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May 26, 2021 20 min read

You're looking for a gift to give your boss, but you don't know what they would like?

We know it can be hard to find the perfect gift for your boss. They are so important and deserve something special, but they also want to make sure that their employees aren't spending too much on them. They are your manager, so you want to maintain professionalism but still show appreciation. That's why we've put together this list of personalized gifts that will show them how much you care without breaking the bank.

Indeed, your boss deserves a thoughtful present from one of their favorite people–you! These gifts will show them just how much they mean to you and remind them what an amazing person they are every day at work.

So go ahead and check out the amazing ideas of personalized gifts for boss which will be helpful for any occasion! These ideas are perfect for Boss Day, Christmas, birthday, and even farewell. From useful desk accessories like planners and notebooks to gorgeous pieces of art, we've got everything covered in this list!

Personalized Gifts For Boss - Unisex

Personalized gifts are the perfect way to show appreciation and gratitude. It’s not just about giving them a token of thanks, it’s also about showing how much they mean to you. These personalized gifts for bosses are thoughtful, fun, and always a hit with any type of personality or sense of humor. Because the gifts can be customized with his name, so he knows just how special they really are to you.

We're sure you've seen your boss sipping coffee and recharging his batteries before the workday started. That isn't the only reason this mug is an excellent present for your favorite boss. "Other bosses" pairs well with a calm horse and relates to other individuals in your boss’s positions in other companies. On the other side, we have a cute unicorn that dances around the pole and emanates humor, relaxation, and enjoyment. Above the colorful unicorn is a sign to add your boss’s name, which describes your boss. It's a great way to show your boss how much you appreciate having them around and how much they improve your work days.

"My employees are better than yours #proudboss" is a witty quote that will make every boss laugh and be happy. In a humorous way, this quote wants to emphasize how much you are actually satisfied with your boss and your job and how much he should be satisfied with you. On the back of this mug is a crown under which you need to write your boss's name to make this gift personalized and unique. When we look at the entire design of this mug, we can say that it is extraordinary and eye-catching because its background is associated with broken rocks through which golden magma flows. #proudboss is also an excellent detail because it is in step with fashion and trends, but it also represents your boss's signature as the person who said this witty quote!

"World's Best Boss" is a short but cute quote that fits perfectly into the design of this golden trophy. This quote clearly communicates how thankful you are for adoring your boss the way he is. He makes your job easier and more fun, and that's also what this quote represents. We can also see blue stars associated with a high rating everywhere on the decoration. At the very bottom is a beautifully framed blue rectangle. Having your boss's name written on it has been left to make this gift special and unique.

"Killing it just over here as the best boss ever"is the ideal quote that adorns this wine tumbler. It is a perfect gift if you want to make your favorite boss laugh. This quote is a humorous way to express many compliments to your boss, including that he is the best boss ever. This mug has a crown on the back where you can put your boss's name to make this present personalized and one-of-a-kind. When we look at the overall design of this mug, we can say that it is unique and eye-catching since the background is related to fractured rocks through which golden liquid pours. The design contains a crown, which is generally associated with the queen, which is exactly what your employer is in your eyes.

"These are tears of my staff"is one of the wittiest quotes adorning this mug and will undoubtedly bring out a lot of laughs, and the biggest smile will be from your boss. A nicely framed blue rectangle lies at the backside of this mug. The additional space for your boss's name has been left to make this present excellent and one-of-a-kind. On closer inspection, the design includes tiny gray droplets that are supposed to match the text and represent tears. This mug is an ideal gift if you want to give your boss something practical and for everyday use, but also witty and unique.

You can see a detailed column with nutrition facts on the front of this stainless steel tumbler. When we look at what this table includes, we will see that it consists of compliments intended for your boss. His daily hardworking is set at 1000%, multitasking at 400%, passion at 300%, caring at 500%, sleep at 0%, and caffeine at 110%.This is an ideal gift with which you can express your respect and admiration for your boss through this witty but truthful design. On the backside of this stainless steel tumbler, there is the possibility to write your boss's name and make this gift unique and personalized. If you pay attention, you will see that a diamond is used instead of the letter "o" in the word boss representing your boss as a king.

"You're awesome, keep that shit up" is a witty quote that will surely make your boss laugh to tears. Humorously, this quote should convey a clear message to your boss that he is incredible to you, and you wouldn't like him ever to change. On the backside of this wine tumbler, you can write your boss's name to make this present distinctive and customized. What also makes this wine tumbler interesting is its background, which gives the impression that it is made of wood and not stainless steel. The design also includes different shades of brown on the text, cute stars, and an arrow to match this seemingly wooden wine tumbler. In short, this wine tumbler is the ideal combination of a practical gift with a one-of-a-kind design.

"A few words to describe my boss: talented, witty, appreciative, thoughtful" is a quote that describes your boss. The purpose of this mug is to give your boss compliments that will make him happy and awaken many positive emotions. However, if we look at each first letter marked in red, we will see that it forms a new word, "twat" to make your boss laugh to tears. Its design and background also make this mug different from all others. It resembles a board made of cork on which papers are pasted. You can put your boss's name on this beautiful, one-of-a-kind mug to make this present unique and personalized.

"Being a manager is easy, it's like riding a bike except the bike is on fire, everything is on fire and you're in hell." This is a funny quote that shows you understand how difficult it is to be a manager and boss and their duties and responsibilities. This quote is sure to bring a lot of smiles and positive emotions. Also, this ornament is decorated with a specially designed floral space will be a one-of-a-kind Christmas gift for your boss. In this way, you will make this ornament unique and personalized!

"My favorite employee gave me this mug"is a witty quote that should make your boss laugh and present you as a favorite employee. This mug has a unique design, the background of which gives the impression that it is made of wood and not ceramic. Also, to make the design more convincing to the eye of the observer, several thin ropes have been painted. On the back of this mug is a space left for you to write the name of your favorite boss and make your gift stand out from all the others.

Personalized Gifts For Female Boss

The best personalized gift for your female boss can be easier to find than you might think. One of the most romantic and cute things to do is get a mug for her, or even a t-shirt that says something silly and cheesy. If you're looking for a useful gift, try getting personalized office gifts for her, such as a business card holder or a leather tote. This list of personalized gifts with her name will make your job easier in more ways than one!

We are sure you have had the opportunity to see your boss drinking a coffee or a drink that will help her get through a hard-working day. However, we are confident that you haven't had the chance to see such a unique and eye-catching tumbler that every woman would adore. "Dear Boss Lady: Thank you for being my boss. If I had a different boss, I would punch her in the face and go find you" is primarily a witty but emotional quote. This quote explains how much you love and respect your girlfriend and how lucky you are to have her the way she is. On the front, you can add the name of your favorite boss to make this gift memorable. 

"I love how we don't have to say out loud that I'm your favorite employee" is an ideal quote that will surely make your boss happy and smile. Through a funny tone, this quote emphasizes that you are your boss's favorite employee. You can personalize the back side of this tumbler with the name of your favorite boss. It's a great way to make this present outstanding and demonstrate how much work you went into choosing something practical and attractive. On the back, a mouth sending a kiss is painted with glitter, which is also part of the message intended for your favorite female boss.

Women are known to love fashion and trends. "You've been such a S.O.B (super outstanding boss)" is an ideal quote because it humorously conveys a clear message of how much you love and respect your female boss. If you want to give her something that will be in step with fashion and an excellent item for everyday use, then this stainless steel tumbler is the right choice for you. On the back side of this unique tumbler is a space to put her name, which is part of Tumblr's most outstanding design. The design includes a crown often tied to the queen, and that's precisely what your boss is in your eyes. Also, the beautiful combination of the blue-gold background, as well as the tiny gold flowers, is something that will surely catch everyone's eye.

"Lady Boss: Confident, Charming and Fierce. Someone who knows her worth. Takes control of her life and archives her dreams."This quote is made to match the design that should resemble a dictionary. The text below should more precisely explain the word boss lady, and it is presented with the help of charming, confident, and many other compliments. With this cute design, you will convey a strong message about how you feel about your boss and how much you love and respect her. On the backside of this lovely stainless steel tumbler are a golden kiss and the possibility of adding your boss's name to make this gift unique and personalized.

"As for me and my team, we will get shit done" is a witty quote that, humorously, wants to say that the boss will not achieve anything with you and your team but will only enjoy and relax at work. When we look at the continuation of the design, we will see that under this quote it is written Boss 24:7. It should refer to the Bible, that is, to the passage from the book about bosses, which in the working environment is the same as the Bible for believers. The ability to put your boss's name on the back of this gorgeous stainless steel tumbler makes this present unique and customized.

Personalized Gifts For Male Boss

You may not be too close to your boss, but you still want to get them something for the holidays. This is a guide for what gifts you can give to your male boss without getting weird. I'm going through different types of gifts that are appropriate and helpful in scenarios where he's been good this year. Hopefully, we'll find the perfect personalized gift for him! 

"Bossasaurus- like a normal boss but more awesome" is, first of all, a cute quote that will make a lot of laughs. This quote sends a clear message that your boss is excellent for you through a witty comparison with dinosaurs. On the back of this wine tumbler, there is the possibility to write your boss's name and make this gift personalized be the only one. The dinosaur has been illustrated to be funny but cute looking, and the prints of its hoofs adorn its surroundings.

"Eat, sleep, hustle, repeat" is a witty but short quote that supposedly describes your boss's life. Eat, sleep, repeat is a modern phrase often used today, and hustle was inserted to make your boss laugh. When we look at the backside, we will see a tie, hat, and mustache painted in a beautiful shade of gold, which should represent your boss's character. Above this cute drawing, there is an opportunity to write your boss's name and make this gift personalized and unique. This mug combines a practical gift for everyday use and a design that will make everyone laugh and surely catch everyone's eye

We're sure you haven't seen a wittier and more fun wine tumbler design than the one in front of you. "Ringmaster of the shit show"is a humorous quote that will surely make your boss laugh. This quote should humorously present your workplace as a circus or shit show and your boss as a master and leader of it. It is important to emphasize that this quote fits perfectly with the illustrated circus. On the back of this wine tumbler, you need to write the name of your beloved boss to make this gift witty, exciting, unique, and personalized. Also, it is essential to emphasize that the overall design is one of a kind because the background of this wine tumbler gives the impression that it is made of different shades of wood material and not stainless steel.

"I never asked to be the world's best boss, but here I am absolutely crushing it!" is a special quote that will undoubtedly make your boss smile and awaken many beautiful emotions. This quote sends a powerful message full of compliments that clearly says what you think about your boss and how he is the best boss ever for you. Also, this quote shows how even if he thought he wouldn't be able to handle the role of boss, you still can't imagine a better person for it. We'll see a tie, hat, and mustache painted in a gorgeous shade of yellow on the back, which should express your boss's character. Above this charming design, you may add your boss's name to make this present bespoke and one-of-a-kind.

"Google search: best boss ever. We found 1 result for best boss ever and the search result is your boss.The message is that your boss is the best boss in the world. This mug is made in such a way that its design includes the Google search known today to everyone in touch with technology. Also, when using google search, it is clear that we will find several results for the desired term. It would help if you wrote the name of your favorite boss so that it will fit perfectly with the design and make this gift unique, witty, and personalized.

Other Recommendations

21. Personalized Spinning Executive Paperweight

Solve even the toughest decision with this fun and practical addition to your office. This silver spinning gear Executive Decision Maker is sure to provide laughs for all parties involved - a great gift for any executive. Made of solid steel, it acts as a paperweight too. With a personalized option available, you can engrave your boss’s name on it to make this gift a unique piece.

22. Custom Cocktail Box Set

A gorgeous box filled with 4 or 6 different 100 milliliter cocktails of your choice. It gives your boss a delicious excuse to de-stress. A unique, desirable, and sophisticated boss gift that's sure to please their palate. Plus, he or she can take the cocktail display case home to show it off on their bar! The box sets are delivered in a premium display case that creates a luxurious and inviting cocktail experience.

23. Leather Foldover Business Card Holder

Wow your boss or co-worker with this professional business card holder! When they open it, their eyes will light up and a smile spread across their face. This cardholder is classy and safe, unlike rubber bands which often cause spills. There are two sides to this cardholder that hold 30 business cards each.

24. 64Hydro Personalized Coffee Tumbler

Recognize the hard work and dedication your boss has with this customized tumbler to keep their coffee warm all day! He'll be constantly reminded of how much they mean to you. It doesn't just make a wonderful gift, it's a thank you for coming to work every morning. They can take their favorite drink everywhere with this durable tumbler. Your boss can now enjoy your fresh and delicious drink until the last drop!

25. Personalized Black Glass Double Pen Set

This personalized pen set comes with both a ballpoint pen and a roller ball pen, each one with a beautiful carbon fiber finish on the shaft. The set is perfect for your boss and will bring a flash of personality to their desk. Stay brilliant in the office with this classy gift set, made from high-quality materials and laser engraved with their name on top! Give your boss a personalized office gift he or she can use every day!

26. Personalized Leather Journal

This personalized leather journal is the perfect boss gift for both men and women. It is a stylish and useful accessory that your boss can always carry with them. Personal laser engraving adds a special charm to the everyday piece and shows off the user’s style. True fancier of beauty, quality, and practicality will be delighted with such a gift.

27. Personalized AirPods case

A great gift for an office mate or even your boss! You choose what initials you want on the case, and it will come out beautifully while protecting those expensive tech purchases. It can be purchased in a range of styles all made with top quality materials to ensure that it lasts a long time. As a result, now they can easily locate their favorite wireless headphones before the next Zoom call and catch up on all that important paperwork.

28. Personalized Figurine Gifts for Boyfriend Husband Boss

Most people have a difficult time deciding on the best personalized gift for their boss and coworkers, but it's easy with our hand-picked collection of figurines. Whether you are looking to show your appreciation or say thank you for all that they've done, this will be their new favorite item in the office.This personalized gift will make any boss feel appreciated. You can customize the unique posture of your boss with an original piece of art. Made from sustainable materials, this will not only appeal to their taste but also show them how much you care.

29. Leadership Gifts for Women

These elegant jewelry gifts are the perfect, personalized present for that hard-to-shop-for woman on your list. Show your boss she is valued as an important leader in your life and in this world. Each piece of handcrafted jewelry comes lovingly packaged to be cherished forever.

They offer a variety of pieces, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings, so you can choose which best fits your boss’s taste. It also comes with a message that captures what’s in your heart, also with a blank greeting card, a polishing cloth, and a matching gift bag. Thus, the gift-giving experience can truly be hassle-free for you!

30. Zoe Leather Tote

She’ll think of you every time she uses it! Show your appreciation and get her a Zoe Leather WFH Tote. Handcrafted in Turkey from beautifully soft pebbled leather, this carry-it-all classic is specially designed to keep your daily essentials organized. So there’s no more scrambling to find things when lunchtime rolls around. Its practical and sleek design comes with a zip pocket on the outside for easy access to your phone and hand sanitizer and soft padded handle, so you can transport your belongings comfortably whenever you're on the go. Add a foil debossed monogram for a personal touch to this go-to tote to complete this personalized gift for her.

31. 64Hydro Personalized Water Bottle

Remind your boss to stay hydrated and motivated with the 64Hydro Personalized Hydration Bottle. With every purchase comes a custom quote - designed to empower the modern woman boss in all of us. This compact water bottle is perfect for fitness addicts on the go, busy moms who work full time, or anyone else who loves having personalized presents they can carry with them everywhere. 

32. Personalized Business Card Holder

This elegant business card case will show your female boss is professional and stylish without saying a word! It holds up to 15 business cards, so all of her contacts can fit in the compartments. Makes networking events easier and less stressful. Every lady deserves an attractive card holder that can protect cards from wear and tear due to constant use. A personalized gift makes any old day feel special! 

33. Boss Candle Gift

This awesome candle is perfect for Boss's Day! Get your green thumb on with this handmade, hand poured 8oz soy wax candle. It burns without smoke or soot indoors and offers a longer lasting burn time than paraffin based candles. You can custom the candle with your boss’s name or any sentence you choose to make the gift extra special! 

34. Wood Phone Docking Station

This Wood Phone Docking Station is a perfect gift for your hard-working boss. The wood stand is engraved with a beautiful and delicate design that you can personalize to celebrate Boss Day. It will be a special gift for your boss, manager, supervisor, director. It's the right solution to keep all daily items in one place and look stylish at work sitting on his desk. The product is compatible with most common mobile phones and cell phone brands, so anyone can make it their own! This dock station will ensure he never leaves anything behind when going out of town or going home after a long day.

35. Personalized Golf Ball Gift Set

You can sometimes have a hard time finding the perfect boss gift for Christmas or on Boss's Day. This personalized golf ball set includes 12 golf balls with any name laser engraved on the side, a dozen tees, and pencils in a personalized case. The best part? There are literally endless ways you could customize this present! You can find out what your boss loves about golf, pick their favorite color, add personal words of encouragement...the list goes on and on! That is why he will cherish this fairway fortress from the time they open it until they get their next round in.

36. 64Hydro Personalized Coffee Mug

This personalized coffee mug is a great office gift idea for a male boss! Why not treat your team or an employee to a sassy keepsake of their favorite kind of coffee? Whether your boss prefers espresso, Americano, cappuccino, or latte every day, this 15-ounce mug can be customized with his name and will make every coffee break special.

Click here to see lovely coffee mugs from 64Hydro!

Personalized Tie Clip

This Personalized Tie Clip will give any outfit look an instant classic touch. The simple design features a brass rectangle silhouette that can be engraved with free personalization in either one or three initials. Pick between our available colors of gold, rose gold, and gunmetal to find the perfect finishing touch for your boss’s style. Available in a variety of shades and styles to suit every taste, this little piece will perch perfectly under the knot and offer subtle flair for his look.

Personalized gifts for boss FAQs

1. When is Boss’s Day 2021?

The Bosses Day is the one day of the year dedicated to all employers. It's a time for employees to appreciate their bosses, and thank them for being kind and fair throughout the year. 

Each year on the 16th of October, The Boss's Day is celebrated as part of National Employer Week. If October 16 falls on a weekend, many people choose to celebrate it on the nearest working day. Regardless of where you work or who your employer might be, everyone should take some time out today to thank them.

2. What is the best gift for my boss?

The best gift for your boss may really depend on what he likes to do, or on the things that affect him at work. For example, does your boss like to paint as a hobby? Does he often complain about not having enough room to store his supplies? Would a desk organizer make it easier for him and his secretary to find files faster? Or maybe he could use some sort of art desk organizer-the kind that holds the paper in place, so they'll never get wrinkled. Perhaps his favorite color is red, and maybe you can buy him one of those organizers where the individual compartments are tinted for easy sorting. If you still can't decide, how about giving him something related to his favorite sport or hobby?

3. Where can I find a unique gift for my boss?

Here are some prestigious websites for personalized gifts that you have a variety of choices for unique personalized gifts for your boss. Several kinds of gifts are available for different ages and occasions. 

  • Amazon

We are all familiar with Amazon. All the essentials are there, along with customized products.


  • Etsy

Etsy is the global marketplace for unique and creative goods. It’s home to a universe of special items, from unique handcrafted pieces to vintage treasures.


  • Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods is my first stop for gift shopping. Besides its own products, Uncommon Goods offers unique pieces through online submissions from its community of artists and designers.


  • Zazzle

This is another website with impressive customization functions for any gifts. 


  • Things remembered

Things Remembered is North America's leading retailer of personalized gifts. Using the latest technologies, they have been perfecting the art of custom engraved and embroidered gifts for over 50 years.


  • 64Hydro

The customized drinkware that 64Hydro provides is designed beautifully and is made of high-quality materials.


  • Casetify: Use this site to create your own customized iPhone case.


4. How much should I spend on a boss gift?

If you're giving a gift, there is no right or wrong way to go about it. It is a customary gesture of thanks to your boss. However, it's your decision how much you want to spend - anything from $5-$200 and above! And don't forget: there are many other ways besides a gift that can be an expression of gratitude for the time, support, or resources they have given. The idea is to thank them in a way that feels authentic and appropriate for what they have given.

5. What do you give your boss as a gift for Christmas?

You should take the time to think about what your boss is like and what they might enjoy. If you do not know their personality too well, you could always give a gift card or discount card from a universal store that is practical but also personal.

If your boss likes to read, maybe get them something out of their reading genre! While it can be difficult to find things in your own book comfort zone, make sure you think about this gift thoroughly before picking it up at the bookstore. Returning employees might appreciate small tokens as well- many places have awesome little gifts like personalized mugs!


It's always a great time to show your boss some appreciation, and these personalized gifts are sure to make them feel extra special. We hope you found some good ideas for your boss this year! A well-chosen work-related gift can make a strong impression, so it is worth investing some time and money in finding something unique. Think about their personalities or hobbies, what matters most to them, or even where they live - all of these factors will help you decide what gifts would be right for them. Have fun picking out something that will delight your boss! Which ones do you think will be best for your boss? Feel free to share your favorites, so we can come up with some more ideas for upcoming articles at 64Hydro.

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