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May 12, 2021 27 min read

personalized graduation gifts

It's never too early to start looking for the perfect graduation gifts for your friends or family members. This is a really exciting time in their lives. And you want to give them something that will represent the next step in their futures. It's tough to find a personalized gift that is both meaningful and affordable. So for this post, I have put together some of my favorite personalized gift ideas for 2021 grads of all ages and interests. Whether you want to get them a thoughtful present or just want something fun, we've got you covered with these best gifts!

Personalized College Graduation Gifts

College graduation is a milestone in every graduate's life that should be celebrated. As the class of 2021 is about to embark on their next chapter, it can be difficult for parents and friends to know what gifts are appropriate.

There are many ways that you can give your graduate an unforgettable gift they'll never forget. Here are just a few ideas. I'm sure they will greatly appreciate any gift that comes with a personal touch - just like they have appreciated all the love you've given them.

1. Personalized Graduation Banner

Personalized Graduation Banner

This elegant personalized banner is perfect for crowning your graduate's accomplishments. It features a chic black cursive script with one photo of choice, such as a college senior photo. There are many styles to choose from, and it arrives professionally printed on high-quality materials. That means you can spend less time shopping and more celebrating the accomplishment of your amazing graduate!

Show them that you are proud of their graduate with this customizable design!

2. 64hydro Graduation Water Tracker Bottle

64hydro Graduation Water Tracker Bottle

This gift is perfect for their graduation gathering! The 64hydro Personalized Graduation Water Tracker Bottle will stay with them on all their adventures, whether it's grad school, training seminars, internships, or job interviews. Not to mention they'll be able to take this bottle all around the world and keep track of how much water they've been sipping! A thoughtful graduation gift for the graduates in your life!

3. Personalized Graduation Bracelet

Personalized Graduation Bracelet

This personalized college gift is a stylish and thoughtful piece for the graduate. This delicate artisan jewelry in Timeless Stainless Steel is the perfect way for a graduate to wear their accomplishment on their wrist! It would make a wonderful birthday gift as well!

4. Personalized Graduation Necklace

Personalized Graduation Necklace

A beautiful and personalized way to commemorate the achievements of your loved one. This specially designed necklace features a classic graduation charm. You can add an inscription up to 16 characters long and the name or school’s mascot on either side. This whimsical creation is sure to be cherished by your graduate for life!

5. Personalized Snow Globe

Personalized Snow Globe

It’s time to celebrate your favorite grad with this Personalized Snow Globe. They deserve it, and everyone should see it! Let them know you’re proud of all they have accomplished by giving them this special snow globe. It features a zebra with a graduation cap in front of a banner that says “Congrats”. Engrave this keepsake snow globe with a name, date, and special message for an adorable way to display their accomplishments.

6. Personalized Photo Frame

Personalized Photo Frame

Ensure that your favorite graduate will never forget their big day - or you, for being there for them when they needed it most. This personalized college graduation gift is an elegant way to celebrate your graduation and their special day.

This black frame with two sides is a unique and stylish way to commemorate those times called "Then" and "Now." They'll always know just how much you cared about them on the day after graduation!

7. 2021 Graduate Personalized 3-Clip Frame

2021 Graduate Personalized 3-Clip Frame

Give the graduate a little something useful to display their favorite moments. Help them hang on to these memories with the 2021 Graduate Personalized 3-Clip Frame! This classy black wood frame has three clips for their best photos and is finished in beautiful gold lettering. It's a thoughtful way to let them know you're thinking of them no matter what stage they may be at in life.

8. Personalized 2021 Graduation Tassel Frame

Personalized 2021 Graduation Tassel Frame

This personalized college gift will be the perfect way to commemorate a person's big day. It features a black frame, gray paper matte, and has space for a 5 x 7 photo. This is the perfect way to let them take home marvelous memories of their day and look back on those unforgettable moments they shared. This also makes an amazing gift for grandparents or parents who want to commemorate such a big milestone in their child's life.

9. Personalized 2021 Graduation Key Chain

Personalized 2021 Graduation Key Chain

Commemorate that standout 2021 grad with this Personalized Graduation Key Chain. This charming personalized college graduation gift features a split ring, 2 gold-tone tags featuring the phrases “You Did It” and "Hooray," 1 black tag featuring "2021" at the center, and a gold-tone flat circle charm that is open for personalization. Show your graduate some love with any special message or their name to create a one-of-a-kind gift!

10. Personalized 2021 Graduation Spinning Frame

Personalized 2021 Graduation Spinning Frame

The Personalized 2021 Graduation Spinning Frame is a great way to commemorate your graduate's special big day. The spinner in this black and silver decor item has space for you to put their graduation photo on and is engraved with the year of their achievement. There are so many ways they'll love having it as a memento of an unforgettable moment!

11. Office Supply Leatherette Travel Set

Office Supply Leatherette Travel Set

They will never worry about traveling without all the staples with this Personalized Office Supply Leatherette Travel Set. With this case, they'll always have some basic office supplies to help with whatever comes their way at home, in the office, or while on the road.

Featuring a large zippered leatherette case with engraved brass plate, this kit includes mechanical pencils with graphite and lead refills, ballpoint pens, staples, paperclips, stapler, staple remover/letter opener, 12-cm ruler, and business card holder. The perfect travel companion for the busy on the go!

12. Graduate Spinning Star Frame

Graduate Spinning Star Frame

Memorialize your favorite graduate with our spinning star frame. Engrave the frame's outer border text and base with their name, date of graduation, or a special message to be remembered forever. The star-shaped piece comes with a rolling insert and an inspiring message makes it impossible for the grad not to smile when open the gift!

13. Gunmetal Skeleton Pocket Watch

Gunmetal Skeleton Pocket Watch

This stylish and unique pocket watch is a rare find. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion: graduation, Christmas, or even a wedding ceremony!

With its gunmetal finish and gold-tone mechanical movement, the stainless steel wristwatch makes a unique gift that will always be cherished. Include your engraving on the watch and on the lacquered wooden gift box, and you're sure to be remembered for years to come.

14. Brass 3 Tier Personalized Desk Organizer

Brass 3 Tier Personalized Desk Organizer

All their pens and paper clips in one handy location. This Desk Organizer is great for busy men and women who need all the extra help with organizing their desk when it’s cluttered with papers and unfinished projects.

This personalized gift can be engraved with any name of your choice. With some personal customization, think how happy he or she will be to find their name etched into this beautifully crafted organizer!

15. Waterman Expert Ballpoint Pen

Waterman Expert Ballpoint Pen

The Waterman Expert Ballpoint pen is perfect for celebrating graduations or promoting new jobs. The generous silhouette gives the pen a high-end, executive look while the ballpoint tip and dry ink writing fluid produce flawless lines. This finely crafted piece is impeccably made in France with palladium plated trimming and comes in a dark blue gift box.

16. Christian Art Gifts Brown Faux Leather Journal

Christian Art Gifts Brown Faux Leather Journal

This Brown Faux Leather Journal makes the perfect gift for loved ones, with a debossed scripture verse from Jeremiah 29:1. It features conveniently lined pages and an attached ribbon page marker. This journal cover is made of soft, quality man-made material imported from Italy and looks like leather.

17. 20 Piece Espresso Watch Box

20 Piece Espresso Watch Box

This personalized 18-inch by 12- inch by 3.25-inch box holds up to 20 watches and comes complete with soft velvet pillows that protect them from dust and damage. This two-drawer design is constructed of high-quality materials for durability. Help your graduate stay in style all year round by customizing the lid with a name or quote!

18. Butterfly Bracelet

"Spread Your Wings And Fly". This graduation charm bracelet with a butterfly makes the perfect gift for any Grad.

Choose the style and color you want and it is sure to add a little festivity to their graduation garb!

19. New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle

New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle

Celebrate a significant day by turning the front page of The New York Times into a satisfying puzzle for the graduate in your life.

Not only it makes them feel more accomplished and intelligent than they already do, but it will also provide challenging fun! It’s a great way to reduce stress and they will love to do the puzzle with their friends!

Personalized High School Graduation Gifts

How are you feeling about the end of your children’s or grandchildren's high school? Are you excited or sad to see them leave for college and start on their next chapter in life?

The perfect gift for a high school graduate is one that reflects their personality and interests. How can you choose the best graduation present? Personalized gifts are not only thoughtful, but they also show your support throughout the years of their life.

20. Personalized Graduation Blanket

Personalized Graduation Blanket

Whether you’re getting your start in a new city or looking for the perfect gift for your bright-eyed high school graduate, this personalized graduation velveteen plush blanket has you covered! Show them that they won’t be alone with their newfound independence by having it delivered right to their hands!

21. Personalized Graduation Card

Personalized Graduation Card

It’s never been easier to do your own custom card with this new collection of foil personalized cards.

The design process is quick, easy, and unlimited. There are endless ways you can make it uniquely his by choosing from a wide range of fonts and your favorite photos. Different occasions can be easily sorted for all the perfect personalization disguised in a variety of themes — from weddings to birthdays, graduations to Christmas! You get that one-of-a-kind creation that matches exactly what they need!

22. Personalized Graduation Card Box

This box is the perfect size to hold all your grad's cards and messages from his or her friends and family! The surprising color combination makes this graduation card holder classy and festive, just like the graduate!

This gift for graduates measures 12in per side which means it can hold plenty of wishes for a long time! All you need to do is fold the box closed as shown in the instruction manual then apply glue between each flap. Once dried, these glue tabs will keep this graduation card holder securely shut all the time!

23. Personalized Graduation Teddy Bear

Personalized Graduation Teddy Bear

The most adorable gift ever! Show your graduate how much you care with this Personalized Graduation Bear. So soft, stuffed, and so delicate. It'll be perfect to snuggle up with at night or take on their college adventures. Every detail is handcraft! The materials are top-of-the-line, making sure that each bear is fluffy and cuddly in all the right places - even when they get a little icky.

For anyone looking to put a smile on someone’s face, getting them this customized Graduate Bear Plush toy will do the trick.

24. Personalized Bracelet Cuff

Personalized Bracelet Cuff

These elegant personalized graduation cuff bracelets will be the perfect touch for your grad party! No two are alike, and your recipient is sure to love filling these blank spaces with their own personal choice of word and color that's dear to their heart!

There are so many options for fonts, colors, and sizes, so anyone can find what they're looking for in a perfect graduation gift! They'll receive a high-quality product that will last for ages!

25. Personalized Leather Journal Notebook

Personalized Leather Journal Notebook

Would you like the person in your life to be creative, witty, and engaging? Do they also need a little more motivation or organization? Your search is over! This personal journal is a thoughtful gift idea for anyone who appreciates loyalty. With 160 pages of high-quality lined paper and your words of choice printed on the cover, this is perfect for quickly jotting down any thoughts that come into mind.

Perfect personalized high school graduation gifts!

26. "The Sky is the Limit" Keychain

"The Sky is the Limit" Keychain

If you're looking for a graduation gift that can't be forgotten, this sky-themed keychain is perfect! It features the best parts of the natural world - from stars and moon to clouds. This gorgeous, touching gift comes with one tassel in your choice of color. It’s the perfect way to keep their graduation memories close and bright! The Sky is the Limit with this adorable gift.

27. Personalized Bar Bracelet

Personalized Bar Bracelet

The Personalized Bar Bracelet is a classic gift that anyone would love to receive. It's not just for the grad with his or her high school diploma, but also for the grads who are retiring soon! Whatever the occasion, this graduation gift will show that you care about their accomplishments. And they'll be able to keep those memories close. The stainless steel letter beads can be customized with initials or favorite words of choice, so your grad knows how special she or he truly is to you.

Wrap your grad in a personal and stylish way with this personalized high school graduation gift. It's adjustable for that perfect fit and is made to order!

28. Adidas Defender II Duffel Bag

Adidas Defender II Duffel Bag

The Adidas Defender II Duffel Bag is the perfect Graduation Gift that will make your loved one stand out in the crowd!

This personalized, imported graduation gift is perfect for the grads that graduate with honors. It's made of 100% polyester and has upgraded features like reinforced ripstop material to stand up to wear and tear. The outer pocket interior includes a zippered compartment, ideal for things like ID cards or credit cards. The end pockets have designated space for branding (so your graduate can show off their accomplishment!), while still providing enough room to pack clothes. Consider getting them some new kicks as well, so they can stay fresh!

29. Men's Crewneck Sweatshirt

With this elegant 50% cotton, 50% polyester blend sweatshirt, your grad will be able to wear their team colors proudly with the screen printed full chest centered Falcons graphic.

This sweatshirt runs true to size on a men's apparel sizing scale. The traditional relaxed fit means it is comfortable and of high quality!

30. 64hydro Graduation Water Tracker Bottle

64hydro Graduation Water Tracker Bottle

This Graduation Gift could help keep your grad hydrated throughout his or her celebrations! Our Water Tracker Bottle is made from high-quality BPA-Free Tritan Plastic. It also has time markers, so it can measure and monitor water intake progress. Water can reduce stress too, so this bottle is definitely a great gift for this occasion!

31. Graduation Gift Box

Graduation Gift Box

Chic and crafty, this keepsake gift box is perfect for all of those graduating seniors. It comes filled with luxurious items that they won’t be able to find in their bookstore!

Wow your favorite grad with this personalized high school graduation gift! The Graduation Gift Box features a stylish black-and-white-on-gold hue tailored to their new post-high school lifestyle. What can be a better way to congratulate your favorite grad than with a graduation gift box?

32. Personalized Graduation Bag

Personalized Graduation Bag

The personalized graduation bag is the perfect gift for that high school grad in your life. With its sleek black zipper and natural beige color, this bag has a 9 5/8" x 7 5/8" size which is perfect for carrying all her beauty products!

Give them something special by giving them this personalized graduation bag.

33. Guitar Pick Graduation Gift

Guitar Pick Graduation Gift

This product is ideal for a loved one who is about to graduate. The Class Of 2021 Guitar Pick can be engraved with the recipient’s name, making it the perfect thoughtful gift to commemorate the occasion. This guitar pick will not rust, tarnish or turn skin green. Made from high-quality hypoallergenic stainless steel and an original design by Sierra Metal Design in the USA, it is designed to last a lifetime!

34. Student Cat Necklace

Student Cat Necklace

Get your holly-jolly paws on the purr-fect graduation gift this year. Buy this personalized high school graduation gift, Student Cat Necklace, and it'll be there with your favorite grad every step of the way in years to come.

He or she'll be delighted when they see the face and design of this necklace - make them remember that they're always loved!

35. Custom docking station

Custom docking station

The Docking Station is the perfect way to help your favorite grad stay organized and in touch. The sleek design fits any desk, nightstand, or countertop.

Whether it's for yourself or someone else as a high school graduation gift, this Docking Station is the perfect way to keep all those cell phone accessories tidy up. Never again will their delicate sunglasses get scratched because of some keys or coins in their pockets.

36. Homesick Scented Candle

Homesick Scented Candle

It's time for your graduate to say goodbye to high school. They should be ready for what lies ahead: college applications, choosing majors, new friendships.

If they need to move and are afraid of getting homesick, you can always give them this Homesick Scented Candle. They will be able to enjoy the sweet scent of their home city that they’ve spent all their lives there.

37. Stylish and organized graduate: Customized leather tray for high students

Customized leather tray for high students
Stylish and organized graduates: This leather tray is the perfect-personalized high school graduation gift for any graduate. You can customize it with your grad’s name, class year, the seal of their university. In fact, we love to see schools show love for their graduating seniors by giving these out as personalized gifts during senior skip day! It's the perfect accessory that will always keep them organized and ready for when they head off into the real world. It would be a thoughtful graduation gift to show your love with any high school students.

Personalized Graduation Gifts for Him

For the sons, grandsons, nephews, fathers, husbands, brothers, or uncles in your life who are graduating from high school or college, it's difficult to know what kind of gift to get them. It's a big moment for both you and him, so you want something that will be memorable - but at the same time not break the bank!

A personalized graduation gift is always a great idea. It shows how much you care about him as an individual. We've done the work and found some great options that we think will make any graduate happy.

38. Ileather Case

Ileather Case

This personalized leather case is a sweet gift that makes his graduation memorable. It's handcrafted and made of 100% high-quality certified top grain cowhide leather with vegetable-tanned soft edges for added durability. You can customize this with the initials of your choice to make it even more special!

39. Cozy Custom Hoodie

Cozy Custom Hoodie

Is your grad heading to college and needing a graduation gift that will remind him of home? Keep him warm with these customizable hoodies! Who knows, maybe a cozy Personalized Cozy Hoodie can be just what he needs for in those chilly nights when he’s studying late.

We all remember the nerves that went into graduation, setting up for commencement, and looking back on our time at school. This personalized hoodie can help him figure out who he is in a whole new place!

So whether it’s celebrating how hard work pays off or showing their pride in their newfound home of higher learning, these one-of-a-kind sweatshirts make a great gift idea for new alumni.

40. Personalized Bluetooth Speaker

Personalized Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker is perfect for the grad who is always on the go. Whether he’s in a music club, on vacation, or sitting around with friends at a concert, he’ll be able to hear the song of his choice and sing along as loud as he wants! The mini speakers are rechargeable and deliver great sound quality for him to enjoy.

Make this personalized graduation gift one that he’ll never forget!

41. Personalized Wooden Headphone Stand

Personalized Wooden Headphone Stand

A thoughtful gift for any of your high school and college grads! This handmade wooden headphone stand is perfect to store all his headsets so that he can find them at a glance. Personalize it with the person's name along with any custom design to make this an unforgettable graduation present!

42. Single Cup Coffee Maker

Single Cup Coffee Maker

The Single Cup Coffee Maker is the perfect graduation gift for him! The single cup coffee maker by Keurig K-Cup makes fun, fast, and freshly brewed coffee in less than five minutes. Stylish and compact, it fits in any kitchen or office to create his favorite caffeinated beverage.

43. Personalized Photo Book

Personalized Photo Book

Is your graduate moving off to college or work? Well, then this personalized photo book is for him! You can create a priceless book packed with memories of the past while not taking up too much room. The bright white pages are covered in black ink, making every picture pop.

It's an awesome present that will give him many years of laughter and happiness with close thoughts of memories from home.

44. Bottle Bullet

Bottle Bullet

It's not just any bottle opener. These are once-fired military bullet casings, and they're 100% handmade in the USA. The best part of all, you can also customize each with your loved one’s name for an extra special touch. He'll be delighted to receive one with his own name or initials on each bottle bullet. Every time he opens a beer for himself (or anyone else!) he will think of your thoughtful gesture from miles away!

45. Pack & Go

Pack & Go

It’s time to get his toiletries organized with this Pack & Go DOPP Kit! Made of 100% genuine cow leather, the interior is waterproof. Get it personalized for that extra special touch by adding his initials on top, so he can carry all his essentials in style wherever life takes him.

46. Insulated Water Bottle with Straw Lid

64hydro Insulated Water Bottle with Straw Lid

This 64hydro 32 oz water bottle is made from 18/8 stainless steel and double-wall insulated! It comes powder coated in a variety of colors. Each bottle is packaged in its own box with 1 wide mouth lid and 1 straw that are perfect for sipping on the go. Hand-washing is recommended to keep it looking new.

47. Personalized Power Bank

Personalized Power Bank

If you’re looking for that perfect gift for the person who is always on their phone, this Personalized Portable Phone Charger is it. They can keep one easily accessible in their pocket or purse when they need it - just plug it into another device to charge! Whether he is at work, in school, in the car, or traveling, this charger is always with him. No more worrying about those close calls when the battery was running low.

48. Personalized Mini Hockey Stick

Personalized Mini Hockey Stick

Give your hockey star the one thing he's always dreamed of - his very own, personalized mini hockey stick! This original gift will be different from any other. No matter what name or number you choose to engrave on this mini hockey stick, it will clearly show off his dedication to the game he loves so much. It's great for any player, coach, or fan that had an awesome season!

49. Personalized Baseball

Personalized Baseball

Graduation is a day he’ll never forget. It's a celebration of everything he’s done to make it this far, and he deserves this perfect gift. No need to fret if he hasn’t told you what he wants. With this personalized baseball, all you have to do is remember their name! These laser engraved personalized balls are made with care for each individual. They'll be an irreplaceable part of your grad's life. This ball holds so much sentimental value as they keep memories close at hand on those days when nostalgia calls him back.

50. Personalized Tailgate Cooler

Personalized Tailgate Cooler

Personalize this cooler for a guy on any occasion! The personalized Functional Tailgate Cooler is the perfect gift for getting ready to tailgate, packed with versatility and convenience. It has plenty of room to hold drinks and snacks. And it's very sturdy which means he can use it as a chair when party time rolls around. This cooler makes an awesome gift for any guys on their graduation day!

51. Custom Notepad

Custom Notepad

Most grads need a notepad to help them stay organized. A custom notepad is the perfect subtle gift. That’s why it’s important to get this Graduation Gift for Him! Help your grad stay on top of his new responsibilities with an 18-sheet custom notepad that can be personalized with texts and colors. Once they graduate from high school and college, let them know you believe in their future by giving this elegant but practical notepad gift.

With this gift, whenever he is writing down a to-do list of assignments or things he needs to buy at the grocery store, he will be reminded how grateful he should feel to have a loved one like you!

52. State Series footballs

State Series footballs

From the durable leather grip to the laser engraved map of America, this Football is a great gift for your graduate. Based on the original Handsome Dan Football, it features an outline from all 50 states, making it perfect for Graduation Gift! You can pick which State you would like branded on each one or let them choose their own.

Every football fan can take pride in seeing their state and team logo etched on this Leather Head Series ball! It's iconic enough to be played by a baby and tough enough to be thrown downfield by Joe Montana himself!

53. Custom Basketball Book

Custom Basketball Book

Celebrate his college education with a truly unique graduation gift. He'll thank you forever if you surprise him with this Basketball book made and customized by The New York Times. Because who doesn't fantasize about reading newspaper clippings all day?

This keepsake will be treasured by him, whether he’s chilling out at home or on his own flagship courtside seats.

54. Personalized Sound Wave Print

Personalized Sound Wave Print

Customize any phrase he likes with this personalized sound wave gift. It's never too late to create a special gift for your high-flying graduate. Give him something that will look really cool. It'll look much better than those car posters he was planning to hang on his wall and make him feel just as special as he is!

55. Personalized Amp Doormat

Personalized Amp Doormat

If your guy's apartment is just a place to sleep, then you may be stumped for gift ideas. Something like this Personalized Amp Doormat will make your grad’s life more enjoyable!

Sophisticated and one-of-a-kind, this will make your grad feel at home. If he doesn’t want to set it right by the front door, he can always be creative with where to put it! He'll also never forget to wipe his feet now!

56. Personalized Photo Blanket

Personalized Photo Blanket

Give your grad something he'll never forget with this cozy personalized photo blanket to snuggle up in. With double-sided printing, he can enjoy their cherished memories on one side and then flip it over for a fun evening with his favorite pets. Available in three sizes, you're sure to find a perfect fit no matter how big or small your gift needs are.

57. The Alpha Throw: All Smiles

The Alpha Throw: All Smiles

Are you tired of gifting the same thing over and over again? You don't have to spend hundreds on a new comforter set. You can get a personalized blanket for your favorite person's graduation that they'll love like CRAZY!

This is a personalized throw blanket that will spice up his bedroom with one-of-a-kind, custom prints! A thoughtful and timeless gift that will make him feel so special about his journey from school to adult life. Help him celebrate by throwing out all the bedding in his room and give him this blanket he'll be flipping over for years.

Personalized Graduation Gifts for Her

If you're looking for a unique gift to give your daughter, granddaughter, niece, mother, wife, sister, or aunt on her graduation day, then look no further. Personalized gifts are always the best and this collection will delight any woman in your life. We've got everything she needs!

58. Portable Photo Printer

Portable Photo Printer

Are you looking for a graduation gift idea for your best friend, sister, or daughter? HP Sprocket is the perfect product to make sure that this milestone in their life is always remembered. It has incredible features so that they can print and share memories of their favorite moments all from one printing device!

She survived long nights studying, late-night pizzas, and all those early morning classes. She deserves a break! Get her one for graduation. And make sure she'll remember it forever with the HP Sprocket Photo Printer.

Designed to fit in any small purse or pocket, the HP Sprocket Photo Printer creates 2 x 3-inch snapshots of every fun-filled moment she wants to keep right on demand. They may be spontaneous moments with friends or vibrant professional shots from high school photo class. This portable photo printer lets her print photos from her smartphone or tablet as easily as she posts them — and almost anywhere.

59. Graduation Necklace

Graduation Necklace

A thoughtful way to say “Congratulations!”, this customized bracelet features a meaningful message that inspires your grad. Every word on the necklace is selected by you. That means every graduation you celebrate with this sentimental jewelry becomes an event truly unique to its wearer. Whether she graduates from high school or college - the personalized message will follow so many milestones in their lives. It'll add another colorful layer of meaning behind every accomplishment. This keepsake can match any color dress at her big commencement ceremony!

60. Leather Portfolio

Leather Portfolio

This Leather Padfolio Portfolio is the perfect gift for her. It will keep all her essential items together while looking stylish and chic. For the girl on the move, this is a super-smart gift. It has slots for business cards, pens, and notepads, so she can keep her work with her wherever she goes.

Giving this amazing organizer to someone is the right move if you want to make them feel valued at work, college, or in life. This is a classy (and spacious) graduation present that will be cherished forever!

61. Personalized bracelet

Personalized bracelet

Graduation is a special time. To make it extra special for your lovely grad, give her this personalized bracelet. The handmade beadwork and heartfelt message will make it a piece of jewelry that she will cherish forever.

62. Personalized Life Planner

Personalized Life Planner

What about a life planner? For the woman who wants to make every day count, get one of these personalized planners. Not only does this planner have room for her schedule and goals, but it also has a space that's ready for capturing moments with friends.

This planner is everything she needs to keep track of her future to come. With 18 months’ worth of beautifully lined pages, there are countless ways to personalize this special keepsake with photos and memories to bring back lots of happy moments every time she looks at it!

63. Personalized Champagne Milestone Vase

Personalized Champagne Milestone Vase

This personalized vase is designed out of a champagne bottle and can be made for any year. Your graduate will remember her big day every time she gets fresh flowers. And you can present it on your loved one’s graduation day to make this gift very personal. This piece looks elegant enough that this could be an option as well for a wedding or anniversary celebration! If you are running low on creativity in finding the right gift, give this personalized vase idea a try!

Give it along with a bottle of bubbly, and it’s certain to be appreciated whether she graduated from high school or college!

64. Photo Hanging Set

Photo Hanging Set

This gorgeous photo wall hanger is the perfect addition to any space for your girl who is going away to college. It was designed especially for her and will make any place feel homey. She can always look at it to remember the day when she graduated from school and started living life on her terms!

65. Inspirational Custom Coordinates Necklace

Inspirational Custom Coordinates Necklace

This Wanderlust necklace is a special gift for any woman who has or will be graduating. The necklace comes in gold, silver, or rose gold plating that complements the compass pendant. It gives your grad something elegant to celebrate with.

Celebrate her accomplishment by gifting her this beautiful piece of jewelry that represents the start of an adventure filled with love, laughter, and all things wonderful. Make her feel special and loved on one of the most memorable days of her life!

66. 64hydro Personalized Coffee Mugs

64hydro Personalized Coffee Mugs

Show your grad some love with a personalized mug that will have them feel awesome. This mug is a perfect addition to every kitchen for catching morning coffee or afternoon tea. The design of the gift will make her smile because she knows exactly who made it just for her!

67. Personalized Pendant Necklace

Personalized Pendant Necklace

No matter what career path she chooses, the personalized pendant necklace for grads will remind her to keep reaching for her dreams. The design is a classic fairy unicorn image. Your graduate's name will be engraved on a silver heart charm. With a youthful feel, this elegant gift allows your graduate to wear it with pride both day and night! She will treasure it always!

68. Mirrored Glass Music Box

Mirrored Glass Music Box

This stunning, sparkling mirror will complement any décor and delight any recipient with its captivating beauty! The mirrored glass is beveled and surrounded by floral engraving. This musical instrument makes a beautiful gift for the special graduate in your life with her name engraved on a gleaming heart charm.

This is very different from the average graduation gift. You're giving them something really special. Your grad will go from tears of joy to laughter in an instant just by listening to the music box playfully tinkle away as she walks by it daily!

69. Floral Rose Bear

Floral Rose Bear

For the woman who needs a gentle reminder of her emotional, physical, and spiritual value, here's a rose bear to give her joy in the grad times ahead! Whether she needs a little inspiration or just wants to express gratitude for what she has achieved so far, this special graduation gift is sure to make her feel loved.

Let this little rosebud bear show how devoted you are on your grad's big day!

70. Musical Glitter Globe

Musical Glitter Globe

This Musical Glitter Globe Graduation Gift is the perfect way to send your wishes and congratulations to a special graduate. This musical glass globe is etched with her name and commencement year on its surface. All she needs to do is to shake it up to watch as their wish gems fall from the center to the bottom of the sphere and make an instant statement gift!

71. 2021 Penny Graduation Keychain

2021 Penny Graduation Keychain

This adorable penny graduation keychain is the perfect gift for you to give to your favorite grad. She will absolutely love the personalized touch on this gift of sentimental value. Choose to have it engraved with a timeless quote or just the year she graduated from high school or college. Either way, this penny graduation gift will bring back memories of her days at school every time she sees her keys dangling from them!

You'll both cherish every moment spent together throughout this major transition in life, which is made easier by having a customizable item like this Personalized Penny Graduation Keychain!

72. Inspirational T-Shirt

Inspirational T-Shirt

Graduation is such a big, exciting day for graduates. It's their celebration of the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. And what better way to commemorate this special day than with an inspirational message? Make your graduate feel fearless with this inspirational T-shirt. Featuring a motivational quote, this shirt evokes hope on graduation day and the future to come. If they're looking to conquer something new - or need a bit of encouragement to be brave - this is the perfect gift!

73. Personalized Travel Wallet

Personalized Travel Wallet

This is the best present for your grad! The perfect personalized wallet to help her start the transition to her own independence! It's one of the most practical presents you could buy. With your choice of color, font, lettering, and design, this wallet is an instant classic. After all, this is an exciting time in anyone’s life and one they will remember always. A product like this can help with so many tasks in her future, from traveling, working to motherhood.

A great gift for someone graduating from high school or college. Say goodbye to buying them generic holders and hello to giving them something they’ll use every day!

74. Photo Pillows

Photo Pillows

This is the perfect unique gift for any girl leaving home for college or work! With monograms, photo collages, or a picture of her pup, a custom pillow is always a great touch to a dorm room or student’s first apartment. It will remind her how much she is loved by her family and friends.

75. Custom Socks

Custom Socks

Cute funny custom socks always make a great graduation gift! Imagine the happiness she feels when she realizes that you have given her personalized clothes for their big day that she can use all year. Printed with messages like "Sister of the Year" and "Rockstar Grad", there's no better way to commemorate this special occasion than giving her some new clothes she won't get sick of anytime soon.

76. Hanging Canvas Prints

Hanging Canvas Prints

Show your new grad how proud and excited you are for her with the perfect gift that she can carry right into her dorm room. Hang a canvas print on the wall of her favorite scene or moment in life to create a living memory!

We all know that college can be a tough time in any girl’s life. This one-of-a-kind gift is a perfect complement for every graduate's college dorm decorating needs throughout their four years there. Give her something to get excited about by gifting a set of prints with special moments you have shared together. Help pack up those bittersweet memories to take with her on her first day at university. Remind her how much she is loved each time she enters her dorm room!

77. Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle

A personalized reminder of all their achievements and potential, this custom bottle of wisdom is the best way to say congrats! The handmade bottles illustrate that you believe in your grad and know they can do anything they set their mind to. Each bottle card is personally handwritten with motivational quotes.

Personalized Graduation Gifts FAQs

This last section is to answer some of the most common questions about personalized graduation gifts, and what they're all about!

1. Are gifts necessary at graduation?

Well, that depends on how close they are to you! If they invited you personally or were in your wedding party then yes, go ahead and give something thoughtful and practical. But don't feel obligated either way, maybe some acknowledgment is enough.

Some families don't celebrate graduations. So if you only get an announcement and live far away from the graduate, then just a small gift is enough. Use your judgment based on how close you are with them and their family. Generally, gifts for preschoolers, kindergarten, elementary school, or even middle school kids aren’t necessary (although they're appreciated). Although these students have reached some significant milestones in education at this point in life - it's important to remember that most children still have plenty more growing left ahead; thus many will continue living under parental supervision until adulthood sets in.

Gift-giving should be based on the milestone. Those graduating from high school or college usually have limited budgets, and appreciate thoughtful gifts on their new life paths.

2. How are graduation gifts different from gifts for other occasions?

Graduation — regardless of whether it is high school or college — is a one-time event that an individual gets only once in their life. It is an achievement that encapsulates the end of one stage in life and the start of the next.

3. What's the right amount to spend on a graduation gift?

Consider the budget you have, what they did to achieve their graduation, and what your relationship is with them.

Listen, every grad is different, and they will appreciate a graduation gift differently. You can't go wrong with spending less than $100 on an appropriate present for them if your budget is tight. But there are also some great ideas for higher-priced gifts too!

A $15-$25 gift can be appropriate for siblings, distant relatives, and friends. However, you may wish to spend more if you are celebrating college graduates, because their achievement is more memorable. But don’t feel obligated to go over your budget.

The cost of graduation gifts for aunts, uncles, grandparents, and godparents may range from $30 to $50 per person. But close friends, relatives, and mentors may spend more, and that's okay!

Graduation is a great time for family and friends to get together. It's not about spending as much money on the senior in your life. It’s more important that you're there with them, cheering their accomplishments.

4. Would cash be an acceptable gift?

Many colleges, high school, and university graduates would like a cash gift because they can use it for much-needed items in their dorm room or for their first home. Pair it with a personalized card for a more heartfelt impact.

In most cases, middle schoolers and younger graduates don’t need cash. It is better to get a smaller gift in these circumstances, or sometimes they don’t require a gift at all.

5. Which graduation gifts are recommended?

My goal with every gift is to give something with meaning. They should be something with an inspirational message, or something connected to the individual that he or she will want to keep. There are tons of gifting ideas for you to choose from above!

personalized college graduation gifts

We know that when it comes to graduation, you want to give a gift your loved one will treasure for the rest of their life. You don’t want to buy a generic graduation present for your friend or loved one. That’s why we have compiled this list of personalized gifts sure to make any graduate feel special and appreciated. Not only can we help with the best kind of graduate gift to give someone graduating from college or high school this year, but also graduations coming up in 2022! Shop now for the perfect present today - there's no better time than right before they get their diploma!

What is your favorite? Let us know by commenting below!

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