking fan will be delighted with the face painted in detail on this ornament. Designers created a perfect style, a combination of gray and light gray colors, which, with the help of irregular lines used, make the face of the animal that shouts. The quote "You can't throw me to the wolves, they come when I call" will make every Viking fan happy and excited. In Norse mythology, many famous wolves are considered leaders. The supreme God of Norse mythology, Odin, has two wolves named Geri and Freki, and the wolf that will devour Thor in Ragnarok is called Fenrir. In conclusion, we would highlight that wolves have an important place in Norse mythology. Additionally, the seemingly black color of the ornament is filled with symbols that make this ornament even more perfect.

Every Viking fan will fall in love with the saying, "You can't toss me to the wolves, they come when I call." Furthermore, the wine tumblers' ostensibly dark hue is packed with symbols, making it much more wonderful. Many famous wolves are considered leaders in Norse mythology. For example, Odin, the most incredible God of Norse mythology, has two wolves named Geri and Freki. Also, the famous wolf called Fenrir will kill Thor in Ragnarok. So finally, we want to emphasize wolves' significance in Norse mythology. Furthermore, the wine tumbler's back has an ostensibly dark hue packed with symbols, making it much more wonderful.

If you're searching for a fantastic present for a Viking series lover but also something helpful for them, this blanket fills the whole nicely. The central figure adorning the blanket in light red and gray combinations is not the only thing that makes this gift excellent. On the blanket is the supreme god Odin with his wolves, Geri and Freki. Also, his ravens Huginn and Muninn are painted on his shoulders. These ravens are famous because they come down to earth in Odin's name and observe how people behave. Every piece and every part of this blanket is filled with symbols, patterns, or something associated with the Viking series, leaving no empty space. Be sure that this top-quality blanket will do the job and will make your loved one happy.

What is most apparent about this perfect design is the large tree in the circle and the two Viking birds that are part of it. If we take a closer look, the same pictures are also painted on the pillowcases. You can see the tree of life on the bedding, representing that all universes came from the same root. Next to the tree are the famous ravens of God Odin called Huginn and Muninn. Even if you were to ignore all these details and look at the big picture, you would still fall in love with the style of this luxurious bedding set. This bedding set is just another proof that it is possible to make loved ones happy with a gift that is not only beautiful, but also useful.

When you get closer to this stainless steel tumbler, you realize that it is not made of wood, but has been designed so that even the pictures look bulging. These are the well-known wolves of God Odin, named Geri and Freki. The wolf's head in question is drawn to the smallest detail so that it seems dangerous but attractive simultaneously. This stainless steel tumbler is perfect because of the wooden background it has, but also because of the small details that look like they were embroidered. If you want to please a person who is a fan of the Viking series, you can't go wrong with this. Such a practical and creative gift. 

If you are one of those who care and pay attention to every detail, and you are determined to find the perfect gift, you will not go wrong with this blanket. On this blanket, we can see the supreme God named Odin with his spear called Gungnir. There is also a carefully painted detail that the God Odin is looking at a Nordic compass. When you look at the combination of colors, i.e., black, white, and gray, you will understand how much this neutral design still catches everyone's eye. The edges of this blanket are painted in white marble to better match any bed.

Every Nordic mythology lover will recognize the two birds called Huginn and Muninn. Their wings represent the main characters of the design, as well as the smaller symbol in the middle. Also, the black background over which ornaments are painted in small and faint gray colors makes this blanket even more beautiful. You certainly can't go wrong with a blanket as a gift because everyone uses it when the cold weather comes, but we can only say this Viking-designed blanket is the right pick for any fan.

This set is one of the most luxurious bedding sets we've had the chance to find, and that's why it's on our list of the best gifts you can find. It is a bedding set from the collection that every Nordic mythology fan would recognize and adore at first sight. The tree of life can be seen on the bedspread in two great colors, such as gray and blue, showing how all universes arose from the same root. Huginn and Muninn, the famed ravens of God Odin, stand next to the tree painted in gold color. What we would single out as a luxury part is the combination of blue bedding with golden black edges and patterns.

Ornaments are perfect gifts because they fit well in any home and make it warmer during the holiday season. The design is done so that the brown background resembles a more complex material, and the gold and gray colors can be seen more clearly. In the middle of the ornament, two golden wolves named Geri and Freki, familiar to every Viking fan, look fearless and dangerous. Behind them, if you pay attention, there are two axes as well as a circle with symbols related to the Vikings. This ornament is a gift that fits well in any home and will also delight the person it is intended for due to its unique design.

Sometimes you would say that a mug is a simple gift, but that would undoubtedly be before you saw the cute mug on our list of the best Viking gifts. So, this mug is unique because of the design, which leaves every fan breathless. There is an incredibly detailed painted background with symbols and ornaments. In the middle are the Wolf Fenrir and the raven that belongs to the God Odin. What makes this mug even more interesting are the colors used, such as white and several shades of gray. So, if you want to combine practicality and beauty and make a Nordic Mythology fan happy with a gift that has a special meaning for them, we think this unique mug is a great idea.

Final Thoughts

We believe that if you were looking for a special Viking gift for your friend, family member, or other loved one, this list was able to help you find and choose the right thing.

Furthermore, we narrowed it down to only twenty items to single out things whose design is both beautiful and practical. You could see different mugs, wine tumblers, bedding sets, and more.

We hope our list was helpful and that you have ordered the perfect Viking gift that will be delivered to your address within the next few days.