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June 17, 2021 21 min read

Do you have a mother-in-law that is difficult to shop for? A Mother-in-law is one of the most important people in your life. She has been there for you through good and bad times, always supporting you. Now it’s your chance to return the favor by getting her something special that she will love! There is no better way to show your appreciation for a mother-in-law than with a personalized gift. While it's difficult to find the perfect gift, this list of 10+ best personalized gifts for mother-in-law will help you narrow down your search! This year, instead of giving her another boring present, be thoughtful about her tastes and needs by getting her one of these gifts!

Personalized Gifts For Mother-In-Law Who Has Everything

This stylish water bottle carrier is one of the best gifts you can give to your mother-in-law. It has a handy strap and an interesting design. On the front side, there are “Mother in law nutrition facts” that explain the virtues that are presented like compliments to your mother-in-law funnily. Below the text, there is a designated space to place her name. The top and the bottom side of  the water bottle are decorated with a leopard pattern print, making it a stylish gift that any mother-in-law would love to have! Gift this water bottle to your mother-in-law, show her the appreciation you have for her virtues, and ensure that she always stays hydrated.

This heart-shaped ornament is definitely something that every mother-in-law would love to hang on her Christmas tree. On the back side of the ornament, there is an inscription that states: “I love my mother-in-law who raised the person I love”. This quote talks about the appreciation you have for your mother-in-law, which is quite an important thing to state! As far as the front side goes, there is a designated space to place her name. The ornament is decorated with bright white and blue flowers, making it a perfect design for your mother-in-law. Give this ornament to your mother-in-law as a gift for Christmas, and be sure that it will be hung on her Christmas tree!

This stainless steel tumbler is something that every mother-in-law needs to have! It has an interesting design, featuring shapes and letters that are made to look like pearls on a string, giving it a more appealing and interesting look. On the front side, there is the text that says “wife, mom, mother-in-law” and between the lines of text, there is a designated space for you to put the year. The front side hosts an illustration of a woman looking very stylish with sunglasses and a nice haircut. Well, it’s not easy to carry all of these titles simultaneously, and she’s doing that perfectly!

This 12oz stainless steel insulated tumbler has a unique design and should be considered when browsing for a perfect gift for mother-in-law. It is black with two sides that feature a nice joke that any mother-in-law would appreciate. The spotlight of this item belongs to a rainbow-themed unicorn pole dancing, surrounded by diamonds and stars with different colors. Your mother-in-law’s name will be right above it. Give this tumbler to your mother-in-law and make sure that she knows how much you love her energy and for sure know she’s special!

This wine tumbler can be the perfect gift that you were looking for. Its unique design and powerful message make it stand out among many other tumblers. On the front side of the tumbler, there is a message that says: “Being my mother-in-law is really the only gift you need”, implying that just having you as her daughter-in-law is something worthy of a gift itself. It is a great way of jokingly saying that you two have a great relationship! On the other side of the tumbler, there is a designated space for you to place her name. This kind of personalized gift is an excellent way to let her know that you are really committed to your relationship!

Birthday Personalized Gifts For Mother In Law

This water tracker bottle is a perfect birthday gift for just any mom. The front side of the bottle is decorated with a crown, and the text implies that the way your husband treats you is proof that he had a good mother that raised him well. Below the text, there is a designated space to place her name, and the top and bottom of the bottle are decorated with a leopard print pattern. The other side of the bottle has markings indicating when it is full and when it is empty, along with the helpful chart to remind her to drink more water and stay hydrated throughout the day. Gift this water tracker bottle to your mother-in-law and make sure that she knows how well she raised her son!

This bedding set is something that every mother-in-law wants to get for her birthday. It has a unique design and a powerful message, decorated with post stamps and cupids with arrows. On the sheet, there is a message that says: “To the best mother-in-law, thank you for raising the man of my dreams, your son is such a special man, and I know that it is true he would not be the man I love if it were not for you, love, your daughter-in-law”. This message serves as an explanation of how important your mother-in-law is to you, and that your husband is the special man you married because he had a good mother that raised him well. Give this bedding set to your mother-in-law and make sure that she knows how much you appreciate everything she has done for you and her son!

This world love dancing necklace just might be the perfect gift for your mother-in-law you were looking for! It has a stylish design made out of gold metal covered in gem-like crystals, giving it the perfect balance of shine and style. The package comes with a message that reads: “Dear mother-in-law, you are different from my mom, but similar in one way: the great love you have for your son and your family. Thank you for bringing my husband into this world”. This message explains how deep your appreciation of your mother-in-law is and how much you are grateful for everything she has ever done for your husband and you.

Combining the simple design and a heartwarming message, this mug makes for a great gift for your mother-in-law. On the front side of the mug, there is a message that reads: “Dear my mother-in-law, sometimes my friends complain about how awful their mother-in-law are, that’s because the best one is mine!”. The bottom and top parts of the mug are decorated with little pink hearts, showing the love and appreciation that you have for your mother-in-law. Gift this mug to your mother-in-law and make sure that she knows you believe she’s the best!

This heart-shaped ornament is something that every mother-in-law wants to hang on her Christmas tree. It has a simple design, combining the wood-patterned background with the flowers on the edges, it makes a simple yet adorable look. The back side reads “mother-in-law, you truly are a limited edition”, depicting how rare it is for someone to have as great mother-in-law as you do. On the back side, there is a designated space for you to place her name, which is awesome. Gift your mother-in-law this ornament, and make sure that she understands how deep your appreciation is for everything she has ever done for you and your family!

Personalized Mother's Day Gifts For Mother In Law

This infuser water bottle is one of the best gift ideas that we have on this list. It combines the unique design with functionality perfectly and delivers a message that every mother-in-law needs to hear. On the front side of the water bottle, there is the text that says: “You’re more than just a mother-in-law, you’re my mother-in-love”, meaning that you have deep feelings for your mother-in-law and that you care for her immensely. Bless your mother-in-law with this infuser water bottle, and make sure that she knows that she is your mother-in-love!

This ceramic mug has such a beautiful design that any mother-in-law would love to get this as a gift on any occasion. The front side of the mug contains a message that says: “You are the most amazing mother-in-law”, and surrounding the message, there can be seen a couple of butterflies and flower petals. The top and bottom sides of the mug are decorated with pictures of flowers. The back side of the mug has a heart shape drawn on it, and inside the heart, there is a designated space for you to place your name, so your mother-in-law always remembers who gave her this beautiful mug. Give this to your mother-in-law and make sure that she knows how amazing she really is!

This sunflower-themed full-color ceramic mug carries one of the most beautiful messages that you can ever give to your mother-in-law. On the front side, there is the text that says: “To my wonderful mother-in-law, you may not have given me the gift of life, but life has given me the gift of you”, meaning that every day you spend with your mother-in-law is like a wonderful present that you got, and you don’t need anything more to appreciate how great she is. The back side of the mug has a picture of a couple of sunflowers. There is a designated space for you to place your name, ensuring that your mother-in-law will always remember who gave her this awesome gift!

This heart-shaped ornament is something that every mother-in-law would love to hang on her Christmas tree. The back side carries a simple yet endearing message that states: “Blessed to have a mother-in-law like you”, meaning that you realize how important it is in life to have a good mother-in-law, and you got the best of them. The front side has a spot for you to place her name, telling other people that that ornament is meant just for her. Give your mother-in-law this ornament, and make sure that she knows how blessed you feel for having her as a part of your family!

This full-color ceramic mug has an interesting design and features bright and vibrant colors that make it very appealing. On the front side of the mug, there is a message that says: “The only thing better than having you as my mother-in-law is having you as my friend”. This message serves to explain how important it is to have a friendly relationship with your family members and, most importantly, with your mother-in-law. Give your mother-in-law this mug as a gift to remind her that she is not just your mother-in-law, she is also one of your best friends! 

Christmas Personalized Gifts For Mother In Law

This quilt bedding set is one of the best gifts your mother-in-law can ever get for Christmas! The set is decorated with airplane post stamps that carry messages of love and affection toward your mother-in-law. Below these endearing and heartwarming messages is the spot for you to place her name, giving her a reason more to brag about this personalized bed set to her friends. Give her this bedding set as a gift for Christmas, and make sure that she knows how much you appreciate her and that you are praying for her every day!

This ornament is for sure something that your mother-in-law would proudly hang on her Christmas tree every year. It has a blueish icy design that features an important message that reads: “I will love your son with all my heart for all of my life, thank you for entrusting me with a piece of your heart and for raising the man of my dreams, love, your new daughter”. This message serves to explain how important it is for you to make sure that your mother-in-law knows that her son is in good hands and wants nothing more than to love him and embrace his family as your own. Give this ornament to your mother-in-law for Christmas, and make sure that it will hang on her Christmas tree every year!

This wooden ornament is shaped like an old letter, and that gives it a charm that rarely can be seen in this kind of gift! It carries a loving message that states, “I am blessed to have you in my life, thank you for loving me as your own, love you always”. This message is important because it rarely happens that a mother-in-law fully accepts her child’s spouse as a part of the family, and in your case, that has happened. Use this stylish ornament to give as a gift to your mother-in-law, and make sure that she knows how appreciative you are that she accepted you as a part of the family and cares about you like you are her own child!

Funny Personalized Gifts For Mother In Law

This unique ceramic mug carries a powerful message that every mother-in-law needs to hear at least once (per day). The front text states, “Dear insert name, you are an awesome mother-in-law, if I had a different mother-in-law, I would punch her in the face and go find you, love Sophie”. The message implies that she is the best mother-in-law and that you would never accept any other woman in her spot. The names in the message are interchangeable, making it unique and fitting to your needs. Gift this mug to your mother-in-law, and be sure that she will laugh and be pleased to see how much you’ve grown to like her!

This leopard-patterned ceramic mug is one of the best gifts that any mother-in-law can hope to get. It’s the reasonable joke that is written on the front side, and the mom will laugh with joy. Anyone that is “Best” maybe hard to find, or achieve. But “Okayest”, well, that is exactly who your mother-in-law is. The other side is designed with a drawing of a heart for you to place her name. Give this ceramic mug to your mother-in-law and make sure that she knows that she is the ‘okayest’ mother-in-law in the world!

This ceramic mug is a perfect gift for your mother-in-law if she likes flowers and bright colors. On the front side of the mug, there is the text that reads, “I’m a proud mother-in-law, of a freaking awesome daughter-in-law”. The text is surrounded by little pink hearts, and it serves to explain how awesome you are and that your mother-in-law is proud to have you as a part of her family. You can also place your name in the designated spot to remind your mother-in-law who gives her the best gifts! Gift this mug to your mother-in-law and make sure that she knows how awesome you are!

Other Recommendations For You

Personalized Birthday Gifts for Mother-In-Law

You know that your mother-in-law is one of the most important people in your life. She's always there for you and loves to spoil her grandchildren with gifts. What better way to show her how much she means to you than by giving her something personalized on her birthday? They're thoughtful and meaningful without being too personal. They show that not only did someone put thought into what to buy, but that they really care about their relationship as well. For any mother-in-law, the best gift is one that she will keep forever. Here are some ideas on what type of items would be perfect!

Personalized Bracelet

For any mom-in-law who has raised her son (your spouse) and welcomed you to the family, it’s time to show your gratitude. In a beautiful script, this piece thanks her for all she has done over the years. It’s the perfect way to let your mother-in-law know how much she means to you. You can customize it with her initial to share in her celebratory time together. This personalized bracelet birthday gift idea is something that will bring joy now or later — all at an affordable price point! It’s a thoughtful, personalized gift that she can treasure forever.

Personalized Cutting Board

Let's face it — nothing could get your MIL more thrilled than her very own country saying personalized cutting board. Whether you're gifting this to her for her birthday or any occasion, she'll never forget the thoughtful gift that says so much about who you know and love. Surprise the woman who can't get enough of your cooking by gifting her with this. The perfect gift for the mother-in-law who loves to cook, it's sure to be a kitchen staple and conversation starter in any home. Add her favorite saying or the family name on one side for additional personalization!

Personalized Silver-Plated Beaded Frames

Give your mother-in-law a beautifully framed and personalized memory. Your mother-in-law deserves to be treated like the queen she is. So send her a customized silver-plated frame with one of your most cherished moments captured inside - a perfect gift for her birthday.

Family heirlooms are not just for the generations to come, they also provide a chance to cherish moments in the present. Keep memories close at heart with this custom-made bead and pearl-framed photo of your family

Birth Month Flower Grow Kit

This birth month flower grow kit is a thoughtful way to commemorate the months that she was born. A perfect gift for Mother-in-Law on her birthday, too. Each kit contains a blossoming houseplant in soil, the corresponding sign postcard, and instructions. So she can set up this birthday gift at home with ease! Nothing says "I love you" like a bouquet of flowers.

Photo Gallery Puzzle

This puzzle is a great gift idea for mother-in-law. It includes directions and 100+ pieces, so she can spend hours putting it together. There are many different puzzles to choose from, as well as variations on the theme in case you want to get creative! With this photo puzzle, you can capture just how much your mother-in-law means to the family and create a gift she'll cherish forever.

Layflat Photo Album

Warm up your mother-in-law on her next birthday with this beautiful photo album. This sentimental craftsmanship will show you and your family close, and make the perfect gift or decoration for the home. Whether it's a birthday present, a housewarming gift, or something small to say thank you; you can personalize these albums for any occasion! Make your mother-in-law the luckiest woman alive by filling this customizable photo album with countless memories of her favorite family's moments. The personalized cover is engravable, so you can commemorate any occasion or holiday. It also holds plenty of photos for small and large gatherings alike.

My Family Recipe Book

Make your mother-in-law feel appreciated. Why not give her everything she needs to preserve the family recipes in one creative package? It's filled with delicious memories and handwritten wisdom from Mom. Surprise her with a cookbook for all the family recipes she shares. This organized recipe book will give mom an extra place to put the precious family heritage in one place and share it with new family members. Preserve those family secrets by making room for up to four generations of cherished flavors. With over 80 recipe pages, there's space for photos, reviews, and annotations as well! Give this as a birthday present today!

Personalized Christmas Gift for Mother-In-Law

Christmas is right around the corner, and we know some of you are looking for a personalized gift for your mother-in-law. Well, this year, give her something that she can enjoy all year round! We have collected an array of personalized gifts that will show her how much you care. They are all perfect for the woman who has everything. These make great gifts for mothers-in-law because they're sentimental and thoughtful!

Personalized Blankets & Throws

The perfect holiday gift, a personalized throw or blanket, will show her how loved she really is. Express all of your love with one special present to make her day even brighter and cozier this Christmas! These snuggly personalized blankets are the perfect way to help your mother-in-law stay warm and cozy this winter. It's made from durable fleece, finished with an alluring white fringe across two edges. As a bonus, it can even be customized with their name or the picture of their favorite pet. Give your mother-in-law something to cherish this Christmas.

Custom Pet Portrait

Mama’s favorite furry member of the family deserves to be immortalized in a cute Christmas portrait, right? If your mother-in-law loves her four-legged best friend as much as some people love their mothers, she’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness behind this custom illustration of her pup’s likeness! This gift is perfect for mothers-in-law who love to spoil their animals and are impossible to shop for. Let this custom pet portrait capture the likeness of her furry, fluffy, or scaly friend so that they can eternally cherish the gift by hanging it on display with pride. They will be squealing in delight from ear to ear when they see how adorable it is!

Large Personalized Plate with Recipe

The recipe most important to her family is handwritten and displayed on this Christmas stocking plate. The perfect gadget for every homespun tastemaker, this is the gift you'll want to give your mother-in-law at Christmas. With this gift, you will let her know how much you love her cooking. The best part is that all you have to do is handwrite the recipe and email the store owner!

Personalized Tree-Design Necklace

The Personalized Tree-Design Necklace is the perfect Christmas gift for your mother-in-law. Give the love of your life an encapsulating symbol of her love for the family, with this exquisite sterling silver tree-design necklace. The leaves can be personalized with up to 7 names, and each name is equipped with a corresponding crystal birthstone. This stunning piece will keep her family near and dear to her heart.

Personalized Apron

This custom-designed, personalized apron perfect for the family matriarch, your mother-in-law. She may have everything she needs to prepare holiday meals, but with this added touch, you’ve got her thinking of YOU every time she preps. She’ll appreciate the thoughtful gesture from you!

Personalized Diamond Bracelet

This is a special gift for your mother-in-law. It's personalized with up to 10 names on each link of the bracelet and is handcrafted beautifully from sterling silver. The Personalized Diamond Bracelet is a lasting token of your love and appreciation. This is the perfect way to show how loved she really is, as each name sparkles brighter than anything else when they wear it around her wrist!

Personalized Family Tree Necklace

This personalized necklace is a sweet way to show your mom-in-law how much you care this Christmas. From birthstones of the family to precious initials so she can remember every one of her loved ones at year's end, this necklace will be a perfect gift.

The Melange Collection

This personalized necklace for mother-in-law is the perfect gift! Sure you could give her another sweater and a few candles, but this personalized accessory is the way to momma's heart. Interactions with friends or family at your holiday dinner will be more memorable because they'll always know whose idea it was: yours!

You can handpick exactly what charms and monograms she'll love from this festive collection of jewelry. Just think, it will feel so extra special because you were a part of designing it. She'll LOVE how thoughtful of a gift you got her!

Personalized Mother's Day Gifts for Mother-In-Law

Mother's Day is a time to show appreciation for the moms in our lives. And it's always nice to have a personalized gift that will remind mom of you every time she sees it. Mothers are special people who deserve recognition on their special day. A mother-in-law is no different, but it can be difficult finding the right gift that she will love. This Mother's Day, give your mother-in-law a gift that is customized just for her! It can be a stressful time for those trying to find the perfect gift. In order to help you out this year, we've compiled a list of personalized gifts your mother-in-law will love! You can find personalized gifts with beautiful sentiments and quotes from classics to modern-day love stories.

Personalized Coffee Tumbler

The perfect gift for the mother-in-law that is so wonderful it's hard to put into words. The personalized tumbler makes enjoying coffee and tea a lot more fun. It can even be your idea of a thoughtful birthday present! Keep a smile on your mother-in-law's face with the perfect Personalized Mother’s Day Present! This tumbler is personalized with your chosen name. Let them know how much they mean to you by giving them this best personal present that will suit all of their needs.

Monogram Cheese Board

It can be hard to find the right gift for mom's favorite person. Thankfully, this handmade cheese board is perfect for any occasion where she needs something festive and elegant. It’s the perfect way to say thank you - from you and from your kids!

The design of each one is as unique as the mom herself. If she's a total foodie or just loves entertaining, then this personalized cheese board is perfect.

Special Dates Wall Decor

We all know that we have to get the mother-in-law something special for Mother's Day. Who wants to go back again and buy her flowers and candy? How about some family signs printed on a canvas instead? A personalized sign is perfect, plus she'll love looking at it every day! This family sign is made with a professional laser engraver. Your personalization really brings this sign together because there's no way that anyone could get a more heartfelt present than this amazing wall decoration. Showcase your family's special events such as birthdates, anniversary dates, engagements, weddings, graduation dates, or retirement dates.

Personalized Face Mask

All you have to do is design this beautiful, stylish face mask by adding her name or a monogram of her initials. She will feel like she’s class amongst the nobility when she wears this. Surprise her for Mother's Day with these gorgeous personalized gifts! It’ll be sure to remind her how much you care about her.

Personalized Necklace For Mom

She'll love this thoughtful gift, personalized just for her. A unique design - up to five engraved rings that fit together and spell out different family members’ names with heart-warming results! Give her the gift of a little extra love this Mother's Day. Show her your appreciation and celebrate the bond between mother-in-law and children as you give her this heirloom piece. It'll show how much she means to you for years to come. This really is the only necklace she'll need. A perfect accessory for all seasons!

Personalized Garden

From the moment your mother-in-law opens this personalized gift, she’ll know that her first place in your life comes after you. The succulents are easy to care for, and this makes it a great small gift that will develop into a pretty display over time.

Personalized Signature Bracelet

You can now create a keepsake necklace that will last forever and evoke memories of the many unforgettable Mother's Days. This is by far the best gift for any special occasion! Get hers today!

Gold Mom Musical Snow Globe

The Gold Mom Musical Snow Globe is the perfect gift from a daughter to her mother-in-law, or from a husband to his wife's mom. Show your gratitude and stand out this Mother’s Day with this unique personalized gold tone snow globe wind up music box that is sure to be cherished for years! The sparkling tones of "Spring Song" fill an elegant vintage styled glass snow globe featuring beautiful gold leaf accents. A delicate feminine design, this glamorous piece features two Ms on each side of the snow globe, making it very special, and she'll always know who gave it to her.

Personalized Gifts for Mother in Law FAQs

Mother-in-law relationships can be tricky. What is the perfect gift? How often should you visit? Should I give her a book or flowers? Luckily, we have your back with the above list of personalized gifts for mother-in-law, to help make it easier on both of you!

With so many options, it can be hard to find the perfect one for her. This part provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about what to buy your mother-in-law.

If your mother-in-law hates you, what is the perfect gift for her?

Get her her very favorite gift. You will spend a lot of money on it as well. In order to make sure she doesn't hate you, make it fun for her and do what you can to make her change her mind. It can be a lot of fun. You could even tell her or her friend how wonderful she is. This year, try to change her mind with gifts and lunch dates, even if you need to bribe her.

Is it okay if my mother-in-law expects expensive gifts for all holidays?

Everyone has the right to expect whatever they want. However, it does not mean that you have to comply. Stick to your budget and decide how much you can spend on each family member. Whenever someone insists on the "I'm special" spiel, ignore her narcissistic attitude and do what you think is right. You only encourage her to continue demanding as long as you try to satisfy her demands.

Should I give my mother-in-law a cash gift on her birthday?

A cash gift can appear impersonal, and it also allows the recipient to think about how much you value them. Therefore, it really depends on the individual. Your mother-in-law may appreciate a gift card for one of her favorite shops if she prefers to choose her own gift. Your spouse may be able to help you resolve this issue.


Mother's Day is just around the corner, and finding a gift for your mother-in-law doesn't have to be difficult. We’ve rounded up the 10+ best personalized gifts for Mother-In-Law in 2021. Whether you need a gift that is thoughtful or funny, we have something to tickle her fancy and make her giggle. What do you think are the best? Is there anything we missed? What would you recommend? Don't forget to share your favorite gifts, and we'll add them to our list. If you need more ideas of what to get your mother-in-law this year, feel free to reach out to us. Let us know by leaving a comment below! Happy shopping! And don't forget to share your favorite gifts with us too so that others can find their own perfect gift.

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