What does a lovely mother think about 64Hydro?

August 09, 2021 3 min read


We all know that clear feedback is the cornerstone of improvement. That’s why we always want to listen to every little comment from you, our precious customers. Each of your reviews is a strong motivation to help us to be better in the future. 

Today, we want to introduce to you one of the most lovely loyal customers, Joy Mershon, who is a beautiful mother of two loving crafts, art projects, and science experiments! We have been doing a quick interview with her about her experience with 64Hydro. 

Recently, Mershon has picked Schwifty Tumbler as her anniversary gift. She was so happy with it that she even printed the design out and framed it too! Let’s take a glance at what she wants to share with all of us!

How do you know 64Hydro?

Joy Mershon: I have ordered 3 cups since finding out about 64hydro from a mention on a Facebook group.

64Hydro: It’s our pleasure to know that many people believe in our products and are willing to share them with other friends. 

How would you rate our product?

Joy Mershon: 5/5

64Hydro: Actually, we receive a lot of the 5 star rate from our beloved customers. But whenever we are given such a maximum rate, we all feel light-hearted. That makes us strong to create more special products for all of you.

Thanks for that, now could you tell us a bit about the delivery process?

Joy Mershon: 5/5

64Hydro: Delivery process is said to be one of our pride. Because almost our products are personalized designs, customers have spent a lot of time waiting. We don’t want to kill your time anymore. Therefore, our staff always try their best to make the delivery process faster.

Can you use two or three words to describe your experience with 64Hydro?

Joy Mershon: Quality, Amazing, Detail-oriented.

64Hydro: To be honest, there is no word that can describe our feeling at that time when we heard the three precious words from Mershon. They are like clear evidence for our quality and customer services. 

Can you explain more about each word you have chosen?

Joy Mershon: The quality of the cups is just amazing. The product is just amazing. The third cup I got was custom-made. There was so much thought put into it, and it just turned out magnificent. Yall reached out to make sure I was happy and made the changes needed to make a completely happy customer. Then, when asked to have the image cause I loved it so much, yall went the extra mile and shared it with me. I couldn't have asked for more. Wonderful company who truly wants to make their customers happy.

64Hydro: Thanks to the sharing of Joy Mershon, we know that each of our little gestures can make our customers happy or unpleasant. That’s why we always want to hear more and more thoughts and feelings of buyers if they are ready to express.

Would you recommend 64Hydro to your friend?

Joy Mershon: 7/10

64Hydro: Although it is not a maximum point, we are still happy with this score from Mershon. It will be a motivation to help us fulfill our product and service in the future. 

That is a friendly interview between Joy Mershon and 64Hydro. We hope that we will have more chances to sit down and talk with more of our beloved customers next time. If you also want to have a small talk like that, please, let us know because we’re always here to listen to all of you.


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