Best Christian Gifts For Dads - Heroes That Don't Wear Capes Deserve A Gift Or Two From Time To Time!

July 17, 2022 7 min read

Dads are heroes that don’t wear capes. They’re always there when we need them, showing love and affection for their family members. Well, for those reasons, we think that dads deserve some gifts that will help them understand how much we appreciate them and help us show our appreciation. To help us in that quest, here is the list of the best Christian gifts for dads!
Here’s our list:

Best Christian Gifts For Dads For Encouragement and Strength

This is one of the most good-looking products on our website. The design of the cross is complemented amazingly by the background, and the words are written in the font that goes perfectly with the cross. But, the message behind the cross is more important, and the message from Joshua 1:9 says: “Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whither soever thou goest.” A strong message that teaches that you shouldn’t be afraid because you have the Lord on your side. A statement such as this is an encouraging message to all dads out there.

Kings of the jungle are dads. But sometimes, even kings need encouragement and strength, which is the perfect way to provide them with some. You’ll find a quote from Joshua 1:9, and the meaning goes so well with the rest of the design. Dads are sometimes scared and worried much more than we can realize, and giving them a mug to drink their morning coffee from and start their day with a reassuring message makes for a perfect gift for every dad!

High-quality custom Bible covers have become increasingly popular. All dads should keep their Bible in the best shape possible, and that’s exactly what this Bible cover will allow them to do. It’ll also be a great reminder of how strong, loved, and respected they are. The best part about this cover is the “The Lord is my strength and my shield” quote from Psalm 28:7, which is one of the most cited Psalms in the Bible. Many men live by this quote, and we’re sure that your father will do as well after receiving this as a gift!

Lion-themed gifts for dads work great, since our fathers are  leaders, protectors, and providers. Telling them how much they mean to us is one of the most beautiful things to do, and with this straw bottle, it’s easier than ever. Compliments such as loving, bold, truthful, honest, humble, and devoted are essential to everyone. When your father sees these written on his everyday bottle, he will remember what they’re fighting for every time. Pair that with one of the most outstanding designs of a lion with a cross on his forehead, and you have one of the best-looking bottles ever!

Being able to say that you’re a man of God loudly and proudly is one of the most liberating things a man can do. Pair that with “husband + dad + papa” and you have the most important titles that a man can have. That’s what makes every dad proud, and that’s what will make your papa proud to wear it as well. The cross from nails and the crown of thorns makes this an extremely masculine t-shirt that every man will feel mighty in! So, if your father enjoys wearing t-shirts that convey strong messages of who he’s loyal to, this is more than a perfect gift for him.

Best Christian Gifts For Dads For Healing and Comfort

Living an easy life can’t happen all the time - confronting hardship head-on is what real men do, regardless of the consequences. “Do not pray for easy lives; pray to be stronger men” is a quote that undoubtedly says we understand our father’s hardships, and that we know that sometimes they need to be strong, regardless of how hard life can be. Our dads frequently don’t tell us about everything that’s bothering and burdening them, so gifting them a shirt with this message may be the sign that even though you don’t know everything, you know one thing - your dad is a strong man, and his strength comes from the Lord.

Dads love their beverages, whether we’re talking about cold or hot ones. Well, this stainless steel tumbler keeps that beverage fresh and has one of the most powerful messages out there. “Never underestimate a father fueled by prayer” signifies that your dad’s primary “weapon” through life is prayer. In a world filled with aggression, hatred, and inconsiderate people, prayer is the strongest weapon, and choosing prayer over hardship is the way to go. Let your father know you care and acknowledge how far he has come. The healing process of old wounds begins in forgiveness, and forgiveness is found in prayer.

Our dads are true warriors at heart. They fight for us, they fight for their friends, they fight for the Lord, and they fight for themselves. They must be the warriors God called them to be. Besides this strong message that clearly states that we know what our fathers face, this tumbler features a fantastic design that shows Jesus, a lion, and a warrior holding a shield and a sword. This is an excellent representation that all dads are warriors on more fronts than others. Surprise your dad with this amazing-looking tumbler and show him you know how much he’s been through.

This steel bottle is one of the perfect Christian gifts for men who’s recovering and here’s why: On the back, there’s a list of ideal quotes from the Bible. These are all powerful messages individually and even more powerful when they’re one above the other. Fathers who need healing will enjoy these strong and reassuring messages. They are a terrific way to help them heal and reassure them that they’re appreciated! Cop one of these for your dad, and make sure he knows you love him!

Best Christian Gifts For Dads To Celebrate God's Love

“Stand with Jesus, live with Jesus, end with Jesus” is a simple yet powerful quote that celebrates the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ throughout the whole duration of our lives. From baptism, throughout our adult life, all the way through our maturity, we’re devoted to Jesus, and we pray to him regardless of how old we are. Pair this with a fantastic picture of our Lord in a rustic design, and it really makes for a unique gift for a special dad. Grab one of these, and make your dad delighted by receiving such a fantastic gift from an exceptional child (or amazing children).

 This is one of the funniest-looking products on this list! It’s an interpretation of a well-known sauce brand with an original message! Matthew 5:16 says: “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven” which is quite a powerful message. So why is it on a funny-looking cup? Well, this is only the reminder that our Lord doesn’t always want us to be uptight about things, He gave us a sense of humor - and we need to make the most of it! Get one of these comedic-looking tumblers and surprise your devoted father and make him laugh every day!

When you pair a wholesome text with an amazing-looking design, you get one of the best tees on our website. On the back, you’ll find an amazing design with a lion’s face in a cross, with a warrior below it. This is an exceptional design that any dad in the world will love! Pair that with the text from Psalm 115:1 “For honor, for glory, not to us Lord, but to your name by the glory” that sends chills down anybody’s spine with excitement while reading it is a perfect combination. Be aware - this t-shirt is only for the coolest dads out there!

This is yet another phenomenal mug with some excellent wordplay in the spotlight. “Catch up with Jesus - Blessed from my head to-ma-toes” is a really clever way of making this mug work! We all love ketchup, and we all love Jesus, so why not combine that, and get one of the most original-looking mugs out there! It also has “Psalm 37:4” on the bottom, which carries a solid Biblical message, so there is a sense of seriousness if you look close enough. Not only for dad, this is also suitable baptism gifts for anyone who have deep affection for Jesus. 

This is a phenomenal mix of religious and outdoors, which is what most fathers like! As far as the quotes on the hoodie go, they are fantastic as well! Let’s start with “we catch ‘em, God cleans ‘em” which has a Biblical and a fisherman’s undertone. On top of that, Matthew 4:19 is one of the most influential parts of the Bible. Put those two together, and you have the best hoodie ever! Surprise your dad with one of these, and we promise you - he won’t go fishing without it.

We know that picking out a gift for your dad can be a complicated task at hand, but we’re here to help.
We hope that you found some fantastic gift ideas that you can get as a present for your dad and make him happier than ever!

Giving has always been in the Christian tradition, and there’s not a single more memorable gift than a gift from a child. Remember this, as your parents will cherish gifts from you regardless of their value more than any gift from anyone else.
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We wish you happy gift hunting!