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June 23, 2021 17 min read

You’ve finally decided who you want to be your baby's godparents. The tough task now is to pick the perfect gift for them! You might be planning an adorable godparent proposal that includes a “will you be my godparents” gift. Or they have already accepted the honor, and you would like to express your gratitude with meaningful presents.

Finding the perfect gift for a Godparent can be difficult. That's why 64Hydro has compiled this list of best personalized godparent gifts. They are sure to make the second mom and dad feel special and appreciated. From frames to keychains, we have it all! And don't worry- no matter what their style is, you'll find something they love on this list.

Personalized Godmother Gifts

What is life without a godmother? They are the constant in our lives and deserve special gifts in appreciation of their love and hard work. So if you're looking to buy your friend or family member who has been entrusted with this great responsibility of being an honorary mother figure one-of-a-kind gift that will make them happy every day, then look no further than these unique ideas! Regardless of her style or the gift-giving occasion, this list provides inspiring personalized gifts for any woman, including your beloved godmother.

It has been agreed that the first place of personalized gifts for godmothers should be this wonderful Christmas ornament with a red ribbon. On it, it says: "This Godmother is loved by [ your name ]."The quote means that to you, your godmother is always the number 1, and you save all love to her. This ornament is heart-shaped, with a floral design at the ends of the ornament and a couple of beautiful small black hearts. Christmas holidays are just around the corner. It’s the perfect time to surprise your godmother with a decoration that she will be able to proudly hang on her Christmas tree, knowing that it is a gift from someone who truly loves her.

The second place on the list for personalized godmother gifts goes to this beautiful ceramic mug that's perfect for enjoying a hot drink. The words on it say: "Godmothers like you are precious and few". It means that your godmother is special, unique, and loved by you. Your godmother is truly a God-given person. She’s special because she is one of the few people in your life that will care for you forever. On the back of the ceramic mug, you can add the name of your godmother to make it even more special. 

Here is another interesting gift idea for your godmother. This Christmas ornament is a bit different from the previous one we mentioned. This one simply says: "Best godmother ever." The thing that sets it apart, though, is the unique and interesting shape. It's got an unusual rainbow with different shapes, such as dots, triangles, dashes, thick lines, and so on. Gifting this to your godmother will surely help her Christmas tree stand out. We're 100% sure that she'll enjoy this Christmas ornament that's both thoughtful and a unique gift for someone you appreciate and love. Don’t dwell on it too much, just add it to your gift list!

Another gift idea for your godmother is this very interesting light purple pillow with various positive messages addressed to her. The focus of this beautiful pillow is the heart, which is purple in a slightly darker shade. It says: "Best godmother ever." Besides, there are sentimental messages that you want to send your Godmother: "Lucky as can be, the best godmother belongs to me," "Godmothers like you are precious and few," "Protector, bestie, mentor, advisor, companion, confidant, role model." This home accessory will surely convey the message of how much you appreciate and love your godmother. As soon as she reads everything on this pillow, you'll surely see some tears of joy.

We can conclude this category with another interesting Christmas ornament for godmothers that you love and appreciate. This one's got a red ribbon and a beautiful blue color that adorns the entire accessory. It says the following: "Blessed to have a godmother like you." This simple quote is a direct way of saying that you are thankful for your godmother. She is like a perfect gift that you’re so lucky to have her in your life. It's got a fun floral design with blue leaves and black hearts. On the back, there's space for you to add your godmother's name and make it even more special. When she opens up the gift and sees this personalized ornament, she'll be absolutely thrilled. Don't wait another minute, and add this special piece to your gift list.

Personalized Godfather Gifts

Are there any Godfathers that mean a lot to you? Are you looking for a perfect gift that he'll like? What do you get the Godfather who has everything? Our personalized godfather gift list is a great way to show him that he is loved and appreciated. Below you will find monogrammed cuffs, wallets, and keychains in addition to other custom gifts for your favorite guy. He will be grateful for this thoughtful gift!

First on the list for personalized godfather gifts is this creative wine tumbler. On it, there's a simple dedication to someone who became a godfather. It simply says: "Promoted to Godfather [EST. YEAR]."It's definitely a creative gift for someone who recently became a godfather. Basically, it means that you are no longer just a person, you are special now. You are someone's godfather, and that person is going to look up to you and admire you.

Here is another amazing gift idea for the godfathers that we appreciate and love so much. Our top choice to open up this category would be this black mug that says: "I'm lucky as can be because the world's best godfather belongs to me." This kind message is a nice way of saying that you are the luckiest person in the world for having a godfather as special as yours. Out of all the people around you, you feel blessed that they get to be your godparent, which is the biggest compliment a godparent can get. Don't wait too long, add this to your list and put a smile on your godfather's face!

We have already mentioned how godfathers play a very important role in a child's religious life, so here's the perfect gift for that. It's a beautiful Christmas ornament that says: "Godfathers: Chosen with love, to guide me in faith." This moving dedication shows the importance of the role that godfathers carry, and that we should be thankful to have them as our guardians in life and in faith. Godfathers often play crucial roles in our lives without us even knowing, so this is an amazing way of saying a simple “thanks”. On the right side, there is a wooden cross that symbolizes the belief that godfathers are our earthly guardian angels.

If you want to give your godfather something with a meaningful message, then we suggest you choose this ceramic mug with a message on the front that says "Godfathers are a gift sent from heaven above, bringing kisses, and hugs and never ending love. Walking beside me, to help and guide me. Thank you for being my godfather." It’s a beautiful way of saying that godfathers are a blessing and that they are here to protect us. Having a godfather is a gracious gift from God, and we should be thankful as he guides us through life with faith. If you ask us, this is a heartwarming gift that every godfather would love to have in his collection. Now, he can enjoy his hot drink in a specially customized mug.

Next on the gift list is this wooden stainless steel tumbler. It's got a strong wooden design, giving off a vintage and strong vibe. On one side, there is space to add the name of your godfather, and on the other side, you have nutrition facts stating all wonderful features of your father: strength - 1000%, good-looking - 500%, funny - 100%, and more. Gifting this to your godfather is a great way to remind him to stay hydrated, but even more importantly, it reminds how great he is. A gift like this is both practical and aesthetic, so don't sleep on it - get it now!

Personalized Godparent Gifts

Choosing godparents is one of the most important decisions you'll make in your pregnancy. You want these people to be someone who will hold you accountable, but also love and care for your kids. Finally, you have found those you want to foster a positive role model in your child for many years to come. It's only natural that you'd want to treat your godparent to a wonderful gift. Yet, finding a gift that'll truly thank your godparent can be tough. That is exactly why we've compiled a list of thoughtful presents for godparents that'll show them just how much you care. Both the mom and dad can use these customized parent gifts, and they are perfect if they are a couple as well.

This beautiful Christmas ornament says "Godparents are a gift from above that help provide guidance and love."This gift is a beautiful way of saying that godparents are angelic guardians that are sent from God. The saint-like role of godparents in our lives shouldn’t be overlooked, and this is the perfect way of telling them how much we appreciate all the love they’ve provided us with. This ornament’s got a beautiful floral pattern with charming white flowers that symbolize purity, innocence, and cleanliness. 

So far, we have established that pillows are a very useful and thoughtful present to someone you love and appreciate. This personalized pillow is a great example of that. Over the entirety of the pillow, there’s an indeering message to your godparents, telling them how blessed you are to have them in your life. This inspiring and moving quote conveys the blessings that godparents have on our lives, and how important they are. This is followed by a space for you to add the names of your godparents and the date you were baptized.

Next on the list of genius gifts for godparents is this ceramic mug with a mix of black and gold colors. On the front of the mug, it says: "Godparents: A special couple who support and inspire. Like normal parents but much cooler." On the back, you can add your godparents' surname followed by a sweet gold heart under it. This is a very special and dear gift that will remind your godparents that you love them and appreciate them and that they're not the only experts at buying gifts. This unique ceramic mug proves the point, so add it to your list ASAP!

This Christmas ornament is definitely a gift idea that will cause an avalanche of emotions and happy tears from your godparents. It's in the shape of a circle and on it there is a place to add your picture with your lovely godparents. Around the circle, it is written: "Godparents are a blessing. Thank you for being mine." This simple but creative gift idea is a beautiful token of appreciation and love to the people you deem important in your life. This Christmas, why don’t you send them this gift as your special thank you? It will be an excellent addition to your godparents' house and bring special meaning to their Christmas tree.

The gift with which we will conclude this list is this beautiful Christmas ornament with a floral design. It says: "I love my godparents." Just a simple sentence, but bring all your heart and respect to them. Therefore, this ornament can be a perfect gift for any parents who love simplicity. On the right side, there is a heart shape in which you can insert a picture of you as a baby, and under it, your name and the date on which you were baptized. It's a wonderful gift that will surely make your godparents tear up and brighten up the whole holiday atmosphere.

Other Recommendations

16. Godmother Keyring with Swarovski Birthstones

This beautiful keyring is an everlasting token of your love for this deserving woman. A personalized and thoughtful keepsake that she will cherish always! You can put their first name and birth month stones right into it! With hand-stamped letters that are personalized to make this the world's most thoughtful gift, she'll be thrilled to have a precious piece of you on her side. Made from lightweight aluminum, this piece does not tarnish and has a lower risk of reacting to skin.

17. Godmother Bar Necklace

This beautiful personalized necklace is a thoughtful way to honor someone who is an amazing godmother and a priceless friend. The bar pendant can be engraved with names, dates, quotes, and more. Select silver, yellow gold, or rose gold for a simple piece of jewelry that she can wear every day. This necklace will come packaged in a pretty box with a personalized gift tag. Be their favorite person and give them the perfect gift today!

18. Godmother Photobook

Remember all the magical moments you've shared with your godmother and create a one-of-a-kind photo book for her, complete with memories that will last forever. Bring back happy childhood memories as you look through pictures together. Customize it any way you want. Pick a square frame to showcase your Instagram or Hipstamatic style. Add photos straight from Facebook and Instagram, too. Edit them with graphics and hand-drawn embellishments—plus sentimental message. There's no better gift! Talk about how wonderfully days spent in the park or watching fireworks are still cherished now that they're older and wiser.

19. Personalized Godmother Bookmark

For the godmother who loves to read, this personalized stainless steel bookmark is both functional and touching. Delight your godmother by customizing this gift with her name or a special message on the order form. The sentiment "Godmothers are a blessing. Thank you for being mine." will touch her, especially because it's from her adoring godchild!

20. Personalized Makeup Case

If you're in search for the perfect gift that will impress your pretty, brilliant godmother, then this personalized makeup bag could be just the thing! Not only does it keep all your beauty essentials neatly packed away, but with its handy compartments to hold everything from tidying up tools such as brushes and cotton buds to eye shadows, blushers, and lipsticks... There will never be any more searching through drawers trying to figure out where that tube of mascara disappeared off.

21. Mother and Daughter Tumbler

Godmothers who love coffee will be thrilled with these 64Hydro personalized coffee tumblers. She can now bring her beverage along and be sure that it stays at the perfect temperature. This one is double-walled and vacuum insulated. So, it will keep drinks cold or hot for up to 12 hours. You can also add her name to this lovely tumbler to make it an extra special personalized gift for her! With a wide selection of gorgeous designs, you are sure to find the perfect tumbler that your godmother love from 64Hydro.

22. Godmother Thank You Hamper Gift

As we know, Christening Day is a day when we celebrate new beginnings and family. This purple luxury gift box has just what's needed for gifting your godmother with something to commemorate the occasion. All the way from a personalized candle to a bath infusion from The Secret Salt Society, this box has it all. They'll adore this thoughtful hamper set whether located close by or far away from home! A beautiful “Thank You” gift perfect for giving to those who have helped welcome your little one into this world!

23. Engraved Godmother Wooden Oval Ornament

It's your turn to treat your beloved godmother; spoil her with our Engraved Godmother Wooden Oval Ornament. This beautifully engraved keepsake is a thoughtful and elegant present she will cherish forever. Whether you are celebrating an engagement, welcoming a newborn baby or extending Christmas cheer to all, this special ornament has room for four names! Personalize it with her name or any favorite quotes to surprise her. Proudly made in America by expert artisans who lovingly craft each one of these meaningful handmade ornaments just for your godmother!

24. Leather Money Clip Wallet

For the ultimate 'manly' man's man who has everything - this accessory will be perfect as his next gift. Stylish and easygoing, this leather wallet has just enough space inside for the essentials. And it also features a durable magnetic clip on one side, as well as slots for a few cards on the other. It also features a slot on the top for business cards or small change and a sleek foil-debossed monogram. The perfect Godfather, Father’s Day, Birthday, or just because gift!

25. Godfather Gift Apothecary Candle

Who doesn't love a candle? Especially if it's one that smells good, looks good, and has your name on it! That's where Godfather Gift Apothecary candles come in. Ideal for Christenings or any day that they need a little extra thanks from their favorite guy (or gal). These apothecary jars are hand-poured at the studio with natural soy wax. A botanical green print design is added to this trendy scented jar candle, which features your personalized message right on it. Choose from feminine or masculine candles in various fragrances - some light floral and others spicy – all ready to go on Christening day.

26. Personalized Leather Valet Tray

Your loving godfather will appreciate this practical and unique gift. Give them a leather tray that they can use on their nightstand, dresser, or entryway table. A simple yet elegant catchall to keep all of his daily necessities in order. Personalized with meaningful text like “Best Godfather Ever” and phrases about being a godparent themselves, this leather catchall is both functional and sentimental. It will make any good deed done feel worth more than any gift could before!

27. Personalized Godfather Tie Clip

For your godfather - the man who deserves everything but never complains. Impress him with a personalized Godfather Tie Clip! Made from high-quality stainless steel, so you have no worries about tarnish or rust, this clip will not disappoint even after many years of use. Customize this item with his initials and "The Godfather" engraved on the back. You can be sure he'll feel like royalty every time he wears his tie without even knowing why!

28. Godfather Keepsake Block

With the help of your godfather, you've grown into an adult. He holds a very special place in your life and deserves all the recognition! This godfather's keepsake is engraved with text "Thanks for walking beside me to help and guide me." sentiment. It also includes free personalization of his name and that of your own with this engraving. Don't wait another minute! Go ahead, show him how grateful you are by getting this cool gift today.

29. Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag

Purchase this amazing leather toiletry bag for the special man in your life and make him feel extravagantly spoiled. This handsome handcrafted bag will be cherished by your godfather for years to come! It is available in a variety of sizes and can be personalized with a name or initials. This rugged but stylishly sleek leather bag is perfect for camping, hiking, or when he needs to stay organized at home. Keep his shaving kit and toiletries together, so morning madness has never looked better.

30. Godfather Ceramic Coaster

A very formal and elegant way to ask your friends and family for the ultimate honor of being a godparent! This handmade ceramic coaster is sure to be treasured by any Godparents who receive this thoughtful gift. Select from options like 'Friends of the Godmother', 'Friends of the Godfather', 'Brother of the Godfather', 'Sister of the Godmother', or Personalized Text. A lovingly handmade ceramic coaster to gift to your child's Godparents to be! Show them how much they mean to you with this exceptionally unique, personalized godparent gift.

31. Godfather Beer Gift Set

Celebrate a godfather's birthday with Godfather Beer Gift Set. Polished and knowing, the personalized beer gift set is an excellent choice for any occasion! Toast their birthdays or use it to thank them for their caring and love. This godfather beer gift set is just what any craft beer lover needs to quench their thirst. You can personalize your gift by designing it yourself. Add a precious photo of the two of you, a child's drawing, and/or a message to the design and create a unique gift in no time. Show your godfather how much he means to you by giving him this custom godfather beer set for his birthday, as a thank you or just because occasion.

32. Personalized Godparent Thank You Gift

This adorable wooden block is the perfect gift for a godmother or guide parent. Give an extra thank you with this stylish and thoughtful present to give as they make their way back home after the christening or other occasion. The engraved lettering allows your words to really shine. With space to add your own wording, this handmade wooden block makes the perfect thoughtful and special thank you gift. It can be displayed on a bookshelf, sideboard, in a window with ribbon, or anywhere else in the house! This personalized godparent gift is sure to make the receiver feel very appreciated indeed.

33. Godparent Proposal Wine Bottle Label

You may have been looking for the perfect way to ask someone to be your child's godparent. It might be a sibling, or maybe it's that person you've always counted on being there. Whether they're family or friends, this is a decision worth celebrating with something special. These wine labels are chic but personal - just like your little one! You can personalize the label with their names as well as your own special message or proposal. This personalized wine bottle label is perfect for those who want to have a little fun with their godparent proposal. It'll be hard not to say yes!

34. Godparent Gift Box

Asking your favorite Godparents to be the godparents of your child is a huge honor! We totally understand that picking the perfect “Will you be my godfather and godmother?" gift can be tough. But wouldn’t it just make their hearts melt if you gave them this personalized godparent gift box? It comes with everything pictured, two boxes (one for each), personalized messages on both boxes, and a shirt for the dad-to-be, a tank top for the godmother, together with matches and candles! You will spoil them beyond belief with so many thoughtful surprises waiting to welcome your baby into this world.

35. Personalized Baptismal Clock

With this Personalized Baptismal Clock, you can find a thoughtful and original gift to give your loving godparent! This clock is a personalized reminder of that dear little life who stole your heart the day of their Baptism. The cool religious clocks measure 12 inches and are battery-operated, so they'll work out great in any living room or kitchen. The clock even has a non-ticking second hand, which means no ticking wall clock and a silent sleeping environment or workspace. Save this gift idea on your "good" list of presents by ordering today! They’ll be reminded many times each day of their special relationship with your child when you give them this personalized rustic wooden clock which comes engraved with a touching message.

36. Christening Book Frame

This beautiful and sentimental book frame for photographs of a Christening will make this once-in-a-lifetime event all the more special. Now that your child’s godparent can enjoy a precious picture of this big day forever. Solidly built with the finest materials in craftsmanship and quality, the Christening book frame is a perfect gift for parents, godparents, or grandparents to cherish as they record their new little one's first steps into Christianity. An open book silhouette frame holds a 4x6 photo of the newborn. It also has a place for engraving a favorite Bible quote or their birth information.

37. Audio File Visual Wall Art Print

Celebrate whomever you love or honor in style, with these Audio File Visual Wall Art Prints! These striking art pieces are perfect for any music lover or parent to be. They are perfect if you have a favorite song you share or an audio clip of your baby’s heartbeat. You just need to upload the audio file. Then, a visual representation of the sound waves will be created for the print. Choose from 18 different texture styles. Plus, you can add a birthday date banner or special occasion message. Customize the wall art color; personalize it with an unforgettable recipient name. Turn this art print into a special gift that your godmother will cherish forever. You are sure to add some modern style to her home or be her favorite gift-giver with this totally customized and unique sound wave print.

We hope you enjoy this list of best personalized godparent gifts in 2021! It doesn't matter if your godparent is male or female because this collection has something for both. All the personalized gifts on our list range in price, so no matter how big or small your budget is, there’s sure to be a present that fits into it! We would love nothing more than to help you find the perfect gift and show them just how much they mean to us. Whether they’re celebrating a birthday, baptism, Christmas - we're confident that these presents will make any favorite Godparents feel loved and appreciated. Visit 64Hydro to find the best presents for your beloved christening sponsors!

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