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June 16, 2021 17 min read

Who doesn't love their furry friends? I know I do! And the same goes for you.

Are you looking for a gift that will make your furry friend feel like the king or queen of their household? If so, this post is just for you!

Here we would like to provide you some best ideas about personalized pet gifts that you can give to your loved pets. What better way than with a gift of their own four-legged best friend? 

There are so many choices for what kind of animal they might want, whether it's a dog or cat or even something more exotic like an owl. If you're not sure what type of animal would be the perfect fit for them, don't worry; 

From collars and blankets to bowls and beds, there is something on this list for the best custom pet gifts to give everyone's favorite furry friend. These items can be for the pets lovers and their adorable pets also.

Personalized Pet Gifts

Here we have a heart-shaped ornament that celebrates your pet and its impact on your life. The quote says: “Some things just fill your heart without trying”. This means that the mere presence of a pet can play a crucial role in your life. Many things can make your day terrible, and very few that can actually effortlessly make it better. Well, pets are that exact thing! You don’t have to do anything - they will take on all the work themselves and put a smile on your face without even breaking a sweat (figuratively, of course). On the back of the ornament, you can put the pet’s name so that there is no confusion about who the quote is about.

If your friend wants to flaunt their love of their pet anywhere they go, this is the gift for them. The quote on this tote says: “Happiness starts with a wet nose and ends with a tail”. It’s an indirect way to imply that it’s about a four-legged friend. It stresses the fact that pure happiness doesn’t come with material things, and that you really don’t need much to feel pure joy. All you need is a furry friend, and your heart will be filled with joy. Seeing that tail wag, the paws tap, and the nose sniff you will give you an instant energy boost. So, if you give this to your friend who has a pet, they’ll undoubtedly understand what this message means.

This ornament has a deeper and more emotional message than the previous two. It says: “In my darkest hours, I reached for a hand and found a paw”.This is a message that displays that pets can have a vital role in a person’s life in their darkest moments. Also, it talks about how you can sometimes lean on your pet more than on a person. They are filled with love, and they know exactly how to pull you out of a bad mental state. That’s why this quote is so special - it recognizes the most important aspect of your pet’s role. So, if you buy this for your friend, there’s no doubt they’ll love it!

Personalized Pet Gifts For Cat Owners

Here’s a gift for a cat owner who wants to flaunt their precious pet wherever they go. You can put your kitten’s name on the back and make this an even more special gift for your cat person. The front side features an image of a cat reaching for a butterfly with her paw. It shows the beautiful relationship between the two animals, as well as the gentleness of the cat when it comes to the fragile and frightened butterfly. There are also small paws all over the tumbler, which is probably one of the cutest symbols related to cats. All the illustrations look like they were made with crystals, which further elevates the appearance of this gift.

If your friend is a fan of a more artistic look, this tumbler is perfect. You can put the cat’s name on the back under the image of a beautiful blue gemstone. On the other side, there is a stunning picture of a mesmerizing cat. It has a signature intelligent look that every cat owner knows, and your friend will definitely be able to see their cat in this one. When it comes to the gemstone, blue gems usually signify freedom, wisdom, and loyalty, which are all consistent with a cat’s character. So, even though there isn’t a quote on it, this gift still holds a lot of meaning, which is perfect for fans of subtlety and hidden meanings.

We’ve got a more specific gift for a tuxedo cat owner. It says: “I am your friend, your partner, your tuxedo cat. You are my life, my love, my leader. I will be yours, faithful and true till the last beat of my heart. I am your tuxedo cat”. There is so much meaning in this message. It reinforces the fact that an owner is everything to their pet and how important they are in their life. Also, it touches on the fact that a pet will only be present in a part of our lives, but we will be in the whole of theirs. This puts into perspective the depth of the pet-owner relationship, as well as the love that our pets have for us. You can also put your cat’s name on the other side.

Personalized Pet Gifts For Dog Owners

For anyone that loves to show off the love they have for their pet, but in a subtle way, there’s no better gift than this. Here, you have a tote bag that features only the name of your cat, but is also adorned with lots of paw patterns in different colors. This tote is a perfect display of the fact that you don’t have to have a quote in order to make something meaningful. Sometimes, subtlety is even more significant than an in-your-face piece of writing. By simply putting their pet’s name on their bag, you’ll ensure that their furry friend is always with them wherever they go. 

Unfortunately, dogs can’t stay with us forever, and there inevitably comes a time when we have to say goodbye to them. When that time comes, this ornament is a wonderful way to help pay tribute to your loved one’s pet. The quote says: “Once by my side, forever in my heart”. It conveys an incredibly touching message - that once your pet comes into your life, not even their passing can separate you in the heart. All the memories, adventures and happy times will always stay with you and keep the bond alive until you see each other again. When you add to that the pet’s name, as well as their photo on the other side, which will spark even more emotion and love in your beloved person.

For anyone that loves cozy clothing but also loves having their pet with them even when they are apart, this sweatshirt is perfect. It says “Dog mom”, and it also has room for the doggo’s name in the paw on the sunflower. Being a dog mom is a full-time job. But one that all of us would always do without objection. That term is very broad and refers to our relationship with our pets that resembles that between a parent and a child. As far as the sunflower goes, it also has a special meaning - loyalty and adoration. Those two words are perfect to describe this special bond, which is exactly why the sunflower was featured on the sweatshirt.

Personalized Pet Memorial Gifts

A pet’s passing is an incredibly difficult time for any pet owner. This ornament will help your friend ensure that their pet is still part of their Christmas festivities. It carries the following message:“You may have left my life, but you’ll never leave my heart”. The message points to the strength of the bond between the pet and the owner, as well as the fact that it’s unbreakable, no matter the physical separation. Even though it’s a sad thing to happen, there is comfort in knowing that you had the fortune to have your pet as your companion. Those memories will always be with you. This is exactly why giving this gift to your friend will help them in this grieving process.

A heart-shaped ornament with a heartfelt message is an appropriate gift for a friend who just lost their furry friend. This one says: “I loved you your whole life; I’ll miss you for the rest of mine”. The reason this is so meaningful is that it displays the fact that the owner was their pet’s whole life and everything it knew from when it was just a puppy. Also, it touches on the fact that the rest of their life will be painted with the significance their pet had. The love went both ways, and they both completed each other’s lives. To further give meaning to it, you can add their pet’s name to the front of the ornament and make it one-of-a-kind!

Lastly, we have a heart-shaped ornament with angel wings, with a dog’s picture in the middle, which you can customize. The message in the wings says: “You were my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye”. It perfectly summarizes the complexity of this relationship. As much joy as a pet can bring into one’s life, losing it hurts with the same intensity. But, one doesn’t go without the other. Still, every pet owner knows that the pain is definitely worth it for all the good that their pets bring them. The angel wings signify the fact that the doggo is now in Heaven, looking down on them, just like they were an angel on earth.

Other Recommendations Of Personalized Pet Gifts

Personalization pictures of your adorable pets

Pets are a part of the family and deserve to be recognized for hard work, leadership, and companionship. They do so much for us, from accompanying us in exploring unknown territory to instantly perking up our hearts when we come home at night.

Let your pet become a president every day with these creative custom picture gifts from Patricia Carlin! This is an opportunity to show off your favorite furry companion by framing their paw prints or photos in custom frames. These custom pet gifts made from sustainable materials that display proudly on any wall of the home.

Personalized pictures are amazing gifts for pet owners. They can cherish one-of-a-kind memories while revitalizing their walls with expressive artworks. Customize gift selections by adding some decor items for you, and you are beloved.

Personalized pet socks

Sure, they’ve been over the river and through the woods, but your pets deserve to walk around in style. 

We’ll even put a photo of your best friend on the socks–it’s personalized, after all! Browse our enormous range of designs and color options to make sure you get something your little bundle of fur will love! Everything about these pet-themed, custom-made socks is perfect for spoiling not only your kids but also their favorite little critter.

After the holidays or birthdays, an innocent pat on the head from the family dog can easily lead to cold paws when we don't have any personal pet clothing items at home. These adorable puppy socks custom collection offers every animal lover's dream: fashionable patterns that ensure humans are also cozy as they cradle their furry friends; playful scenes with captivating characters sporting fetching catsuits.

Lovely custom pet plush

Custom pet plush is the best gift which is not only special but also practical for all the pets lovers. This is one of the most specific ways to help you overcome the pet missing. 

Whether you’re a kitty or a pup, these custom plush slippers let you enjoy the comfort of your favorite furry friend near and far. Take them with you on your next road trip–keep a spare pair in your bag for cozy feet when your pet can't be there to help this winter season!

In addition, with the advanced technology and development of skillful design, these custom pet plush will be optimized to look as much as similar to your best friend, from the color, shape and size.

Custom dog stickers are appealing

There’s nothing better than getting a new pack of stickers in the mail, especially if you love stickers as much as we do! It seems like every time a package arrives with one of the favorite lovable friends on it, we can't get enough.

Differing from almost any other gift, custom dog stickers are small but very easy to use. It is considered suiting for pet lovers regardless of age or gender. You can hang on your keys, stick on the wall or your hats...

They say that spending money provides us with an instant sense of accomplishment and any trip to the store centers on picking up some new bright-colored gems for your planner or pet stickers.

Don't worry about feeling guilty because these sheets are made out of animal-friendly materials. And you know, it won't harm the environment! Express yourself in all different ways, from silly to sultry with custom-made dog stickers.

Personalized binge books with Buddy

Using the images of the pet’s face to make the personalized binge books is an interesting idea, especially for the readers loving furies.

Custom binge books are one kind of adorable personalized magnetic bookmark.

A person’s reading buddy is always close, until the point, they get mugged or something. But now you can read your favorite book, with a little Mickey napping at your feet - and never lose your page again.

Carry around an unofficial joy of your pet without giving away too much is equal parts of practicality and sentimentality. 

And because of locating where you might have left off on those beloved pages- leaving more time for pillow fighting!

Personalized dog mug

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend. That’s why these Personalized Dog Mugs give you the perfect way to remember every morning that they complete your day as much as they do.

Customize these mugs with your pet’s name. It can be their adorable personality or whatever makes them so important in your life.

Make your pets more memorable by personalized pet necklace

A personalized pet necklace that is heartwarming and very appreciated. The photo charms are made of only the highest quality silver, so you never have to deal with allergies or allergic reactions.

Especially, you could choose any picture and cherish it forever by wearing it around your neck! This custom necklace with your pet has got you covered your missing when you are being a far way together.

If you're looking for something fun to buy yourself or as a gift for someone else who is a pet lover, dog/cat/fishy, then here is the perfect little something!

A personalized dog bag is another excellent choice

It's so fun taking your pup on a walk, but carrying all of their important gear and food is a pain. These personalized dog tote bags are the perfect solution! Look cool while never having to carry anything in your hands again with this high-quality 100% cotton canvas bag. It will hold anything you might need, thanks to its 1 3/4" straps.

It also has been designed using eco-friendly inks that compliment any outfit and neutral colors that work well for any situation. Show everyone how stylishly you can carry everything without lifting a finger when you have this great product!

Luxury custom pet jewelry

Your pets are your best friend and deserve to be the style star in your outfit. Whether you’re running errands or out for a night on the town, you can express unique style with pet images.

These post-back earrings from Pet Friends Pave Paw Stud Earrings are worth a piece of valuable personalized pet jewelry. They will have them wagging their tail (or feline whiskers) with how stylish you look. The polished, diamond-like crystal pave stone accents in the shape of a paw make stunning accent pieces. It transcends trends and will become your favorite go-to accessories.

They’re made with nickel-safe post backing, so they are easy to put on even when you're on the go. Besides, they come in assorted colors matching any outfit to make sure that we always stay fashionable together.

A thoughtful gift for pet lovers: personalized dog keychain

Bring all your best memories of your dog right onto your keychain. Your pets will be on your side, be the company with you on every road you go.

On any special occasions of your friends like birthday, you can buy them a personalized gift. It is the way to surprise them because it can not spoil like any available gifts.

Nevertheless, personalized dog keychains make the perfect sentiment from an owner who knows how much they mean to you. They're also small enough to attach to anything and have sentimental value for yourself!

You always worry about people not liking that “inappropriate” phrase that’s so dear to your heart. Never fear - these engraved keychains can say whatever you want.

Meaningful custom pets blanket 

Throw yourself on the couch, kick up your feet, and cuddle up in personalized coziness. Mix and match your favorite pictures from summers at the beach to nights out with friends all over these heavyweight fleece sheets.

Choose one of these 12 pre-designed patterns or upload a photo as an extra touch! This custom pet blanket is perfect for lounging while you’re watching football on game day or whatever holiday landed on today's calendar.

Send this cozy personalized dog blanket to someone you love this holiday season. Whether they have four legs, two legs, or (heaven forbid) none - we'll personalize it just for them!

Personalized pet gifts: Ring for animal lovers

Give that pet lover you love a personalized gift they'll never forget. This beautiful, personalized pet gift is the perfect way to let them know how special they are to you! Get this perfect personalized gift for pets lovers today and treat your loved ones (or yourself). Choose from a variety of animals, such as cats, dogs, rabbits, and horses, for this ring. Handmade in Sterling Silver with rhodium plating, this ring will last for years- years of playtime together! Personalized solid 925 silver rings engraved with a minimalist design are a perfect way to make pet lovers feel special. Entertain and delight your friends with our new personalized pet gifts! Ring for the animal lover in you.

Personalized dog jumpers for more fashionable pet

These personalized dog sweaters will make your pets look outstanding among the normal ones. You can show off how much you love your pets with a unique, but personalized pet image!

Made from a mix of recycled cotton, these are comfy to wear and environmentally friendly. These jumpers are handmade by expert knitters in NYC and come in any size! Get creative: get a single bow tie or name multiple family members on the pet sweater. This is also a perfect gift idea, so give one this holiday season without breaking the bank.

Unique personalized dog leash holder for more professional pets

Fashionable and functional, which are the benefits that a personalized dog leash holder brings to your dear pets. Let your pup show off their personality with this customizable puppy purse! Made in the USA, we can personalize each front pocket to have a dog's paw print included on it, or you can choose from one of many breeds for back-flaps.

This real leather piece measures 15" L x 8" W x 3" and is perfect for storing essential pet items like leashes, bags, collapsible bowls, and food dishes. The adjustable straps make it easy to carry walking downtown. And, the hands-free quality comfortably makes carrying your keys or other essentials a breeze!

Impressive cat collars personalized for your cute pet

High fashion meets safety and independence with this new line of personalized breakaway cat collars. It's never fun when you can't find your favorite feline friend, but worry no more—we got it covered!

These one-of-a-kind ID cat custom collars are perfect for the stylish kitty who is always on the run. A good cat collar personalized is designed with a safety buckle. Catching by something like a branch or wire, it can offer peace of mind while providing a personal flair all its own.

In addition, just imagine how happy they'll be sporting everyone's name around town with pride. It will just make them want to come home even sooner! Best yet, these world-famous collages don't stop at just helping identify.

Personalized dog toys with your own style

Your furry best friend deserves a special dog toy that matches his or her playful personality. Personalized dog toys are great for putting a pup’s name on their favorite plushier and going with it throughout the day while they play!

Plus, the premium materials of these custom dog toys make sure your new pal stays safe from rips and water damage. By that time, it becomes key when you live to fetch, as your furry friends do. And with Shutter fly, personalizing your new pal's toy couldn't be easier!

Let's imagine you're looking forward to playing fetch in the park or a new way to keep them entertained at home. There's some certain thing: nothing so cute as naming your own pet after themselves!

Custom picture ornament is a perfect gift

You love your pet, and nothing can compare. Why not commemorate them with custom photo ornaments created in just minutes? These custom picture ornament offer:

  • 500 characters of space — for all the fun memories and pictures to come!
  • 12 characters per line — maximum creativity at your fingertips! 

Tell us about how it works: Designing a medal to show off in any holiday decor is easier than you think. Simply upload a high-resolution photo, add their name below it, and pick out an adorable theme color like red. 

It will print these ceramic sculptures on glazed clay terracotta with crisp detail atop a stylized paw print background. Clip this little guy onto any tree as something extra special for family members or to celebrate four-legged.

Unique customized bowls for pets

Private bowls create the ultimate luxury for pet lovers. Your pup deserves a personalized bowl of their own!

Personalize a bowl with your own photo and text to create something truly special that will make all the other fur-babies jealous!

We all love our furry good boys and girls! Now, you can give one of them their own bowl with your custom design and unique emoji. Choose a photo or upload your own to make someone's day and pick out the perfect phrase for the back of the personalized bowls.

Whether they're wearing hearts, ears, clothes, or just sitting there looking so darn cute. This is one present that they'll treasure long after Halloween passes by.

Comfortable custom pet pillow for better sleep

Do you know what makes all your favorite furry friends tired of your never-ending petting sessions? Being two inches away from you at all times. Now the two of you can be as close as humanly possible. It is time for your lovely pets to take a rest on a cozy pillow custom.

In case you are busy with work and stay away from your pet. Sure, you can't stop hugging them even though their squealing sounds are making your ears vex. However, but luckily this custom pillow will let you hug them from a distance!

Despite the same functions, custom pet pillows bring much more meaning in terms of your love and caring to them. In some ways, this pillow is designed especially for your adorable furry.

Personalized pet ID tags are the best idea

Personalized pet ID tags with a crystal paw print are not only fashionable and practical. To be more specific, they can also be engraved for their name too! The tag is made of stainless steel, so it's durable and comfortable to wear around. There are limited sizing options, but each tag comes in a variety of colors that will coordinate perfectly with almost any collar or leash!

With the pet ID tags, your pets would look so cool because they can own something private with names or unique images. From that, you can easily show off your furry friend’s fancy side. It also features a Swarovski Crystal paw print to add stylish sparkle and color. 

Choose from six colors with two size options—the perfect go-to accessory for any pup or kitty!

Well, there you have it - our top picks for personalized pet gifts that you can gift to your loved ones that have pets.
We hope you were able to find something that you liked and that you believe will make your friend happy. In fact, we’re pretty sure there’s something for everyone on this list.
Whether the person you’re buying this gift for is a cat or dog owner, or if you need a gift that will help your friend grieve the loss of a beloved pet, we’ve got you covered.
Have fun!

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