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August 27, 2021 15 min read

It is a time of celebration for many workplaces during the holiday season. It's an opportunity to show gratitude and appreciation for all that people have done throughout the year. Giving thoughtful gifts to employees can be a great way to show your thanks this Christmas season! 

This post contains 18+ thoughtfully selected gift ideas that are perfect for showing appreciation. These items range from practical items such as books or desk supplies to more creative options like personalized jewelry boxes or custom-designed mugs. 

Take a look at these thoughtful gifts and see if you find anything you'd like (or would make) for your office friends!

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Employees

Ornaments are ideal and cute items to give as gifts because they will quickly find their application in every household and workplace. "Family is the Greatest Christmas gift" is the quote that adorns this perfect Christmas ornament. This quote says that your employees are like family to you and that you love and respect them. Like with family, these are not the people we choose, but this quote talks about how lucky you are to be surrounded by those very people and that they are your second family. In addition to a sweet quote that would awaken emotion in everyone, many other things adorn this ornament. 

When we look at this ornament and its heart shape, we have to say that we haven't had the opportunity to see something more beautiful in a long time. This ornament has a short but clear message, "Choose Joy." That quote talks about how everything in life is our choice, and the most important thing is that we choose to be happy. A beautiful bird carries this message with spread wings whose colors are beautiful. When we look at the background of this ornament, we can say that it gives the impression that it is made of lovely colored glass or plastic.

This ornament has everything that reminds you of the winter holidays, and that's why it is the perfect Christmas gift for everyone. "Grateful, thankful, bless" is a short but important message that tells your employees how grateful you are to have them and how much you appreciate and respect them. When we look at the appearance of this ornament, we would say that three snow whites fit perfectly under each of the mentioned words. On their faces, you can see the joy that we can say is in perfect combination with the messages that this ornament should convey. 

Practical Christmas Gifts for Employees

We are sure this water bottle will delight all your employees because its unique design will remind them of the work atmosphere and their excellent job. "Vision board" is the title at the top of this water bottle, and it should represent a board on which beautiful motivational messages are pasted. When we take a closer look, we will see that each letter is written in a different font, is also pointed in a different shape and pattern, and is unique and different. "Be the change" and "Wake up Smiling" are just examples of messages that you can see and whose purpose is to make their owner happy and give him the strength to continue their work. When we look at the back side of this water bottle, we will see a timetable with several motivational messages.

"Today is a good day to be happy" is a short but, above all, beautiful message that will awaken good vibes in everyone. This message talks about how short life is and how you should find a reason to be happy every day. A cute sloth is painted in the middle, exuding a smile and a relaxed mood. We can see a timeline with many inspiring phrases on the back of this water bottle. This schedule we can see from the back is fabulous because it will help your employees be better organized and learn to plan their time. This is the ideal approach to make your valued employees happy with a one-of-a-kind Christmas present with an intriguing design and a functional water bottle they will undoubtedly use daily.

"You are essential part of our team" is the ideal message to open your heart to your employee and convey how much you appreciate, love, and respect him. This message also talks about how grateful you are to have such an employee as he is, and we are sure that it will awaken a lot of beautiful emotions in the person to whom the gift is intended. If you want to give your dearest employee something that he will undoubtedly use but whose quote will make him happy, then you can't go wrong with this ornament.

"Thank you for being awesome" talks about how much you appreciate and respects your employee and how fantastic he is in your eyes. If you couldn't decide on a suitable Christmas gift, don't worry - you can't go wrong with a wine tumbler with this design. When we look closer, there are flowers and Christmas trees, which symbolize the New Year and winter as a season on the front. This wine tumbler is, first and foremost, a practical gift that your employees will use daily, but its unique design will delight and make them happy every time they use it.

Personalized Christmas Gifts For Employees

"Employee of the Day" is humorous, but on the other hand, a lovely and meaningful quote that will delight each of your employees. This quote says that this mug is intended for the best employee, but only the best employee of the day, which is undoubtedly a hall that will make your dear employee laugh. On the other hand, there is a clear message that you value and respect your employees, which is why they deserve a small sign of attention, such as this unique mug, from time to time. If we look at the whole design, we could say that it is firstly eye-catching because of the beautiful combination of silver and gold color painted with glitter.

"Thank you snow much for all that you do" is an ideal quote if you want to thank your dear employee for everything he has done and show him how much you appreciate and respect him. We could also say that this quote is quite humorous because instead of the usual phrase in this quote, the word "soo" is switched to the word "snow," which will surely make everyone who sees it laugh. This ornament is an ideal Christmas gift for any co-worker or employee in your life because of its unique winter design, which includes a combination of red and green colors. Also, this ornament is bordered with red-green and white colors that resemble winter lollipops and a cute smiling snow-white. On the back of this ornament is the quote "merry Christmas from," where you can write the name of your company or team to make this gift personalized.

"This is what an awesome employee looks like" talks about how much you value your employee and everything he does for you and how lucky you are to have him. To make the design even better, along with the quote, there is an arrow pointing towards the person to whom the quote refers - that is, the person holding this mug. On the back of this unique mug, there is the possibility to write the name of the person to whom the gift is intended and make it personalized. When we look at the whole design, we can say that it is modern because of the beautiful combination of glossy black and gold colors and the leopard pattern!

"Even on your worst days, you're still a great employee. You are the best employee ever!" is the perfect quote if you want to reward your best employee with nice words and a generous gift. This sentence says that even when everything is not going as it should or when it's not someone's day, that employee is still the best for you and your work. The design includes glitter over certain words such as "Worst," "Employee,"and "Ever," which form a new, primarily humorous message.  This mug is a specific gift because it has a meaningful quote and a beautiful design. There is also a beautiful flower adorning the matte black background of this mug. On the back side is an option to write the name of the employee to whom this gift is intended to make it even more personalized and unique.

"A truly great employee is hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget" is an ideal quote that will awaken good emotions in everyone. This quote talks about how you were lucky to find such a good worker, who you will surely never be able to forget. The overall design of this primarily practical gift is genuinely stunning. Various New Year's plants and Christmas trees are painted in beautiful pastel colors on a beautiful marble white background. The font would also catch everyone's eye, especially if we look at the words "employee" and "impossible." On the back, you can put the name of the employee for whom this present is meant, making it even more personalized and a one-of-a-kind Christmas gift.

Christmas Gifts For Employees Working At Home

"Never forget the Difference you've made" is a short saying that reveals how much your employee contributed to the team, the job he does, and the company he works for. This ornament is an ideal gift if you want to give something unique, modern designed, and yet helpful in decorating any space. This ornament is in the form of a thumbs up, aka "like" button, representing something positive and lovely, which is probably familiar to all of us in modern times. When we look at the font used for the quote, we will see that a beautiful golden color with glitter is used for certain words. It will easily fit into the workspace and your employee's house and refresh it with its modern look and great design.

We are sure that each of your employees would be happy with this phone grip because it is a valuable gift for everyday use, and its design is very eye-catching. "Office Squad" is the main quote that marks you and the recipient as friends and a team that fits very well together. Compliments that describe your employee and are also the central part of the design of this gift are: "Compassionate, caring, loving, kind, loyal, reliable, fun, dedicated, warm." We are sure that this kind of gift will awaken many beautiful emotions in your employee and make him happy. 

"How sweet it is to work with you" is an ideal quote because it beautifully conveys the many lovely emotions you associate with your employee and the message that you enjoy working with him. This ornament is a perfect Christmas gift for any girl because it is in the shape of a cake house, which is decorated with many lollipops and cakes that we tie for the Christmas and winter holidays. When we looked more closely, green and red colors were used, which are most often associated with winter. We can also see a few white snowflakes in the design, so this ornament would be ideal for decorating everyone's home during the Christmas season. 

Other Recommendations On Christmas Gifts For Employees

Why Choose? 8 Flavor Chocolate

The celebration of Christmas would be incomplete without chocolate, and the same goes for gifts. Even though chocolate can be given as a common holiday gift, it is still one of the most popular items. Hence, you can consider gifting chocolate to your employees as part of your employee appreciation efforts. The one here is special! The pieces are all different flavors. If you look closely at this bar of chocolate, you'll notice all squares are inscribed with a unique title. From Japanese tart cherries to French Champagne, each organic ingredient reveals the secret of this small-batch treasure. One bar, eight flavors.

64Hydro Personalized Water Tracker Bottles

Here’s another practical Christmas gift idea with an adorable price for your employees. It's a fantastic way of encouraging them to stay hydrated and healthy. The tracking bottle allows users to keep track of their water consumption thanks to the hourly marker. Moreover, there are a lot of gorgeous designs to choose from that suit all tastes and styles. Whether your employees are cat moms, book lovers, or vegetarians, you will find the perfect ones as Christmas gifts for them. It's a realistic gift that will be given with consideration to your boss and is also within the budget.

The Office Talking Keychain

Give your employees a talking keychain this Christmas! The funny keychain offers a few nuggets of wisdom from Michael Scott that you can hear with the touch of a button in awkward social situations. Whether you're uncomfortable when a conversation goes silent or other people tell you bad jokes that fall flat. This keychain will provide much-needed comic relief to make sure someone has your back. It's never been so easy to rely on someone as Michael Scott.

Face masks from Vistaprint

This season of giving is all about thoughtful gifts. What better way to say "thank you" to your employees than a customized Christmas gift from Vistaprint. Currently, we find face masks to be an incredibly useful gift. Vistaprint, which is familiar with customizable business cards, clothing, and other products, has now added masks to its selection. Make a custom mask for your staff using your company's logo, or choose from a wide range of pre-existing designs.

A Caroo Care Package

The Christmas season is a perfect time to send your employees a personalized holiday packet to make them feel valued while making sure that everyone gets something they like.

These personalized care packages are created by Caroo's employee care experts. They can be filled with your company's swag, healthy and delicious snacks. It also comes with messages personalized to your company, and other unique goodies that can be included in curated employee gifts.

Personalized Coffee Mug

Out of all the accessories you'll find on an employees' desk, the dearest one would be their coffee mug.The 64Hydro Personalized Coffee Mug is the perfect corporate Christmas gift for employees this festive season. You will be able to show them how much you appreciate all their hard work. Every coffee sip will become much more memorable with these personalized cups! Dazzling coffee mugs from 64Hydro are great for any workplace. Get one for your boss, your employees, and maybe you would want to grab one for yourself! Check out this page to discover amazing coffee mugs from 64Hydro! Your peer is sure to love them at first glance.

Leadership Gifts for Women

These elegant jewelry gifts make a wonderful Christmas gift for the female employees on your list who is hard to shop for. By expressing your appreciation for her leadership, you can show her how important she is to you and the world. A piece of handcrafted jewelry comes lovingly packaged in a keepsake box.

There is a wide variety of jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings, so you can find something that suits her tastes. Greeting cards, polishing cloths, and a matching gift bag are also included, along with a heartfelt message. Therefore, the gift-giving experience can be hassle-free for you!

Popcorn Tower

Send your teams holiday cheer with a twist. The Popcorn Tower is a fun and tasty annual gift that has everything from Banana Nut Crunch to Rainbow Sprinkle, but only one flavor will be sent every month, so they never know what’s coming next. We think they’ll thank you for the encouragement! This delicious and seasonally appropriate treat is sure to put a smile on someone's face. Including three tastes like Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn or Chocolatey Cocoa Krispie Treats in each box, the gift box is a tasty and thoughtful choice for anyone on your list. Perfect for snacking while working or watching TV, employees will be excited as a new flavor shows up each month.

Personalized Matte Black Name Plate

Losing pens should be considered a natural human tendency. Misplacing your pen more than once and having to get a new one or borrow from your colleagues is common? Guess the answer which most of us would agree on would be "Most Often." As a result, for the employees to be relieved of this dilemma, you could also gift them pen holders this holiday season. This Personalized Matte Black Functional Name Plate is an elegant accessory for any professional. Organize your favorite person's workspace at home with functional compartments for keeping pens, papers, notecards, and other small items. You can display their name on the nameplate to create a unique and attractive personalized desk ornament they will love! In this polished version, etched lettering offers a wonderful way to commemorate milestone birthdays or commemorate generations.

Happiest Hand Cream Trio

Designed for the festive season, this trio of hand creams is a perfect Christmas gift staple to add to your list. Give your employees a relaxing, rejuvenating at-work escape with the Happiest Hand Cream Trio. This set contains three of our most popular hand creams in varying scents to give a variety of enjoyable experiences. From intense moisture all day long with Shea Butter Shea Dry Skin Hand Cream, to calming and soothing relief from dry skin damage with Almond Delicious Hands. This trio is perfect for anyone who wants their hands to smell (and feel!) like home.

The Body Essentials

If you're looking for a beauty Christmas gift for your employees this holiday season, look no further. When it comes to bath products that employees will actually want to use, Nécessaire offers products that are toxic-free while still being luxurious. With the Body Essentials, you get three clean, effective body care products that have vitamins and nutrients for your skin. There are three set options to choose from, multiple scents, and even a fragrance-free option. Thus, you are sure to find one to suit your loved one.

Lemon Mouse Pad

For the creative employees on your list. It might be just another standard office accessory, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring! Give them a cool Christmas gift that will inspire them to work effectively at home! According to Etsy, the mouse pads are "custom-imprinted in our Seattle studio using high-quality materials and processes." And this Christmas gift for employees will brighten up even the dullest office task. With this gorgeous mouse pad, getting work done will be more fun for them!

Scented Soy Candles Trio

Nothing may say Christmas time like the smell of fir, Fireside ember, and Vanilla Amber. For those co-workers that need a good yuletide gift to get them in the holiday spirit or just to remind them that they're appreciated this season, this candle trio of hand-poured soy candles will do the trick! With 3 scents: Fir, Fireside Embers, and Vanilla Amber, these candles have delicious fragrances for any mood. For memories that may be hard to recall; or simply for the company around a fireplace with hot cocoa in hand. Bundled together without shrink wrap but securely packaged inside an environmentally friendly box, your favorite recipient will know when they open it. "You care about me."

Self Care Pamper Gift Box

A pamper gift set is a wonderful Christmas gift for employees who value self-care and wellness. You will provide your team with handcrafted self-care products that will help them relax after a long day at work. Every care package is designed to reduce stress and keep them at their best. It is not uncommon for work and life to be stressful. Stress-reducing products such as bath bombs and shower steamers can help coworkers or working moms find their inner peace.

Funny Home Office Decor

For those who will be working from home for some time to come (or just want to commemorate all the havoc they've wrought), this hilarious print is the perfect thing for them to hang in their workspace. This funny print may be the perfect thing they can hang wherever they're working. Home Office Definition Print can be instantly downloaded and printed. This printable wall art will give any wall decor a refresh. This Christmas gift also saves you delivery time and shipping costs.

Bifold Wallet with Flap

Give your employees a bifold leather wallet with a flap that's gorgeous and useful this Christmas season. It comes in different styles to match any taste or preference. Send them a beautiful, full-grain leather accessory like a luggage tag, business card case, or keychain. For an extra special touch, add a debossed monogram or logo. Even though leather goods may seem like a luxury gift that will break your budget, Leatherology's bags and accessories are sold at an affordable prices, so you'll spend less for the same quality.

Personalized Wish Journal Set

It is essential to keep journals and notebooks in the office. Journals that are personalized are another great way to give your employees a sense of belonging. Therefore, if you are looking for an effective Christmas gift idea that stays within a small budget, this is another great choice.Inspire your employees with these adorable and thoughtful Christmas gifts. Not only is this journal practical, but it is also beautiful and fun to use. With its stylish cover, satin ribbon page markers, and an elastic pen hook for safekeeping, this planner is stylish and functional. Personalize the pen specifically for your peers by engraving their name, their date, or their title. Each set comes with its own gift box, ready for gift giving. A wonderful Christmas gift for friends, family members, or coworkers who are starting a new job or love to write.

Customized snack boxes from NatureBox

Many of us will miss the company snack bar now that many offices are closing. And there is nothing quite as heartwarming as a box filled with yummy treats. Let NatureBox help you make their day by customizing a snack box for them. The SnackPass box lets employees choose their favorite snacks and get them delivered directly to their homes. NatureBox offers a variety of snack options and a corporate gifting program. They let you customize your own snack boxes after providing some basic information. Your coworkers will be amazed by these personalized Christmas gifts!

Thank your employees for their hard work and support this holiday season with a Christmas gift they will remember. Our team has put together a list of 18 thoughtful gifts that are both practical and easy on the wallet, so you can focus more time on giving than shopping. These affordable Christmas gifts are perfect to show appreciation to those who have been working tirelessly at home or in-office. We hope you found a few thoughtful Christmas gifts for your employees this year. Comment below with the meaningful gift ideas that you picked out for your employees! Happy Christmas everyone!

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