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June 11, 2021 15 min read

Moms are the ones who give us life and love, nurture us, and teach us to be the best version of ourselves we can be. So it's no wonder that we want to celebrate them in every way possible on their birthday or Mother's Day with wonderful gifts. Why give Mom a generic present when you can give her a personalized gift?

Although all gifts are meaningful, something truly special about a custom-made gift shows how much you care. By giving a personalized gifts for mom with her name, initials, a favorite quote, or even a special date engraved on it, you show her you really put your thought into picking out the perfect personalized gifts.

Even if you're shopping for the woman who says she doesn't want her sons and daughters to buy her anything, you're bound to find the great present that'll bring smiles and tears of joy on Mother’s Day, her birthday, or any other occasion.

Personalized Gifts For Mom From Daughter - 64Hydro's suggestion

“It’s not the years in your life that count - it’s the life in your years” - a bond between mothers and daughters can’t be severed, no matter how much time passes by. Your mother will be delighted to receive this bottle, especially if your mother is a rose-loving person! Let her enjoy life even better by giving her this water bottle!

“This lady is one awesome mom” - all mothers are awesome, regardless of where you’re from! If you're looking for a personalized gift for mom that is sure to make her smile, look no further than this tumbler. Your moms will be amazed whenever she holds it. 

An arrow pointing toward her will tell everyone how awesome she is!

All mothers around the globe deeply care for their children, just like elephants care for their offspring. Elephants are said to be excellent guides who help out lost souls by leading them back toward the correct path. Just like elephants - mothers do the same for us by teaching us which direction is righteous. 

Tell them how grateful you are by giving them this mug!

If your mother enjoys having a modest life, then we highly recommend that you purchase her this wine tumbler. Immediately after she receives it, she will notice the printed glass of wine, which will provoke her shortly after to serve herself one! 

Seeking happiness in simplistic things - the “I’m a simple woman” tumbler is an excellent gift for all elegant moms!

“#Momlife” - an average mother will do her best to help you whenever she can, all while looking cool and fresh! Shortly after the summer begins, most mothers will immediately start wearing their favorite sunglasses and ribbons. 

If your mom follows this routine, then we endorse that you surprise her with this wallet, which has a cool and unique print of a mother wearing those two accessories!

She will be delighted to match her look with her brand-new wallet!

“To my mom - mothers and daughters never truly part, maybe in distance but never in heart” - as the sunflower present in the box of this necklace defines adoration and loyalty - the same can be said for all hard-working mothers.

Your mother will be delighted to receive this sunflower necklace and she will proudly wear it every day! 

Keep your distance short with your mothers by gifting them this necklace!

Best Personalized Gifts For Moms From Son

“Don’t mess with mamasaurus - you’ll get jurasskicked”. Mothers can be genuinely terrifying sometimes, especially if you get on their nerves. 

They can manifest love and rage if necessary, particularly when they need to protect their sons. 

Ease your mother’s nerves by giving her this comical wine tumbler! They will immediately start laughing when they see this gift!

“Mom, no matter how hard life gets, at least you don’t have ugly children”. This is a fantastic yet comical way of surprising your mother, making her laugh, and giving a compliment to yourself! 

All kids are beautiful in their mother’s eyes! Some grow big and strong; others are like purple flowers, tender and emotional. 

So, let’s remind your mom that all her children are beautiful. 

“Supermom” - who said that there was only a superman? Supermoms exist worldwide. They cook, clean, and take care of their children's everything else around the house. 

They genuinely are supermoms! You might notice that they are as fast as cheetahs when doing housework. 

If you have a mom that’s that fast, surprise her with this cheetah-print T-shirt! This is a perfect mother's day gift.

To understand our supermoms, we need to look at their daily routines. They require no nap time, but they will need caffeine. 

With their mama bear instincts, they have a limitless amount of devotion, patience, and care, exclusively saved for their children, especially sons. 

Show how unconditionally you love her by gifting her this personalized gifts for mom!

“Amazing, loving, beautiful, thoughtful, selfless, strong - MOTHER”. All mothers, regardless of their whereabouts, are amazing.

They love all of their children equally, maybe sons more! Both beautiful and thoughtful, they selflessly give their whole beings to lead us towards a healthy life. 

Show how strong your bond is with your mother by gifting her this tumbler as a Mother's Day Gift!

Personalized Gifts For Mom In Christmas

“Mom - I love you. I hope every time you light up this candle; it reminds you how much I love you!”. The warmth is generally lacking during the winter conditions, so be thoughtful and surprise your moms during the Christmas holidays with this wax candle. 

They will proudly light it up whenever possible, as they are constantly thinking about their children! Don’t worry, even the smallest gifts can light up their hearts, just like this wax candle. 

"Blessed Mama" is one of the most beautiful phone holders that we've ever seen. The Christmas vibes that this phone grip gives off make it a perfect gift for your mom on any Christmas-themed holiday. 

Your mother will feel blessed and ecstatic if she receives this as a gift from you. Getting your mom a personalized gift such as this not only provides her with an amazing present, but with a functional one - she'll use it all year round and will remember how blessed she is to have you as her child!

“Ain’t no Mama like the one I got”. There are no two-of-a-kind mothers residing on our planet. They all have their style, thoughts, and outlooks on the world. But, all of them share one thing in common - their love when it comes to their children. If you felt that love as a child of a wonderful mother, we urge you to startle your mom with this Christmas ornament. She will proudly hang on the Christmas tree!

Personalized Gifts For Mom’s Birthday

“I have two titles, mom and mom-mom, and I rock them both” - all mothers are so outstanding that they should be called mom-moms! They work so hard that we often believe they have the strength of two human beings trapped inside one body. 

All jokes aside, mothers have numerous titles - loving, caring, forgiving, and creative - just like butterflies! Surprise her on her birthday with this butterfly-filled tumbler!

“She is strong, fearless, warm, loving, patient, selfless - mom” - with unrivaled strength, they fear nothing that resides in our world, all while expressing love and warmth towards their dearest ones. All mothers are as patient and gentle as white dandelions - which are beautifully printed on this bottle. The message behind the quote will boost the morale of your mothers - buy her this bottle!

“Mama, mommy, mom, bruh”. Each mother has a unique name or nickname appointed by their beloved family members. Most of them stick around the usual mama, mommy, and mom pattern. However, some have even ventured to extremes, referring to their mothers as bruh. With a funny quote and a cheetah print, be quick and purchase this hoodie for your mother's birthday.

Personalized Mother's Day Gifts

The best gift that anyone can give on Mother’s Day is thoughtful and even better when they match your mom’s interests and hobbies, which shows how much someone cares about them. If you're looking for a personalized gift for mom to show her that she's the best and that you appreciate all of her love, then these thoughtful personalized Mother's Day gifts are sure to do the trick. From personalized bracelets to mugs, the below list covers a variety of useful custom gifts.

Personalized Family Flower Plaque

Personalized Family Flower Plaque

Part of what makes your mom’s heart blossom is each of her blooms — whether it’s you, your children or even family pets. With this gorgeous art piece, you can select a tulip color and name it to create your mother’s garden. You may name up to 8 loved family members or pets in the center of eight tulips that have been etched and hand-painted with a mirror finish. Feel free to add your own message to this family flower plaque to make it a special personalized gifts for mom!

Personalized Handwriting Bracelet

Personalized Handwriting Bracelet

What mom doesn't love a thoughtful handwritten gift, especially one that includes her handwriting? Show mom how much she really means to you this holiday with the touching gift of a custom handwriting bracelet. She can wear this sentimental piece 24/7, and treasure your priceless words with every glance. Custom writing is beautifully personalized with her name and hang tags to protect against any loss, make sure that it made one-of-a-kind even after the memories fade.

Personalized Mom Water Tracker Bottle

Bottles for mamas! Give these personalized gifts for mom on Mother's Day, and she'll be living her best life! Keep her on track with these water tracker bottles that measure how much water you should drink each day. Featuring an hour-by-hour countdown timer, each water bottle can be uniquely customized with your mom's name on the front label! Mom always knows best but mom also needs lots of water too! Show her some love this Mother's Day with this special personalized gift! Check out the stunning collections of 64Hydro Water Tracker Bottle here.

Personalized Apron

Personalized Apron

Every woman deserves a chance to wear these adorable aprons. They're perfect for cooking in the kitchen. Now your mom can cook in style with one of these lovely personalized aprons. They come in three colors and include fun and useful ruffled pockets. Help your mom keep herself clean as well with some durable, thick material that will withstand any spills. These personalized fifts for mom -aprons for women make great gifts for a housewarming gift, hostess gift, Mother's Day gift, Christmas gift, or any gift for women who like to look pretty in the kitchen.

A Dozen Reasons I Love You Mom

A Dozen Reasons I Love You Mom

The perfect personalized gifts for mom who has done it all. She taught you how to tie your shoes, never cursed in front of you, and indulged in every annoying hobby without complaining even once. Expressing your love for your mother has never been more fun than with this handcrafted gift of 12 reasons why she's the best. Selecting sentimental and funny ones, you can choose text color and print style to make a keepsake that'll remind her how special she is from any distance. Whenever she misses you, pull them out and share these dozen reasons why mom rocks! You're so lucky to have such a wonderful mom like hers!

Personalized Gifts for New Moms

Pregnant women embark on a new journey when they become mothers. This is a time of overwhelming excitement, understanding, and learning. As soon as they become a mother, their child becomes their priority, and she wants to do the best for him or her. The first Mother's Day for new mothers will be an experience they will never forget. If you live far away from the new mom you love, you can still send her a unique, thoughtful gift that lets her know how important and special she is. This part details some best personalized gifts for new mom that both she and the baby can use.

New Baby Gift Print

New Baby Gift Print

The new mom doesn't have much time for decorating, so you can give her a hand by getting this customized family print. There's no doubt that it's going to make the newest family member feel right at home. This watercolor illustration of a new baby, toddler, and parents holding hands will add a touch of warmth to any space. You can customize the color, hand size, and tag text of the print to make it unique and memorable for the new mom.

Personalized Toddler Robe

Personalized Toddler Robe

Personalized toddler robes make thoughtful baby gifts for the little ones who have everything. The new mother will never need to worry about her kids being cold after showering or before bedtime again with these adorable fleece robes. With a soft snugly hood, secure waist tie, and two large front pockets, the babies will be comfortable all day. Personalize this robe with any name of your choice (up to 2 lines) for a personal touch that says "you're special". Give your toddlers the gift of comfort every day by reading them their favorite story as they get cozy under this stylish robe.

Personalized Large Diaper Bag

Personalized Large Diaper Bag

Your new mom will always be prepared and organized with this stylish diaper bag. Just make sure to bring enough diapers! A mom who is always on the go needs this item to care for her little one wherever the journey takes them! The personalized diaper bag has been specifically designed to make daily life easier. While big enough to carry all the essentials, it's also small and simple enough to find your keys! There's no need to pack bulky bags with unnecessary items. When she is taking her kid outside, just use this lovely personalized diaper bag.

Personalized Birthday Gifts for Mom

You're always put in a tough spot when you don't know what to buy your mom for her birthday. When you buy a birthday gift for your mom, you're typically faced with the challenge of how to purchase something so thoughtful. Furthermore, they often claim not to need or even want anything. Here we have the perfect birthday gifts for your mom, whether she's a gardener or one who likes to spend some me-time celebrating. We've compiled many personalized birthday gift ideas for pretty much every kind of mom.

Birth Month Flower Heart Necklace

Birth Month Flower Heart Necklace

On this birthday, get your mom something special that she can wear all year long! She is never without a smile, even on the worst days. What better way to say "I love you" this season than with a birth month flower heart necklace? A creative twist on traditional jewelry with an extra personal touch, these necklaces make every day feel special when they show off such pretty flowers as daisies and tulips. The personalized necklace for mom would make the perfect present for your mother on any gifting occasion! Choose from twelve birth month flower stones for a personalized touch that will make her feel loved.

Personalized Gardening Tools

Personalized Gardening Tools

Serving the gardening enthusiast, these personalized tools are perfect for digging, loosening soil, aerating the land, and transplanting plants into new homes! Give your mom these custom tools they'll use again and again. Stainless steel construction makes for lightweight, durable instruments that work in any environment or weather condition. These tools work well for digging, loosening soil, aerating the land, and transplanting plants into new homes just to name a few of the handy uses they have! And the wood handle is easy to clean too! Personalize it even more by adding her initials or name on the tool’s handle, so she can have every part of her garden be completely customized! These gardening tools are great personalized gifts for mom.

Custom Silk Satin Robe

Custom Silk Satin Robe

This custom silk satin robe embroidered with a heartfelt message would be the perfect gift idea to give your mom on her birthday! You can add any text you want and choose an embroidery thread to make it even more personal. Eight colors are available, so have your pick! The silky satin feels comfortable and breathable against the skin whilst being lightweight and easy to dry after use. In addition to its delicate fabric, it is also durable and stretches to meet a variety of weights. Great quality for traveling moms everywhere who need outfits on hand! Luxury at its best. So if you're looking for something to keep her feeling loved, this custom silk satin robe is worth spending!

Personalized Christmas Gifts for Mom

Your mother has been there through thick and thin with you, and she deserves only the best this holiday season! If you are totally ill-prepared when Christmas is just around the corner, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. This year, give her a Christmas gift she'll never forget! We've got you covered on all your holiday needs with these sentimental personalized gifts for mom.

64Hydro Personalized Coffee Tumbler

Turtle Mom Jewelry Style TTZZ1204012Z Stainless Steel Tumbler

Does your mom try to bring her coffee with her, but it gets cold? Or does she never drink enough and sleep-deprived in the afternoon, unable to enjoy that hot cup of tea or cocoa that would do wonders for her? Say goodbye to all those problems. This is just what she needs - 64Hydro personalized coffee tumblers. Now she can bring her beverage with her and make sure it stays at a perfect temperature. This one is double-walled vacuum insulated and will keep drinks cold up to 24 hours & hot up to 12 hours. You can also add her name to this lovely tumbler to make it an extra special personalized gifts for mom!

Photo Throw Pillow

Photo Throw Pillow

Mom deserves to snuggle up and relax with a photo throw pillow of her favorite things: the family. That’s what this personalized gift is all about. When it comes to telling mamma that she means the world to you, this soft throw pillow works well. The item can be personalized with three pictures, which is great for three siblings! Alternatively, you may choose three family photos from three different years. With this ornamental cushion, her Christmas will be warmer and more special than ever before! Snuggle in, cozy up, and enjoy her memories every time she sees those beautiful pictures on the front of this beautiful throw pillow!

Custom Photo Canvas Print

Custom Photo Canvas Print

When you are looking for a gift that isn't too extravagant or expensive, this family print on canvas is the perfect way to go! Every mother looks back on her memories and cherishes those special moments with her kids. Display them beautifully in your home with these custom photo canvas prints! We have a mom version that will hold up to three of your family’s beautiful pictures, or a mommy option for when you want to make it extra personal. Add some words from you or your siblings to decorate this personalized gift, so your mom will always know how much love she is bringing into the world.

Personalized Yarn Bowl

Personalized Yarn Bowl

This bowl is one of great personalized gifts for mom - a favorite knitter! Every day she spends time at the kitchen table, hand-knitting fabulous gifts for her kiddos and herself. So let's give her something to make her knitting life easier — this personalized yarn bowl. This unique handmade gift includes a slot in which the skeins of yarn remain tangle-free when pulled over from side to side. It has a space for hooks that rest on top, so they're within easy reach instead of lying scattered on the table. It also has a hole to rest the needles when she needs to refill her tea as a bonus.

Personalized Family Member Signpost

Personalized Family Member Signpost

A quaint and thoughtful way of showing your love for those family members who may be far away during holiday season. This would also make a great gift for your mom. Even if your loved ones are spread out all over the world, this personalized signpost finds a charming way to keep them all in one place. Hand-painted with a warm weathered finish, each signpost features your family name followed by up to five arrows showing each member's distance and direction from the official homestead. The arrows are plasma cut and positioned slightly askew to create a classic look, and an oxidized steel finish develops a lovely patina over time while offering weather-resistant appeal.

personalized birthday gifts for mom

You know what they say, “Celebrating your mom is an everyday event.” To the best woman in the world, we always want to give her the best gifts. We hope our list of over 20 thoughtful personalized gifts for mom who has everything in 2021 will inspire you to find the amazing gift for your own mother. Take time and surprise your mother with a gift that’s sure to make her happy and show how much she means to you! Whether it’s her birthday, Christmas present, or just because time has come around again—find what will make her feel special here! Share with us which of these are your favorite or best idea for the occasions - we would love to hear from our readers!

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