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September 21, 2021 17 min read

Finding 30th wedding anniversary gifts for parents is hard. Then, searching gifts for your parents' 40th anniversary is more difficult. You've already got the basics covered with dinner reservations, maybe a staycation at their favourite hotel, but there's just one thing missing: the gift. Heading into this milestone year, we have compiled a list of 20+ thoughtful gifts for parents that they will love to receive. As a way to honour them, I wanted to share some ideas for gifts that would make them feel extra special on this milestone event. These anniversary gifts for parents are great for any age and occasion! Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Best 40th Anniversary Gifts for Parents

This Christmas ornament has to be the unique and beautiful anniversary gift idea you've seen so far. On the front, you can add the names of your parents, and on the back, it says "For You, On Your Ruby Wedding Anniversary." and "40 Years Together." The ruby wedding anniversary is a traditional name for celebrating 40 years of being together, and this beautiful heart-shaped Christmas ornament with little ruby-colored hearts completes the whole experience. With an infinity sign that symbolizes eternal love and a beautiful mix of silver and bright red colors, it'll decorate the Christmas tree of your home.

Phone cases have become a hit among gift ideas, and a ruby wedding anniversary is one of them. Check out this interesting phone case idea for your parents' anniversary. It's black with lots of red hearts symbolizing love, and an inscription that says "Level 40 Complete." It's a fun way of saying that another level of successful marriage has been completed in hopes that it'll reach level 100. In this way, you will give this gift additional meaning and turn it into something that your parents will wear every day and smile every time they turn their phone to the other side.

The third item on the list of top choices for your parents' 40th anniversary is this stainless steel tumbler with a touching message and illustration on it. On it, it says, "40 years of marriage, 480 months of hugs, 2,078 weeks of happiness, 14,640 days of togetherness, 350,640 hours of love, one blessed family, countless happy memories, a never-ending love story." Beautiful, right? We totally agree. But that's not all - there's also a touching illustration of a couple hugging and walking on the beach. If you ask us, this is one of the emotional choices of gifts for your parents' ruby wedding anniversary. Once they see the whole thing, we guarantee that they will not remain indifferent.

Fourth on the list for best gifts for the 40th wedding anniversary is this water tracker bottle that carries a touching message to your beloved husband. It says: "God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you." It's a beautiful way of saying that it's important to believe in true love and that you should have faith in God, as he will guide you to your soulmate. Besides the beautiful dedication, there's an illustration of a couple hugging, and a small inscription below that says: "To my husband." If you turn the other side of the water tracker, you will see wonderful heart-shaped instructions on how to meet your daily hydration goal.

Ending this list, we have this wonderful Christmas ornament that is a perfect gift for your parents' 40th wedding anniversary. It's got a beautiful red bow and a wooden design. On the ornament, it says: "Marriage, an endless sleepover with your favorite weirdo. Happy anniversary."We were 100% sure that gifting this to your parents during the holidays will surely make them laugh and remind them of all the sweet moments they had so far. This Christmas ornament, which is different from the others, is a thoughtful way to make your parents smile and wish them many more happy years of marriage.

Personalized 40th Anniversary Gifts for Parents

This colorful Christmas ornament got a simple dedication that says: "40th anniversary", and under it, you can add the names of your mom and dad as well as their wedding day. It's got a beautiful, elegant floral design. This is a small sign of appreciation and love that will surely mean a lot to them, and this holiday season, it will decorate your tree. Your parents will be thrilled to receive such a small yet cute and thoughtful gift.

The next in a series of creative personalized gifts for your parents' ruby anniversary. What sets it apart from other gifts is the striking illustration on the front, depicting a truck full of flowers and a message that says "40 years together."You can also add your parents' wedding date. On the back, there is a quote that says thanks to mom and dad for being in a marriage that is full of love and admiration for one another. It goes on to say that the child is a miraculous gift of that marriage, and their marriage is “slow to burn, but long to last.” These are beautiful words with which you show the love that grows between your parents. 

On the one side of the tumbler, it says: "Happy 40th anniversary." Below that is a beautiful ruby in a silver heart which is a symbol of love and commitment. Below this wonderful greeting card, you can add the names of your parents. On the other side, there is a quote that expresses the importance of a ruby anniversary. Essentially, a ruby anniversary is another year for creating precious memories together, discovering new things to enjoy about each other, and strengthening the marriage. These are beautiful words that will help you express all the admiration you have for your parents' love. You can expect to see a few tears of joy.

This personalized Christmas ornament is a wonderful gift choice. It's got a wooden design that says: "You & me, we got this." Under it, there is a beautiful illustration of two horses cuddling. These majestic creatures are a symbol of strength, courage, and freedom. So, if your parents' 40th anniversary is coming up as well, there's a way to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, and surprise your folks with an amazing personalized anniversary present that can also be a Christmas ornament. Add your parents’ names on the back and gift them the best anniversary gift they’ve received in years!

Thought about gifting your parents a mug for their ruby anniversary? Sounds like a great idea, but you shouldn't pick just any mug. Go with this one. It's got a beautiful, touching message on the front that says: "When we get to the end of our lives together, the house we had, the cars we drove, the things we possessed, won't matter. What will matter is that I had you and you had me." And when you turn around the mug, there's a beautiful illustration of an elderly couple from the back, walking together. The emotional message on it shows that, in the end, the most important thing is to love and be loved. Make it special by personalizing it!

Lovely 40th Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Your parents have certainly had a fair share of phone cases, but never a special one like this. This phone case is unique because it is dedicated to their 40-year love anniversary. It says: "Just married, 40 years ago." with an arrow below. At the ends of the mask, beautiful purple, pink and silver zircons are lined up. We're sure that your parents would love to replace their original mask with this special one and praise the others as they have the best phone case that's specially designed for them and celebrates 40 years of true love.

If you intend to give your parents a ceramic mug, then this is the right choice for you. On this one, it says: "1 universe, 8 planets, 195 countries, 809 islands, 7.4 billion people, and you have the privilege to be married to me." On the back, there's an elderly couple in love walking down the street with a dog, and it says: "Happy anniversary." This gift conveys the message that everyone on this earth has a soulmate and that your parents are lucky to have found each other. This is a perfect mix of humorous and emotional for your parents' ruby anniversary. 

Here is a different, unique and creative gift for your parents' ruby anniversary. This wine tumbler is a true example of that. On the one side, there's a funny yet romantic message that says: "Annoying each other for 40 years, and still going strong." And when you turn the tumbler, there's a beautifully framed picture of a married, happy couple. You can also add your parents' names under it to make it even more special. The design on this wine tumbler is wonderful, with roses that symbolize love and romance and butterflies that depict comfort, hope, and creativity. We can tell you one thing for sure: you won't find another one like this!

Do your parents love owning creative wine tumblers? If that's the case, don't look any further, we've got the best one right here. This one's got a fun little rhyme that says: "Cheers to 40 years!" It's a simple congratulation for a happy marriage that lasted 40 years and, hopefully, will last many, many years more. The design of this wine tumbler is very cheerful, with fireworks and a wine glass. It's perfect for someone who enjoys drinking this beverage. This wine tumbler will certainly stand out, and every time your parents take a sip, they'll remember that they've been together with a person they love for 40 years.

We decided to end this list with a beautiful girly phone case for your mom. This one's got a beautiful, bright shade of pink decorated with roses that symbolize love and commitment, love letters, and other flowers. It says: "Marriage: a relationship where one is always right, and the other is the husband."This phone case design is certainly a breath of fresh air in a sea of basic phone cases, and we're 100% certain that your mom will proudly show it off to her friends. There's nothing better than an original gift for a special occasion, and this phone case is the perfect example of that!

Other Recommendations of Anniversary Gifts for Parents

64Hydro Most Unique Custom Mr. and Mrs. Coffee Mugs

Finding just the perfect anniversary gifts for parents is next to impossible. It's a fun way for couples to share coffee drinking rituals at home or on their wedding day. The perfect gift is this set of custom Mr. and Mrs. coffee mugs that are the perfect way to start their new lives together in style! Whether they enjoy these cups on their wedding day, or keep them at home, this one-of-a-kind couple's gift will remain long after the happy occasion has passed - but the memories won't! A set of these mugs is both thoughtful and valuable, which is why we're sure every couple will love them!

40th Anniversary Gifts for Parents - Belgian Beer Tasting

There's a day every year when the world celebrates those apparently mature adults with their refined palates. And what better way to celebrate than with a tasting of Belgian Beer? There are so many tasty brews from which to choose, it can be hard to pick just one out for your husband or wife. But fear not! The Dovetail has an attractive range of Flanders Red Ales perfect for drinking in moderation on this very special day! So whether you're looking for anniversary gifts for parents like Limbic, or want more of a bitter taste such as Strong Golden Ale, there's no better place than our Belgian Beer Tasting Experience at the Dovetail! Just let us know your parents’ taste or favourite, we will help you choose the best one.

40th Anniversary Sofa Throw

This 40th Anniversary Sofa Throw is a perfect home accessory for parents who have been married for forty years of marriage. The sofa throw has excellent quality and features a custom design that will never go out of style, just like the memories from your parents’ wedding day! Get this great couch throw today to complete their ruby anniversary with an awesome gift! In addition to being a practical and functional piece of home decor, this one-of-a-kind couch blanket is a classy yet timekeeping reminder of your parents' togetherness in love that has only grown stronger with time.

Luxurious 40th anniversary gifts for parents

40th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Parents - Luxury Red Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is one of life's finest pleasures. Imagine inviting your parents to do wine pairing for their 40th anniversary, but instead of having them pick out some random bottle from Costco or the LCBO, you can go with this top-shelf Wine Cottage option. All their tastes are taken care of, so he can enjoy a variety of wines including reds, white wines and delicious dessert wines. It'll be like ruby rain in liquid form when 8 Northumberland hosts this classy bachelor party experience on London's most luxurious wine tour.

40th Anniversary Gift for Parents - Ruby Cufflinks

Your parents have been together for 40 years, and your dad still makes your mom’s heart go pitter-patter! What could you get them that proves how far his love will take her? We have just the floral cufflink set as a 40th wedding anniversary gift: these ruby red, white gold hexagonal cufflinks with sapphire and diamond from Deakin and Francis. Give your parents a thoughtful present that will take them into another era of wedding anniversary gifts. They'll never expect such a punchy piece, especially not if it's from Devlin & Freeman, who knows exactly what every spiffy chap needs to put in their wardrobe!

Australian Driving Adventure

What better way to show your love than exploring a beloved country together? Spending a holiday in Australia will take them through some of the most scenic landscapes on this side of the globe. Buying your parents this extensive package for their second honeymoon will have them backpacking from Sydney to Melbourne, skipping between New South Wales and Victoria. You can choose from new luxury hotels or five-star resorts along the coast, with plenty of chance for whale watching on deck while you sip an Aussie Shiraz. There’ll be days spent relaxing by beachside pools and scuba diving in clear seas, followed by evenings sampling local bottles at select wineries before then braving native reptiles and birds in search of that rare opal gemstone. 

64Hydro Most Attractive Personalized Couples Tumblers

It's always fun to give fun, personal gift ideas for parents that serve them for years to come! Our personalized Couple Tumblers are perfect for any co-pilot in your life. With tons of designs to suit anyone's taste and look, this is the perfect way to say "I think I love you." These durable tumblers will keep drinks hot or cold all day long, so no one has to go without their favourite beverage. You can also customize anything from initials or names to quotes or cartoons - whatever will make them fall even more over into 'love' with these cups. Don't forget the coordinating straws! We promise it'll be an almost effortless decision on what design would best suit which couple's budding romance. 

40th Anniversary Ideas for Parents - A Personalised Work Of Art

Handmade with love, this is the good anniversary gifts for your favourite someone. A Personalised Work Of Art makes a meaningful 40th wedding anniversary present and is one of many gifts on NZ Now's Wedding Gifts page. This product will be hand stretched onto museum quality stretched canvas your niece can enjoy for years to come, or they can even hang it up immediately. This canvas print is a perfect romantic message from you to your parents. Whether it's a song or story of your love, let us turn it into an elegant work of art on the wall for them, featuring beautiful colours and an unforgettable design that will bring tears to their eyes.

True Mementos Personalized Cutting Board

Celebrate 40 years of marriage with a quality cutting board that's both practical and pretty. This wood cutter board is the perfect 40th wedding anniversary for an celebration, but it also serves up a beautifully personalised touch in your home or kitchen! It really doesn't get any sweeter than this spiral-cut Maple Wood Cutting Board from True Mementos. Your parents’ ook will love using it every time they're making something delicious in the kitchen, and you'll love how handsome and lovely it looks on your countertop too. With its design done in finely engraved vintage script font called Future Black, we can include just about anything we want: names, dates of weddings or anniversaries. 

Personalised Compass

You know the kind, ancient man rugged. Usually he’s always obsessed with his compass and can never find it in a cluttered pocket. He has been gentle to the world, but also rough on things because he’s looking for something curious or new or important (aka your direction). Now that he gets retired, what is there left to do? No more bossing you around! We know about all of these adventures you want to go on, so get this gift for dad already-it will become one of his most prized possessions. Your father deserves some time off after all those years of work and adventure travelling while taking care of his family like the leader they need him to be! 

64Hydro Personalised Lovely Water Bottles for Mom

Want to give your mom a lovely anniversary gift for parents that she will never forget? We have the perfect present for you! Add a personal message, photo or image that they will love and cherish all year round with this 64Hydro Personalised Lovely clear water bottles. The bottles are designed with modern flair in mind - a sleek silhouette is coupled perfectly with simplistic yet eye-catching markings. You can add any sentiment from "I'll miss you," "Best Mom Ever," "Be My Number One" to create an everlasting memory of these lovely gifts for mom! Believe us, such a meaningful anniversary gift will never let your precious women down. 

40th Anniversary Party Ideas for Parents - An Iconic Fragrance

Privileged to be created with Baccarat’s signature ruby glass, this fragrance is inspired by the most precious of gemstones. Wrapped up in shimmering red, this perfume has hints of jasmine and saffron for a touch of elegance; cedarwood and ambergris provide warmth; plus there is an addictive hint of powdery goodness for alluring femininity. Perfect as gifts for older parents any time around the anniversary, including on their wedding day. You can personalise it with your own message or create one together with your parents - perfect to keep them guessing until the last moment!

40th Anniversary Celebration Ideas for Parents - Bronze Couple Statue

This priceless bronze is an exclusive edition made for your parents to celebrate the precious 40 years they spent together. It has been created by a renown artist, who uses different techniques- from charcoal sketching to 3D modelling in order to create a one of a kind sculpture that will delight and warm their hearts. Talented with patience and creativity, your lucky parents deserve only the most elegant design for this very special momentous occasion! You can’t find another decent gift idea with such low prices- no matter what age or fashion sense they have!

Wedding Anniversary Sundial

Your favourite couple has been married for a ruby anniversary. You always wanted to get them a gift that will commemorate their love and celebrate the day they said "I do," but you're at your wit's end with where to start looking. The perfect idea might be right in front of you - the ruby wedding anniversary sundial! It says "This one belongs to me" while also reading, "And this one too!" Feeling confused by the inscription? It reads from left to right up front. We figured out couples should know how it felt when we were first introduced. 

DIY 40th anniversary gifts for parents

40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents - Handy Ring Dish

A special mama deserves a sentimental, unique anniversary gift that she can cherish forever. This home accessory is handcrafted with love, made of high quality materials, decorative and functional for jewellery storage in the living room or bedroom. The perfect wedding day gift too! It’s not just an average ring dish because you can design it to suit her style with your child's fingerprint. Gift this souvenir from motherhood to celebrate years of beautiful memories spent making new ones together. Anyone lucky enough to receive these dishes will display them proudly near their watch for everyone else to admire just how cool, cute, and funky they are!

Pinecone Luminary Candles

This winter-themed project is perfect for helping to stretch any gift budget. All you need to do is gather some pine cones and some clear, everyday dishwashing soap and then let the little ones go at it: freezing, measuring, pouring and arranging their creations until they've designed a "pinecone luminary" of their own. A great way to make something special from what's on hand! Most people would think of these as holiday ornaments - but wait! You can set them out all year round, since this craft took such modest supplies (you might even have most of the things on hand in your backyard). 

Creative 40th Anniversary Gifts for Parents - Sharpie Bookmark

Introducing the perfect DIY anniversary gifts for parents, grandparents, and friends! Give a Sharpie Bookmark each time you're asked to get something 'for Dad' for Father's Day. It's the latest craze sweeping Pinterest boards all across America - taking your favorite pictures from Instagram or Snapchat and turning them into a custom bookmark with personalized messages. We use our proprietary process, known as Alcohol art aka Sharpie Alcohol Art Animation--combining sharpies and alcohol—to make a totally customized gift that will come in handy when surrounded by books at home or at work. Plus, they're super simple to create: just upload your photo from social media or email us your images! 

Beef Wellington Experience

Beef Wellington is elegant, timeless, and beautiful. It represents decades of fantastic recipes, taste memories shared with foodie friends, nights spent oohing at the altar of excellence in every other dish on the Savoy Grill menu. Celebrate 40 years of marriage with the Beef Wellington Experience. Cut through the pastry casing to find pink, succulent beef. Paired with a playful yet powerful sparkling rosé, it will be an anniversary meal he won’t forget. Lunch or dinner at Gordon Ramsay’s celebrated restaurant in one of London’s most well-known hotels is also a lovely reason to get all dressed up! 

Unique 40th Anniversary Gifts for Parents - Couple Watches

Loving couples, these watches are perfect for your parents! This heart's soul mate design watch will make the 40th anniversary of their wedding very special. The 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parents are a wonderful way to celebrate and appreciate their togetherness. This product is made from high quality materials which won't lose its colour in water or look rusty when exposed to moisture. Plus, it can be worn in saltwater without being affected by corrosion, so you don’t have to worry about this precious item until they come back later with our greatest love. Treat them with this romantic timepiece that tells the world how much you care on graduation day, regardless if it’s just your parents celebrating their special event, a family member's high school diploma celebration. 

Victrola Bluetooth Portable Suitcase Record Player

Memories are fragile. Our society's love of all things digital left many people with a deep sense of nostalgia, reminiscing about the good ol' days when singing along to your favourite album was the highlight of your evening. Vinyl never delivered anything but pure analogue sound, and now with this great anniversary gift, you can bring that magic into any room in town with a Bluetooth enabled speaker. With two built-in speakers for no headphone whispers - this beautiful product is pretty enough to sit out on display as decoration...or wrapped up prettily as a gift for someone you really care about!

Whatever you looking for the perfect 40th or 50th anniversary gifts for parents, we have plenty of options. You can give your parents a luxurious experience like spa treatments or an overnight stay at their favourite hotel. Or maybe they would prefer to be remembered with personalized gifts that are tailored just for them. We also offer DIY kits, so if you want to create something special yourself, you can design it and then send us materials in order to get started right away! Whatever option is best suited for them, there’s no need to fret about coming up with something original because our wide selection will satisfy any taste while still being thoughtful and heartfelt.

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