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June 24, 2021 18 min read

We all know that grandparents are the best. They spoil us rotten, give us advice when we need it most, and offer unconditional love no matter what. We always want to give our beloved grandparents the best in the world. However, grandma and grandpa only want one thing as a gift: time with their grandchildren. Whenever that is not an option, the next best thing is anything that reminds them of their grandkids, or of good times they spent together. What better way to show them love than a personalized gift? We have gathered some best personalized grandparents gifts to help you show how much they're loved by the younger generation. All can be personalized with names, dates, important places, or photos. The ideas range from practical to sentimental. On top of covering a diverse range of interests, the custom gifts below come at every price point, making it even easier to find the right thing for the new grandparents in your life.

Personalized Gifts for New Grandparents

There are hardly any things in life that will bring someone as much joy as becoming a grandparent. You should seize the opportunity to gift them something that will remind them of that beautiful day. This ceramic mug features a unique design that celebrates the birth of their grandchild. On the front side of the mug, there is a message that reads “Promoted to grandparents” surrounded by hearts. Above the message, there are a couple of baby feet, and below it, you can place the year when they became grandparents. This unique and personalized gift is perfect for the occasion!

This wine tumbler is a perfect gift for a couple that recently became grandparents. It has a classy design, shaped like a frame of an old picture. On the front side, there is the message that reads: “Pairs well with becoming grandparents, congratulations” below the message, there is a designated framed spot for you to place their names in, making this gift unique and personalized. Be the first one to congratulate new grandparents with this classy gift that they will surely appreciate! Becoming a grandparent is a memorable experience, and gifting this to someone who just became one will make that day even more memorable!

This unique and personalized ceramic mug is surely something that will put a smile on your grandparent's faces. It has an interesting design, featuring a background that looks like it's made out of wooden planks. On the front side, there is a simple message that reads “Best grandparents ever” above which is a pair of mustaches. The front side has a picture frame on it, and in that picture frame, you can place an image of your grandparents. Below the image, there is a designated space for you to put their names, separated with a small heart, making this gift unique and personalized. Make sure to get your grandparents this mug, and let them know they are the best ever!

This kind of heartwarming message on a classy designed gift never goes unnoticed. Gift your parents this heart-shaped ornament, and share with them the joy of having a new baby in the family. The ornament has two sides, and on the back side, there is a message that reads, “The only thing better than having you as parents, is our baby having you as grandparents” making it clear that you believe they are the best parents you could have, and that your baby will have the best grandparents in the world. On the front side, there is space for two names, separated by a blue heart, designed for you to place your parents’ names there. Gift them this ornament, and make sure that they know how much you love them!

This kind of heart-shaped ornament is something that every grandparent wants to hang on their Christmas tree. On the back side, it has a message, surrounded by roses, that says, “Something magical happens when parents turn into grandparents”. On the front side, there is a designated space for you to put a year when they became grandparents, making this ornament a truly unique and personalized gift. Gift them this ornament, and you can enjoy together the fact that they are not just parents anymore, they are grandparents! Trust us, when the new grandparents get this ornament, it’ll be the first one they put on their Christmas tree!

Personalized Gifts for Grandma

This ornament sends a powerful and important message that every grandma needs to hear. The front side carries the message that reads, “Grandma’s love knows no distance” meaning that even if you live separately, her love for her grandchildren is not diminished by miles that hold you apart. The design of the ornament features a couple of butterflies and scattered wrapped gifts on the bottom. The back side has a similar design with a designated spot for you to place her name. Gift your grandma this ornament, and you can be sure that when you visit, it will be hanging on her Christmas tree!

This kind of stainless steel tumbler is something that every grandma wants to have! It has a flamboyant design, featuring white roses covered in glitter, and an interesting design choice, that makes the letters on it look like pearls. On the front side, there is a message that states “Best grandma ever”, and on the back side, there is a designated spot for you to put her name. The best thing about this tumbler is that you can change the word ‘grandma’ in the message into any nickname that you have for her, making this gift personalized and truly unique. Gift your grandma this tumbler and let her know that she is the best ever!

This unique stainless steel tumbler is something that every grand grandma needs to have. The front side carries a message that reads, “You put the great in great grandma”, meaning that she is someone you admire and love. On the back side, there is a designated spot for you to place her name above the “awesome grandma nutrition facts”. These facts serve to present all of her virtues, including unconditional love, caring, and hard work. Gift your grand grandma this tumbler, and make sure that she knows how much you appreciate everything she has done for you!

Personalized Gifts for Grandpa

This stainless steel tumbler is something that every grandpa wishes to have! It has a unique and rustic design, made to look like a wooden barrel. The front site is written a message of “World’s best grandpa”. On the other side of the tumbler, there is a designated space for you to put his name, making this a unique and personalized gift. The top side of the tumbler also carries a message that says, “Crackin’s beers - crackin’s jokes,” meaning that your grandpa enjoys both the beer and the occasional joke. Gift this barrel-themed tumbler to your grandpa and make sure that he knows that he is the world’s best grandpa!

This stainless steel tumbler is truly something special on our list. It features an interesting design with a dark background. On the front side there is the text that reads "Legend. Husband. Daddy. Grandpa.". Below each word there is a designated space for you to place a year when your grandpa was born, married, became father, and later grandfather. That makes this tumbler so unique. The front side of the tumbler has a drawing of an old man with a long, white beard and golden sunglasses. You can place your grandpa's name, further personalizing this gift. Get your grandpa this stainless steel tumbler, and make sure that he will always use it to drink his coffee or tea!

This interestingly designed ceramic mug might just be the perfect gift that you were looking for. It has a unique design, making it look like it’s made out of wooden planks. On the front side, there is an inscription that reads: “Pops [noun] the definition for a man with grandkids who is more intelligent, good-looking and fun than normal grandads”. In continuation of the message, it says, “See Also” and then the spot for you to place his name, making this gift personalized and special. Make sure your pops know how much you appreciate him by gifting him this mug!

Personalized Grandparent Gifts for Christmas

What a special gift that any grandparents would like to get on Christmas! This doormat sends a very important message that states the following: “There’s no place like Nanny & Papa’s house”. That means there is no place where you feel more comfortable and at home than the house of your grandparents. This heartwarming message is something that will surely bring a smile to your grandparents' faces. The doormat is also decorated with a couple of snowmen, standing cheerily next to Christmas trees, holding wrapped presents. Gift your grandparents this doormat and make sure that they know how much you like visiting them!

This unique and personalized ornament is something that all grandparents wish to get on Christmas. On the front side of the ornament, is a message that reads: “Side by side, or miles apart, grandparents are forever close to your heart”, meaning that even if there is a great distance between you and your grandparents, your love for them is always strong. The message is also decorated with Christmas tree branches and mistletoe. On the back side, you can place a photograph of yourself with your grandparents, making this gift personalized and unique just for them. Get this ornament for your grandparents, and make sure they know that you always keep them in your heart!

This item is similar to the last entry on our list, and it also carries an important and powerful message. On the front side the inscription reads “Between the earth and the sky above, nothing can match a grandparent’s love” meaning that nothing in the world holds as much value to you as their love and support. The back side is decorated with the shapes of snowmen, deer, and Christmas trees. In the middle, you can place a photo of you with your grandparents, making this gift personalized and unique. Make sure to gift your grandparents this ornament for Christmas and let them know how much you appreciate their love and support!

Personalized Grandparent Gifts for Their Anniversary

This ornament is truly a unique and special way to congratulate your grandparents on the many years of marriage that they put behind them. On the front side of the ornament, there is an inscription that states “60 years together” combined with a couple of hearts and some gem-looking circles. Keep in mind that the number of years can be changed to match your grandparents’ actual anniversary. Give your grandparents this ornament as an anniversary gift and let them know how much you admire them for making it together for so long!

This soy wax candle brings with it an important message that any long-term couple needs to see. On the front side of the candle jar is the inscription that says: “Annoying each other for 50 years and still going strong”. Even though the marriage can sometimes have hard times and rough patches, they are still in love with each other as much as they were the first day. Keep in mind that the number of years can be changed to match your grandparents’ actual anniversary. Gift them this soy wax candle, and make sure that they know how much you admire their perseverance and the fact that they kept their marriage working after all those years!

This heart-shaped ornament is something that anyone would love to get on their anniversary. It is decorated with a unique design featuring flower arrangements on the edges of the ornament. On the back side, there is a message that reads “Just married - 50 years ago”, meaning that even though their marriage started so long ago, they still feel like it was yesterday. Keep in mind that the number of years can be changed to match your grandparents’ actual anniversary. The front side of the ornament has a drawing of a truck that is driving away, and in the back, there are bouquets of colorful flowers. Gift your grandparents this ornament for their anniversary and remind them that no matter how old they are, they feel young in heart!

Other Recommendations For You

Personalized Gifts for New Grandparents

Just like getting married and becoming a parent, it is a milestone in life to become a grandparent for the first time. If you know someone about to welcome their first grandchild, you may have instinctively searched for a gift to commemorate the occasion. But what exactly do you get for folks who have been parents, but have not yet been grandparents?

In order to assist you, the following collection of personalized gifts for expecting grandparents can help you choose a thoughtful gift. Whether you’re just revealing the news or want to give a soon-to-be Grandma and Grandpa something to make the wait go by faster, they’ll be sure to enjoy these gifts.

Going to be Grandparents Puzzle

Congratulations! It's a new baby on the way! Get grandparents ready for this exciting news by giving them the personalized Puzzle. The sprawl of the puzzle can be one word or many words: "Grandparents," "Great grandparents," etc. Wonderfully fun and thoughtful gift idea! This is the perfect way to tell your much-loved expecting grandparents about a cheeky surprise in store for them. "You're going to be grandparents!"

Personalized Shirt for Grandparents

You’ve never dressed so ready for love. These personalized t-shirts are the perfect gift for new grandparents to commemorate their anniversary of becoming a grandparent. These customizable tees display the grandparent’s chosen title—Nana, Mimi, Grandad, or anything else—and the year they became one. You can choose from 10 fabric colors, such as peach, white, black... as well as five text colors, such as rose gold, silver, black, white, and gold. Make these precious moments even more memorable with matching clothing and picture day.

64Hydro Personalized Water Tracker Bottle

Giving the new grandma and grandpa this sleek and stylish water tracker bottle which will save her worries in the future. First, it comes beautifully personalized with a heartfelt message from you or another family member. Second, time markers make drinking water effortless and enjoyable for everyone. Through this thoughtful personalized gift, she will be able to keep her health in good hands and remember your love every day.

Personalized Calendar

Let's be real - grandparents are the superfans of all children. The ones who keep every handprint and heart-felt card in a box, just for them. We've got the perfect gift to make their (and your) life even merrier: help with planning! Fill these planners with photos of their grandchild. So, they can say good morning to little Calvin while they put a cup of coffee on and read through work e-mails. They'll smile every single day looking at this lovely calendar!

Personalized Gifts for Grandma

Considering your grandma seems to have everything they need and asks for nothing more than your love, it's natural that shopping for them can be challenging. It is, however, a great idea to surprise your grandma with a wonderful gift to show your affection and brighten her day.

Thus, we've put together a list of the best personalized gifts for grandma. You will find a lot of cute personalized gifts here that will make her smile. With these personalized gifts for Grandma, she can wear, look at, or use to simply brag about her loved ones.

Personalized Grandma Apron

Get your grandmother the perfect gift this Mother's Day or birthday with a personalized grandma apron. This modern version is not only more convenient, but also functions as a way of saying "Thank you" to her for all that she does! It also comes with storage pockets at the waist. They're perfect for all occasions and great gifts. Keep your favorite grandmother cooking around the clock with one of our cute and custom aprons.

Personalized Grandma Necklace

Every grandma deserves a special gift to add some love to their day. Give them this personalized necklace that can be engraved with their children's names! This piece will surely make every mother and grandmother feel like her kids are always close by. She'll wear this personalized grandma jewelry every day! All you need to do is to choose the finishing color and the number of rings, add the kids’ name to finish this sturdy yet delicate necklace.

Personalized Pillow

Grandma is your favorite person in the world, so why not spoil her with this personalized pillow? This rustic-style pillow is perfect for a cozy and personal space. Water-based dyes are used to print the designs onto fabric, ensuring that there won't be vinyl that peels or cracks over time. It is possible to have any name printed on the pillow, so feel free to personalize it as you wish. A cozy cotton throw like this would make a wonderful gift for Grandma. Throw in a personalized pillow, and you've created an instant, cheerful place that's all hers!

This Grandma Belongs To Personalized Keychain

Your grandmother deserves to have a little extra love every day. Give her the gift of loving reminders she will cherish for years with a personalized jewelry keychain. This attractive keychain features a square or rectangular disc. It comes with the names and birthstones of her grandchildren, which will be a joyous memento for her to keep. A perfect way to let her know how much you care. The gift set also contains jewelry care instructions and a tiny organza bag.

Personalized Garden Flag Grandma Place

Honestly, you can find it difficult to select the right gifts for grandmas when there is so much pressure and every family's interests vary. However, this won't be a problem anymore with a Personalized Flag Garden for Grandmother! Your grandma would enjoy having her own space for their gardening interests, or perhaps just a quiet garden where she could take up a new hobby.

Grandma really can't have enough flowers on her lawn. Celebrate a lifetime of love and memories by decorating the front porch, backyard, flowerbeds, or filling up an indoor vase with fresh blooms. This will lead to a new life filled with much more happiness for her.

Personalized Gifts for Grandpa

What are you looking for in a perfect gift for your grandpa? Something personalized and sentimental? A thoughtful, one-of-a-kind present that will make your grandpa happy this holiday season. Well, look no further! Below are a few gifts you can give to the special man in your life. 

With these gifts, there will be no guessing games about what he wants. Your grandpa can get anything from an engraved coffee mug to a monogrammed wallet! And yes, they come in many colors and styles, so you can find the perfect gift just for him. What are you waiting for? Check out these awesome ideas of personalized grandpa gifts.

Oakmont Personalized Cigar Gift Set

Your grandfather is a wonderful, classy man, so you know a classy gift would be awesome for him. This cigar gift set is perfect for any grandfather who appreciates some classic, chewy tobacco! It comes with a glass and lighter with his name on it—both he’ll love. With his name and initial on the cigar stand, lighter, and glass, he’ll feel like the coolest grandpa ever. It’ll make the next celebration the best yet! You can't go wrong with a personalized cigar gift set for your grandfather.

Funny Coffee Mug

This mug makes a great birthday gift for grandfather or just to show him how much you care. They're as strong, thick, and sturdy as they come, so he can enjoy his drinks without worry of them spilling all over the place. This mug is a thoughtful gift for any 90-year-old man. Now, all his favorite drinks can be fresh from this sturdy gift.

Personalized Leather Wallet

This personalized leather wallet is a thoughtful Father's Day gift. It is also an engraved keepsake that will make grandpa smile each time he opens his leather wallet. You can choose to engrave a name or initials on both the inside or outside the wallet. This unique gift creates an extra personal touch and brings good memories with it too! Giving this custom wallet is a unique, thoughtful way to show your grandpa how important he is in your life.

Personalized Docking Station

Your beloved grandpa will love this cute desk organizer! Handcrafted from plywood, this docking station is guaranteed to last him a lifetime. The deep drawers are perfect for pens and pencils, while the boxy shelf can hold everything from eyeglasses to clippings. The light-colored stain and craftsmanship instantly make it an heirloom worth displaying as much as using every day. This gorgeous, handcrafted desk organizer is just the thing to help Gramps keep on top of his game.

Personalized Grandparent Gifts for Christmas 

The world is filled with all the things we love when we have grandparents, from warm words of wisdom to generous hugs. This holiday season, why not give back? Check out our list of awesome gifts for grandparents this year that they will love. Here are a variety of presents you and your child can give. And while they all make perfectly wonderful Christmas gifts, you can also save these clever ideas for another holiday or special occasion.

Windowpane Blanket Scarf

Your grandparent will never want to take it off! This comfortably sized, soft blanket scarf is perfect for chilly days. Wrap up in this cozy winter essential while she indulges in a warm cup of hot cocoa or explores snowy trails. If she's not too cold, the scarf can be worn as a shawl; if freezing, it can be wrapped around her neck twice and tucked under an upturned collar. Tie in the back for extra warmth if necessary. The scarf is beautifully crafted from soft fabric and finished with tasseled edges. It will give her just the right bit of dazzle without breaking a sweat. Your grandma will love how easy it is to stay stylish amid all these chilly winds!

Personalized Photo Wall Clock

Is there any love on earth stronger than that of grandparents for their grandchildren? Any set of grandparents will adore this custom wall clock! A cherished photo of Grandma and her favorite grandchild is shown in the middle of every bright hour on this highly visible clock. Every smiling face will make time go by faster — which means more smiles all day long! Checking the time will suddenly be one of their favorite things they do all day!

Personalized Grandchildren Sign

Get a decorative sign to celebrate every child in the family! This decorative sign is sure to fill you with a wave of nostalgia, excitement, and wonder as you scan the names and birthdates one by one. Let this beautiful piece of wall decor be the backdrop for your family’s loving memories. This handmade sign is made from lovely wood. It features delicate white lettering that celebrates your grandkids in style. Even if you have more grandchildren come down the line, it's effortless to get a new placard with their name and birthdate added to the rest of the family on display.

Grandma’s Kitchen Candle

Candles bring out the best of this season. What better time than now to show them your love? Whether you're looking for a present for the grandparent who helped raise you or just want to get them that one basic need, consider this elegant candle an investment in reminiscing. This fancy, holiday-inspired one is a foolproof Christmas gift for grandparents. Check out Homesick’s Grandma’s kitchen candle, inspired by the scents of home baking.

Personalized Grandparent Gifts for Their Anniversary

It's your grandparents' grand anniversary this year! Once-in-a-lifetime moments like these don't come around often. Family means everything, which is why you want to show how much you care about them with a special gift. Finding a gift for your grandparents is hard enough, but figuring out what to get them on their anniversary can be even tougher. With so many decisions and options available, it's difficult to know where to start. But don't worry! We've got you covered with our list of personalized anniversary gifts for grandparents.

Personalized Wine Decanter and Glasses

Your grandparents don’t need fancy gadgets to show them that you love them and care for their needs. What they want is something flashy with character, yet thoughtful and elegant at the same time. Give them this exclusive customizable wine decanter with matching glasses. A lovely reminder of all your pride and joy every time they use it! With this one gift, you will be adding years to their lives as the beautiful glassware sparkles from across the room, making you feel just that much closer to your loved ones who mean so much!

Custom Photo Book

Custom photo books are a perfect way to preserve memories that will last for generations. You can fill your grandparent’s special book with photos from the moment they met to all the days they spent raising their family. Get a professional-quality album with your choice of three bindings. Your custom photo book will not only move them to tears, but they will be grateful that you are in their lives. This custom photo book from Collage.com is perfect for giving your loved one lasting memory for you and them.

Birthstone Family Tree Frame

If there is one thing that grandparents are, it is being proud of their children and grandchildren. Display the pride of their family everywhere in the house with this sentimental gift. While birthstones may be an understated idea, they remind us of each other every day. They will bring a little light to our lives as we show them off proudly where ever we go. This beautiful framed tree has everyone’s names on it in their birth order with their birthday next to them! Your grandparent will cherish this loving work of art for years and years. This makes the perfect decor to go on their wall and make them happy every single day.

Custom Photo Blanket

Custom photo blankets are the perfect way to express your love and spark joy in their lives. You can decorate this blanket for your grandpa with a collage of family photos and memories. Choose your own favorite fabric from the softest Sherpa, Fleece, Felt, and more in incredible quality. It will be cherished by grandparents for a lifetime as a great personalized anniversary gift.

The best gifts for grandparents are the ones that show you put in the effort and thought. We hope you enjoyed our list of the best personalized grandparent gifts for 2021. Remember, it's not about what they want or need - it's all about what will make them happy and remind them that they are loved! For more gift ideas, visit 64Hydro today to shop safe and secure with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on everything we sell. Don’t forget to share with us your favorite personalized grandparent gift in the comments below!

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