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August 23, 2021 18 min read

Christmas is a time of love, giving, and joy. Now that it's November, the holiday season has begun. There are lots of gifts for couples out there, but some are better than others. It can be hard to find the perfect Christmas present for that special someone in your life! That's why we have compiled this list of 20+ Best Christmas gifts for couples. So whether you're looking for something funny or sentimental, we got you covered! 

Best Christmas gifts for Couples

"When I say I love you more, I don't mean I love you more than you love me. I mean, I love you more than the bad days ahead of us."It is a perfect quote that will awaken many beautiful emotions in your partner and show him how much you love him. This text talks about difficult situations and things that only love can overcome. Your relationship is so strong that it will overcome quarrels, disagreements, and all bad days. However, on the other side of this beautiful tumbler is a picture of two skeletons, which means that your love will last until death and even longer.

This personalized tumbler is a unique tumbler with two faces, one female from the front and one male from the back, as you can see in the picture. In addition, the design includes two skeletons to show that your love has no expiration date and how much you adore your partner. The combination of a black matte background over which skeletons are interspersed with soft gray color catches everyone's eye. There is also the possibility of personalization, where you can leave your name under the female figure and under the male figure the name of your beloved partner. 

If you want to present your better half with something lovely and distinctive for Christmas, this ornament is a great option. "God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you" is a perfect quote that carries a strong and clear message that will awaken many beautiful emotions in your partner. This quote is about how grateful you are to life for bringing you to the person you plan to spend the rest of your life with. The design includes a beautiful car showing a happy couple driving through the snowflakes. The possibility of personalization is also a significant advantage of this ornament. There is a fantastic option to write a date that has a special meaning for you as well as the name of you along with your partner.

"1st Christmas as Mr & Mrs" is a cute quote on the front of this 2-sided ornament. This quote conveys that you are no longer just a couple; you are now one beautiful family. The ornament is a perfect gift because it will fit nicely into everyone's house and make it a cozy home. What sets this ornament apart from others on the market is its lovely design and the possibility of personalization. For example, you can enter your new last name on the front, right below the quota. But that's not all. On the back side, you can also add the date you got married to the car, which is painted with the inscription "just married." This ornament is a beautiful Christmas gift because it shows all the winter magic, like snowflakes, Christmas trees, flowers, and snow.

"We may not have it all together, but together we have it all" is a beautiful quote that adorns this unique mug that gives the impression that it is made of wood. This quote is about the fact that although you may not have stabilized entirely as a couple yet and managed to provide everything, your love is the only thing you need and want. The quote looks as if it was written on a specific paper, and there are also excellent shades of brown included. Several hearts associated with love are also painted on this one-of-a-kind mug. On the back side of this cute mug is a space for a photo of you and your beloved partner and the year you got married. Every time your loved one drinks a cup of hot coffee or tea and sees your beautiful photo, we are sure he will be delighted.

We present a perfect tumbler for married couples, which will surely be an ideal gift for your beloved partner. It is a tumbler with two faces, which, as you can see in the picture, together form a picture of a beautiful pair of deer. The quote "You & Me - we got this" speaks about how much stronger you are as a couple and how much everything in life is possible when you have a partner who loves you and whom you love. When we look at the whole design, we will see that a beautiful landscape is painted with lots of grass, nature, flowers, and beautiful blue butterflies. There are also deer kissing and depicting a couple in love.

Christmas Gifts For Engaged Couple

"Our first Christmas engaged" is a short writing that contains a lot of beauty and will undoubtedly awaken many beautiful emotions in both you and your partner. This short quote will be an eternal reminder of when you had your first Christmas together. With this personalized Christmas present, you can add the name of you and your loved one and a date that has that special meaning for you. When we look at the overall design of this ornament, we can safely say that it will fit perfectly into everyone's home. It consists of a beautiful combination of gold and silver colors, a perfect flower, zircon, and a big heart over which the infinity sign overlaps.

"I love to be in your life, in your heart, in your mind, in your soul, in your arms, in your bed, in your dreams, in your future" is a quote that will make your beloved partner feel loved and desired. Every time they use this stainless steel tumbler, he will remember you. This quote explains how important your partner is to you and that you want to be in every part of his life. Words like life, heart, mind, soul, arms, bed, dreams, and future are a particular shade of gold because they carry many essential meanings. Also, many hearts are painted on the tumbler because hearts are a symbol of love.

"A little bit crazy, a little bit loud & a whole lot of LOVE. This is us" is a perfect quote that spreads across both sides of this stainless steel tumbler. This quote says that we are all friends, sometimes crazy, nervous and loud, but at the end of the day, love will conquer all. Love is accepting other people's flaws. When we look at the design, we will see that the word "LOVE" has two cool and dangerous skeletons that love and kiss each other. They are specifically painted skeletons because they mean that love knows no age and that old age will not take away your passion for your partner. There is the possibility of personalizing this tumbler by writing the name of you and your beloved partner on the back side. 

Funny Christmas Gifts For Couples

"Fartner- fart+(part)ner: couples that fart together, stay together" is a quote that humorously explains that you and your partner are so close and relax in front of each other. Nothing in the world can separate you. This campfire mug is an ideal gift because of its unique design and witty but meaningful quote. If you look closely next to the painted hearts as a symbol of love, there are drawings on the top and bottom associated with a farth. On the back of this campfire mug are two hearts in which you can write the name of you and your beloved partner. The black matte background will catch everyone's eye, perfectly combined with purple and white text and decoration. These special mugs are also a great choice of personalized gifts your beloved for parents.

Its unique and witty design makes this phone grip a perfect Christmas gift for your beloved partner. This phone gadget is decorated with a funny text: "Warning! I am taken, don't flirt with me, it's for your own safety". Humorously, your partner says he is taken and not single, and you are presented humorously as a dangerous partner who does not let go of something that is hers. It is necessary to mention the ideal combination of the color yellow, which is often used for warning signs, and the color red, which is associated with a threat. After all, this phone gip is a valuable gift whose design will surely make your loved one smile every time he uses it.

"Family - A little bit of crazy, a little bit of loud, a lot of Love" is a perfect way to humorously describe a family that loves each other very much regardless of everything. This quote talks about how we are all a bit crazy, sometimes loud and nervous, but when we are with our beloved partner, we are always loved, and we love. This ornament on a beautiful white background is decorated with snowflakes, Christmas flowers, and Christmas trees, which are symbols of Christmas and New Year's holidays. Also, if you decide to give this as a gift, be sure that you will make your partner smile and have many beautiful emotions every time he sees this special ornament.

Last-minute Christmas Gifts For Couples

What each of us associates with cold, snow, and Christmas holidays is penguins."Did you know that when a penguin finds its mate, they stay together forever? I'm so glad you're my penguin." This is a perfect quote about your permanent when you found your right partner in life. When penguins love their partner, they stay with them forever, and that's what you see in your loved one. Give this gift to your partner to show them your loyalty. If we look at this stainless steel tumbler through its design and the message it sends, be sure that you will awaken many beautiful emotions in your loved one, such as adoration and happiness. Just as the penguin in the picture gives his partner a fish as a gift, you will provide this tumbler to your loved one to make him happy and happy.

"You & Me - We got this" is a short quote that carries significant meaning. With the help of this quote, you will tell your beloved partner that as long as you have each other, everything in life is possible, and you will solve everything. To make this mentioned quote even more meaningful, there are two big dragons on the front of this wine tumbler - black and white, which should represent you and your loved one. Also, dragons exude strength and power and fit perfectly with the quote. When we look at the whole design, we can say that the designers chose beautiful shades of blue for the sky and the stars that the dragons, as love couples, often observe.

"Tale as old as time - song as old as rhyme" is a sweet quote that completes this perfect water bottle. The design of this water bottle consists of characters from one of the most beautiful love stories - Beauty and the Beast, which we all read when we were little kids. A rose is also painted, often a symbol of love and directly related to the couple from this fairy tale. When we look at the other side of this water bottle, we will see the timetable and many compliments addressed to your beloved partner. "You are unique, special, lovely, precious, strong, chosen" is a beautiful way to show your dearest partner how he looks in your eyes and how much you love him. In addition, this water bottle is also a perfect Christmas gift because its daily use is guaranteed and because when he uses it, your beloved partner will always think of you.

Other Recommendations

16. Personalized Picnic Table Wine Carrier

Whether you are looking for a Christmas gift, birthday present or anniversary gift: the Personalized Picnic Table Wine Carrier is perfect couple gifts. You know your loved one always wants to have their wine handy and well-presented. The picnic table-top doubles up as a transportable carrier, meaning they can both store and serve their beverage of choice without any fuss. Not only does it come with an aluminum frame, so it's durable yet lightweight; when opened flat, there also provides space for food that has been prepped beforehand! Furthermore, if you want to make this really special, then why not personalize it? Specifying a name on the backboard means that no matter where they go while carting around their favorite drink. 

17. 64Hydro Personalized Coffee Christmas Mugs

To celebrate this season, Uniquely Creative Designs is offering you the best Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Whether you are buying it as a couple gift for someone or yourself, these personalized coffee mugs will be the perfect addition to any family’s holiday decorating theme. There is no one can reject such lovely Christmas gifts. They are a thing of beauty and warmth, delicious coffee in hand. Perfect for holiday mornings, paired with an amazing breakfast you made together the night before!

They're thoughtful gifts to bring people closer to one another this Holiday season, and will create cherished memories they'll never forget. Plus, it's always nice to be reminded that you’re loved just by having your mug out on the kitchen table or at their desk for when they need a shot of caffeine. So make sure they get everything truly merry from head-to-toe this season!

18. Clive 22-Inch Green Desk Lamp

The Clive desk lamp is a classic gift idea for couples. The shade is made of brass, combined with a speckled green and white porcelain base, and finished off the look with two simple-to-change bulbs in parchment or black shades. Sit back while you read your favourite book by this convenient desk light that can be easily manoeuvred into one spot without requiring an electrician to install! Pick up for your couple today from Fixtures for the Home. 

19. Picnic Backpack Set

What's one of the best feelings in life? Would you believe a dip into icy-cold water after a long hike ? Now that same feeling is available, but for your food! The Picnic Backpack Set includes an insulated backpack to keep food chilled and easy to grab. And standard picnic fare - crackers, cheese, fruit - can fit easily in the side pouch and bottle holder attached with Velcro (so everything stays secure). Easily lay out our spacious picnic blanket on rocks or sand while popping open refreshing drinks before opening up the pack. Life just got easier.

20. Couples Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

Love is eternal, and two people's hands are meant to cling together for life. This Couples Keepsake Hands Casting Kit lets a couple make that perfect symbol of togetherness using their two entwined hands as the mould. It has plenty of space and everything they'll need to capture this moment forever! Made for couples who like to “hold hands” forever, this kit includes everything we need to keep their beautiful memento: gloves, protective gear, lube and more.

21. 100 Dates Bucket List Scratch Poster

Perfect for the indecisive romantic, this A2 poster offers 100 date ideas to try, from food festivals to skinny dipping. The bucket list will become lighter as they scratch off each idea and reveal the bright artwork that awaits them. It's an easy way of planning their next date night with what’s left on their list - or adding some new ideas for their future adventures!

22. Hand Painted Plant Pot

This hand-painted pot is the perfect wife Christmas gift for post-career adults to make their living space colorful in a modern way. Choose between small or large pots and fill them with a plant like a jade plant or peperomia, for some touchable green that will also filter air pollutants from their home's atmosphere. It's never too late to start gardening! This will forever change the way they see their colorless desk or window sill. It's a little craft project that'll light up any room, and not just with one single plant - bonus!

23. 64Hydro Best Christmas Water Tracker Bottles

Are you finding an interesting Christmas gift idea for your beloved couple? However, there is nothing in your mind. Just simply pick a couple of Christmas Water Bottles for them. One of these low-cost, lightweight bottles for the thirsty couple on your shopping list! For a minimal investment, you can keep them hydrated from day to night. With time markers counting down hour by hour to remind them how much water they should be drinking during a given time period, they'll always know just how many ounces their body needs. The smart pop-top design offers convenience and easy access without spilling water all over their clothes or desk — a gift that not only keeps people healthy, but also saves paper cups from landfill duty.

24. Pizza Stone

Perfect for any pizza connoisseurs looking to elevate their home-baking game, this stone will help you bake artisan quality pizzas in their own kitchen. Get crispy and professional quality crust with the inclusion of a cordite stone. It heats evenly and comes equipped with grease, so no food pops off before it's done baking, perfectly! No more microwaves, no more cold ovens during winter. Just this stone and some dough will keep them warm all night long when entertaining with friends on each holiday occasion. 

25. The Softest Blanket Ever

Are there any Christmas gifts for couples better than curling up on a cold winter night? The tempting comforter and the crackling fire just makes it that much easier to drift off into dreamland. But we all know that’s not always easy, especially with our head poking out from under the thickest blanket around! That’s why this cosy faux fur throw has been designed specifically for those of us who want nothing less than best-cuddle-ever experience. There are plenty of fluffy throws to keep you warm in theory, but what they lack is an oh-so-chic design like this one. 

26. Personalized Cutting Board

New couples who love to cook can't go wrong with this personalized cutting board that's purveyed in a lighter wood. The best part? The anniversary gifts for couples come engraved with the last name of your new spouse and the date you said "I do!" With room for up to 10 letters, it will be perfect as a new serving tray and well-deserved wedding gift. This personalized cutting board is the perfect way to tie together a marriage. Make every dinner time feel extra special with this laser-engraved kitchen accessory. All you'll need to do is let us know which type of wood and final size, handle placement, and engraving options for your new heirloom that will endure well beyond decades of use. 

27. Any Song Lyrics Personalized Print

This is a great gift for couples that love music, especially if the song they danced to at their wedding became a special request. This amazing new product allows you to take the lyrics of that special song and have it printed onto a vinyl record with your couple’s name, date, artist and more on the label! You can even include a thoughtful message to make this gift extra sentimental. What are you waiting for? Whether it’s to remember a moment in time or as an engagement gift, this is one of those sentimental gifts for couples. Get yours today!

28. LOOPY Game for Couples

It’s never too much to ask for a little spice in the bedroom, and with so many activities, we lose track of time stuck on the couch. Leave that to this game, where you can choose from 150 cards with all sorts of suggestions for ways to connect. From kissing (in public!) To playing one of our favorite games like “What do they call it?” or “Staring contest,” there are plenty of ideas even if you want your love life... extra bland! But don't worry, we promise not all cards will be corny enough to make you giggle alone in bed as long as you have someone around. 

29. Love Is Art Canvas and Paint

Let your couple express their love with these couples Christmas gifts! This easy-to-use kit comes with a canvas, paint, brushes, and pens so that they can quickly create the perfect piece of art together. All that's left for them are to set the mood by choosing some relaxing music in an intimate setting, spread out the blank canvas on a table or chair, grab some snacks and drinks because this is sure to be fun! Once everything is ready, it's time to get creative: decorate their canvas using anything from simple brush strokes like splatter or post-impressionism paintings (more artsy) or just have fun doodling whatever other shapes and images come into mind. 

30. Personalized Book of Love

Every couple needs more love in the world, and this book will remind them about important moments that make their connection so special. The cute Christmas gifts are great for hanging out on the couch together, dreaming of future adventures, or late night chats when one partner starts to drift off. This personalized book takes them on one of those handwritten walks through their relationship, like personalizing one another forever.

31. Cuisinart ICE-60W Cool Creations Ice Cream Maker

The Cuisinart Pure Indulgence set is sure to be a hit this holiday season. These gifts for married couples could last your couple coming over for a visit well into the New Year! So get ahead of the game and give with this kitchen tool as one present from you, plus four other gifts that they can create themselves with your help. The Cuisinart Pure Indulgence combines auto-cooling with variable speed for a perfect frozen treat every time, and it makes two quarts of deliciousness without needing to be put back in the freezer to repeat.

32. SodaStream Fizzi One Touch Sparkling Water Maker Bundle

The SodaStream Fizzi One Touch Sparkling Water Maker Bundle is the perfect choice for marketing professionals looking for something they can carry around in their bag. They are so excited when their clients offer them a beverage, and they can reply, "no, thank you, I have my own!" Get rid of all that plastic waste by opting for this one-touch sparkling water maker!

The SodaStream Fizzi is an easy way to make favorite drink healthier without sacrificing aesthetics or taste. Innovative inverting design creates an outstanding fizzy sensation while leaving no carbonated lift behind on the glassware; simply shake it up to get the best sparkle every time!

33. Insta Max Mini 90

This is a perfect gift for couples who love travelling, with new advanced features for capturing light creatively. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 - designed with a classic look, that offers advanced features such as bulb and double exposures, so you can capture light creatively. This camera also has functions and features like macro mode, high performance flash, making this an instant camera for every photographer developed under the concept neo-classic. If she's more into classics, then try their traditional Insta Max Mini with its lower price tag! 

34. Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 15C MAX

The Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 15C MAX is the perfect little helper for any household that wants to live a cleaner, healthier life. It's lightweight and cordless, so it can get in those tight and hard-to-reach spaces without causing damage or making a mess. This vacuum is also self-improving over time: it's on board sensors identify areas that need more attention - like corners for pet hair - so you never have to worry about missing anything!

35. 64Hydro Personalized Couples Tumblers

It’s the time of year to work, play, and make memories. Give something memorable with Personalized Couples Tumblers. When they need a hot beverage, there’s nothing better than this move cool personal tumbler for couples. Finding any good Christmas gift ideas from your loved ones is not an easy job. Yet, Personalized Couples Tumblers are the perfect gifts to surprise them with until Christmas day. With this double-walled vacuum insulated cup; your drink can stay fresh while still being delicious in every sip! 

36. Select Charcuterie And Gourmet Cheese Hamper

The perfect romantic Christmas gift to please a foodie couple! Who doesn't love a charcuterie board? The Select Charcuterie And Gourmet Cheese Hamper is a beautifully presented and well curated selection of saucisson secs, calves tongues, little extras like miniature jars of olives preserved in authentic French vinegar; but most importantly, it contains some seriously tasty cheeses from artisanal producers. Imagine their pleasure when on Christmas morning they unwrap this magnificent hamper!

37. Cuddle Pillow

This is the perfect accessory for couples who love to cuddle, but have been experiencing pins and needles in their arm while spooning. With a gap in the middle for your partner’s limp arm, this pillow ensures comfort all night long. The soft foam filling provides that cosy feeling when you lie on it, and also offers extra support, so there’s nothing like an uncomfortable neck! Sleep cuddled up and spooning without the pins and needles. The Cuddle Pillow is designed to allow couples to comfortably share the same pillow while not interrupting their sleep pattern. 

38. Custom Star Map

Enduring memories of important moments can last forever with this best Christmas gift for a wife. Imagine getting married on a cruise boat in the Caribbean, and when they open their gift, you see the islands all lit up in the night sky. This unforgettable custom framed Star Map is sure to be something they'll cherish for years to come! A perfect way to commemorate a special moment. A custom star map is an original gift for the love of your life. Send in any date and location they can think of and reminisce with this thoughtful present.

39. Cute Custom Family Portrait

What do you know about custom Christmas gifts for couples? It's a new way to help create memories that will last forever for couples. With the Cute Custom Family Portrait for Christmas, not only can people make it into an artful centerpiece in the home, but they also have the opportunity to include important dates like anniversaries or birthdays, making these gifts even more sentimental. This is appropriate for any level of gifted- whether someone knows exactly what they want or needs help picking out just one thing. For those feeling particularly generous this year, order multiple copies to use as stocking stuffers!

The Christmas season is an exciting time for many couples, and a great opportunity to give your beloved cool things to get for Christmas. To help you find the perfect gift idea for your loved ones (whether they’re engaged or already married), we created this ultimate list of 64 holiday presents that any couple would be delighted to receive! Pick one (or two!) from our list below and make this holiday season even more special than before. What exciting present would be perfect for your favorite couple?

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