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June 05, 2021 21 min read

How would you like to give your favorite soon-to-be dad the best gifts of his life? There are so many wonderful presents that he's sure to love. Gifts for dads can be hard to come by, but not with our ideas! If you are looking for a gift for your brother, father, or friend who just became a dad, this blog post is perfect! We've got some great ideas that will be sure to make them smile.

What better way to welcome a new dad into the world than with some thoughtful and personalized gifts? We've compiled a list of over 20 best personalized gifts for new dads, so you can go in with confidence! The perfect gift will depend on your budget. Some of these are more expensive, but they all have sentimental value. Others are less expensive and make great stocking stuffers or additions to other gifts! No matter what you buy, it's important to remember that this is such an exciting time for all parties involved - even if there are tears along the way.

Personalized Father's Day Gifts for New Dad

This campfire mug is the perfect choice for dads that are fans of the Star Wars franchise. On the back, the quote reads: “Best new dad in the galaxy”, while you can add the dad’s name on the back. The quote isn’t only a nod to that galaxy aesthetic, but it shows how incredible that dad is. It doesn’t say “the best dad in the world”, or “best dad in the country”. This bigger category puts this dad on such a pedestal that he’ll undoubtedly feel special and appreciated. Also, it’s a big deal to be a great new dad, as that role is challenging and takes some getting used to, so acknowledging that is quite a big deal!

This wine tumbler glass is perfect for fun-loving new dads that love to make light of challenging situations. The quote says: “New dad fuel”, and his name is on the other side. The message takes into consideration that new parents are running on backup energy and lots of coffee and other beverages. That is why it’s so great when it's put on a tumbler glass. It's also encouraging and will definitely make the dad feel more energetic and ready to take on his dad duties of the day (and night). So, by giving this to a new dad, you’ll ensure that he has fuel to take care of his little bundle of joy, and also feel like he’s not alone.

This is a gift for fathers-in-law to be given by their new daughters-in-law on her wedding day. The message reads: “To my new dad on the wedding day; You have raised your son with love and honor and blessed me with the man of my dreams. I’m thrilled and excited to be your son’s wife. For he truly is “the one. How he loves me, I can see he gets those traits from you. Thank you for welcoming me into your family. As I gain another father today, I’m thankful to be joining such an amazing family”. On the other side, you can add a name, to really personalize the message. The quote zeroes in on the crucial role a father has in forming his son into a man, and how lucky his new wife is that he had such a wonderful father to guide him.

This mug is a simple gift to give to a new dad. It says: “DAD est. 2022”, with the possibility of changing the year. While the message is seemingly straightforward, but secretly holds a lot of weight. With every child, a new parent is born. A whole new role and part of a new dad’s life is born, and that would never be possible if it weren’t for the baby. That’s why this mug acknowledges the birth of a new dad and the importance of the role he will be taking on. By adding the year, you will customize the gift and make sure that he feels like the mug was made just for him.

Here’s another stainless steel tumbler that holds a wonderful message: “First time daddy”, as well as the year of his child’s birth. It celebrates this new role and how exciting it is to be in it. There is a lot of joy but also a lot of responsibility that comes with it, which is why this quote stresses it. On the other side, there is a touching silhouette of a dad holding his baby in his arms. It signifies everything that the dad is - a protector, a nurturer, and a source of endless love. Pair that with this message, and the dad on the receiving end will definitely get in his feelings (in a good way, of course)!

Personalized Christmas Gift for New Dad

Christmas is a time for family and togetherness, and if you add to that a newborn baby, there is nothing better. This ornament says: “I leveled up to daddy”, and the dad’s name is on the back. It’s a play on words that caters to all dads who are gaming lovers, and it illustrates fatherhood as a level that only the luckiest can reach, but that is incredibly special. Additionally, it will bring the role of a father closer to them by intertwining it with a hobby that they love. So, get the dads this Christmas ornament and watch them enjoy their new life as dads even more now.

This one is for dads that are still waiting for their little ones to come into this world. The quote on the mug says: “Dad to be - loading”, and EST. 2022, with the possibility of changing the year. Since this will be the last Christmas when he still isn’t a dad, this will be a great gift to help get him into that role. Dads can often feel surprised at the sudden change, as they weren’t the ones that carried the baby for nine months, which is why they need things that will ease them into it. This way, he will feel the excitement of this new approaching change and get used to it every time he drinks his coffee.

For dads that love to joke and have fun all the time, there’s no better gift. The quote says: “Diaper duty since 2022”, and of course, you can change the year. The message is referring to the not-so-pretty part of parenthood, which is changing diapers many times a day. It’s making light of something that many people find unpleasant, which is a great way of coping with those parts of life. This quote comes along with a picture of a gas mask to hammer home the humor of this message. The best thing you can do for a new dad is to help him look on the bright side and see the funny in the yucky.

Another poop joke incoming! The quote on this candle says: “Wow, look at you becoming a father and shit”. This one probably isn’t for you if you want a deep, sentimental message to touch the new dad’s heart. It’s great for making a joke and maybe even poking a bit of good-spirited fun at the new dad. On the one hand, it’s praising him for settling into a new role in his life. On the other, it’s acknowledging (not so subtly) the poop-filled future that’s ahead of him. Some new dads may need emotional encouragement and meaningful messages full of empathy, and others just need to joke around a bit with the situation they’re in. At the end of the day, it’s a happy time, so why not joke?

This mug says Dear Daddy, this Father's Day, I’ll be snuggled in mommy’s tummy, but next Father's Day, I’ll be cuddled up with you. I can’t wait to meet you, Daddy! Love. Kisses and kicks. From baby bump”. It’s as if the baby is writing to their dad from mom’s belly and wishing him a happy Father's Day. It’s a wonderful message that tells the new dad about all the future times that the baby and daddy will have once the baby is born. They may not have been together for the first nine months, but they have the rest of their lives together. And let’s not forget that you can add your baby’s ultrasound photo to the mug and make it even more special!

Personalized Birthday Gifts for New Dad

This is a gift that bears (pun intended) a very witty message. On the one side, it says: “Dad”, and below that, there is a table of nutritious facts. There are several categories: “Hard work - 100%; Role model - 100%; Dependability - 100%; Dad jokes - 100%; “Asks mom” - 100%; Caring - 100%; Unconditional love - 1000%”. It breaks down the most important components of fatherhood and how much each of those plays into raising a child. There is a good balance of funny and serious, which is perfect for new dads. On the other side, you can add his name above the image of a bear holding a baby bottle, which will fully personalize this gift for papa-bear.

We can all agree that phone grips are one of the most useful inventions of our time. This one says: “This daddy belongs to”, and you can add the child’s name at the end there. It allows the dad to proudly flaunt being a dad to his amazing boy/girl while still being practical. It establishes the bond between a father and his kid, and it shows that the dad is proud of belonging to his kiddo. With the possibility of personalization, you are sure to get a smile from this dad once he receives this gift. Not to mention that it’s a perfect stocking stuffer or an add-on gift for any occasion!

Here’s another gift for galaxy-theme-loving dads. It says: “The Dadalorian; Best dad in the galaxy”. It’s a reference to a famous TV Show, The Mandalorian, so if the new dad is a fan, he’ll love this gift. Being the best dad in the galaxy is a big title to carry, but one that comes with pride and honor. That’s exactly why a great new dad should have it. They deserve praise and appreciation, but it sometimes lacks. Well, make sure that’s not the case for this new dad and get him this stainless steel tumbler, and don’t forget to add his name to the back of the tumbler. We guarantee he’ll love it!

This mug takes on the Superman aesthetic but combines it with the dad aesthetic, which gives you - Super Dad! It says “/dad/; noun - Man who gives great advice and is always encouraging and protective”. This acts as a dictionary definition of the word dad, but with an endearing twist. It puts emphasis on the supportive role of a father, as well as his duty of being the protector. These facets of dad hood should never be forgotten, quite the contrary. They should be reinforced and appreciated because they are so valuable and important. To make sure the dad feels like this is fully addressed to him, you can add his name to the bottom and fully personalize this gift, and make it that much special!

This wine tumbler has a slightly different aesthetic. The quote reads “World’s greatest dad”, but it combines it with the image of a shirt and tie. This ties together the two most important aspects of a man's life - his family and his job. It’s a common misconception that the two cannot work together. In fact, by saying that he is the World’s greatest dad, you’re breaking down the stereotype of working dads being absent from their kids’ lives. You’re appreciating and encouraging the new dad to balance these two aspects of his life and continue to thrive in both. Support is important, and that’s exactly what this wine tumbler does. On the other side, you can add his name and customize this gift just for him!

Personalized Valentine's Day Gifts for New Dad

Moms should appreciate dads - there’s no doubt about that. Well, Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to that. This quote says: “Emergency dad jokes”, and a bunch of jokes all over the tumbler. Some of them say: “What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fsh”, “What do they call a factory that makes okay products? A satisfactory”. These jokes will also be a huge inspiration to the dad whenever he is lacking some. But be ready to be at the receiving end of endless dad jokes from now on. Also, you can add his name n the other side and make sure he knows this gift was just for him.

This mug is designed to be given as a gift from the daughter to her dad. The quote reads: “Dear Daddy, you’ll always be my first valentine. I love you daddy”, and the daughter’s name. The message emphasizes the importance of a dad in his daughter’s life for a number of reasons. One of the most important ones is the fact that the way he treats her will impact the way she’ll thinks she deserves to be treated in the future. That’s why him being her first Valentine is so important. Also, it shows the dad how much she appreciates him and the fact that she looks at him as her hero. There’s no better reward to any dad than knowing that!

For joking dads that are wine fans, you cannot go wrong with a wine-themed wine tumbler. This one says: “Wine - because raising tiny humans ain’t easy”. It takes into consideration the fact that the job of a parent is far from easy and that you sometimes need a bit of help from a glass of wine. On the other hand, phrasing children as “little humans” hones in on all the intricacies of raising children, as they aren’t just little bundles of cuddling and love but a bunch of responsibility for who they will become in the future. So, to make this job a tiny bit easier, get this wine tumbler to the new dad in your life, and he will be thankful to you more than you know.

This gift is perfect for dads that feel like they need more resting time snuggled in bed. This bedding set says: “The best dad in the world”, as well as other cute quotes. Some of them say “You are my hero”, “Amazing dad”, “Forever love you”, “To my dad for always being there for me, and so on. These quotes all focus on appreciating the dad and everything that he does for his children. It also gives him the title of the best dad in the world, which is a big deal. It’s incredibly flattering and meaningful, especially when combined with all the other quotes. In fact, we can look at the scattered messages as the reasons why the dad is seen as so good.

Here, we have another phone grip with a cool Super Dad aesthetic. It says “Father. Husband. Superhero”. What the message is doing is gathering all the most important roles of a man. Not only is he a husband and a father, but a superhero for everything that he does for his family. Every sacrifice, every sleepless night, every tired cuddle or change of diapers, everything is appreciated. Dads also need to hear this and need to feel like their efforts aren’t overlooked. Moms are most often celebrated (which is totally justified), but the same should go for Super Dads as well. Well, that’s exactly what this gift will do for the new dad in your life.

Other Recommendations For You

Personalized Father's Day Gifts for New Dad

Do you have a new dad in your life? A new father's day is coming up, and it can be hard to know what to get for him. This year, why not give him a personalized gift that he'll love? We've compiled some of the best personalized Father's Day gifts for him and his little one. Whether he's always on the go or looking to practice his parenting skills, we have something for every type of dad. It should be easy to find the perfect gift with so many options available - just take a look below!

Personalized Daddy Penny Keychain

What dad doesn't need a keychain to stay organized? Dads are all about the little things that we should never overlook. This one is made out of copper, stamped with his baby's birth year and any word or name he chooses. This engraved keychain holder will be his constant reminder of the best thing that ever happened to him. With it, he'll never forget the day he became a father. It’ll surely make him grin from ear to ear.

Personalized Frame

This personalized frame makes the perfect Father's Day Gift. Design one for your favorite new dad, and watch his face light up in a big smile! In this personalized frame, lettering appears in silver next to a photo of your choice. With these personalized Father's Day gifts, you'll find thoughtful designs that will impress even hard-to-shop-for dads.

Digital Picture Frame

Another adorable friend in his life, and a new addition to the family! This digital picture frame is perfect for giving dad an up-to-date look into life at home with his infant child. This gift will make sure he feels like a part of all the often hilarious daily adventures. The photos are easily updated every day or week.

The frame boasts a 9-inch screen and features Wi-Fi capability, so he can see any photos anytime he wants to. With this gift, you can ensure the new dad has the most important moments in life captured and with him on his day-to-day.

Mega Dad Personalized Comic Book

It's time to give that special new dad in your life a Father's Day gift he'll never forget. Surprise him with this thoughtful gift that he'll laugh, cry, and really enjoy reading over again when he has some downtime. Mega Dad Personalized Comic Book is a perfect gift. You get to add his son or daughter's name to the comic and make their superhero look like their superhero - aka their dad!

Custom Daddy Socks

These colorful personalized socks are a great gift for the proud new dad. So honored, he'll wear these on daddy duty and when taking family walks. With the baby's face bordering each sock with warmth, making them extra-special to him! Proud dads deserve these gifts that show their happy life alternative: time together doing something cool with their kids. Printed using dye-sublimation technology to prevent color transfer when stretched over big feet, these socks are durable, soft, and comfortable.

Insulated Water Bottle with Straw Lid

To new dads and coffee lovers alike, a good mug is absolutely necessary. With this insulated, stainless steel water bottle with straw lid, Dad will always have a cool drink of his favorite beverage on hand. He can also take it on the go with him, whether that’s at the office or for some outdoor fun. It's strong and durable enough to be used daily, yet lightweight and stylish too. This is one Father's Day gift he'll love! What more could a new daddy need?

Personalized Father's Day Picture Frame

Here's a gift for the proud new dad. Get this engraved photo frame and show him how proud you are of his new role with a personalized gift. Fill the 4" x 6", 5" x 7" or 8" x 10" space with the sweetest picture of the dad and his little one, then personalize it with their baby's name along with dad's year.

Personalized Coffee Tumbler

What else can make a new dad who is staying up nights for feedings feel better than having his favorite beverage ready in a sturdy tumbler? This makes an excellent Father’s Day gift. The best dad deserves the best coffee. This sleek stainless steel, vacuum-insulated tumbler is designed to keep his hot (or iced) beverages in tip-top shape for up to 24 hours. It’ll also remind passers-by of how awesome he is with his name on a beautiful design. Show them how much they are appreciated!

Personalized Hammer for New Dads

Need a gift to show your new dad just how much you appreciate him? This custom engraved hammer says it all. Who knew that a hammerer could need his own weaponry? Men who do yard work or have hobbies like woodwork will love these personalized gift items and appreciate the sentiment, along with their tool of choice. Whether he's an expert builder or is constantly chasing after the little ones, he'll love this personalized Father's Day Gifts for New Dad that shows his skills off and reminds him of the many ways you and your children benefit from them.

Personalized Christmas Gift for New Dad

A new dad's Christmas is often filled with excitement, but it can be hard to find the perfect gift for him. This year, you can give your favorite new dad a personalized Christmas gift that will remind him of his little one every day!

Custom Sky Map

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift to give a new dad? Sky Moment has a wonderful solution - a custom sky map for New Dad. The framed or canvas version of this Christmas present will feature the stars from his baby's zodiac when they were born. And it'll be ready just in time for Christmas! It’s super impressive, and it just might make a one-of-a-kind new dad gift.

Personalized Beer Glass for Dad

Dad is the man of the house, and he deserves a new glass to toast to. If anyone deserves a personalized beer glass for Christmas, it's the one who was there for his child from the very beginning. Make this Christmas gift extra special by engraving his child's name on it as an everlasting memento from any potential future father-child bonding.

Best Dad Ever Boxes

He knows he can't have too many pictures of his kids—which is exactly why he'll love this thoughtful gift. "Best Dad Ever Boxes" is the perfect gift for any new dad looking to capture every precious moment of his new adventure as a parent. Full of great goodies and memories, he’ll love it! Give him the gift of memories—make a personalized picture box that he'll treasure for years to come.

Wood Calendar

This is the perfect gift for that new dad who keeps asking his wife when it snowed. Of course, he has no clue what day of the week it is, but his baby will remind him with every snapshot! This beautiful wood frame makes a totally under-the-radar Christmas present: one he’ll use every day! Get the dad his very own Wood Calendar you may well be getting stocking stuffers from Santa barking out a thank you at Christmastime.

Personalized Illustration

Dare to say something different this year and give him a beautiful artistic gift. First impressions: This is such an awesome way to show his new family off! It's the perfect choice for fathers who also have a more laid-back personality. Plus, who doesn't love getting personalized presents in their stocking? If you're looking for a way to capture his growing family, this personalized illustration is just the gift. This Christmas gift is sure to be enjoyed all year round!

Personalized Men's Wallet

Whether they're new at being a father or an old hand, this personalized leather wallet is made just for him. Giving them a gift with their child's name on it will be like giving them the opportunity to give something back during those less-than-ideal parenting moments that happen once in a while.

Alaska Love Location

He’s been waiting for this moment. Now, he has a family too. Celebrate and capture the memories of him becoming a dad with a photo map Christmas gift for the new dad. Giving a personalized present isn't hard when you give an heirloom that will last forever. This thoughtful picture frame was created to put smiles on faces and help keep happy memories alive in one piece of everlasting artwork!

Customizable Dadalorian Shirt

Get this adorable Star Wars shirt that's as cool and unique for baby as it is for dad. The Force is strong in this design, which comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Surprise him with a custom-made gift this Christmas that he'll wear over and over again. He'll have an adorable Star Wars-themed Christmas Morning outfit, which needs no explaining because everybody loves Star Wars!

Personalized Birthday Gifts for New Dad

Are you looking for the perfect birthday gift for the new dad in your life? This section is all about what to buy him! Personalized gifts are a great way to show that you care, and they will make him feel special. They are all perfect for the man who has just become a father, and will be cherished as he celebrates his birthday. It's not too late to order this thoughtful present! Make sure he feels loved this year with one of these exceptional personalized gifts. You can't go wrong with these ideas.

Choose-Your-Own 4 Killer Brownies

We've all been there. Struggling to find a perfect present for a first-time dad, should it be something practical like diapers or the gift that never fails with new parents: chocolate? With four large brownies in each box, you can give them four different flavors of their choice and make sure they're not stuck eating plain chocolate day after day. Great for those celebratory moments when someone needs a sweet break from diaper duty! Get some birthday gifts for him that are worth saying happy birthday. With four flavors of delicious goodness, he can try them all (and then order some more) without any regrets.

Personalized Dad Book

It's always a joy to see the look of awe on a new father's face when he first becomes acquainted with his child. When he learns that they're welcome into this world, it makes him feel more important than anything else in it. For the soon-to-be dad who has just entered parenthood or is expecting soon, you could always gift him a personalized book for the birthday - and every other occasion worth celebrating too! With specific details like him and his little one’s names, this gift will become an amazing keepsake and represent how much you love them. The new dad will love this personalized book so much! It’s sure to be a treasured keepsake for years to come.

Baby Book: A Special Book of Memories and Milestones

Birthdays are a time when we wish our favorite people the best. And new dads will surely appreciate this unique birthday gift that can be used to document all the baby’s milestones.

A great gift for a new dad! Transform his child’s first year on the planet into an artistic time capsule. With illustrations for every month of that first year, a photo slot-in card and prompts to fulfill any parental need in between, these handmade books are perfect for artsy parents who love documenting those early days.

Personalized Valentine's Day Gifts for New Dad

If you're looking for the perfect personalized Valentine's Day gift for a new dad, we've got you covered. Finding the perfect gift for the new dad can be difficult. But with these personalized gifts, you'll have a wide variety of options to choose from! Here are some adorable ideas that would make any new father happy!

My Dad Loves Me!

“My Dad Loves Me” is a heartwarming, colorful book that celebrates the love between parents and children. This book uses a fun rhyme to explain how fathers develop minds, imaginations, and small motor skills in children's development. It also encourages children to honor their father every day with this personalized storybook. This is the perfect gift for new dads for Valentine's Day!

Daddy and Me Matching Set

The best Valentine's day gift ever is one that lasts. These light blue and white arrow pointing t-shirts are perfect for daddy and his little girl, going to the park, or just having some photo ops along the way. The best gift for any newly parenting daddy with an adorable little girl looking up to him. It's always a joy to see daddy do activities with his little one! Embrace this love by gifting them matching t-shirts for Valentine's Day.

Two Hearts Forever Card

Every new dad wants to feel appreciated. Especially on Valentine’s Day. What better way than giving him this special card? You will want to make sure that he always knows how loved he is every day of the year and not just when it comes around!

Give the new dad in your life a card that lets him know just how happy you are for him. From his decision to bring his child into this world, to all the sleepless nights and never-ending love he deserves, there is nothing that could ever top hearing it from you! After having first children, it can be hard for new dads to find time for themselves, especially Valentine's Day. This heartwarming reminder will let them know how appreciated they are. With this sweet card, you can take the time, put pen to paper and tell new, exciting dad how much he is loved. A perfect present for Valentine's Day or any other day of the year! All dads need their “I love you” from those who truly mean it! 

Personalized Gifts for New Dad FAQs

It's that time of year again when you are scrambling to find the perfect gifts for a new dad in your life. Whether it is Father's Day or a birthday present, we’ve already shared some great personalized gift ideas above!

However, there may still be some questions that you are struggling with. This section will help answer all those frequently asked questions about what makes an excellent gift and why. We hope this information helps make shopping easy and enjoyable!

Is it okay to give a gift to each new parent separately?

I am sure it is okay. You might not even need to spend a lot of money on it. Whatever you give them, they will gladly accept it, because they know it came from your heart.

If you're looking for the perfect gift to get a new dad this Father's Day, we have just what you need! We've compiled 10 of our favorite personalized gifts that are sure to put a smile on his face. We hope you’ve found our list to be helpful. Share with us your favorites in the comments below or via social media using #64HydroBestFathersDayGifts, so we can include it next year!

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