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June 03, 2021 17 min read

It's true that no matter how close you are to your aunt, or how very much you care for her, one thing is certain: she always has your back. She was the one who let you stay up past your bedtime when you were little, always offered advice without judgment, and permitted you to have that extra scoop of ice cream after dinner.

For all that, she deserves to receive the best present, whether it's on her birthday, the holidays, or Mother's Day. You can show her how much you care by giving her a gift she'll use on a daily basis.

To figure out just what that is, consider what she's really into. If she loves gardening, try a flower grow gift set. Maybe she always has coffee in the morning? You can't go wrong with this personalized coffee tumbler. And if you're ready for the waterworks, a heart-shaped photo collage is about as sentimental as it gets.

In the end, you can be rest assured whatever gift you give her is sure to be appreciated because it came from you. Therefore, if you've been looking for the perfect gift to get your honorary second mom, look no further than this list of amazing personalized gift for aunt. 

Personalized Gift for New Aunt

When a sister or close friend becomes an aunt for the first time, there are lots of great gifts you can get for her as a way of sharing in her happiness. It's exciting to be an aunt, and showing your excitement to them by getting them a gift will make it even more special.

We've put together a list of gifts you can buy for new aunts, as well as one you could give your sister when she's about to have a baby niece or nephew. 

If you were looking for a beautiful gift with a strong message, you can't go wrong with this one: "This little one is going to be very lucky to have you as an aunt. I just know the bond between you two will be so special. Wear this necklace close to your heart until you can hold the baby in your arms. Love from insert name" This beautiful quote talks about every aunt's unconditional love and the indescribable happiness they feel when they become an aunt. This goes perfectly with this necklace because a necklace should always be close to the heart to remind you of the beloved baby who has not yet arrived.

"I'm almost here. I'm on my way. I might just be a bump. But I love you more than you will ever know. Keep this close to your heart until I can rest in your loving arms…" is the ideal quote to speak on behalf of the baby your aunt is carrying. This quote also sends a clear message about the love a baby feels for its favorite aunt even though it is still in the womb, and how much it can't wait for its paths to join. Also, this chain has the word love written on it, as well as the shape of a heart, which symbolizes love, and we are sure that it will awaken many beautiful emotions in every aunt!

If you want to make your dearest aunt laugh to tears, this cute mug is the ideal way to achieve that. "World's best auntie" is a quote that will surely make her smile because instead of the word aunt, a beautiful golden ant is painted with the suffix “-ie”, which spells “auntie”because the two words are very similar and make for a fantastic wordplay. If you want to make this mug a personalized and unique gift, you only need to write your dearest aunt’s name on the back. You can also add the year when your most beloved family member is going to become an aunt and create an unforgettable gift that will always bring back many beautiful memories.

"Promoted to auntie"is a beautiful quote because it talks about how a wonderful person or member of your family will soon become an aunt, in a humorous way, will be promoted to auntie for you. To make this stainless steel tumbler personalized and eye-catching, write the name of your favorite aunt on the back side of it. You may even include the year in which your most cherished aunt is due to give birth to make a memorable present that will bring back many happy memories whenever she sees it. The design consists of a beautiful matte background painted with colorful flowers and two tiny feet indicating a baby on the way. Be sure that you won't go wrong if you decide on this tumbler!

If one of your dearest family members is about to become a mother and you don't know what to give her, you can't go wrong with this cute phone grip. "Blessed auntie" is a short quote that conveys that your favorite person will become an auntie. In the funny way, she is blessed to be aunt. To make this phone grip personalized and unique, you need to write the name of your dearest aunt, which will stand together with the lovely quote. The colors of the painted flowers are in perfect harmony with the quote and thus make this phone grip eye-catching. This charming and magnificent phone grip is an ideal present because of its functionality, as performed in everyday use, and its one-of-a-kind and stunning appearance.

Birthday Personalized Gift for Aunt

Auntie is such a special person in your life. She's been there for you through all the important moments: making sure you were safe as a child, cheering on your achievements, and supporting your dreams. She is a special woman who deserves to be pampered with the best. Take care of her by getting her an awesome personalized gift for her birthday. What's on your mind? A personalized mug, a customized shirt, or even a custom print are all great options! We have a lot of gift ideas that will make Auntie feel loved and cared for as she does for you each day. Check out the list of Birthday personalized gift for her below!

If your dearest aunt's birthday is coming up and you have no idea what to give her, believe us when we say that this ornament will awaken many beautiful emotions in her. "Aunt- a double blessing you love like a parent and act like a friend" is a lovely quote that talks about how an aunt is a supporter and protector just like your parents, and for many other situations, she is also your best friend. This ornament is a beautiful way to show your dearest aunt how much you respect her. It's also great to send her a clear message about your love for her. This ornament is an ideal gift because it can become unique if you write the name of your sweet aunt on its back.

"Proudest Aunt on this earth" is a witty quote that should be sent funnily to present your aunt as the proudest on the planet because she has you, and you are perfect. This ornament is an ideal way to make your aunt laugh and send a clear message that she is the best aunt in the world. This ornament differs from all the others because its quote follows its shape and proportions - a golden trophy. To make this ornament a unique and personalized gift, you only need to add the name of your dearest aunt, which will decorate this beautiful ornament. Also, we must mention that this ornament's design is exceptionally eye-catching. It is due to the ideal combination of gold and sparkle red color and the cute stars that adorn the entire decoration.

"Love like a mother, keeps secret like a sister, gives hugs like a friend - Aunt." is an excellent quote that adorns only part of this beautiful bedding set. This quote says that your aunt is not only a family member, but also someone who loves you unconditionally. It’s also a person with whom you can share all your secrets and will always be there to give you a warm hug. This gift consists not only of the quote, but also of many compliments and nice words addressed to your dearest aunt. If you decide to give this bedding set to your wonderful aunt, be sure you will awaken many beautiful emotions in her. This bedding set stands out from all the others because of its one-of-a-kind design, but it also represents an ideal birthday gift because of its practicality.

"Aunticorn - like a normal aunt but more awesome" is a witty quote about a new term called "aunticorn", representing the best aunt in the world. We are sure that your dearest aunt will burst into laughter and be overwhelmed by many beautiful emotions on her birthday. For this quote to make more sense, a funny unicorn dancing is also painted on this above-all eye-catching and colorful wine tumbler. This unicorn should also represent your aunt and describe her as fun, fabulous and incredible. Because of its practicality, which is visible in everyday use, and its one-of-a-kind and enticing appearance, this stunning tumbler makes an outstanding present.

"This lady is one awesome aunt"is a beautiful way to show your aunt how much you love and respect her with a birthday gift. Like a special compliment, this quote talks about how your aunt is perfect in your eyes and how glad you are to have her. Also, for this design to fully make sense above this quote, there is an arrow pointing to the person holding this cute wine tumbler, aka your lovely aunt. To make this gift unique and personalized, you only need to write the name of your favorite aunt on the back of this beautiful wine tumbler.

Mother's Day Personalized Gift For Aunt

Mother's Day is a time to celebrate the love of motherhood and all that it entails. For many people, this includes aunts as well! If your aunt has been there for you thick and thin and is a mother herself, it is only natural to get her a gift for Mother’s Day. Sometimes our aunts are like a second mother or step up to take on the role of a mother in our lives, and then they definitely deserve a special gift this holiday. If you're looking for something more creative than your run-of-the-mill Mother's Day present this year, we've got some ideas on what you can get your favorite auntie with our list of personalized gifts for aunt on Mother’s Day!

"I never knew so much love until someone called me auntie" is a beautiful quote that talks about how much you love your auntie and how glad you are that she is a part of your family. This quote also talks about how your aunt feels special every time you call her by a nickname- auntie. Also, it is essential to note that the design of this mug is eye-catching due to its simplicity and cute combination of soft blue and pink colors. Many tiny hearts are also painted, which perfectly fits the cute quote. Put the name of your favorite aunt on the back to make this mug a personalized and one-of-a-kind gift.

"They call me aunt because a partner in crime makes me sound like a bad influence" is a witty quote that will undoubtedly make your dearest aunt laugh as soon as she sees this colorful mug. In a humorous way, this quote represents your aunt as a bad influence and your partner in crime because she loves you a lot and sometimes spoils you. You can also put your favorite aunt's name on the back of the mug to make it a personalized and one-of-a-kind present. It is also necessary to mention how eye-catching the design of this mug is because it consists of beautiful little hearts of different colors whose role is to associate love.

"Only an aunt can give you hugs like a mother, keep secrets like a sister, and share love like a friend" is an excellent quote that will undoubtedly make your dearest aunt feel loved and appreciated with this eye-catching ornament. According to this phrase, your aunt can wear many hats: mother, sister and friend. She is more than just a family member; She is someone with whom you can share all of your secrets and who will always be there to offer you a warm hug. She loves you like a mother and a friend; That love is unconditional. Don't hesitate to put your favorite aunt's name on the back of the ornament to make it a unique and customized gift. This brilliant and spectacular ornament is an excellent gift due to its unusual and appealing aesthetic.

"Rocking the aunt life" is a short quote that talks about how much your aunt enjoys her role as an aunt and how happy she is with her life and the family surrounding her. Also, what makes this wine tumbler an ideal gift is the perfect combination of black and pink painted in a leopard design that fully matches the mentioned quote font. From the back of this wine tumbler, we can see the porter of a remarkable and exciting person who should represent your favorite aunt. We will agree that the details are essential, and if we take a closer look at this wine tumbler, we will see painted hearts that are associated with love and stars that are associated with someone's brilliance.

"The auntie code: Bedtime is whenever. The answer is always yes. I always have your back. Mom doesn't need to know, and rule number one is '' Hugs are mandatory," which is an extraordinarily witty but engaging quote that adorns this beautiful mug. This quote talks about how your aunt spoiled you because her rules consist of saying yes to everything and that there are often no restrictions. The last and most important rule makes this quote even more beautiful: "hugs are mandatory." We are sure this lovely and witty quote will awaken many beautiful emotions in your dearest aunt. If you want to make this gift personalized and unique, all you need to do is write the name of your favorite aunt on the back of this cute and colorful mug.

Other Recommendations

16. For New Auntie Necklace

A delicate and thoughtful gift to celebrate the connection between a new aunt and niece or nephew. Let this stylish piece of jewelry symbolize the relationship that is unbreakable and eternal. Linked rings symbolize the unbreakable bond between two individuals and are a forever keepsake of family. Beautifully designed and handcrafted on only the finest quality materials available, this timeless piece comes packaged in its own adorable box with a lovely message that you can personalize. This beautifully handmade custom necklace makes the perfect gift for a new aunt and her niece or nephew.

17. Personalized Cool Aunt Sweatshirt

This cotton sweatshirt says it all! It is a reminder of that momentous occasion when your sisters or best friends become an aunt. The year when she first becomes an aunt is printed in beautiful lettering that adds just the right amount of personalization while remaining trendy looking. The perfect gift for any sassy aunt-to-be. The shirts are professionally printed directly onto the fabric, never cracking or peeling like cheap vinyl applications. They are also very comfortable and durable. All of the time and love she showers her nieces and nephews with will be honored by wearing this sweater while going about her day!

18. Personalized Great Auntie T-shirt

This is the personal T-shirt you’ve been looking for. If your friend or sister first becomes an aunt in the summer, then this gift selection is worth considering. These tees are just as sweet as she is, with all the words printed by moms and dads who know their best aunt. They're comfy cotton unisex shirts that come in a variety of colors to match any favorite outfit. 

19. Auntie Definition Throw Pillow

Auntie, you are one-of-a-kind. So why shouldn't your throw pillow be too? This custom Auntie Definition Throw Pillow is a perfect way to show her how amazing she is every day. It will let her know that it's because of who she is on the inside that we love and cherish them so much. With twelve different photos and personalized text, there won't be any occasion where this special auntie doesn't feel extra loved or celebrated!

20. Personalized Morse Code Necklace

Have a message written in Morse code on this delicate beaded necklace that spells out your personal word or phrase, making it just for her. For example, Badass aunt, Best aunt... Tiny precious metal beads represent the dots and dashes to make their code a reality. Since chains are either made from gold-filled or sterling silver, they're always stylish. The necklace will come with a card showing the words coded as well, so she can remember what it means and feel loved every time she wears it. It would be a splendid gift to congratulate the new aunt!

21. Personalized Cosmetic Bag with Name

This personalized cosmetic bag is perfect for all makeup lovers. It's vegan leather and will hold all makeup essentials neatly inside. Personalize the bag with the new aunt’s name. The initial letter of the name is automatically the monogram in the background. The name is printed with large start book days and small follow-up letters. The personalization detail means you can make sure she will always know which cosmetic bag belongs to her, and she'll also love the stylish design. A practical personalized gift for a new aunt that you should not miss!

22. Personalized Picture Frames for New Ant

These picture frames are handcrafted and personalized for your new, one-of-a-kind aunt. The perfect gift to show her how much she means.
Crafted by careful hands with a rich brown stain, this frame features your custom design on the top, so it will be unmistakably hers. The frame is made of high-quality 3/4 inch MDF board that doesn't warp like wood because of moisture or water spills, and arrives with removable wall hanging hardware for easy installation in any location in her home where she wants to admire the view. These features create a perfect idea for a personalized gift for new ants.

23. Raw Birthstone Stacking Ring

Give her a ring fit for a queen, for your aunt. Birthstone Stacking Rings are stunning, boho-style rings that can match any outfit or personality. The band of this shining stacker ring features a gorgeous gemstone representing the wearer's birth month. If your aunt was born in August, you can order a personalized August birthstone ring for her. Asides from picking your aunt’s birthstone, you can also buy more rings with the birthstones of her loved ones, so she always wears an emblematic reminder of those she loves most close to her heart today and all year round. 

24. Gothic Initial Necklace

Imagine her face when you give her a gorgeous custom necklace as a birthday gift. Your aunt will be sure to love this Gothic Initial Necklace. Made from tarnish-resistant and high-quality materials, this beautiful piece of jewelry will last for years. It is perfect for any occasion from the office holiday party to date night out. All you need to do is pick a letter, a length, and a color of the necklace that will suit your aunt.

25. Otherland Candle Set

Candles are among the most heartwarming gifts that you can give. That's why this Otherland Candle Set is the perfect way to warm up your relatives’ homes during the chilly winter season. And not only are these sweet seasonal scents designed to warm hearts, but they're also crafted with quality materials! Coconut and soy wax blends that burn for 55 hours each. With so many scent options, you can pick your aunt’s favorites all at once. You can build a personalized set of three here for $89. It also comes with a personalized matchbox and message ready for gift giving.

26. Birth Month Flower Grow Kit

Birth month flowers, like stars and gemstones, have symbolic and sentimental meanings. No gardener will be able to resist this beautifully thought-out gift. Make your aunt’s birthday unforgettable with a gift that grows and changes every day. She will receive a glass bottle to grow the seeds in, a soil-less growing medium, instructions, and information about what the flower symbolizes. When the garden is finished blooming, she can wash the bottle and use it as a vase. A cork lid doubles as a coaster for the bottle. It is a perfect present for gardeners or sentimental types and those who don't want any "stuff."

27. Personalized Cutting Board

This personalized cutting board serves as an essential piece of kitchenware. It is both practical and beautiful. Not only will this sturdy cutting board make chopping her vegetables and bread easier, but she'll also have her name engraved on it-making it the perfect personalized gift. Making a family recipe a cherished heirloom is easy with this personalized cutting board. Engrave your favorite family recipes in your aunt's own handwriting!

28. Luxury Personalized Home Spa Kit

If she has a special occasion coming up or needs some days off for rest & relaxation, this Luxury Personalized Home Spa Kit is the perfect gift. This luxury spa kit not only has all the essentials you'll need, but each item comes with a personal touch, so it's as though we're right by your side when preparing to take on a moment of tranquility at home. Once your aunt's personalized spa opens, she can begin creating her spa day by following the instructions provided for each individual spa essential. There are 19 unique items in each spa gift box, including 3 easy-to-apply spa treatments, self-heating eye masks, and a spa blanket for relaxing in the comfort of your own home.

29. Aunt Mother’s Day Necklace

Super simply stated, but thoughtful all at the same time. Perfect for celebrating the love and meaning behind Mother's Day, this heartfelt necklace pendant is a wonderful way to show just how much you care. The elegant necklace comes in a sentimental box with floral decorations. 

A pair of hearts adorned with Cubic Zirconia stones are interlocked together in an expression of never-ending love. Made with high-quality polished surgical steel. The Aunt Necklace is made of Stainless steel, gold, and silver. It will be cherished for years to come as an excellent way to show her how much she means to you all the time.

30. Filter Heart Snapshot Mix® Photo Art

A picture is worth a thousand words, and with this perfect gift-giving idea they say love you twice! Capture the awesome moments you've had together while creating personalized photo art. This gift is a heart photo art that you and your kids can customize! You upload the photos of your mini me's with their favorite aunt, then Minted does all the work for you - collage them into a gorgeous photographic masterpiece! A sweet and sentimental gift to show your love.

31. Actual Handwriting Bracelet

Nearly 50,000 people have reviewed this bracelet on Etsy. The only thing you need to do is submitting a photo of your handwritten message, and the owners will magically transform it into a bracelet. Reviewers praise the accuracy of the handwriting, and moms everywhere are obsessed with it. This personalized bracelet is an original, sentimental piece that won't be forgotten.

32. Personalized Auntie Keychain

When you want a keychain that is even more special and personalized than the standard, this is the one to go for. You can personalize the message and add birthstones to make it extra special. The Personalized Auntie Keychain is made from a high-quality stainless steel rectangle with rounded edges and features rounded corners. Your aunt will love this thoughtful gift that will make her feel adorable no matter where she goes by holding it close to her and remembering the wonderful bond you share.

Final Thoughts

With this long list of personalized gifts for aunts, we hope that your days of worrying about what to buy are over. When it comes to personalized gifts, make sure you include the words you want to be engraved on the customized present when ordering them.

You should also take the time to write a heartfelt letter to be attached to the box before you deliver it to her. Even if you don't know the colors she likes or what scents she consumes, you can still find something neutral that she may prefer.

We're sure that if you purchase any of these Auntie gifts for your special auntie, she will be delighted. Share with us what your favorite gifts have been in the comments below so other readers can see them as well! Happy hunting everyone!

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