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May 27, 2021 19 min read

Shopping for grandmas can often be a challenge. Considering they seem to have everything they need and ask for nothing more than your love, it's natural that they don't need more. However, surprising your grandma with an awesome gift is a wonderful way to show your affection and brighten her day.

Therefore, we've put together a list of the best personalized gifts for grandma. It includes knitting kits, gardening tools, kitchen gadgets, or family keepsakes, ... You will find a lot of cute personalized gifts here that will make her smile. With these personalized gifts for Grandma, she can wear, look at, or use to simply brag about her loved ones.

Whether you're looking for thoughtful presents or ones with a little extra oomph, these items make great gifts for grandmas! Find out what we recommend as the best gifts you can give. Most of these gifts can be personalized with names, messages, and photos that will remind her of home and family. And, make sure to read the FAQ section at the end of this article. It will help you get more personal gift ideas and tips on choosing a wonderful personalized grandma gift.

Best Personalized Gifts for Grandma

This hippie gnome stainless steel tumbler is one of the best gifts you can give to your grandma. It has a unique design featuring black background and flowers, with a hippie gnome on the front side, shown holding the sign with the word “grandma” on it. On the back side of the tumbler,  there is a designated space for you to put your grandma’s name on it, and on the front side above the gnome, there is a space for you to place your name and the names of your siblings. Gift this tumbler to your grandma and ensure that she will be reminded of how much she’s loved by her grandchildren!

This tumbler has a very important message that it brings, and its unique design has no match on this list. On the front side, there is a quote that reads “You put great in great grandma” meaning that the title she has is merely an explanation of how great she is because of all the things she has done for you, and the amazing memories you two have together. Below the name, there is a list of ‘nutrition facts’, that a great grandma has, like unconditional love, spoiling, hard-working, etc. Gift this to your great-grandma, and make sure that she knows how great you think she is!

This stainless steel tumbler is something that any grandma wants to have. On the front side, there is a quote that says “I have two titles, mom and grandma, and I rock them both” meaning that she is not only a mother, but she is also a grandma and fulfills all the tasks that those titles come with. The letters are made to look like pearls, and in the middle of the word mom, there is a face of a woman with stylish sunglasses and a haircut. Make sure to give your grandma this as a gift and to remind her how great she is at fulfilling her job as a mom and as a grandma!

This sunflower pendant necklace is one of the best gifts from this list. It carries an important message, and it's a perfect gift that any grandma would love to get. The message from the box reads, “Dear Grandma, you made my childhood unforgettable. Thank you for your unconditional love and support. I love you. Your granddaughter”. This message serves to highlight how much your grandma means to you and how much you appreciate all the memories you two have made over the years. Below the message, there is a designated space for you to place your name, a gift that any grandma would love to get. 

The text on the front side of the bag reads “Important nana stuff Mainly snacks actually” meaning that she usually carries snacks for her grandkids, but that doesn’t mean that those are not the important grandma stuff. The word ‘nana’ in the message is interchangeable with any name or nickname that you want. Make sure to give this bag to your nana and make sure that she carries enough snacks when she comes to visit!

Personalized Gifts For Grandma’s Birthday

On the front side of the tumbler, there is a message that says “65 and fabulous” surrounded with hearts and stars, and above the number there is a crown, signifying the importance of her age. On the other side, there is a designated space for you to place her name, surrounded by a stylish-looking frame, and stars and hearts. Above the name, there’s also a crown. Give this to your grandma and remind her that even if she is 65, she is still fabulous and rocking it!

This bedding set has a unique design and features a message that says: “Thank you for your love and support, wrap yourself up in this and consider it a big hug.” “ I love you to the moon and back, to my grandma”. Below the end of the message that is written inside the heart-shaped frame, you can place your grandma’s name. Give your grandma this bedding set, and make sure she knows how much you love her!

This stainless steel tumbler is the perfect gift for any grandma. On the front side, there is a message that says: “my favorite people call me grandma”, implying that her grandkids are her favorite people in the world. Below the message, there is a designated space for you to place her name. On the front side, there is a rainbow, with a text that reads “love them - spoil them - give them back. Grandma live”, describing what the grandma’s life looks like. The upper and lower side of the tumbler is decorated with roses, giving it a warm look that makes it appealing. 

This ceramic mug carries an interesting and funny message that will for sure bring a smile to your grandma’s face. The front side has a message that says: “Grandmacorn, like a normal grandma, but more awesome.” and a picture of the unicorn with glasses doing the dabbing motion. That quote serves to explain that your grandma is more than just a grandma, she is the ‘grandmacorn’ making her awesome and unique like the unicorn. The back side has a picture of a unicorn horn and a couple of ears, with a designated place to put your grandma’s name.

This wine tumbler is something that any grandma wishes to have. On the front side, there is a text that reads “Grandma’s sippy cup”, implying that her sippy cup is the wine tumbler, and she always keeps it with her, sipping occasionally. On the back side, there is a picture of a woman with a stylish haircut with a hair-band and sunglasses covered in a leopard print pattern. Below the image, there is a designated space for you to place her name, making this a unique and personalized gift that any grandma would love to get!

Personalized Gifts For Grandma On Mother’s Day

This full-color ceramic mug has a unique design featuring a flower pattern of various colors and a message that reads “Promoted to grandma” below the message, there is an “est” notation with a space to place the year when she became grandma when her first grandchild was born. On the back side, there is a big heart surrounded by flowers, and inside the heart, there is a designated space for you to place her name. Make sure to go your grandma this mug, so she can proudly drink from it and be reminded that she is the best grandma in the world!

This doormat is surely something that any grandma would love to get as a gift on Mother's Day! It carries a heartwarming message that reads: “There’s no place like grandma’s house, grandchildren spoilt here”, meaning that the grandma’s house surely is a special place where grandchildren come to get spoilt. Also, you can place the name of your grandma on this doormat, making it unique and personalized just for her! Give your grandma this doormat as a gift, and let her know that truly there is no place like her house, and that is where you created your most beautiful memories of your childhood!

This heart-shaped necklace is for sure something that any grandma would love to get as a gift. It also carries an important and heartwarming message that reads: “Grandma, whenever you touch this heart, you’ll know that I love you”, meaning that your love for your grandma is so strong that it endures any period of time when you don’t see each other, and this necklace is just a reminder for her to remember how much you care for her. Below the message, there is a designated space for you to place your name. 

This stainless steel tumbler is truly something special that you can give to your grandma as a gift! It has a unique design featuring a bunch of white roses that are shiny and covered in glitter, with a solid black background. On the front side, there is a message that says “Best grandma ever”, and the only thing better than the truthful nature of this message is the fact that the letters are made to look like strings of shiny pearls. On the back side, there is a designated place for you to place her name, making this a gift that any grandma would love to get! 

This wooden ornament is something that every grandma would love to hang on her Christmas tree. It has a unique shape, featuring an adult woman kissing a child on the forehead, with sunflowers below them. On the front side of the ornament, there is the text that reads: “Grandma, I love you more than the stars in the sky, more than the trees in the forest, grandma you mean the world to me”. It is truly a heartwarming message that any grandma would love to read, knowing the extent of her grandchild's love and care for her. 

Personalized Christmas Gifts For Grandma

This ornament features an interesting design, showing a couple of butterflies on the front side, along with a couple of wrapped presents and Christmas tree lights. On the front side, there is a message that reads “Grandma’s love knows no distance” meaning that no matter how far apart you go, your love remains strong. On the back side, there is a designated space for you to place her name, making this a gift that she will cherish for many years. 

This snowman featuring a heart-shaped ornament is one of the best gifts from this list. It has a checkered background and lots of snowflakes, on the front side, there is the message that reads “One blessed grandma”. On the front side, there are a couple of snowmen surrounded by bells and holding a wrapped present, hugging each other. Below the snowmen, there is a designated space for you to place your name and the name of your sibling. 

This snowman ornament carries an important message that any grandma would love to hang on her Christmas tree. On the front side, there is a picture of a snowman hugging two other, smaller snowmen, surrounded with Christmas ornaments, stars, and wrapped presents, on the right side of them, there is the text that reads: “I love being a grandma”. On the back side of the ornament, surrounded by wrapped presents and snowflakes, there is a designated space for you to place her name. Give your grandma the special personalized Christmas gift, and watch her proudly place it on the top of her Christmas tree!

This letter ornament carries a really deep and heartwarming message. On the front side, there is a message that says: “To my grandmother, for all the times I forgot to thank you, for all the special and little things you do, for all the words that sometimes go unspoken, I need to say I love you”This important message is something that every grandmother needs to hear. On the back side, decorated with Christmas bells, ornaments, and snowflakes, there is a designated space for you to place her name, making this a gift that she would be proud to get. 

This gnome mug features an interesting design with a Christmas theme and carries an important message. On the back side, there is the text that reads: “Love being called grandma”, meaning that being your grandma is surely something that brings her joy. The letter “O” is replaced with a gnome sitting and holding the Christmas tree lights and ornaments. The text is surrounded by snowflakes, with the top and bottom sides of a mug showing a checkered pattern of red cloth. On the front side, there is a picture of a gnome holding a peace sign surrounded by flowers and snowflakes. 

Other Recommendations On Personalized Gifts For Grandma

Birth Month Flower Scarf

Her happy birthday is just one day, but these botanical printed scarves are a reminder of her special month all year long. These colorful floral watercolors scarfs are hand-painted with the 12 monthly blossoms. Each wrapped with the scientific name and traits associated with them in an attention-catching pattern. This birthday personalized grandma gift includes 12 stunning scarves to brighten any outfit or add color to any space.

Custom Handwriting Bracelet

Let her know how much you love her every day with this personalized grandma jewelry. Inscribe a message in our signature handwriting into an actual handwritten bracelet for her. Your grandma will cherish and feel close to you whenever she wears it. You can have one that says "Best Grandma," or "Nana-Lova." A perfect personalized gift for grandma's birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day Gift Ideas. The pieces come in attractive jewelry boxes that can be given to your grandmother right away.

64Hydro Personalized Water Tracker Bottle

Giving your grandma this sleek and stylish water tracker bottle will save her worries in the future. First, it comes beautifully personalized with a heartfelt message from you or another family member. Second, time markers make drinking water effortless and enjoyable for everyone. Through this personalized thoughtful gift, she will be able to keep her health in good hands and remember your love every day.

Birth Flower Earrings

A lovely piece of personalized grandma jewelry to give to any special Nana! A beautiful symbol of love and remembrance from your heart. She will adore the thoughtfulness you’ve put into this gift, and she will wear these charming earrings with pride for all to see. The delicate flowers in these earrings are representations of the plant that is linked to our birth month. It's a lovely reminder of who we are. The piece would make a perfect gift for your grandma on her birthday, for her anniversary, or even for Mother's Day.

Personalized Apron Gifts for Grandma

Customized aprons make cooking in the kitchen more fun! They're the wonderful selection for Mother's Day, birthdays, and other special occasions! Your grandma will love this cute and functional apron! With lots of room in the pockets where she can put all her cooking ingredients, we know just how convenient and functional this item is. Make it even more special by choosing your own wording for the apron with personalization options that include hashtags too.

Letters to My Grandchild Gift

Often, grandparents don't get the chance to express just how much they love their grandchildren. Letters To My Grandchild not only provides a space for personal messages but also preserves family memories on paper! She'll never have to worry about saying "I love you" in one conversation because all of those feelings will be captured in these letters! Letters to My Grandchild is the perfect gift for grandparents or grandparent figures. Imagine filling each letter with wisdom that only a grandparent could impart. Then, they can postdate, seal it with stickers, and present this paper time capsule as a gift. This heirloom becomes priceless and cherished by generations to come.

Personalized Keyring

It’s not just any key ring, it is a lovingly crafted and personalized gift that will last a lifetime. The person you give this thoughtful surprise to will cherish the sentiment and esteem for years to come. A perfect way to show your Grandma how much you care by getting her a personalized keyring. It is stamped by hand onto an aluminum pendant, and personalized with name tags of the people she means most; that includes you! The number of name tags on the keyring is up to you, but don't forget to note down names. A beautiful organza bag will be included, ready for giving as a gift.

Customized Grandma Flower Pot

Personalize this flower pot with a name that your grandma will love and cherish. `Add this thoughtful gift to her gardening collection. Or you can give it as a housewarming present to brighten her new home! Each pot is painted with durable paint and inked by hand with permanent ink. They are covered in an earth-friendly, non-toxic sealant. These pots are perfect for growing edible herbs, flowers, cactus, and succulents! Your grandma will absolutely appreciate your thoughtfulness with this gift. Don't forget to include potting soil and a plant of her choice!

Personalized gifts for grandma on Mother’s Day

Granny, Gigi, or Nana — no matter what you call your grandma, she deserves to feel the love on Mother's Day. Your grandma is one of the most important people in your life. She's always there for you with a plate full of baked goods, warm hugs to give, and plenty of helpful advice. She helps shape who you are today. Whether she's a mother, grandmother, or even just an auntie to you, it can be hard to find the right gift for her. This Mother’s Day, make her feel like she’s truly special and give her a personalized gift that shows how much you care!

Personalized Cutting Board

Give her a present she will love and cherish for years to come and make this the perfect gift for your grandma. This personalized cutting board serves as an essential piece of kitchenware. It is both practical and beautiful. Not only will this sturdy cutting board make chopping her vegetables and bread easier, but she'll also have her name engraved on it-making it the perfect personalized gift. Making a family recipe a cherished heirloom is easy with this personalized cutting board. Engrave your favorite family recipes in Grandma's own handwriting!

Gingham Ceramic Vase

An elegant and versatile ceramic porcelain vase featuring a gingham print will go with any decors. These cylinder-shaped containers are available in two sizes. It is a great way to showcase your favorite flowers or to organize your counter in the kitchen. Make it even more special by engraving a monogram on it; it's a wonderful Mother's Day gift for your Grandma.

Personalized Pillow

This rustic-style pillow is perfect for a cozy and personal space. Water-based dyes are used to print the designs onto fabric, ensuring that there won't be vinyl that peels or cracks over time.

It is possible to have any name printed on the pillow, so feel free to personalize it as you wish. A cozy cotton throw like this would make a wonderful gift for Grandma.

Grandma’s Garden Stepping Stone

These hand-painted stones remind us of grandma's garden and fill our homes with that welcoming glow. Personalize these decorative stepping stones or whimsy plaques this Mother's Day to show your love for the person who helped shape you into the person you've grown into! Customizing it with their name, family photo or favorite quote—every detail is up to you.
Or you can display your love of flowers, butterflies and all things bright with warm tones for the season.
Enhance your space with fresh floral designs from Spoontiques- your grandma’ll think you know exactly what she likes! A delightful and thoughtful gift for Mother's Day.

Personalized Christmas gifts for grandma

Our family's most special celebration, during the holiday season, is probably Christmas.

The preparation of all the gifts can also be quite stressful because some of us have a limited amount of creative energy...

No need to worry! We have found the best customized Christmas gifts for grandma, so you can cross that out of your list! It is also possible to use these gifts as personalized Christmas gifts for family, which will probably save you time.

Windowpane Blanket Scarf

Your grandma will never want to take it off! This soft Windowpane Blanket Scarf is the perfect accessory for her wardrobe. Wrap up in this cozy winter essential while she indulges in a warm cup of hot cocoa or explores snowy trails. Whether she bundles this scarf up as a scarf, wraps it as a shawl, or uses it as a blanket, this oversized scarf looks great in so many ways. The scarf is beautifully crafted from soft, cozy fabric and finished with tasseled edges. It will keep the chill away- your Nana’ll be dazzlingly styled without breaking a sweat. Give a little love to this classic staple by opting for monogramming; customize it with grandma’s initials or her favorite colors.

Personalized 'Your Photo' Organic Shape Trinket Dish

We bet your grandma would love some natty new dishware for their cutlery and fiddly bits. As a cook, they'll find this trinket dish is just so handy to keep track of all the cooking utensils. A special treat to spoil them with. And she'll know it's from you every time she sees her photo on display! This little treasure is made from ceramic with the extra special fun of printing photos on it. She will be delighted if you choose one of her stunning pictures capturing a happy moment of her with you, your grandpa, or your family as a whole. It's the perfect unique homeware piece that makes a beautiful personalized grandparent gift for your Nana. She'll be able to brag about all their great-grandchildren while using it too!

Personalized Birthstone Necklace

Bold. Beautiful. Personalized for your loved one. The perfect addition to anyone's closet. This elegant family necklace will be a treasure for years and have sentimental value well beyond today! Your loved one’s initials and birthstones surround the tree pendant in gleaming silver-plated metal that pairs beautifully with the gold string chain, making it an unforgettable reminder of love at Christmastime or all year long. Adding a monogram to the leaves makes each piece truly unique, which makes it a special gift for your grandmother!

Personalized Love Letter Blanket

A new level of love and comfort. Whether it's a grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, best friend, life partner, or child, this gorgeous throw provides the perfect way to express your care for someone special. You can customize this Love Letter Blanket to reflect that relationship. You can now write a complete letter on the blanket to express your love. They'll receive one woven throw that would be perfect to cuddle up in on the couch or snuggle under at night! The Love Letter Blanket features a soft cotton material and can be machine washed. Time flies too fast so keep these memories alive year-round because this memorable gift can last forever!

Monogrammed Dipped Ceramic Pitcher

Your grandma will love this gift! Surprise her with a beautiful Monogrammed Dipped Ceramic Pitcher, so she can enjoy her favorite beverages, or just use it as an elegant item to create a great ambiance for any occasion. Your grandma will appreciate this special gift even more when you personalize it with her monogram.

Personalized Engraved Bamboo Knitting Needles

It used to be just a plain ol' knitting needle, but now it's so much more. It can be laser engraved just about anything on the shaft of these great needles. Customize it for your Grandma, for a holiday gift for your knitting circle friends, or simply identify that they are yours. This means that every time they pick up their set you'll pop into their mind and heart... when they pull those fabulous new needles out of the box with all sorts of good thoughts about how much you care. They’re also made out of bamboo, which is durable and lightweight, so they don’t cause hand or arm pain from overuse like metal ones do. Give the gift that says that expresses your affection!

Portrait Print

Unexpected, striking, and classy is how you will want to hang this artwork in your home. Truly original. The best of the best for your family portraits or a gift with personal meaning. You'll find out just how good it feels to be so perfectly captured by every detail in these amazing archival fine art posters. The product has an amazing high-end finish - ideal for framed art or poster. They come delivered rolled or enveloped and ready-to-hang. Adding a fine art poster to the decor of your home will transform any bedroom or living room. A perfect present for your family or serve as a personalized Christmas gift for grandma.

Personalized gifts for grandma FAQs

1. What is a good gift for grandma?

A good gift for grandmother is usually something that would interest her or something that she could use. For example, if your grandmother likes crocheting, then you might want to get her a pattern and a kit. Or if she likes to knit, then maybe try getting her new knitting needles. Whatever it is you decide on as a gift matters less than making sure it's something useful that your grandma will like. If it doesn't seem like an appealing idea to buy your grandma anything at all solely based on what hobbies she enjoys- don't worry! Make plans to visit her, work together on a project, or simply hang out and catch up instead.

2. What should I get my grandmother for Christmas?

To make her feel special this Christmas, you can check out the list of personalized gifts for grandparents on Christmas above. Gifts should be thoughtful, hobby-related, and suitable for winter. She'll appreciate a gift that has meaning to her, like a personalized blanket, scarf, or something with family value. And to give her that extra little bit of cheer, a gift card is a perfect way. It will let her know you haven't forgotten about the woman who's always there with open arms and encouragement for your every challenge.

3. What does every Grandma need?

A pair of texting gloves, so she can keep her hands warm and texting at the same time!

A custom necklace that says "Don't worry, grandkids always need a Grandma." A personalized mug to tell her how much we love her & thank you for being the best. 

Home-made mints in a wide variety of flavors to make any trip feel better. 

A herb garden kit! She can use her grandchildren's help or plant it herself (or both!) to grow beautiful herbs. How about a homemade batch of raspberry lemonade? 

In the end, what matters most is how much love and effort you put into the gifts for your precious grandma.


Whether you have grown up close to your grandmother or far from her, grandmas hold a very special place in their grandchildren's hearts. Grannies do all sorts of things for their grandchildren. They teach them great recipes, share funny family stories, and, let's face it, spoil them with treats. Therefore, it's so important to make them feel special every once in a while, too. These personalized gifts for grandma will fit any occasion, from birthdays to Mother's Day, Christmas to a "just because" occasion. I really hope you can pick one perfect custom grandma gift to best express your love and how much you care about her. And if you want to find personalized gifts for grandpa, just visit our site, and we believe you will find what you need soon!

Don’t hesitate to share with us what kind of personalized gifts you have chosen for your Nana this year in the comment section below!

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