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June 15, 2021 18 min read

Do you know someone who loves to sail? Is your brother, husband, or friend the captain of a boat? If you're looking for the perfect gift for a boat owner, we've got you covered! We put together this list of 10+ gifts that will make any sailor happy. Consider getting them one of these personalized gifts this season. These gifts are perfect for any sailor! Some ideas are practical, while others are just fun or sentimental. Hopefully, there's something in here that your loved one will love too!

If you haven't heard of the term "pontoon captain" before, don't worry. Every boat lover would be delighted to receive an ornament with this title. The design of pontoon boats provides more space for individuals and stability on the water, which is also undoubtedly a big title for any captain. This ornament is the perfect gift for any boat lover because, in the shape of an anchor, it is genuinely the best symbol of anchoring, sailing, and boats. If you want to make your favorite captain happy, be sure that you can't go wrong with this beautiful ornament. It can be an ideal decoration both for the boat itself and the house to remind the boat owner of his captain's life every day.

If you were looking for a mug with a perfect and funny quote that will make everyone smile, then you can't go wrong with this one:"Sorry for what I said while docking the boat". This quote humorously talks about how sometimes, and in some situations, we are not ourselves. Like people who are perhaps hungry and therefore nervous and say things, they don't mean, so do boat owners when there are docking boats. This is an ideal quote because it will make every boat owner laugh. What makes this mug a perfect gift is a funny quote, the design that includes the anchor, boat, and water, and the ideal combination of blue colors.

"Call me captain pontastic" is a unique quote since instead of the word fantastic, we've used the newly invented word pontastic. A pontoon is a particular type of boat, so is the title of captain called pontastic. So pontastic is an exceptional title that not everyone who owns a boat can have, but only top captains. This is the ideal way to use this perfect wine tumbler to send a message about how proud you are of your friend who owns a boat and how he manages it. We'll say that the design of this wine tumbler is outstanding because it consists of an anchor, a rudder, and the sea, painted in a beautiful blue color.

"Life is better on a boat" is a humorous but realistic quote that every sailor will be able to relate to. This quote talks about how everything is easier on the boat, how the world and the atmosphere are incredibly calm, and how it is a perfect place to rest and enjoy. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, far from hard work and hardships, a boat will make life better, just like this quote says. Well, sounds like a great personalized gift for that co-worker of yours, who living on a boat is his second life. Give him this great tumbler to show how thoughtful you are about his personal interests. 

If you want to make your favorite boat owner smile, be sure you will achieve it with the help of this quote: "My boat, my rules." It talks about how every boat owner has his own organization and routine that gives him peace and happiness. No one should disturb that. Each sailor strives for independence, and the ship's captain determines the rules that apply to his boat. This is an excellent ornament because it will send a funny message to everyone who sees it, but also humorously tells the guests to leave everything to the captain. This ornament is an ideal gift because it can decorate both the boat and the house, and in that way, it reminds the captain every day of another part of his life, which is when he is sailing.

How difficult it is for captains, there are objections everywhere, especially if his guests are sailing for the first time and have a certain amount of fear. Therefore, a realistic but humorous question that every captain would ask would be: "Alright, but did we sink?" This is an ideal quote because it tells about how your friend, the captain, knows what he is doing, and it is up to you to enjoy the incredible silence that the sea offers instead of complaining. Also, what makes this mug ideal is the possibility of personalization by writing the name of your dearest boat owner on the back of this unique mug.

"Home is where the boat is" is a beautiful quote that will touch the soul of every boat captain and sailor. This quote talks about how every boat owner enjoys the most on his boat because of the silence, peace, and beautiful sea he sails. Home is not just a residence but a place where we are delighted, and every boat owner would indeed say home is his boat. This ornament is perfectly designed, including a beautifully illustrated anchor complete with rudders. Everything that symbolizes a boat is part of this ornament, which makes it a perfect gift for every boat lover. Be sure that this cute ornament will fit perfectly into someone's home or boat and ideally fit in with the rest of the interior.

"Sail more worry less" is an ideal and funny quote because it talks about how every captain forgets his worries and responsibilities as soon as he gets on board and starts sailing on the beautiful calm sea. This quote is perfect because it's, above all, meaningful for every boat lover. It'll make every boat owner feel connected to their boat and see it as a safe and lovely place. This cute wine tumbler is a practical gift because the boat owner can easily take it with him on every sail, trip, and event. The design combination is also perfect because, besides the ideal quote, this wine tumbler also consists of illustrations of boats, oars, and much more.

"I'm not only a boat lover, I'm pontoon captain" is a quote that every boat owner will love because boat owners can find themselves in this short but pleasant sentence. This quote is about how there may be many boat lovers, but being a pontoon captain is a big deal at the end of the day. Nevertheless, it is the captain of a boat that not everyone has the opportunity to own and sail on, so being the captain of this type of boat is pretty amazing. This perfect mug is an ideal gift for every boat owner because it is practical and will be very good for him when he prepares a hot drink like tea or coffee while sailing on the beautiful sea.

"I may look like I'm listening to you, but in my head I'm thinking about boats" is one of the wittiest quotes you can come across, making this gift ideal for every boat owner. Humorously, this quote wants to convey how often boat owners think about their boat, sailing and steering on a calm sea and the beautiful days they look forward to. We are sure that this lovely quote will initially make your dearest boat owner smile, but also that every time he uses this tumbler, it will remind him of the good days from the past and those waiting for him. It is effortless to make this stainless steel tumbler unique. You can also write the name of your favorite captain on the back side and leave the rest to us!

The mug says: "Things I love almost as much as my boat: talking about my boat, looking at my boat, driving my boat". This humorous quote talks about how the love for boats is tremendous and how sometimes it is impossible not to think about the beautiful days spent at sea and sailing in the sun. This quote will surely make every boat owner smile because they will be able to identify with what is written on this unique wine tumbler. To make this gift personalized and unique, you only need to write the name of your favorite boat owner on the back of this beautiful wine tumbler.

"Things I do in my spare time: go sailing, look at sailboats, research sailboats, talk about sailboats, think about sailboats, dream about sailboats" is a funny way to show the life of every boat owner. This illustration is a humorous explanation about how anyone who owns a boat can't get it out of their head because it's not just a hobby. This stainless steel tumbler is an ideal gift because it is practical, and every boat owner can take it with them, even when he goes out to sea. We must also emphasize that this humorous illustration of the captain's life and the rest of this cute tumbler's design make it an eye-catching gift that everyone would adore.

In case you know a couple who love boats, this personalized mug would make a great recommendation. On the front side of this lovely mug, you can see a beautiful illustration of a boat, but if you look closely, names are also written. This is a way to give your favorite couple a gift with their names written on it, and it will forever remind them of good memories with you. But, if we look at the backside, you will see the anchor and the year, which you can also change. Whether you want to add, for example, a year someone became a boat owner, a year when you met a boat owner or any other great year, it's really up to you.

We are sure that you have had the opportunity to see a lot of funny quotes related to boat owners, but none of them were good like this: "Life's short, buy the boat." This short quote is extraordinary because it says everyone should own a boat. It is the perfect place for rest, relaxation, and escape from obligations and the turbulence of everyday life on land. Every boat owner would be happy to read this quote because we are sure he has already given you the advice to buy a boat several times. This cute ornament is a nice personalized Christmas gift, not only because of the text, but also because of its outstanding decoration.

Everyone has a different way to enjoy, relax and feel lovely and happy. That's why this quote, "I don't need therapy, I just need my boat," is perfect. It's funny, and every boat owner can identify with it. This great quote talks about how there is no better place and better inner feeling for a boat owner than when he is sailing the sea. To make this particular wine tumbler unique, all you have to do is write down the name of your favorite boat owner, which we will write on the back. If you buy this as a gift for someone who owns a boat, be sure that you will make him happy because you are giving him something practical, unique, and beautiful design that will evoke his emotions.

Other Recommendations For You

Personalized Boating Gifts for Dad

Everyone knows dad is the best, but do you know what he wants for Father's Day? What are you going to get your dad for Father's Day? How about a personalized boating gift he can enjoy this summer? This year, make him something unique that he will love with his name on it! It is easy to do and doesn't cost much. With these boating gifts for dad, you can take his boat from great to amazing! You'll have the perfect Father's Day present in no time at all. We have curated a variety of personalized boating gifts to choose from. Let us help you show him how much he means to you this Father's Day with one of these great items. Check out all of our ideas below! These are the perfect gifts for any father who loves being outdoors on the water.

Laser Engraved Sailing Journal

Keep your ocean-obsessed dad's thoughts in order with this timeless, leather journal. Slim enough to slip into a pocket or bag, the cover felt soft to touch and has an elegant laser engraving design that will stand out on any bookshelf or well-decorated living room.

The Laser Engraved Sailing Journal is the perfect gift to give any father who enjoys collecting mementos from their trips. This is a little journal with dad’s personal design in mind. All pages have an empty grid for notes and thoughts on the left (or bottom) side, while composition paper on the right has room for words or illustrations that come at any time. This book is perfect if your dad loves the sound of seagulls in the breeze and being out at sea. Fill this lovely-smelling journal with tales about sailing and bring some life back into his pages!

Sailing Courses

These Udemy courses are perfect for any dad that loves sailing and would really like to get better at it! Udemy is a treasure trove of learning material for sailors that creates professional courses from the world's top instructors. Their courses on sailing knowledge are indispensable for those who go aboard. Keep them up to date with these great Udemy sailing courses and watch the mastery grow so that soon they're able to teach sailors twice their size.

Insulated Water Bottle

This thermos bottle is perfect for those long days on the water. It holds one liter and comes with an innovative chug lid to keep it safe from spilling and leaking. Plus, the stainless steel vacuum insulation means that this bottle will keep his tea hot or cold for up to 12 hours! The perfect gift for Dad who loves boating and stays out on the windy water.

Personalized Men’s T-Shirt with Sailboat

Have you got a sailing enthusiast for Father’s Day? Consider giving him one of these personalized t-shirts, with text prints like “I need vitamin sea” or “But did we sink?”. These are inspired by life on board and were designed for all boating activities - from workouts on the water to catching a tan under a palm tree. This is just what our guy needs to stay cool in the hot summer heat! Sailboat t-shirts for dad are a fun gift to give. You're sure to make everyone happy with one of these designs.

Personalized Captain Dad Hat

Welcome to the sleek and stylish world of the hat's new generation. Now you can give your dad his very own personalized boating gifts for dads, a custom-made captain's hat. When it comes to gift ideas, there’s barely a better surprise than this! Imagine the happiest day of your dad’s life when they see their name embroidered on the cap. The next time you head out on the water, make sure your dad is in charge by giving him a personalized captain's hat.

Wooden Bottle Opener- Personalized Boating Gifts for Dad

Your dad has always been there to help you when you need it. Show him how much he means by giving him this personalized Wooden Boat Cleat Bottle Opener, and thanking him for all the wonderful memories he's shared with you over the years. The side of the bottle opener is engraved with our proprietary logo, "Seacoast workshop". You can leave plenty of room for anything else - boat dad's name, coordinates, memorable quotes or phrases that remind your dad what they mean to each other! This personalized gift for the boat owner will be a piece in dad's collection that he can carry into any ocean wind, knowing that your love goes with him everywhere.

Personalized Gifts for Marine Boyfriend

You know your boyfriend better than anyone. What makes him happy? What does he hate? And what is he really into right now? Personalizing his gifts will make them more meaningful, and it'll be a gift that you know he'll love. If you're looking for the perfect gift to give your Marine boyfriend this year, but want something more than a tie or cologne, then look no further. Here are some thoughtful and personalized gifts that will show him how much he means to you.

Marine Necktie

Marine neckties make a great gift for a sailor sweetheart. This sailor gift is great for people in love with sailing and the sea. The personalization of this necktie makes it the perfect navy blue tie to wear for any occasion. This decorative tie would make an excellent birthday present, stocking stuffer, or anytime you want your marine boyfriend to know how much he means to you. This gift for your boyfriend is perfect and will stand out in any situation. He’ll love the marine ties that are great for dressing up or down, so he can show off his ranks anytime he needs to.

Nautical Cufflinks

Show your marine boyfriend how much you care with these personalized gifts. These stylish cufflinks have a nautical motif that will remind him of the sea. They come in his favorite colors and are versatile enough to dress up or down any outfit. Whether he wears them for work, on a date, or just out for some drinks with friends; let these be the perfect gift! Unique cuff links made from high-quality material. Personalize with his initials to create keepsakes that don’t go out of style.

Waterproof Bracelet

A gift for the sailor in your life who prefers casual jewelry: The sailing bracelet is a perfect example of boating gifts for him if your sailor prefers more casual jewelry. It’s a timeless gift that will never be out of fashion. He'll love wearing this durable, waterproof accessory while he's on the water and during any other boating-related activity. You can make it even more personal by purchasing one with engravings of words or phrases of your choice. Take his personality into full account when coming up with your message — you could say "I adore my sailor" in tiny capital letters to really show him how much you care!

Personalized Nautical Gifts

Do you have a friend who is obsessed with the sea? Or maybe just has an affinity for all things nautical? Do you know someone who is looking for a nautical-themed gift? If so, this section could be perfect for them! In it, we've listed out some of our favorite items that are sure to please and make excellent gifts. Nautical-themed gifts are perfect for the summer. They're a great way to show off the love of the ocean and all things related to it!

Anchor Charm Bracelet

Sailors across the world will love these Anchor Charm Bracelets. These exquisite bracelets are wonderful gifts for a sailor who loves to sail and treasure their unique adventures! This beautiful bracelet would make a wonderful nautical present for someone special in your life!

Personalized Nautical Print Scarf

The perfect fall or winter accessory, this personalized scarf will surely keep her warm and look stylish at the same time. There's no better way to show off her personal flair than a Nautical Scarf! A slim cut styled after a sailing ship silhouette with sails adorned in anchors along the side. This scarf is perfect for the sailor who's trying to stay cool out on deck. Whether heading into icy regions or humid ones, this sailing scarf will be sure to keep your sailor’s neck warm and cozy all year long! Your loved one will cherish them with warm memories during the chilly weather.

Waterproof Toiletry Bag

These stylish and sleek bags are perfect for carrying wetsuits, swim gear, or camping equipment. Cleaning up messes is one of the worst things about traveling by boat, but this waterproof tote bag makes it easy. The perfect gift for the sailing girl who refuses to rinse her toothbrush out over a sink, this waterproof toiletry bag is compact and sleek. Made with quality materials that will last years, so she can still pack it full of hotel freebies when traveling. With enough room inside for just some essentials, it also helps keep everything organized and tidy.

Personalized Gifts for Cruisers

Do you have a loved one who is planning on sailing away to the Caribbean? This blog post will give you ideas on how to find personalized gifts for your loved ones who are planning to go on a cruise. Whether it's a brother, sister, mother, father, or any other family member, we have plenty of gift suggestions they'll love! What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone says "cruise"? Unlimited food and alcohol? Right! But don't forget about the souvenirs you or your friend might want after their vacation. In this part, we’re going to talk about some great personalized gifts ideas that any cruiser would love.

Cruise Theme Magnet

These are perfect for anyone who has just booked their dream vacation on a cruise ship. You can add personalized text to make it truly yours! Each magnet has a clean metal finish, perfect for sticking to the side of any metallic surfaces! Cruise around the Caribbean with this cute and clever new decoration idea! Embellish your travel memories by adding any of our magnet stickers to a metal door. Your guests will love it too, especially if they're always waiting for their drink package! The perfect gift for any cruise lover, these one-of-a-kind magnetic decal magnets are totally customizable.

Caribbean Cruise Gift

Cruise away to the Caribbean with these personalized maps that are created based on your actual trip. It’s a great way to keep the memories of your special vacation alive and show everyone how cool you are!

Maybe you are someone who treasures the Caribbean, or maybe it is a place you have never been. Either way, this map will remind you of your trip with every inch filled with memories! Simply fill in where you were and get a customized-to-your-trip paper cutout that wins over your heart because it captures all that makes the cruise what it was. Don’t just come home forgetting about those sunsets on deck; celebrate them for always!

Cruise Ship Door Banner

These 11" x 11" Cruise Ship Door Banners are the perfect way to decorate and brighten your cabin door during a long day at sea. What better way to find your cabin at the end of an epic day at sea than with these colorful and cheerful door banners! Adorn your door on the inside or outside your cabin with one of these delightful, personalized options. Customize one slogan for diversity, choose from a wide variety of graphics, and see how fun it is to live as if you were "at home away"!

These personalized door banners are whimsical and fun for anyone even remotely connected with cruises! Show off your "cruising spirit" with a sign that will help you find your cabin at the end of a long day.

Personalized Cruise Ship Ornament

You live for the water, not just on it. This cruise ship ornament will remind you of that happy moment every Christmas season when you left your cares behind and stepped onto a boat like no other. The durable material is sure to last through many festive seasons, while the vibrant colors make this hard-toothache decoration something to be treasured during what can be a joyless time of year.

Engraved Compass

The engraved compass is a great nautical gift for sailors and sea-faring people. It has always been one of the most symbolic gifts for those who love to explore the vastness of oceans, seas, and blue wilderness. Apart from its functional nature, added with personal wishes of an engraver makes it a very special present to be treasured in times ahead.

Personalized Fishing Gifts

Fishing is a universally loved hobby. Fishing gifts make awesome presents for everyone, from your fishing buddies to your significant other. When you are looking for a gift to give someone who loves fishing, it can be hard to find something that is personal and special. Everyone knows that the best way to a fisher's heart is with fishing gear; it doesn't matter what size, shape, or color. But sometimes you want to get them something personalized and different. This section will show you some of the coolest personalized fishing gifts on the market today! For the fisherman in your life, we have an amazing selection of personalized fishing gifts for them to show off their love of the sport. These are perfect for a special friend, family member, or loved one. They will be so excited to receive this thoughtful gift that's sure to make them smile.

Personalized Cutting Board

This personalized cutting board is meant for cleaning fish and sure to be a lifesaver at the family cabin or on the boat! It’s perfect for any occasion, whether it's cooking with fresh-caught food or spending time with family in your backyard. With this fun, personalized cutting board, you can show off your cooking skills and give someone a gift they'll love to use for years to come.

Custom Lake Art Cribbage Board

With the custom Lake Art Cribbage Board Fishing Gifts, you can get a map of your favorite fishing location laser-etched on our cherry wood cribbage board. Choose from over 4,000 lakes including Erie and Tahoe and show off where you spot that big one in this handmade solid oak game!

This memorable gift for fishing enthusiasts makes a great addition to your lake art collection. It's the ultimate personalized gift for any fisherman who has their favorite spot to hook big, beautiful fish!

Fishing Lure Wallet

This may look like just any old wallet, but this is no everyday piece of leather. This fishing lure wallet is quite possibly an angler's chance of success, and a practical way to let them know they are not alone. Give that fisherman in your life something he will never forget!

Personalized Trucker Cap

The fishing cap was designed with beautiful 3D walleye embroidery on the side and customization to make it perfect for each individual fisherperson. When you’re wearing our exclusive trucker cap, everyone can see how much you love to fish.

Forever Hooked Fishing Necklace

This necklace is your new silent fishing partner, always by your side. A symbol of abiding love and lifelong commitment to the sport, this necklace is crafted with beads that have a beautiful story to tell. This adjustable-sized Bohemian-style neckwear bears lots of symbolism for personalization options. You also have the option to personalize with initials, birthdates, or special messages on the fish charm discs that come with this piece.

If you have a boat owner in your life, we’ve got the perfect list of personalized gifts for them. From t-shirts to mugs and everything in between, there are plenty of ways to show your love for sailing with these gift ideas that will make any sailor happy! No matter what type of sailor you know, we’re sure there is something here that would be perfect as a gift this holiday season! Which is your favorite? Did we miss anything? What's at the top of your wishlist? Let us know by sharing it on social media @64Hydro or commenting below. Happy gifting everyone!

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