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June 23, 2021 17 min read

Do you have a co-worker that is hard to shop for? We’ve got the best personalized gift ideas that will make them feel appreciated. A list of 20 best personalized gifts for co-workers to make them satisfy.

These gifts not only meet your co-worker’s wants but also express your love and concern to them in the most effective way. There are gifts for all budget ranges, and most of the items can be personalized with their name or initials. The gifts include things like office supplies, customized bags, accessories and more!

This blog post is perfect for all the people who have a workaholic in their lives. It's also great if you're looking for some last-minute gift inspiration! The best part about these gifts is that they take little time or money. So scroll down and find your favorite!

Personalized Gifts for Boss

It's that time of year again! And as usual, we're scrambling around trying to find the perfect gift for our boss.

For your boss this year, why not give them something that will remind them of you and the time they spent working at their company? Do you want to show them how much they mean to you? With some personalized gifts, you can make your office a little more personal and thoughtful.

There are adorable gifts for bosses from our suggested list. They are all the best choices for personalized business items. Here are some personalized gifts that your boss will love at the first sight!

To be a good boss, you must have plenty of amazing characteristics that all work well together. This wine tumbler emphasizes just that. It says: “Nutrition Facts; Serving size: 1 Awesome Boss; Hardworking - 1000%; Passion - 300%; Caring - 500%; Sleep - 0%; Caffeine - 110%”.This quote focuses on all of the most important components of being a boss. It shows that it’s not enough just to be driven and hardworking to be a successful boss. You also need to care about your job and your employees, as well as be passionate about what you’re doing. The quote also takes into consideration the sacrifices that come with the job, such as lack of sleep. On the other side, you can put your boss’ name, which makes the gift more personal.

If you’re looking for a funny gift that will show your boss that you appreciate them, this mug is for you. It features a picture of a regular horse, above which it says: “Other bosses”, as well as an image of a unicorn, and above it says: “You”. This is to emphasize how great the boss is and how different they are from the majority of other bosses. It’s important to show our boss that we are aware of their efforts, as well as the things that set them apart from the rest, in a good way.  With this mug, you will ensure that they feel unique and that their good acts are seen and appreciated. On the other side, you can add your boss’ name, which will prevent any mug mix ups in the office!

This wine tumbler says: “You are the best boss; Keep that shit up!”.This is a fun, appreciative, and supportive message that will definitely put a smile on your boss’ face. It acknowledges how great they are and also encourages them to stay that way and not change. The verbiage is relaxed and casual, which implies that the relationship between your boss, and you are similar. The word “You” at the beginning of the quote makes it even more personal. In combination with the name of your boss, you will ensure that they feel that this message was made specifically for them. In turn, the gift will feel even more special.

This is a gift for a female boss if you want to show them appreciation. It says: “Boss lady - Confident, charming, and fierce. Someone who knows her worth, takes control of her life and achieves her dreams”. This quote is in the form of a dictionary definition, but it gives much more depth to it. It focuses on her strongest characteristics, as well as the importance of her being aware of her worth. Furthermore, it emphasizes how essential it is that she is set on reaching her goals and creating the life she wants for herself. The most special thing is that you can add her name. If you buy this for her, you’ll make her feel strong and appreciated, which is what you want.

If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer gift or just something that you can add to the main gift, this is perfect. This ornament shaped as a trophy says: “World’s best boss”. Even with some simple words, you can tell your boss that to you, he will always be the number one. The shape of the gift gives more meaning to it, as it makes it seem like an award. The quote puts the boss on a pedestal and sets them apart from other bosses. Also, not everyone can win an award. By adding the boss’ name, you’re personalizing the gift and making it more special.

Have you ever seen an employee and thought, "I really want to get them a gift!" So many times we think of the perfect gifts for our friends and family, but for our coworkers or employees, we're left in the dark.

Personalized gifts are a great way to show your appreciation for hard work. These customized gifts are not simply a present, but they are your sincere thank you to them for their long-lasting dedication. For all occasions, I've created a list of personalized items that can be given as gifts for employees.

This will show you know they love and appreciate what they do for your company, while also giving them a token of appreciation.

When it comes to employees, they need just as much appreciation. This tumbler says: “This is what an awesome employee looks like”, with an arrow pointing at the top. The quote aims to acknowledge the employee’s efforts and how important they are to the entire workplace. It’s very personal, which will ensure that the person you’re giving it to knows that you want them to specifically know that they are appreciated. Also, the form of the quote makes it a point to set the person in particular as an example of what a good employee should be like. On the other side, you can add the person’s name of the employee, which will make this gift more unique. Get this for your favorite employee and watch their face light up.

This is a gift that puts an emphasis on the importance of teamwork. It says: “Together everyone achieves more”, and the first letters of each word are highlighted to form the word “Team”. The aim of this message is to show that when people are focused on working together towards a goal. Not only will the team be more successful, but the individuals will also feel more useful, constructive, and overall better about themselves. It helps to put into perspective the power of working together and how much stronger it makes everyone involved. Adding the employee's name to the mug will make it feel like they’re part of that team.

Here’s another mug with a “Nutritious Facts” table. This one says: “Hardworking - 100%; Passion - 100%; Determination - 100%; Respect - 100%; Caffeine - 100%; Regret - 0%; These facts are 100% correct”. It breaks down what it takes to be an awesome employee and illustrates how complex it is. It’s important for employees to know that you, as a boss, take into consideration everything they do for their job. The “regret” at the end with 0% implies that your employee believes that all of the sacrifices and hard work are worth it. This shows that they are content with the job they are doing and that they believe in it. You can also put their name on the top of the mug to personalize the table. Buy this gift for your employee, and they’ll know their work doesn’t go unnoticed.

This mug reads: “Employee of the day”, which differs slightly from the other quotes. It uses the words ”of the day”, which may seem like a smaller acknowledgment, but it actually isn’t. By giving this to your employee, they’ll be able to use it every day. This will make it so that they feel like the employee of the day every day when they come to work. This quote has the ability to motivate the person to do their best each day. Also, it will get them to do their work in a way that warrants such an award. These daily efforts are hugely important for the overall success of the team as a whole. That’s why putting emphasis on that will make a huge impact. You can also add your employee’s name on the other side of the cup.

Here, we have a more personal and touching gift. The message reads: “You’ve done so many things for me; I don’t know where to start. I want to let you know I thank you from the bottom of my heart”. This quote focuses more on the personal aspect of this relationship and how appreciated the employee is in that regard. It’s not uncommon for people to become true friends through work, and if that happened to you, this is the perfect gift for your friend or an employee. It will make them feel loved, appreciated, and seen, which is what everyone wants. Nurturing these relationships will only make them stronger, which will, in turn, benefit the business. You can also add a name at the end of the message.

Personalized Gifts for Colleagues

One of the best things about the holiday season is exchanging gifts with friends and family.

I love giving personalized gifts to my friends and family. I often find that the more personal a gift, the more cherished it is. That's why I'm always on the lookout for personalized gifts for colleagues.

Whether it is a holiday celebration or just any old Wednesday, this type of present will let them know they are appreciated and valued. There are so many exceptional options out there! If you have an office job, these can make great holiday gifts or birthday presents. Check out our blog post on how to choose the best present! 

We have found some best-customized gifts that will make your search so much easier. Hope this helps!

This coworker appreciation mug says: “Nutritional facts; serving size: 1 exceptional coworker; amount per serving; 1 person; Unrivaled skill - 100%; Patience - 100%; Hard-working - 100%; Passion - 100%; Commitment - 100%. The % Daily Value based on your unique experience”. On the other side, it reads: “World’s best coworker”. Coworkers often see much more of each other's efforts than their bosses do, so getting appreciation from them is a huge compliment. Also, competition is common among coworkers, so this is a sign of healthy workplace friendship and respect. On the back, you can add your coworker’s name, which will make the message feel more personal and special.

This industrial-looking mug is perfect for your male coworker. It says: “Best coworker ever”, which is a simple yet effective message. It shows that you notice your coworker’s hard work and dedication, as well as their competence. However, being a good coworker isn’t only about the work you do. It also means that you have to be a good person, a team player, and a good listener. This quote encompasses all of those things and takes them into account. It’s proof that you don’t need a deep, long quote to ensure that it has meaning. Also, you can add your coworker’s name, which will make sure that everyone knows who it belongs to.

This stainless steel tumbler carries a warm message of solidarity. It says: “Emotional support coworker”. This points to the fact that when work gets tough and stressful, you can always turn to your coworker, who will understand and support you through it. This is so important, but not everyone is so lucky to have a coworker like this. So, if you are one of the lucky ones, you should definitely take the opportunity and gift this tumbler to your supportive coworker. This way, you’ll nurture that relationship but also remind them that they have the same support in you. Just like before, you can also add your coworker’s name on the other side of the cup. If you buy this for them, the emotional support will only get better for both of you.

This ornament has a funny, but also touching message. It goes: “Work made us colleagues, but our potty mouths and inappropriate conversations made us friends”. The quote focuses on the growth and evolution of the friendship between you. Working together happened by chance, but your personalities are what brought you together and made you friends. That doesn’t always happen, and you should consider yourselves lucky that you have each other. The potty mouth and inappropriate conversations are what make this quote funny and lighthearted. Furthermore, it uses the font from the TV show FRIENDS, so it’s perfect for fans of that show. On the back, you can add your coworker’s name and personalize it. Buying this gift will make your gossip sessions that much more special and make both of you appreciate them even more.

Lastly, we have a heart-shaped ornament with a thoughtful quote. It reads: “Coworkers by chance, friends by choice”. It references the fact that their meeting wasn’t something they planned or had a hand in, but that that chance brought them together. From that coworker relationship, they became friends, which was their choice. Recognizing that you two have found each other and understood how similar you are is what actually made you two friends. If you give this to your work friend, they will definitely be touched. It will also serve as a reminder of how special and valuable your friendship is. By adding their name to the other side, you will only further drive the message home.

Other Recommendations

16. Device And Cable Organizer- Personalized Business Item

This personalized beautiful case will be a personalized gift for your boss that brings him/her many benefits and convenience. Looking at the details, it has enough space for a laptop, phone, tablet and even your charging cords!

The contrast-colored cushioned inside will help keep things protected from bumps. You can bring this to meetings for everyone on the team or know if someone is going to a conference you’ll have something great waiting in their stocking at Christmas!

Keep your device and cables together in one place with this handy case! It's got a sturdy, yet padded compartment for up to 3 devices or cables. Also has a handle that pops out for easy carry. Emblazoned with the buyer’s company logo, too!

17. Desk Nameplate. Custom Gift For Your Boss

Good morning, boss! Here’s a gift for you!

Give your boss a personalized nameplate for their new desk, to congratulate them on their promotion. Put their initials in the font of choice and color of preference that match up with company colors, or you can personalize it with an engraved saying. Either way, they're going to love this thoughtful gift from one of their favorite employees!

With a desk nameplate, there’s no more having to interrupt your new boss with an email inbox full of messages.

Besides being thoughtful and sentimental, this gift can help make their time at work easier by providing them with the order. Choose from different colors to find the perfect one that speaks directly to them!

18. Luxury Personalized Pen For Boss

You're only as good as your pen. If you need to sign documents and letters, make sure you have a good instrument by your side. This personalized pen is the perfect way to show off your boss's work ethic and professionalism in the office. He'll love getting one of these pens just for him - no matter where he goes or at what time of day!

The thing he’s been wanting for his office. This pen is the perfect way to make him feel special on the days he works late in the office when you know he can use a little encouragement from his favorite girl.

To make this personalized gift for the boss, you can customize it with a name or two lines up to 15 characters. And then, he'll always have your words on hand.

19. Customized Gift For Boss: Dream Team Gift Set

Here we would like to introduce to you a set of Midnight Smoke.

Your boss- the cigar lover in your life deserves the best, and with this personalized gift set they will have it! With 5 cigar-filled items, he/she will be able to pop a stogie and indulge. The Midnight Smoker gift set comes with a personalized flask. His favorite smoker can enjoy their drink of choice while lounging outdoors.

With all the metal pieces being engraved with his initials or name, this is one birthday present that won't be forgotten soon.

You'll have the power to choose from five quality gifts in this outstanding box! The products are a fun way to show him appreciation and keep the menfolk happy.

20. Personalized Leather Portfolio

These personalized gifts for the boss will make everything easier for her/him. With many divided spaces, your boss can order needed items professionally.

Gifting a personalized leather portfolio is the perfect way to thank him or her for taking care of you. The simplicity and modern design will give them that professional appearance she deserves.

It has ample space for pens, business cards, a cell phone charger cord with the wall plug connector, earbuds! With everything he needs in one place, this long weekend away from work will be less stressful... because you took care of your boss's every need with this thoughtful gift.

21. Personalized Business Item for Boss: Collar Concierge

Collar Concierge is a monthly subscription service that has been proven to make the best personalized gifts out there.

Professional, efficient and well-spoken are qualities that people see when they think of you. The Collar Concierge box set is the perfect token for your boss who values levelheadedness and elegance.

A collared shirt will make your boss clear as day. The attached item is a personalized pen that will have people wondering if they need some more office supplies on their shopping list. The cuff links with the boss’s name on them to show off his personality in an understated way. Leather key fob to keep all the keys in one spot- what man wouldn't want this accessory?

22. Wooden Watch - Personalized Gift For Powerful Boss

The beauty of this personalized watch is in the details. By getting a custom engraving on the back, you're giving your boss something that is truly and uniquely identifiable as his own.

The eye-catching design will be super stylish with any outfit he wears. You'll always know when it's time for date night with this handsome guy!

23. Best Office mate Mug For Your Hard-working Employees

Let your hard-working employees know how much they matter to you by giving them personalized mugs that will remind them of their value every time they grab a cup of coffee.

Choose from our favorite mug style, or customize with an extra special message. You can't go wrong with this thoughtful and feel-wonderful gift!

24. Personalized Business Card Case

If you're celebrating an employee's promotion, now is the perfect time to get them something that can withstand any job. This personalized stainless steel business card case is as durable as its new title and includes a sleek black monogrammed case.

Made of durable stainless steel, this personalized cardholder is perfect for work events that demand a crisp and polished appearance.

25. Personalized Air Plants

These hand-crafted pocket air plants come in sets of three on-natural seed pod containers that your coworker can easily plant and grow.

This is a perfect customized gift for your employees looking to start their own indoor garden and refresh themselves. These are light, so they won't give off any extra weight during the workday. That will be helpful if you're concerned about your one or two allotted carry-on items.

26. Water Tracker Bottles for Employees

Keep yourself hydrated with our water tracker bottles for employees. Your drinking habits are unique, so start tracking them with these handy water bottles that come with time markings! They'll help you drink more when you need to and less when it's not necessary.

To make things even easier, we offer a variety of motivational stickers to get your day started right! Find the right motivation for you. Whether morning exercisers or champion sleepers, we have something perfect! Kickstart the day refreshed and ready to tackle anything coming your way.

27. Personalized Leather Luggage Tag

Customized gifts from the small thing to the enormous love that you give to your employees.

With our high-quality, handcrafted luggage tag, they’ll be able to free your mind of the worry that their lost baggage might never make its way back home.

This personalized leather travel accessory will keep everything in one place so that everyone can quickly identify and claim their bag.

Whether jet-setting for business or pleasure, they are sure not to miss their luggage due to lack of identification. With a tough design and durable metal rivets, the ideal gift for someone is all here!

28. Insulated 28-can Water Resistant Padded Cooler Backpack

The 28-Can Water Resistant Padded Cooler Backpack is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. With room to fit up to 28 cans of your favorite beverage, this backpack has everything your colleague needs.

Whether it's your wedding party, kid's big game, or beach day with friends - keep drinks cool and ready where ever you go.

It is especially useful for the team-building activities and camping of the company.

29. Executive Leather USB Flash Drive

This luxurious and convenient Executive Leather USB Flash Drive is the perfect accessory for any businessperson. It is one of the best personalized gifts for employees. They will use it to save many important data serving for work.

This functional 8 GB USB flash drive comes in a beautiful black leather casing that can be discreetly placed in your purse or briefcase. You'll never have to worry about being unprepared for any meeting when you carry our Leather USB Flash Drive.

The leather case is engraved with your choice of six different fonts, so it's special just for your employees! The best thing? All of this functionality at an affordable price, too!

30. Team Member Shirt - A Meaningful personalized gift for Colleagues

This is the perfect personalized gift for a friend! Customize your tee-shirt with this range of positions available, or make up your own title and share it with all of your team members.

In this way, you can show off the solidarity of your team, a person's spirit and love for their job while bringing together everyone in one great team shirt. Order today and see what you get!

31. Out to Lunch Tote - Useful for Officer

Out to Lunch Tote lets your coworker eat lunch on the go without worrying about soggy sandwiches. Who wants a wet turkey sandwich or a watery fruit salad?

With this personalized lunch tote, it can be a big incentive for your colleagues to prepare a healthy lunch.

32. Personalized Compass Gift

It can't get more personal than the personalized compass gift for your dear colleagues.

This perfect choice for a sentimental yet functional present, to show that while he may travel, your thoughts will always be on them too! No matter where their travels take - they'll always have you since no one knows as much about them as you do after all these years.

They will remember you whenever they travel. Give this compass as a sign of love and direction wherever they go with this thoughtful engraved gift.

33. Personalized Mini Wood Speaker

A personalized gift for a colleague is not too difficult if you know one of their hobbies.

The colleague says he has a rather creative side and this speaker will allow him the freedom to enjoy it. Pretty as a gift, but with the power of its Bluetooth system, this mini wood speaker is perfect for that time he asks you to create music.

Take all his favorite songs off your phone or computer into his hands by syncing them onto his new gadget. It’s small enough to take anywhere; loves quiet office days without interruption.

With its double-amplified sound system and speakers that can go louder than what most people are used to hearing. What else is there left for him other than one more song?

34. Personalized Hourglass Timer with Purple Sand

Merry Christmas! The perfect personalized gift for colleagues - one of the most popular time-keeping products. Whether you need extra motivation to get through the last few weeks leading up to the holidays or are looking for something festive for their desk come January, this Hourglass Timer is sure to do the trick. It comes with everything you need to ensure that busy schedules are never forgotten again: a unique design of purple sand settling into 30-minute intervals, which will help remind your colleagues not just how long they've been working today, but also what time they're supposed to be taking their next break or returning home to their family.

64Hydro is the best place for you to buy gifts for your co-workers. We’ve updated our list of 20 personalized and thoughtful gift ideas that will make them feel appreciated, valued, and acknowledged in a way they won't find anywhere else! From office supplies to fun pens or coffee mugs, we have something for everyone on this list.

What do you think? Is there anyone at work who deserves personalized gifts from us? Let's look at some of these amazing gifts below!

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