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August 21, 2021 16 min read

Every couple agrees that Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year. But for newly engaged couples, it’s even more special since it’s their first Christmas with fiancée status! 

If you have an engaged couple in your life, you should make their first Christmastime together as special as they are. And the best way to do so is by gifting them a thoughtful gift!

If you need ideas to surprise them, this post is perfect for you! We have compiled a list of the perfect 20+ Christmas gifts for engaged couples that will warm their hearts this holiday season!

You're sure to discover the ideal present right here!

Best Christmas Gifts For Engaged Couples

All right, let's get started with the top picks for engaged couples this holiday season. We immediately pictured this gorgeous heart-shaped Christmas tree ornament, complete with a bare background and a traditional Christmas motif covering the rim. The phrase "Our first Christmas engaged" is written in both standard and cursive fonts in the middle. Their life's greatest love is now in their arms, and they can enjoy Christmas and all of life's other joys together. The couple's first names and engagement date are printed beneath the quotations on this lovely personalized ornament. A finer present for a happy couple in your life this Christmas season would be hard to find. Don't wait any longer and give this one-of-a-kind present to commemorate their first Christmas as an engaged couple.

Months of arranging, scheduling, and rescheduling may be a difficult process for those planning a wedding. That's why any future wife needs this sleek wine tumbler to unwind with a glass of her favorite vino at the end of the day. The front says, “Pairs well with planning a wedding, cheers to the best day ever”. The statement is affixed to a marble-designed background featuring a glittering purple-golden pattern. Give this amazing wine tumbler to your beloved girl, who's a soon-to-be bride, and make her wedding planning a bit easier! There’s no doubt this unique gift will swipe her off her feet!

On Christmas morning, nothing brings us more happiness than sharing a cup of coffee with the person we love the most. We offer the ideal present to make that time even more memorable for you. Check out this fantastic mug that reads, "Let's have coffee together for the rest of our lives," on both sides. And the design is fantastic, with a smooth cream backdrop and regular coffee grains followed by heart-shaped ones! If you want to show your loved one how much the little things you two share on a daily level matter to you, get them this mug. She or he will absolutely love it!

It is well-known that the Christmas season tends to bring out the sentimental side in all of us. Every couple will find this time of year to be particularly romantic because of the chilly weather, cheerful atmosphere, and holiday spirit. In honor of this, we've tracked down the ideal present for your significant other! While the front of this beautiful ornament bears the words “‘Tis the season to be in love” in a modern font, the back can be personalized with your and your fiancee’s names! This red and gold heart-shaped tree ornament with Christmas garlands around the borders is guaranteed to make your sweetheart beam. Give this beautiful couple present to your significant other this holiday season, and we guarantee it will have a central spot on your Christmas tree.

One of the best ways to fill a house with the holiday spirit is with the scent of a candle. To further promote holiday cheer and love this season, this classy wax candle would make a wonderful Christmas present for newly engaged couples. The simple black backdrop features a cheerful artwork of Christmas decorations that surround the message: “Love, laughter, and happily ever after”.  Every day is wonderful when your loved one is at your side, but Christmas is much more magical when you enjoy the holiday with them and all the joy, warmth, and unforgettable memories you've made together over the year. We do not doubt that the happy expressions on the faces of your favorite engaged couple will be worth the price of this lovely candle.

Funny Christmas Gifts For Engaged Couples 

Next in the line, we have funny Christmas gifts for engaged couples! This stylish wine tumbler is a perfect engagement gift for a bride-to-be! The front features the “This is my wedding planning cup” words written in a combination of a regular and lovely cursive font, while the back can be personalized with her name accentuated with elegant white lines. Also, any lady would be blown away by the design's minimalistic hearts and diamonds set on a sleek modern black background. Wedding planning can be a stressful experience, so this fantastic wine glass is perfect for unwinding and will be much appreciated by the bride-to-be!

Let Christmas bring you and your loved ones nothing but laughter and joy. And if you have a bride-to-be lady in your life, you can bring her happiness by gifting her this wonderful sleek black tee! The front says “Miss to Mrs”, and it’s decorated with a simple yet cheerful Christmas artwork. Comfortable clothing is a necessity while planning a wedding, and this sweet shirt will also make sure she looks good as she relaxes. Buy your favorite bride-to-be this stunning gift and watch her smile from ear to ear!

Searching for a unique present for the engaged couple in your life? Then you need to get your hands on this one-of-a-kind coffee cup that reads "Engaged" in a gorgeous typeface. A man proposes to his woman in outdoors as the sun sets behind the mountains, with the starry night sky as a background. In addition, you can make this present more special by having the couple's names printed on the cover. An engagement is a significant life event. It's the beginning of an exciting new period in your life, full of potential and hope. So, send your favorite couple your warmest wishes for a lifetime of happiness together with this one-of-a-kind present.

Friends or fam just got engaged? This stunning mug bears the perfect funny message for the occasion, “Shit just got real”. The message is written in a gorgeous goldfish font, with a diamond engagement ring replacing the letter O. The back features a marvelous diamond heart padlock necklace on a marble-designed backdrop. Besides, you can personalize it by putting the happy couple’s names under the artwork to allow the personal connection to shine through. Engagement is a special occasion that deserves a special gift, and we can’t think of a better one than this astonishing yet funny coffee mug!

Another ornament for the newly engaged couple's Christmas tree! It's a classy decoration with a white backdrop and lovely flowers in pastel hues. The central motif reads "Engaged", and the couple's names may be placed underneath. Christmas will be full of feasts and parties that continue longer than ever as they spend their first holiday season as a newly engaged couple. So, be part of their first Christmastime on this journey by gifting them this wonderful ornament! Rest assured that it will hang on their tree for years to come, and it’ll remind them of you and their beautiful beginnings!

Personalized Christmas Gifts For Engaged Couples

The next section of our article is devoted to personalized Christmas gifts for engaged couples. The first thing in this part is this ladylike coffee mug featuring the question “Does the ring make me look engaged?” It's great for bragging about the new fianceé's status at work or at the family reunion, and is certain to put a smile on everyone's face. As a bonus, the design is quite stunning, with a pure white backdrop and pink patterns bordered by sparkling golden lines. The names of the newly engaged pair can be written in amazing interlocking golden engagement rings on the back. You won't find a more perfect present for your soon-to-be-wed dear one this holiday season!

It's well-known that dates are important in a relationship because they let you get to know one another better and open up to one another. There may have been many more dates, but the three that are inscribed on the back of this ornament - "first date, yes date, finest date" are the most significant. This wooden-themed ornament features a gorgeous picture of a newlywed couple on the beach, and it’s framed with traditional Christmas motifs! Such a stunning expression of love during this holiday season, right? It's a married couple present that shows you put in a lot of effort than you would with any other gift, and they will be thrilled about it, for sure!

When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with one person, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible! And that life is about to start for a happy couple in your life! So, gift them this amazing coffee mug that bears the saying “Let the adventure begin” in a lovely font! The back of this mug has a heart-shaped photo that can be customized with the names of the engaged couple, and under the photo, you can put their names as well! Also, the design screams “wedding” with a rustic wooden background and beautiful white roses adorning the rims! Gift the happy couple this awesome mug to wish them luck in the new chapter, and rest assured it will be well appreciated!

If you're having trouble deciding what to get the badass engaged couple in your life, we got you covered. This extraordinary insulated tumbler with a full-matte black backdrop features artwork that covers both the front and the back. It depicts a painted-face lady passionately kissing a skull. As an added bonus, the tumbler can also be personalized with the couple’s names to give it an extra special touch! We have no doubt they're going to be so thrilled about it that they won’t be putting it down! Don't bother looking elsewhere - this is the best Christmas present you can give the engaged couple.

What could be a more appropriate way to commemorate the beginning of engaged life than to adorn the Christmas tree with an ornament with an even more romantic quotation? The quote says:“ God blessed the road that led me straight to you.” It is so special since it conveys that despite everything, they've finally found the one person for whom they'd fight. The ornament showcases a romantic winter design complemented by a couple in a retro red car embarking on a new chapter in their life. And if you want it to stand out from the rest of the decorations on your tree, personalizing it with your names and the date of the pair’s engagement will do the trick!

Other Recommendations For You

Inspired Print Store Custom Couple Print

Looking for gifts for couples? These custom portrait cute couple pictures are perfect for celebrating your favorite couple with. Make them in any outfit, with any pet that you love, and they'll be so grateful! A beautiful portrait of your loved ones is a priceless gift. This custom couple art print will impress and show just how much those two little words mean to you. Customize their hairstyles, outfits, pets, everything! All they have to do is upload the photo for us to make it come alive on canvas—it's a truly thoughtful gift that will last long after they've framed your special message in love.

Wax and Wane Congrats Candle

The Wax and Wane Congrats Candle is perfect couple gifts for any celebration! If you’re looking for an affordable option that’s sure to please, pick up this champagne-scented candle today...you won't regret it! The candle is made from soy wax and contains premium essential oils, which deliver a full 50 hours of clean burn time. It's great for bringing you some extra joy when celebrating an important milestone in your life with family or friends...or just adding a slight bit of happiness to evenings by yourself. Make celebrations amazing and memorable with this champagne-scented candle. 

Fleura Vase with Eternity Roses and Eternity Hedera Leaves

A bouquet of roses so beautiful, it will look over to see you walking down the aisle with your partner and kissing yourself. These are not just any flowers, of course. Our Eternity Roses (in a nice porcelain vase) last 365 days without water care--meaning they're perfect for that special someone in your life who has always loved their home plans more than anything else. This bouquet is the engagement gift ideas for anyone looking to have an aerial view of themselves at their very own wedding day from up high, with strings being gently pulled on by adoring family members below!

64Hydro Personalized Couple Tumblers

It's the perfect gift for couples who enjoy their time together. Share a drink with some eternity. These stainless steel tumblers come in two parts, two cups that fit together to create a beautiful connection between you and your significant other. And even better - each one comes personalized with your own date and love-themed message etched on the back of the cup! Your couple deserves the best, so offer them a long-lasting and top quality product with their name on it for every morning of the year!

Cooking Christmas gifts for engaged couples

Crate & Barrel Pryce Champagne Ice Basket

Creating the perfect Christmas couples gifts requires some forethought, but it also requires a bucket to hold all those bound-to-be-opened bottles. And nothing says refined connoisseurship like this Champagne Ice Basket from Crate & Barrel Pryce. This timeless glass version is highlighted with platinum trim for obvious reasons, and thanks to its impressive size, it’s capable of holding an entire case worth of bubbly or more! So let them toast each new year knowing their champagne will be in tip-top shape iced down and chilled just the right way. Cheers to you both!

CB2 Gold Cake Cutting Set

The engagement gift is a delicately stunning cutting set: silver-plated, with gold accents for that little something extra. With this cake cutting set, you will be able to slice through the fluffy icing and cut up your favorite blend of wedding cake with no problem. It will also look so glamorous on any table! Great for the happy couple or any bride thinking ahead about their dessert needs in the days and months following their big day!

Truly Special Spices

The perfect Christmas gifts for couples who love the modern home chef. Diaspora Co. has created the quintessential spice set for cooking with flair, one that’s a favorite of professional chefs and amateurs alike. The beautifully hand-spun brass vessel is designed to keep spices at their freshest, while tasting so good you can enjoy them all by themselves. Set includes 7 delicately selected spices such as Pragati Turmeric, Baraka Cardamom, Bharti Jira (Fennel). A perfect show stopping gift for cooks who love to taste the world's flavors through their cooking! 

Something to Sip On

Spreading happiness with every sip of tea, One Stripe helps your couple feel good about waking up to a pot of masala chai on your stove or in the espresso machine. A family recipe is steeped in tradition and sourced selectively from wholesome ingredients, and it all comes wrapped up beautifully for giving this Christmas season. With its attention to detail, it's no wonder these spices will quickly become your go-to this winter.

Cuisinart Stainless Steel Cookware

Are you finding gifts for couples who have everything? They want to cook together. She wants to experiment and try something new that can't be done in a microwave, he is the master of their small kitchen and always cooks up something special for date night. Give them the gift they'll love: quality cooking tools that won't tarnish and will last forever; choose from pots, pans, skillets, sauté pans or all-clad sets! From frying eggs in the morning, to whipping up sauces on weekday evenings - we've got it covered.

Festive Kitchen Linens for Couples

This cute set of festive kitchen linens is sure to put you in the best holiday spirit. Made just for couples, this lovely gift includes two aprons and four oven mitts. One features Santa's sleigh carrying Christmas presents that are adorable with snowflakes falling over the words "GIFTED WITH LOVE" on it, while the other has a matching red tree design on one side and heartfelt touches like "Merry Christmas!" written with snowflakes alluding to First Noel lyrics on it. The artful handmade details make these linens perfect gifts they'll use year-round! Give them the perfect kitchen accessory for this coming holiday season with festive as-heirloom-quality linens.

Tech Christmas gifts for engaged couples 

Instant Camera

Memories are the most important thing to cherish from a wedding day. You'll want to capture each one, but that's no easy task! There will be so many special moments you won't remember until later on when you need to go back for a quick look, throwing your hair up in an old-fashioned knot and giggling with your maid of honor. So keep the weight of remembering what it all felt like off your shoulders by recording those memories with this cute camera. Special moments deserve to be documented! Therefore, it’s the perfect engagement gifts for couples. 

A smart lighting kit to add a little flair to their home

Give their home a little flair with one of our color-changing LED light bulbs and add this amazing kit to get started on the path to a perfect smartest household. Imagine being able to control your porch, dining room, bathroom - no need for switches any more! This best engagement gifts will help them make it happen quickly once they finish setting up the starter kit. Add light anywhere and everywhere, change colors and themes in an instant, or set them on scheduling mode, so they come on at the perfect time.

Click & Grow Smart Garden

The Click & Grow Smart Garden is the perfect engagement presents for anyone who fancies themselves a green thumb but never seem to have luck with plants. With its built-in water reservoir and an LED lamp, there's no need for them not to keep it alive. Just make sure they give you some of their delicious basil from this beautiful herb garden once it starts growing! Plus, this kit comes with everything you need to grow herbs, so there are no excuses not to have fresh herbs on hand for whatever recipe is in season.

JBL Flip 5 Speaker

Everyone deserves to enjoy a quality soundtrack from their favorite playlist. After all, don't we want our memories captured? That's why couples should make sure they have the perfect partner for playlists nowadays—the JBL Flip 5 Speaker. Not only does the cute couple gifts provide powerful vocals and crisp sound through its hi-fi stereo drivers, but this little device is also lightweight with a portable design that makes it easy for you to take your music anywhere! Music might be the best part of life, but this speaker will ensure that nobody has any doubts about who love songs are made of when they hear them being played out loud with world-class sound effects like clarity and bass (wow!) 

Travelling Christmas gifts for engaged couples

Do One Thing Every Day Together: A Journal for Two

This journal is best gifts for couples who are planning their wedding. This will give them a chance to make memories by laying out a few simple challenges at the end of each day that can be completed together or individually, but always in tandem. Try putting a picture here of some challenge ideas. Re-reading this journal later on is sure to bring warmth in a big blustery winter evening as they dig out pictures from their wedding day while sipping hot cocoa with peppermint whipped cream garnish

64Hydro Travel Water Tracker Bottle

This is the perfect gift for a couple who have just recently moved in together. With this water tracker, they can make sure to stay on track with their water consumption and get that healthy hydration from both of them! It's time for a new day to start, which means it's time for a new bottle. Drink responsibly and sip on the hydration that soothes all their thirsty cells! We're looping you up with our customizable 64Hydro Travel Water Tracker Bottle! It has a water intake timer for 24 hours, so you get to track their water intake even when times zones are different. You can also personalize the front too with any design or photo you want without sacrificing durability thanks to its durable double wall insulation vacuum construction too!

A monogrammed passport and luggage tag set for frequent travelers

Travelling can be tough for frequent travellers on the go, but with this cute couple gifts set, you can make it easier by making travel fun. Whether he's travelling abroad or domestically, she'll always know her luggage is safe and sound with this elegant passport cover and matching luggage tag (embossed for extra flair). This is a stylish gift that will make any first world traveller want to get up and jet. Not only is this set a practical gift, but it also has style from subtle to more ornate. Heading out on honeymoon or business? Give the indispensable present that they'll love and cherish for years to come.

Heart Sunglasses

When your couple are feeling intense, glowing love for someone, it's the perfect time to break out these heart-shaped sunglasses. Let these bright blue lenses shield your eyes from the sun while they also make any sunshine sparkle that much more. If you're looking for a fun accessory in which to celebrate their inevitable nuptials, don't forget about our neon pink elasticized belts! Actually, there is no couple gift more perfect than the heart sunglasses, especially for those who are addicted to fashion and travelling day by day. 

Christmas gifts for engaged couples who love reading books

64Hydro Book Lover Couple Mugs

Are you looking for a Christmas gift for a couple who are addicted to reading books? Here are perfect gifts for them, 64Hydro Book Lover Couple Mugs. These mugs are designed in the latest style, with a little creative illustration. It can satisfy their desire to drink coffee slowly and appreciate it. And each one of them has a different, lovely design, which gives them double choice no matter which cup they take. These attractive cups will be so precious in the morning when they are by themselves reading their favorite books on these shelves.

Menus: A Book for Your Meals and Memories

Another one of Oprah's favourite things, this gift for couples will let the couple record the best meals they've shared and their most cherished food memories in Jacques Pepin's hand-illustrated menu diary. There are some great stories to go along with each entry! The date lookup table continues on an open calendar page—so it is easy to pick a date for that special meal or memory. 

On-Theme Pen

Every reader deserves to have their own pen. What better Christmas gift is there than a diamond-topped On-Theme Pen? A present they'll use day after day and treasure long after the holiday season has come and gone. On-Theme Pen is a premium writing product with a fashionable design, which makes it an ideal choice as a wedding present or Christmas gift idea. Available in four stylish designs to spice up their desk, this exquisitely designed pen is not just for showcasing taste on social media, but also helps create inspiring words from the heart. 

Artifact Signature Layflat Photo Album

Final Thoughts

If you've begun Christmas shopping, you've likely acquired meaningful presents for your family. However, picking the perfect Christmas gift for a newly engaged couple in your life can be challenging.

Luckily for you, we are well aware of that, and that's why we're here - to assist you at any time!  

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for engaged couples, this article is filled with 20+ amazing ones that include personalized items, ornaments, mugs, and candles. We hope that our article at least gave you good ideas of what could be the best holiday gift for the happy couple!

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