61 Best Personalized Gifts for Employees in 2022 | 64Hydro

May 18, 2021 35 min read

Running out of gift ideas for your employees and coworkers? You're not alone. There are so many people to buy gifts for, and it can all feel like a chore after a while.

What kind of gift is best for your coworker or employees? You want to give them something that they will remember and appreciate. But you also don't want it to be too extravagant. There's always the generic "thanks" card with money, but that only works if you know what they want or need. And sometimes you've got lots of co-workers who deserve more than just a little something from the dollar store!

It can be hard to find a thoughtful and personal gift for your people, but worry not! To make your life easier, we've compiled a list of over 60 top personalized gifts for employees that are sure to put smiles on everyone's faces.

Personalized Gifts Under $10 for Employees

It’s time to start thinking about getting your employees a thoughtful gift. If you are on a budget, there are many personalized gifts for employees under $10.

There are so many great options out there! This section will give you some great ideas on how to find personalized and affordable gifts for your employees. With these tips, there's no excuse not to show them they're appreciated.

1. Leather earbud holder

A leather cord holder is a thoughtful gift for your music-loving employees. A place to store all the different earbuds wrapped up cozily!

With the simple yet creative design, this gift idea will be sure to impress anyone in your life. Perfect gifts for whole office team members, spouses, or family members that love to listen to music while working. They also make great stocking stuffers.

2. Monogram Mug

This monogrammed mug is a great gift for any boss or employee! It holds 12 ounces of liquid and has a convenient loop to hold on to it. Great for the morning tea, noon coffee break, or finishing up the day with some hot cocoa. Monogram gifts are perfect for employees! They love to show off their personality in every aspect of life - especially in their office space at work. The lettering on this one-of-a-kind design will fit into any of their fabulous accessory collection.

3. Century Star Fluffy Slipper Socks

These plush and soft slipper socks are the perfect gift for your employees. Toes-tally awesome, they also come in assorted colors and patterns that make everyone feel like an integral part of your team. They'll keep them warm during the winter without hurting their feet. You'll also find it hard to not snuggle up with these kinds of socks!

Best Personalized Gifts for Employees - Unisex

Coffee or tea time at work is a special part of the day. So, the next time you want to enjoy a hot drink with your fellow employees, why not gift them with this cool unisex ceramic mug? You can add their name on the mug. It's an interesting gift because it's got all these fun nutrition facts related to work characteristics: hardworking, passion, determination, respect, caffeine, and regret! The nutrition facts are 100% correct, and your fellow employee can now enjoy his morning tea or coffee knowing that his passion, hard work, and determination will pay off for sure.

If your favorite employee has been carrying the same stainless steel tumbler for so long, this is your chance to surprise them with a new one. On this pink one, it says: "This is what an awesome employee looks like", with emphasis on the awesome employee. This tumbler is perfect if you’re looking to give that extra serotonin boost to your employee and tell them how much they mean to you and the company you’re both working for. It’s got a smooth pink color, with clouds on the bottom and dripping sparkles on the top of the tumbler. Such a beautifully personalized gift for your friends at work that will be a breath of fresh air into the office.

Creative ceramic mugs are always a great idea for your fellow employees. This one is particularly interesting because it's got a fun design that features a regular brown horse and a rainbow unicorn on it. The rainbow unicorn is supposed to be the employee to whom you gifted this mug to. It's a nice way of telling that your colleague is unique, just like this creature. And being unique in a monotonous workplace is truly special. Imagine your fellow employee’s reaction when they open their gift and realize how much you appreciate them. Add your colleague's name above the unicorn and surprise them on your next coffee break!

This beautiful ceramic mug with blue and gold toppings on the top and bottom of the salt is one of our favorites. On the front, it says "Employee of the day," and on the back, you can add the name of your fellow employee. Receiving a gift during work hours that praises you for your qualities and work ethic is a true motivation booster. But that’s not all - it’s a gift that your colleague will treasure forever. Christmas is a time for gift-giving, and this is one of the best gifts your colleague can receive!

Looking for a ceramic mug that's different from all the ones you've seen so far? This sunflower design ceramic mug with a motivating quote is IT. It carries the message: "May you be proud of the work you do, the person you are, and the difference you make." Quotes that encourage us and help us see the difference that we make are always a nice surprise. Add your fellow employee's name above the beautiful sunflower that symbolizes positivity, strength, and happiness, and make their day!

Personalized Christmas Gifts for Employees

Personalized gifts in Christmasalways mean more. So, if you're trying to surprise your fellow employee with a personalized gift that will spark joy and put a smile on their face, here are some ideas we've compiled for you:

The holiday season is coming sooner than you think. If you're having trouble picking out the perfect gift for your fellow employee, here's a great idea: Pick this beautiful Christmas ornament. It says: "You are amazing, inspiring, dedicated, incredible, appreciated." It's all the things someone would love to hear, being the beautiful words that you want to give to your employee. Add their name, and make this Christmas tree ornament stand out from all the rest.

Here is another creative gift idea for your fellow employee this Christmas season. If you want to get a gift that's both unique and motivating, choose this Christmas ornament. On the front, it says: "Sometimes you forget you're awesome, so this is your reminder." And on the back, you can add your fellow employee's name. You can forget anything, but this gift will remind you about a wonderful worker. Work can sometimes bring your motivation down. But that’s going to be a lot harder when you gift your colleague this Christmas ornament that’ll immediately put a smile on their face.

Teamwork makes dream work. If you love working with your colleagues that make up a team, then you certainly believe this. This Christmas, you have a chance to make one of your teammates happy and gift them with this Christmas ornament. It says: "You are an essential part of our team!"Everyone in your team has their own responsibilities, and when all of you work together, magic is guaranteed. In a team, everyone is a valuable member. This Christmas ornament is heart-shaped with beautiful shades of red and blue. You can add your teammate's name on the back and surprise them with this awesome ornament to put up on their tree!

This ornament says: "You are absolutely, positively, incredibly, amazing." Like the previous ideas, this design is attention-grabbing with colors of the American flag, flowers, Christmas bells, and mistletoe. It's definitely not like your ordinary ornaments, and that's what makes it so cool. Gifting your colleague this means that you appreciate their positive energy and how grateful atmosphere they make in your workplace. Add your fellow employee's name on the back, and decorate their Christmas tree with this unique decoration piece.

Personalized Team Gifts

If you're looking to surprise your employee teammates with a thoughtful gift this Christmas, we've got some pretty cool ideas lined up. Check out these 5 items:

Sometimes, even the smallest gifts can bring a smile to someone's face. And we're 100% sure that this heart-shaped ornament can do so. On the front, it says, "So glad you're on the team." And on the back, there's space for you to add the special person's name. It's got a striking blue color with stars and a red ribbon. Nothing is more beautiful to hear than that someone likes working with you. Gifting this to your colleague will definitely make them smile from ear to ear and even encourage them to build a more genuine relationship with you

There's more than one way to say that you're glad that someone's on your team. Even better, sometimes, you don't have to utter the words, just give them this creative ornament that says "You are a key point of our team" with their name below. Sometimes, all your teammates need is some reassurance that they’re doing a good job during work. Also, it’s a reminder that a team doesn’t exist without teammates. This ornament is a lovely pink color, with an enchanting flower design and a key that gives the whole ornament meaning. It's a thoughtful gift, and we're sure that your teammate will love to have it in their home.

Get this personalized mug that says "Best team ever”to surprise your valuable team worker. That quote would be simple but a compliment for them. Let your fellow employee know that they're a part of the best team, or even better, surprise your whole team. Just imagine the happiness on your colleagues' faces once they open their Christmas gifts and see this cool black and gold mug. Coffee and tea breaks will never be the same again, and your colleagues will now have the coolest ceramic mugs in the office!

Here's another ceramic mug for your fellow employee, but this time, with an even better idea. On the mug, it says: "Together, everyone achieves more."It's true, but the catch of this ceramic mug is that the beginning of each word spells out TEAM. This is a cute reminder that when you work together as a TEAM, everything is possible, and you can achieve more and provide better results. Isn't that awesome? It’s just four letters, but they carry a lot of significance. This mug's got a combination of black and gold, with an interesting pink and white floral pattern on the top and bottom of the mug. Add your fellow employee's name and make this the best gift they've received in a while.

Remember how we said a while ago that “teamwork makes the dream work”? Well, now you can surprise one of your fellow employees with this phone grip that says just that. Let this gift send a thank you to your colleague as a confirmation that you can do anything together. This cute pink phone grip should be an inevitable addition to every phone. It will facilitate daily scrolling, typing, and answering countless calls. Surprise one of your team members with this useful little gadget. Any occasion is a good one for a cute little present like this!

Personalized Corporate Gifts

We'd like to finish this list with a category dedicated to your corporate colleagues. Check out the items that we think would make amazing gifts:

Let's start off the corporate gift list with this Christmas-themed ornament that says: "You've done so many things for me. I don't know where to start, I thank you from the bottom of my heart." If you ask us, this is the perfect gift if you want to surprise someone, and thank them for everything they've done for you. Sometimes, you can get tongue-tied and fail to express your appreciation for someone, so you end up forgetting a lot of things. With this ornament, they’ll get the underlying message that you’re grateful for EVERYTHING.  Christmas is the time for sharing love and expressing gratitude for the people in your life. Don't dwell another moment - pick this personalized cute ornament with a red ribbon and surprise your fellow corporate employee.

Something a little different from the items you’ve had the chance to see so far. This water tracker bottle is a brilliant gift idea for someone from corporate. It's thoughtful, and it's got a beautiful design with a sunflower, whose stem is actually the word “beautiful”. On the back, there are many other words to describe your lovely co-worker: cute, pretty, gorgeous, … And as you already know, sunflowers are a symbol of positivity. So why not surprise your colleague from corporate with a unique, personalized water tracker bottle that's gonna help them stay hydrated during their work day?

On this one, you have a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers in a jar and blue butterflies flying all around it. It also says, "Wake up every morning with a thought that something wonderful is about to happen." Waking up and being positive about the day ahead of you can, in fact, help you stay motivated and more productive, especially at work. Butterflies and sunflowers are strong symbols of hope and positivity. Make this gift personalized, and we can guarantee that your colleague from corporate is going to love it. Soon enough, you’ll see them carrying this water tracker every day to work.

Let's finish off the list for employees with this outstanding purple stainless steel tumbler. It's absolutely amazing and completely different from the rest of our picks. It's got a radiating purple color with a butterfly, and a rose on it. While butterflies are a symbol of hope, roses symbolize courage, beauty, and love. This is a great gift for the colleague you appreciate, with a beautiful design and an inspiring underlying message. Add your corporate colleague's name on the back and surprise them with this one-of-a-kind tumbler.

22. Employee Appreciation Gift Wrapper

Your employees are crucial assets to your company. They're the ones that help you bring in new business and grow while resisting competition and shifting demands. Make sure they know how much their contributions mean by thanking them with this chocolate wrapper template!

What's a better way to show thanks than customized chocolate in a wrapper that features their picture? You can even add candy, cards, or gift items inside. They'll know how much you appreciate them with these thoughtful gifts for employees. Treats themselves will never be able to resist the temptation of unwrapping all the goodies packed inside!

23. Winter Beanie Hat

This hat is so trendy and the perfect accessory to have in wintertime! The Beechfield Stadium Adults Winter Beanie Hat is often a go-to gift item for employees. Choose a color and style your employees will love, or even match the combo to that of their favorite sports teams. Extend the holiday spirit and surprise your co-workers with this great winter gift!

24. Funny Appreciation Award Certificate

Employees are a company’s treasure. From manual laborers to the key management, don’t forget these fabulous souls when it comes time to give them appreciation. Funny Appreciation Award Certificates Gifts For Employees would make an excellent choice. They will also keep smiles on their faces all year long!

This award certificate will be appreciated by your employees and is perfect for any occasion they need to feel valued. It's customizable, so you can make it funny, creative, serious, or whatever mix of both that feels right. Whether they open this card on Employee Appreciation Day or Christmas day, their smile will be wide.

25. Plantable Wish Cards

Plantables provide employees a chance to reflect on what matters most. They can write down their hopes and dreams, plant them, water them and watch the flowers grow into beautiful wildflowers. Not only does this reduce environmental footprint, but it also offers an opportunity for employees to remember what’s important in life while watching their wishes bloom. This is an easy way for you to give them tons of encouragement at work.

26. Photo Gallery Mouse Pad

Give the gift of they’ll remember every time they sit down at their desk with a mousepad that is personalized.

Ordering this customized mouse pad is like printing their favorite photo on a coffee cup, but for their computer. From team photos to pets at home, it’s easy to make each desktop unique.

27. Quote-ography Teamwork Art

Quote-ography was created to be a simple and affordable way for businesses of all shapes and sizes to hand out motivational quotes.

Each art piece includes quotes, words, and sayings uniquely designed to remind everyone about their strengths. Young professionals will enjoy how these fascinating art pieces illustrate collaboration in their workplace as well as in other aspects of life.

28. Dayspring Calendars and Planners

There are always so many options to buy calendars and planners for work, but you want something that is both affordable and cute. Dayspring is one of the best options with these low-priced calendars - no matter what your style! They come in a ton of unique designs and colors, so there’s a planner just for your employees or coworkers.

There are pages for notes and to-do lists and phone numbers of friends and family - not to mention an extensive list of fun days to celebrate! Show your employees some appreciation on Employee Appreciation Day and buy them something they need.

29. Personalized State Magnet

Whether your employees just moved away or spending too much time at work, they’ll love this personalized state magnet.

This is a great gift for those who's been feeling homesick lately. These state magnet gifts will remind them of home from far away! They’ll feel like they’ve moved back home, with their favorite state in their line of sight every day.

30. Fidget Spinner

This personalized spinner is an incredible gift your employees are going to love! These fidget spinners in four colors have a rubber band that can be customized. Personalize them for birthdays or holidays, team building days, or corporate away-day events. They’re stress-relieving functional spinner toys that can be customized to represent your brand!

Give your employees the opportunity to have their very own fidget spinner, designed in any color scheme you desire.

Personalized Christmas Gifts for Employees

It's the most wonderful time of the year. The tree is up, carols are playing on repeat, and you are busy with holiday shopping for your employees and coworkers. Do you know what your employees really want for Christmas this year? It can be tough - after all, you've been working together for a while now. But don't worry! I'm here to help find some personalized Christmas gifts that will make your work environment even more pleasant this season. These thoughtful personalized gifts for employees will go a long way in boosting morale. They will also make them feel valued, which is important all year round!

31. 64hydro Personalized Coffee Mugs

Your employees love seeing their names printed in front of the sip every morning. This personalized coffee mug will be a beautiful piece to spruce up any work desk! Regardless of what season it is, coffee mugs are a splendid gift that will never go out of style. It comes in bright colors and will give any recipient a smile when they drink their morning coffee. The best part? You can personalize it! They'll love adding their name in the subtlest way possible.

32. Charming Mason Jar Plant Kits

Make the holidays even more enjoyable with these charming and creative Charming Mason Jar Plant Kits that make perfect gifts for employees! This little jar of gardening goodness will make anyone’s desk, porch, or patio a cheery place all winter long. The best part is that you get to take credit for it! Give the gift of fresh herbs this year and everyone will want one because it's so adorable.

33. Personalized Desk Name Plates

Make it Christmastime every day for your employees with personalized desk nameplates. You can make the season merry and bright by giving them gifts they'll love, just like these festive frames.

Help show your office's personal side with these personalized nameplates! Put the "love" back in company time with them. Let your workmates know who you are and what office space is yours with a sense of humor. Of course, this is also perfect for home offices, where it's not unusual to be an island unto oneself.

34. On-the-Go-Pebble Power Bank Clips

It’s nearly December and there is no better time to give your co-workers something they'll enjoy. Whether they're on a mountaintop or at a coffee shop, they won't have to worry about battery power with these portable chargers. They are perfect for the employee on the go. With a carabiner and plenty of power, they'll always be able to get back to work with ease. Why not get your staff some for Christmas this year? They'll thank you later (and so will their loved ones).

With a sleek design and powerful power source, these portable banks can handle all their needs on the go. They come with a carabiner for easy portability and an integrated strap, so they're never lost in transit! And as if that wasn't awesome enough, the website lets buyers choose their favorite animal - from panda bear to moose - which makes them perfect for both men and women alike.

35. Personalized Bird Feeder

A quirky and fun way to make your outdoorsy employee smile this Christmas, personalized bird feeder Christmas gifts are a great, unique gift! This well-made and custom engraved bird feeder will be their new favorite possession. The feeders come customized with their names engraved on them for all to see. What’s even more special is the inscription reminding the recipient ‘you can finally keep those pesky squirrels away from stealing seed! They’ll think of you every time they see their robin redbreast friend, knowing how thoughtful you got them.

36. Appreciation Plant Cube

Nothing says thank you like these flowers. What better way to give your organization's hard-working employees a gift than by letting them grow some of their own appreciation! These adorable little sunflowers can bring loads of fun, joy, and friendly competition to any office or cubicle. Fill their workdays with praises for their hard work - not just today - but every day!

This Christmas, give the perfect present with these plant cubes that are both practical and inexpensive.

37. Designer Fire Extinguisher

This cute and even a little festive fire extinguisher is perfect for employees who work in high-risk areas. Put the safety of your employees before style with these awesome fire extinguishers. Wish them a happy holiday season and keep their family safe-style! These are decorations at their most practical! You can't go wrong gifting these to your office holiday party with a wide variety of designs that come just before the holidays. They’ll never have to worry about safety again because you'll be on top of it with this beautiful, decorative piece!

38. Custom Face Masks

You may have missed a lot during the onslaught of COVID-19. But you can at least keep your coworkers safe this winter holiday season with COVID-19 customizable face masks. You keep your calendars on track, now it's time to take care of their health. Protect your people this winter with custom printed face masks. These reusable, waterproof masks come in a range of colors and are latex-free for peace of mind. Unlike typical disposable masks, these are not just one-time use thanks to the fabric material. Give team members what they want: hours out on the town without worrying about catching COVID-19 from someone nearby!

39. Personalized “Thank You” Necklace

This is the perfect alternative to a paper card. It won’t end up forgotten in the garbage! This delicate thank-you necklace features a lovely cube charm, hanging from the delicate stainless steel chain with an engraved message on it. Express your gratitude this holiday season and let them know you appreciate the time they have given to you and your company by giving them this heartfelt personalized gift. Every message engraved on the stainless steel wish card is unique and meaningful! Thank an employee or coworker with a thoughtful thank-you necklace today.

40. Handcrafted Wooden Bottle Openers

Open up a whole new glass of creativity with this Handcrafted Wooden Bottle Opener Christmas Gifts. This handmade wooden beer opener is the perfect gift for employees and guests! Create one-of-a-kind personalized bottle openers with engraving options that are sure to make any occasion more memorable. Their sleek design coupled with impeccable quality will ensure that they provide you and your employees with years of excellent service.

A quality addition to their bar, kitchen, work desk, or anywhere else they like to relax after a hard day's work!

41. Personalized Star Constellation Map

Have the most auspicious holiday season yet with this personalized star constellation map! All you have to do is enter an exact date, and they’ll pick out a beautifully illustrated customized chart that will make for a perfect gift. Personalizing this chart makes it ultra-special and definitely worth saving as the perfect Christmas present for your employees.

These are the best custom ornament gifts for employees. These beautiful star constellation charts will be their favorite of all time!

42. Custom Gone Fishing Plaque

This Gone Fishing plaque is another perfect personalized Christmas gift for employees, and they'll love the sentiment behind the art. Made in America from real wood, these plaques are custom engraved to order and delivered within 6 working days!

Gone fishing plaques are the perfect gift for anyone who loves to fish. These custom engraved Christmas gifts for employees will have them smile and cheers! Made of real wood and custom-made, these beautiful plaques offer unique designs that make an impressive statement in any home. You can choose them personalized on the front with anything from their favorite catchphrase to the family name. Get something they'll really treasure this holiday season by choosing your own personal message!

It's that time of year when we all start to think about gifts for our coworkers. It can be tough to know what they really like. You want something that they will enjoy receiving and use often, but you don't want to spend too much money or time on it. What's the solution? Personalized Gifts! These personalized gifts for coworkers offer an opportunity to show off a little creativity without breaking the bank! Here are some ideas that will keep your coworker feeling special and appreciated on their birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion!

43. Amplify Box

Compile the best in snacks and treats for your coworkers with this beautifully packaged bundle. This beautiful and creative snack box is the perfect gift for your generous coworker. Every favor of Amplify Box Gifts for Coworkers includes a custom-designed box.

In gifting Amplify Box, you’re supporting Black entrepreneurs that center people of color in their products — fortifying community while simultaneously supporting good taste!

44. Etched Acrylic Tray

This cute little tray is perfect for any desk or office. It's also a great last-minute gift to your coworker, so you can cross them off of the 'gift' list with ease. You can't go wrong by giving this unique and stylish cut-out acrylic tray!

It can be used as an appetizer dish, to hold shells at the beach, or to serve up drinks on someone's backyard patio.

45. Coworker Leaving Gifts

You would love these Leaving Gifts! They are great gifts for friends, loved ones, and coworkers. There are several types in the collection, so you will never run out of choices.

The Stainless Steel Therapist Bracelet is a stylish bracelet with the perfect sentiment - "A truely great therapist is hard to find, difficult to part with & impossible to forget". The bangle has been beautifully designed with diamond-cut detailing. These ideas make the perfect present as they remind recipients of your thoughtful thankfulness through high-quality materials.

Makes a perfect group gift for Christmas, company celebrations, or birthdays - all your coworkers will feel appreciated. Help them remember you when they're not in the office anymore.

46. Modern Sprout Herb Kit

Say no more, say hello to Modern Sprout Herb Kits! The gift for that person in your life who already has it all. A loving coworker only deserves the best and this modern sprout herb kit fulfills that requirement. From basil to cilantro, they will have everything needed to spice up their dishes without ever having to visit a grocery store. This starter pack includes everything needed for them to start growing their own plants!

47. Mini Spa Gift

This is the perfect gift for a coworker! These perfect little presents are so cute, they won't think twice about holding back on some major cheese. Mini-spa gifts - the budget-friendly way to get into someone's good graces this holiday season.

In this little package, they'll find a natural muslin drawstring pouch tucking in 1 oz of milky-white scentless bath salt for pedicures and your choice of lip balm, tucked into its own cute little zip seal clear bag.

48. Cinema Box

So, you're looking to get your coworker a gift this year. You might want to consider our Cinema Box! This cinema box comes with everything they need to create custom messages any day of the week. In addition to pre-designed phrases, it includes 60 letters and symbols and an on/off switch located on the side. Your coworkers can make completely customized messages about the mood they're feeling on their workday. Plus, this unique, decorative Cinema Box is fun for any coworking space or office!

All Cinema Boxes are perfect for all occasions: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or other special company occasions.

49. Personalized Blue Marble World Snow Globe

The crisp, clean blue globe is an award-winning snow globe that is perfect for your coworker who loves to celebrate. Celebrate a new promotion with the Personalized Blue Marble World Snow Globe gift. It's also perfect as a unique office decoration and makes an ideal desk accessory! It features a bright blue globe with vibrant colors that glistens through clear liquid and sits on top of this gorgeous black base. Engrave it with someone's name or job title, so they know how much you appreciate their hard work.

50. Personalized Business Card Case

When your coworkers see these business card cases, they'll know you go the extra mile for them. Keep that perfect first impression going with this personalized cardholder. Built to always be prepared and look good in any meeting situation, these elegant acrylic cases hold up to 20 business cards (8"x3"), making it perfect for everyone who frequently meets his boss or is on multiple teams at work.

Give the gift that keeps on giving to your coworkers this year!

51. 64hydro Personalized Coffee Tumbler

Looking for a gift that will have your coworker grinning every time they get to their desk? From our Custom Tumbler Gifts collection, choose from any of these tough stainless steel tumblers and personalize them with the name or initials of your lucky recipient.

The 20 oz tumbler is the perfect gift for your friends or coworkers to get at work! It’s made of the toughest stainless steel and double-wall vacuum insulation to keep your beverage at the perfect temperature all day long! Give them a personalized touch with this fun, unique product that they can carry around all day. Perfect for any coffee lover in the cold winter months.

52. Birth Year Number Necklaces

Birth Year Number Necklaces Gifts for Coworkers is a delicate year necklace made of surgical grade 316L stainless steel materials. This Hypoallergenic, lead-free, nickel-free, cadmium-free, and eco-friendly jewelry will not harm the wearer's skin. It can be an excellent gift choice for people with sensitive skin because of its allergy properties.

The Birth Year Number Necklace is a thoughtful way to commemorate your coworkers’ days on the job. Their birth year pendants will rest close to their hearts, symbolizing that they're the lifeblood of your company. This gift will be cherished for years, reminding them of how much you care and want them to stay with you throughout the years.

53. Pop Desk Tray

Pop Desk Tray is the perfect gift to give all your coworkers in your life who spends most of their days at work. Help them stay happy and energized all day long by adding a cheerful desk tray that's just waiting to brighten up any office with its creative designs, vibrant colors, and thoughtful shapes. The Pop Desk Trays can be customized with original designs, offering something for everyone on your list!

Gone are the days of drab desk accessories. Add a little color and flair with our Pop Desk Tray Gifts for your coworkers to make life at work just a bit more enjoyable.

54. Engraved Name Metallic Ballpoint Pen

A classic pen never goes out of style. With the custom Engraved Name Metallic Ballpoint Pen, you can say "thanks" in a very special way that will not only make your recipient smile but is also practical for their on-the-go lifestyle. It features an ergonomic cushion grip and writes in black ink, so it's certain to be a favorite forevermore.

It's always nice to give a gift that someone truly appreciates, so why not get this custom ballpoint pen? This is the perfect way to brighten up your favorite colleague's desk with personalized engraved pens.

55. Personalized Gold Round Desk Clock with Base

The Gold Round Desk Clock would celebrate the milestones of the career between you and your closed colleagues. It provides a sleek and upscale way to always be reminded of those special moments. The most impressive on this clock is that you can customize it according to your interest or your favorite quote as well.
Placing this round clock on the desk like having just been promoted to supervisor of their department or successfully completing an important project at work. This is an ideal gift for employees, co-workers, team members - whoever deserves some celebration (depending on who you're giving it to)

Personalized Team Gifts

A lot of people are looking for personalized team gifts this year, but don't know where to start. It's hard to figure out what everyone on your team might want, and it can be expensive if you get something that they're not going to enjoy. One of the best ways to show appreciation for your team members is through a personalized gift. You may not know what they are into, but you can usually find out by asking themselves or their coworkers some questions. If you're still having trouble finding something special, here are some ideas for personalized team gifts.

56. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

When life gets busy and the blue lights start to take a toll on our eyes, these Light Blocking Glasses will be there to help you out. With a vintage 1970s-1980s feel that is sure to blend seamlessly in with your favorite uniform while still keeping bright colors vibrantly alive, these are essential everyday basics for anyone who spends hours at work each day. The sunglasses also have an added protection against harmful UV rays, so you and all your team members can wear them all day without worrying too much about any adverse effects.

Great for all types of events - meetings, conferences, fundraisers - to keep anyone’s eyes protected throughout the day!

57. Marble & Bamboo Coasters

Get personal with this charming 4 coasters set made of bamboo which makes the perfect gift for your favorite team members. The coasters come in two colors, black and brown, and can be personalized with your fonts and names of choice!

Decorate your office with these personalized gifts. These stylish, practical gifts are an elegant addition to any desk and coffee table. They will bring the perfect pop of color to anyone’s space!

58. Key Charm Keychain

Attractive key charms are a wonderful way to show your appreciation. They will bring joy and wonderful memories to all your teammates. This is not just any old boring type of gift either — these come personalized! You can customize the wording as well as what the outside of the box will say too, so they really can't be matched by anything else.

Give your team and coworkers an extra appreciation with this personalized team gift. Customized to your liking, these keychains are sure to make them smile and high-five you for a job well done. What better way than by giving a token of appreciation for all they do now, and helping them stay secure through the years?

59. Wireless Earbuds

During the spring, summer, and fall, we are usually bombarded with water. From rain to pools to beaches you're constantly swimming in one form or another. For an experience that can't be beaten, there's nothing better than splashing around while listening to your favorite tunes! These wireless earbuds are perfect for creating this daydream-like fun!

These waterproof wireless headphones are perfect for swimmers, joggers, and of course anyone on your team. They connect to all devices wirelessly and can be personalized with artwork or company logos. Now give your workers the best of both worlds: fun music AND quality work! Let them listen to their favorite tunes while they work from home and show how much you care for them.

60. Leaving Work Wooden Wine Box

This lovely birch wine box with a personalized name adds the perfect touch to a leaving gift. Fill it with your co-worker’s favorite alcohol. Make the break-up just a little more palatable by adding your own kind words! This is not only thoughtful but also practical as it helps to make them feel appreciated. The cute metal clasp on the hinged door serves as an easy way to keep their precious liquid contained securely. Not to mention that this piece of decorative craftsmanship makes for ease when carrying around. All thanks in part to its rustic rope-carrying handle at the top of the box!

You can't put a price on the recognition and appreciation of work colleagues who go above and beyond to make your day, every day. And this delightful Leaving Work Wooden Wine Box makes that simple deed not so difficult with its personalized inscriptions. The perfect leaving present for any fellow team builder!

61. Fitness Tracker

Need the perfect gift for your team? Get them something they’ll love to wear and use. Check out these personalized wristbands!

This versatile fitness tracker is a great way to celebrate achievements, kick off wellness pushes, or simply inspire walk breaks. Plus the subtle colors make it easy for employees and managers alike to find their ideal match.

This wearable motivator strengthens connections, makes exercise fun, and tracks progress with every step taken! Get this perfect gift that you can confidently give to anyone on your list without fear of duplicates. It's a way for everyone in your team to feel connected while achieving goals. From bosses who need some healthy competition among employees (because no one likes being left behind), and from people like us who have been too forgetful to sign up for any new gym memberships.

62. Funny Team Members Print

Show off your team pride with this high-resolution, personalized print. Give the best teammate or coworker a gift that they'll treasure for years! These are also perfect for spoiling an entire team of friends (weddings, baby showers, bachelorette parties) or if you want to make them feel extra special (birthdays, Valentines Day). You can pick your layout and text for a personal touch. Stick it in a frame, so they have something nice to show off at home or give as part of their party gifts!

63. Cooling Towel

Sending your team on a summer getaway weekend? Pack these Cooling Towels to keep everyone's spirits high as they retreat into their air-conditioned hotel rooms and enjoy some ice cream! Say goodbye to wet, sweaty hair. They'll enjoy a refreshingly cool shower towel, made of quick-drying material and with the added touch of being able to add their name on it.

These cooling towels are a unique and practical way to help all team members dry off after sweating it out at the gym or on a trip. Not only does this cooling towel come in many colors, but you can also get custom embroidery on them!

64. Team Member Frames

You know how you feel about your colleagues. What would they think if they found out the frame was a gift from you? We bet that special someone who is always there to help with the big project will be ecstatic and show off their picture to everyone. You'll get the satisfaction of knowing that you helped make one of their memories last forever. Not only does this piece-worthy item particularly work for couples working together, but it can take a place on any office desk where laughter and camaraderie abound!

The perfect way to celebrate your co-worker's birthday, in appreciation of an epic year, or just as a little token of gratitude. Let them know you care. So sweet and simple — a personalized gift with love!

65. Desk Gem Humidifier

The Desk Gem Humidifier Personalized Team Gifts is perfect for the office space. It's not too big, and it looks pretty stylish, which makes it a good choice to give to all of your teammates that can't seem to keep from rubbing their eyes red. This desk gem is a great way to feel refreshed and hydrated. It works by filling your office with moist air. The next time everyone has that scratchy feeling in their throat, they just need a Desk Gem Humidifier! Truly a go-to accessory for those who want optimum comfort at work.

Other Recommendations

When it comes to employee appreciation, the best way to show your gratitude is with a personalized and thoughtful gift.

A good personalized corporate gift says a lot about who you are and what you think of the recipient. It's often your first impression, so make it count! How do we know what to buy? How much should we spend? What if they don't like it? These are all valid concerns that can be addressed by giving personalized corporate gifts.

There's no better feeling than knowing that you can give an office mate something unique and personal. Custom corporate gifts allow for an extra bit of thoughtfulness because they're more than just choosing something off the shelf. Plus, when you give a personalized gift from the heart, people tend to remember them better than generic ones.

The one-of-a-kind nature of these gifts also means that employees will be less likely to receive duplicates or reoccurring items year after year. This helps both employers who need to budget their spending and those looking for new ways to surprise coworkers each year!

66. 64hydro Insulated Water Bottle with Straw Lid

This is perhaps one of the most original gifts your employees and coworkers could ever receive. Comes with a personalized name on its body.

The Double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel body will keep the beverage of choice cool for hours. This bottle provides a leak and sweatproof design for easy transporting. Our Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle is also perfect for both work or play as it's safe from drops and shatters, making it superior in quality over other drinkware options on the market today.

With a 32 Oz capacity, this water bottle will ensure that everyone’s hydrated even when on the go.

67. Tile Mate

It's a no-brainer for any and every employee. Anyone who has ever lost their keys under the couch knows the dread when they suddenly can't find them. The Personalized Tile Mate is your answer to forever ending this annoyance while also staying sane at work or home. Invest in everyone in your company this holiday season with yet another personalized thank you gift. Great idea!

Gone are the days of rooting through pockets and frantically sweeping across a dark parking lot, trying to search for car keys. No more will shoes go missing at work because people don’t realize what floor their cubicle happened to be on. Or money gets lost because there weren't receipts nearby.

68. Custom pencils

Custom pencils are much more than just something to doodle with. They can be the answer to your business needs, be it minute excellence at meetings or agendas at hand! A set of twelve personalized pencils is great for meeting deadlines during a hectic workweek. Whether allotted for the team with your company name engraved on them or an awesome joke, these customized pencils are perfect for catching up on office tasks or killing some time between clients.

These custom pencils are a great way to spread the cheer. Get together with your friends and add some personality to any office space!

69. Custom jackets

L.L.Bean's business gifting site for corporations will give any employee a professional look with these customized jackets. They will be proud to wear them at work or when representing the company on-site. With an array of sizes available, your employees are guaranteed to find one that fits comfortably as well as perfectly reflects their personality. All men and women in your workplace deserve nothing less than a gift they'll treasure all year long!

70. Amazon Kindle EReader

You can be sure your employees and coworkers will always remember the day they traded their heavy tomes for a sleek Kindle E-reader personalized just for them. A thoughtful gift like this is sure to show up on their favorites list and in conversation with friends. The Amazon 6’ Kindle E-Reader is designed for individuals who want full-color, multi-touch multimedia.

71. Custom sticky notes

What used to be just a little square notepad is now a versatile office staple that you can customize with your company’s own graphics. Show off your personality and company culture by customizing these sticky notes with personalized text, photos of the team, or even your company logo.

This is a creative gift that will make every employee more productive. They're perfect for leaving little messages of inspiration around the office. They're also great for organizing home life with a personalized touch.

And it's always so disappointing when your favorite colleagues are moving on from the company, and you don't get the chance to give them a little something as an end-of-care package before they go. Wouldn't it be nice if we could put that sentiment into words with some custom sticky notecards?

72. Bifold Wallet with Flap

Get your employees a sweet gift they'll be excited to use. With Leatherology, send your employees gifts that they will love without breaking the bank.

A bifold wallet is a perfect gift for any man. With six card slots, two full-length bill compartments, and room for cash or receipts, he can stop carrying so much around with him - making him both more organized and more stylish.

Besides the beautiful leather, one of my favorite things about this bifold wallet is that you can have your company's logo engraved on it! It's a small touch to say how much your employees and coworkers mean.

73. Chandelier Candles

Give your employees the gift of relaxation with these sweet-smelling Chandelier Candles. The perfect option whether you're gifting for an individual or a group. Once lit, these candles will have anyone in a good mood before they know it! If you're looking to order corporate gifts but don’t want to break the bank, here is another great choice.

With roomy and textured glass holders, these candles are the perfect way to add a touch of class and fragrance to any living space. Choose from many scents including Vanilla Confection, Strawberry Mist, and Lavender Dream, or Citronella Candle for summer. These giftable items will make any workspace feel more welcoming.

74. Dipped Ceramic Pitcher

It’s hard to go wrong with the classic look of this dipped ceramic pitcher. Whatever your fancy, simply add a monogram for an extra customized touch or leave it plain and enjoy! Dipped in one of ten pretty hues, this pitcher is ideal for serving all sorts of beverages! It also works as a vase filled with beautiful flowers or as a vessel for entertaining guests on that perfect summer afternoon. You can create the perfect gift for any employee and coworker in your life with this pitcher. Your people will be delighted by this simple but thoughtful gift.

75. 3-Way Custom Gourmet Gift Box

Impress your employees or clients this holiday season with one of the most delicious 3-Way Gourmet Gift Boxes around! This corporate gift box comes packed with a variety of chocolate-covered pretzels. It includes milk chocolate, milk chocolate sprinkles, and yogurt. Satisfy any craving that pops up by giving them personal favorites from this gift box.

Add a personal touch by choosing from a large selection of beautiful ribbons that come matched up with 9 elegant color options and one clear plastic container. You can customize the text and logo on the box, too. Perfect for the office or as a gift to treat someone special.

Personalized Gifts for Employees FAQs

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to get your employees a gift, but don't know what they would like? Have you struggled to find the perfect gift for that coworker who has everything? What about a last-minute present for your manager or spouse's boss?

Giving a personalized gift to an employee is a thoughtful way of showing your appreciation for their hard work. But what if you're not sure what they would like? This section will answer the most common questions we get from our friends and family about giving gifts that are customized to fit their needs and wants.

1. What are employee gifts?

Employee gifts are presented to colleagues for special celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, holiday parties, and other company-sponsored events. They also boost employee morale and engagement.

2. Is it necessary to spend a lot on employee gifts?

You should include employee gifts in your annual budget, and use whatever funds you've allocated as a guide to determine how much you should spend. There are meaningful employee gift options as the above list to fit budgets of all sizes.

In general, a budget of $30 is suitable for small employee gifts throughout the year. During special occasions and holidays, you may choose to allocate an even greater budget of $100 or more.

3. What are good personalized Christmas gifts for coworkers and employees?

Customized clothing and travel books are a couple of holiday gift suggestions employees will love. We also already have a dedicated section above for your Christmas shopping for your company.

4. Why are employee gifts important?

Gifts to employees are motivational. They show gratitude and make them feel valued. Surveys suggest some employees feel that gifts reflect how much their work is valued. Why are employee gifts important?

When you reciprocate employees' efforts with gifts and friendly gestures, you build trust and rapport with your team. Presents show your thoughtfulness and effort, leading employees to believe in their relationship with your company. Presents state your respect and appreciation for them.

5. Do I need to give my employees who work from home a gift?

The perfect way to reconnect with remote employees is to send them gifts. Remote employees may sometimes feel disconnected.

6. What are some good personalized gifts for employees?

Some of the best employee gifts are personalized apparel and accessories, wellness items, and gift baskets. Customizable apparel and accessories are a top pick.

7. Can you recommend gender-neutral gifts to employees?

Choose gender-neutral items if you have to buy employee gifts in bulk, such as games, home goods, and backpacks. Each of these items can be presented to any gender.

8. How can I choose gifts that employees will appreciate?

Plan ahead to find presents that your employees will enjoy. Take time to identify items that match most of their tastes and interests.

9. Are there any personalized gift ideas that don't seem cheesy?

Among the gifts for employees on this roundup, you'll find hats, sneakers, and calendars with zero cheese factor.

10. Are there any ways to make employee gifts stand out?

A personal touch can make even the most practical gifts, like office supplies, truly special. These customization ideas feature a variety of practical products you can customize with your own messages, colors, and logos.

11. Which way can I tell whether employees appreciate my gift?

Encourage honesty and share the results of your gift-giving survey with your employees. Gifts for employees are an investment. So it makes complete sense to track the success of your gifts and refine your strategy to ensure that they contribute to employee morale and happiness.

12. What are the best personalized corporate gifts for employees?

We recommend sending meaningful and/or personalized gifts as opposed to generic ones to your employees. Consider choosing your employee gifts in the same way you would for a family member.

13. Why is it important to give corporate gifts to clients in 2021?

A successful corporate gift is one that cuts through the noise and makes a meaningful impact on that individual. Corporate gifts are an opportunity to show your clients that you value their business and that they matter to you. Our list provides some good inspiration for you. Giving a thoughtful corporate gift isn't always about price point. Rather, it's the thought that matters most.

14. Are there any easy ways to send a gift to a new client?

It's wonderful to be able to start a new business relationship with a gift from a new client. The easiest way to achieve this is through a convenient online platform. Our Unique Corporate Gift Ideas section in this article has selected the best gifts to get you started.

We hope you found this article helpful and enjoyed our list of the best personalized gifts for employees. As we mentioned, there are lots more gift ideas out there to choose from. Feel free to explore other options as well! If you have any great suggestions that didn’t make it onto our list, please share them with us. Leave a comment below with all the great things about these options - and what makes them so unique! You might even want to share one or two stories about how they made someone happy. Thank you for reading!

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