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June 11, 2021 19 min read

Being a pet parent is a rewarding job, and you can forget about monotonous days with your furry friend running around. 

If you’ve got a friend who is a pet parent, here’s a great idea. Why not get them a personalized gift?

Sounds great? And we’re here to help you pick out the perfect item. We’ve compiled a list of the 20+ best personalized gifts for dog lovers.

Scroll down to pick your favorite!

Best Personalized Gifts for Dog Lovers

Want to let your mother know that she's the best pet parent on Earth? Easy. Get her this "World's Best Dog Mom" stainless steel tumbler! It makes a great personalized gift for mom, and, she'll be overwhelmed with emotions of happiness. Besides, this beautifully designed blue tumbler with diamonds and paws won’t leave anyone indifferent. Every dog mom should have her own stainless steel tumbler with a title that says that she is the best dog mom in the world. Pick this one, and before you know it, she'll be carrying it everywhere with her.

Owning a dog is a responsibility. As they grow up, pet owners have more and more responsibilities towards their dogs. They need a hobby that's not pet related as well. This wine tumbler is the perfect surprise gift for such an occasion. It says "Dog Mother, Wine Lover." What we're trying to say is, if you know a dog mom who also likes to drink fine wine in her spare time, this is an excellent addition to her kitchen. With a beautiful dazzling blue color, paws with diamonds, and a wine cup, it will certainly stand out from the rest!

We’re here to plan some out-of-the-box and exciting gift ideas in your head. It so happens that one of them is this cool-looking black and bright blue stainless steel tumbler. It also says “World’s Best Dog Mom,” but with a paw instead of an “O” in mom. Clever, right? We totally agree. Imagine giving this to a dog mom that deserves it? It’ll be loved at first sight, and she’ll surely be overjoyed. You can also add the dog mom’s name on the back to make this gift personalized and even more cool than it is right now. The diamond inspiration and illustrations of balls, cute paws and dog bones make this item outer-worldly.

You simply can't go wrong with mugs as a gift for a special someone. However, don't go with the basic ones. If you're picking a mug for your dog lover friend, pick this beautiful mug with a floral design that says: "When I needed a hand, I found your paw." To make it even more special, add your friend's name. Sometimes, the hand that we need in life is not human, it’s our pet’s paw. This mug has got a soothing light design with colorful flowers and dog paws. It's absolutely perfect, and soon enough, it'll become your friend's favorite.

If blue happens to be one of your friend's favorite colors, we have the perfect personalized gift for her! One of our top choices is this absolutely enchanting stainless steel tumbler that's covered in a jewelry-inspired design. The light blue, which is a peaceful color, represents softness, and it is associated with feelings of tranquility. Combined with a stunning jewelry design and cute dog paws, it just has to be on your must-buy list. On the back, there's a table with nutrition facts that highlight all of your friends' best characteristics. Add her name and surprise her!

Are you looking for an eye-catching mug that will stand out every time your friend opens the kitchen cabinet? We found the one! It's this black and pink mug. It says: "My dog thinks I'm cool." Although they can't speak, dogs have other ways of letting us know that we're cool pet parents. If you're aiming for a laugh and a special moment between your friend and you, this is the perfect gift. The design is a mix of black that fades and pink that creates a beautiful contrast. Add your friend’s name on the back, and it’s official - she’s the coolest!

Next on the list for awesome personalized gifts for dog lovers is this mug with a unique design. This one is a bit different from the others - it's meant for dog lovers who are also coffee lovers at the same time. On the front, it says "Weekends, coffee and dogs." To someone who enjoys their weekend coffee and the company of their four-legged friend, this is heaven. It's got a beautiful mug on it with a coffee bean and a dog's paw.  A gift like this is a win-win: it shows how much you love your friend that’s a pet parent, and it’s something that we all use. Wrap this in a gift and surprise your dog lover friend!

We've already established that wine tumblers are a great gift idea, but this wine tumbler will definitely surprise you. Do you know how all of us have someone who pets, and says "Hi" to every dog that passes by? Think no more. Get them this wine tumbler that says: "Life goal: Pet all the dogs." People who stop and pet a random dog on the street are kind people, and that's a fact. What makes this gift even more special is a heart made of dog paws in different colors. Add your friend's name, and help them achieve their life goal, but also enjoy their drinks from a personalized wine tumbler.

We're ending this 10-item list with a gift idea that's totally different. It's this wearable blanket that says: "It's not dog hair, it's fur-fetti." It's got paws all over it, and it's the perfect gift for someone who loves cuddling with their furry friend that happens to leave a little more fur-fetti than usual. Cold weather is approaching, and this wearable blanket is the perfect addition to your friend's cozy home clothes list. Imagine putting on this wearable jacket, cuddling with your furry friend and enjoying a movie together? Sounds like heaven for both you and your four-legged pal. If you agree with us, don't miss a chance to make your friend feel comfortable and happy!

One thing is for sure, and that's that tote bags will ALWAYS be a fashion statement. So, if you have someone who loves to wear tote bags and is a dog lover at the same time, get this one! A woman can never have too many items in her closet, and getting another tote bag will only make her happier. This one’s got a beautiful leather-inspired design, with dog paws in different colors. The best thing that makes it special is that you can add your friend's name in the lower right corner. It's convenient, well-designed, and a piece reminiscent of love for your dog. Your friend who’s a dog lover will proudly wear it everywhere she goes.

Fashion Personalized Gift for Dog Lovers

Another great wine tumbler idea. If you've got a person in your life who thinks about dogs 24/7, this item should be on your must-buy list. On the front, it says, "I may look like I'm listening to you, but in my head I'm thinking about dogs." Once they open the gift and read what it says on the front, they're going to laugh, but they'll also be very thankful and glad that you acknowledge their love for their dog. Also, the design of this wine tumbler is on-point. It's got dog paws and cute little dog bones all over it!

Next up on our fashion lit is a sweater, and who doesn't need an extra one in their wardrobe? Well, dog lovers will go crazy for this one. It's in black, and it's got a beautiful sunflower with a dog's paw in the middle that carries the name of the dog owner and says “Dog Mom” under it. Getting this gift for your dog lover friend is definitely an out-of-the-box gift, but still a very fashionable piece. Now, they can be comfy, a fashion icon, and a pet parent, all at the same time!

Who says that wine tumblers are not a fashion statement? They certainly are, especially if they look like this. Your dog lover friend will absolutely love this wine tumbler with a wine barrel-inspired design. On it, it says, "I'm a simple woman", decorated with things she likes, a dog paw for her four-legged friend, a flip-flop for vacation time, and a wine glass. That's pretty much self-explanatory at this point. On the back of the wine tumbler, you can add your friend's name. Sometimes, simple but creative gifts like this win.

You'll often hear your dog lover friends tell you how it's much easier with dogs than with humans. If this is their motto, then here's an idea. Gift your friend this unique stainless steel tumbler that is decorated with several funny but cute illustrations of dogs and a message that carries the words: "Dogs make me happy, humans make my head hurt." You have to admit it, because it’s true. Sometimes, the reason for our happy mood is no one else but our dog. Dealing with humans can be too much sometimes. This stainless steel tumbler is covered in small paws, and it's fit for every occasion. Surprise your friend today!

Here's another idea for a tote bag gift. It's similar to the one we've already recommended. This one, however, has a special message in the lower right corner that says "My kids have paws". In the top left corner, there’s space for your friend’s name. Surely, you are already used to your dog lover friend talking about dogs like her children, and now's the perfect time to surprise her with a gift that might cause a few tears of joy. The tote bag itself is covered in cute paws and dog bones, so it's not missing the dog-love vibe.

Personalized Gifts for Dog Lovers' Homes

This holiday season, let's switch up the already-familiar "Home is where the heart is" and make it more dog lover-appropriate. How about "Home is where the paws are"? Doesn't it sound cute and heart-warming? It certainly does, and this Christmas tree ornament is the perfect home piece to display such a message. It’s got Christmas bells, flowers, paws, and the sprinkle of the holiday cheer. With the dog lover's name under it, it'll definitely be the Christmas decoration that'll get the most attention. As it should!

You've probably seen all kinds of creative doormats in your life, but this one is something else! Gift your dog lover friend with this doormat that says "There's probably dog hair in here" and under it the name of the family. It’s brown and covered in cute dog paws.We’re sure you’ve had some good ideas for house-warming gifts, but you gotta admit it - this one is so cool that it makes other gifts boring and monotonous. Humbly speaking, it could be your best idea yet, and one that will stay for a long time and get the attention of everyone that walks through that door.

Next on this list is this heart-shaped Christmas ornament that says “Woof”. Simple as that, but still very meaningful. It’s the only sound that dogs make, but it shouldn’t be taken for granted. Someone who is your friend and has a dog knows that a dog’s woof can mean a lot of different things. And since holiday season is around the corner, it could mean “Happy holidays!” Why not? Our dogs are always trying to communicate with us. This ornament has got a beautiful snowy design with dog paws and mistletoe. It’s definitely a gift that’ll stand out. Choose this personalized Christmas gift for your friends and put a smile on their face this holiday.

We’re near the end of our gift list, but we’re not running out of cool ideas. Christmas ornaments are obviously a great gift idea. So, if you’re looking for an ornament that’ll spark positive vibes and put a smile on your friend’s face this holiday season, pick this “Stay pawsitive” with a wooden-inspired design. It’s got paws all over it, and you can make it personalized to make it even more unique. Put this on your shopping list, and you won’t regret it!

We’re ending our gift list with a one-of-a kind Christmas ornament that’ll make your dog lover friend smile from ear to ear. The catch is in the world play again. On it, it says: “You are my furshine”. If something’s certain, it’s that, even on those rainy days, when they don’t feel their happiest, their dog is their sunshine. By gifting them this cute ornament with paws, balls, and hearts, you’re gifting them love and a bit of sunshine. Make it personalized and make your friend the happiest pet parent in the world.

Other Recommendations For You

Fashion and Beauty Personalized Gifts for Dog Lovers

If you're looking for a great gift idea for the dog lover in your life, look no further than these fashion and beauty personalized items. They are not only fun and thoughtful, but they also make any day better. Whether it's a birthday, Christmas, or just because you love them - we have something perfect to show your appreciation! With everything from custom pet necklaces to personalized water bottles, you're sure to find the perfect present for your loved one!

Personalized Pet Necklace

This personalized necklace for pet lovers is the perfect present that will be treasured forever! The thin, yet stunning design of this coin necklace makes it easy to wear day or night. With this personalized pet necklace, you can combine two of girl’s favorite things: a pet and jewelry. The coin necklace features a portrait of your beloved four-legged companion along with their name engraved underneath. It features your pet's portrait, so you can show off your love wherever you go. The piece would make a wonderful birthday gift or memorial gift.

Custom Pajamas With Pet Picture

It's like a morning hug from your pet! Custom Pajamas With Pet Picture is just what we want when we need some extra love before waking up. These custom pajamas come in a range of sizes to fit anyone! They are lovingly created with silky soft and comfy material. It also has an envelope neckline for easy access. Make sure the furry friend of you or your friend is centered and well lit when you upload a photo to complete your custom order!

Personalized Pet Socks

You can wear your heart on your sleeve and your pet on your feet with these custom pet socks. They are available in every color you choose. Simply take a photo of your pet with good lighting, upload it, and you'll be set. A team of designers will do all the hard work, placing that cute face in a repeating pattern. You can give your dog lover friends these custom socks for Christmas, birthdays, and any other occasion!

Custom Pet Phone Case

There are two things you can’t live without your pet and your phone. So why not put them together with these cool, hand-drawn phone cases? The eco-friendly material comes in a variety of sizes to fit your specific phone, as well as a slew of colors to really let your personality pop. So now you’ve found the perfect phone case for dog lovers.

64Hydro Shih Tzu Water Tracker Bottles

The Shih Tzu Water Tracker Bottle is the perfect drinkware for Dog moms and dads! Ideal for kids and adults at any age! There are plenty of Shih Tzu goodies to give as gifts for those who love this small, cute pup. If you're shopping for someone that's obsessed with Shih Tzus, check out our collection of Shih Tzu Water Tracker Bottles! Finding the right gift for the people who love the breed seems like finding the perfect present for a kid in a candy shop. Since they are so cute, you should find a gift that is personalized and has special meaning for the gift recipient.

Custom Dog Notepad

Every dog owner knows that finding a balance between work and family life can be tough, as busy schedules often get in the way of spending time together. The Custom Dog Notepad features a personalized portrait of their favorite pets with perfectly spaced lines for all of the notes. All sheets are removable meaning it's just as easy to use today’s note on yesterday's task, and magnets on the back offer a quick and convenient way to hang up your notepad on the refrigerator door.

Personalized Gifts for Dog Lovers' Homes

Many people think it's difficult to find gifts for dog lovers, but it doesn't have to be! For the person who has everything and is looking for a special gift that will make them smile, we've got you covered. We compiled personalized gifts for dog lovers such as pillows with your pup's face on them or personalize their favorite breed mug. If they love decorating their home in doggy-themed items, then this section is perfect for you! Check out our list of the best personalized gifts for dog lovers' homes below.

Custom Dog Pillow

You can't always take your furry buddy everywhere you go, but at least you can remember him every time you see this clever, personalized pet pillow molded like his face. These huggable, cuddly pillows are printed on both sides from the photograph of your choice. It is a good idea to select one photograph that shows a clear image of your dog's face. These custom pet pillows are available in three different sizes.

Custom Dog Blanket

The holidays are a time to show the people you love how much they mean to you. This year, for your dog lover’s friend or family member, give them personalized photo blankets of their furry friends! It can fit over your lap for cuddling on the couch, picnicking at the park, watching kids play soccer - really anywhere you want that cozy blanket feeling. The affordable photo blankets can be a thoughtful gift to friends and family during the holiday season.

Personalized Dog Keychains

This keychain accessory is for the pet parent who loves to show their fur baby some love in all aspects of life! Keep your best friend with you at all times and on the go. Show off your identity with our custom, personalized pet key chains. This keychain can also be used as a purse hanger or a backpack hook. With so many options available to you, your pet can follow you wherever you go! Made with super-soft polyester plush and high-quality inks, every keychain measures 2" and has a face of a pet on it.

Personalized Dog Leash Holder

This leash holder is great for anyone who loves puppies and needs a place to store their leashes and collars. It's also durable and varnished to protect against scratching. The dog leash holder can be made in any color you need it to be! The dog’s name will be crafted from professional quality permanent vinyl. You can request the name to be painted when ordering as well. This is a lovely and practical personalized dog gift that any dog owner will love!

Personalized Dachshund Coffee Tumblers

If you're a Dachshund lover, then these personalized coffee tumblers are for you. A perfect gift for any friend - or yourself. Featuring vivid colors and cool Dachshund designs, this 64Hydro tumbler collection is sure to make your day. Moreover, those high-quality tumblers can keep the drinks cold or hot for hours. You can now enjoy your fresh and delicious drink until the last drop! Add a personal touch to these tumblers with the name of the dog to complete a one-of-a-kind personalized item!

Personalized Dog Doormat

Stylish front door mats dog lovers will fall in love with! With this personalized piece of home decor, you're giving your pet the limelight as they put their paw prints all over it. Enjoy a fun and functional housewarming gift for any animal lover. These super fun doormats—which have a durable, heat-resistant, non-woven fabric top and neoprene rubber non-slip backing—can be customized with your pet’s (or pets plural!) name and photo. Here are the tech gadgets every pet owner should have.

Personalized Dog Portrait

The value of a personalized portrait is difficult to measure. It's not just the price tag that counts, but knowing you took time and care in choosing something meaningful for someone special will make it count more than any dollar amount could ever do so. If your recipients love their pet like family, then nothing can compare with an artwork representing all these feelings: happiness, adoration and love by capturing its likeness on canvas or paper - as well as yours too! They can show the picture in their living room and contemplate it every single day. These portraits are especially sketched in the most lively way to illustrate their dogs.

Custom LED Dog Lamp

What is life without your furry best friend! With Photo Lamps, you can now show the world how much your dog means to you with our customizable photos that shine at night. Whether they are an angel or a monster, display their most beautiful features and make them feel more special than they already are. Customize different photos according to what mood you want to create in any space from Bedroom to Dining Room. Show off your fur baby's cuteness for all of society to see!

Personalized Dog Accessories

What are you getting your favorite dog lover this year? Do they like to dress up their pup or have a fur-ever friend in every room of the house? Check out these cute personalized gifts for all types of fashionable dog accessories. From clothes and jewelry to ottomans, you’ve got something special for everyone on your list!

Personalized Pet ID Tag

This personalized dog ID tag is a must-have for your furry friend and will allow them to always find their way home! These tags are lightweight, yet durable so that they can last for years. The prettiest detail about our personalized pet ID Tag is the engravings with custom-made one-of-a-kind calligraphy and floral design. You will love this feminine touch on your pup's collar or leash. Buy one for your dog or give it to that dog lover in your life!

Customizable Dog Collar

The Customizable Dog Collar is a great gift for any pet-loving person. This gift will ensure that their fur babies are easier to find should they run off or go missing. A double-locking buckle holds the collar securely around a furry companion’s neck. Also, a metal D-ring makes it easy to attach the included clip-on leash. Your lovely pets will feel comfortable wearing this collar as it fits snugly and securely. These collars are fully adjustable and are available in a variety of sizes.

Rustic Love Play Paw Print Pet Bowl

These sturdy ceramic bowls will make mealtimes more enjoyable for your dog. You can customize this pet bowl with a colorful design and your pet's photo and name. This custom dog gift is also available in two sizes, pick one that suits your four-legged friend. Ceramic dog bowls like these would look beautiful in any kitchen. You can customize the color of the name to match your decor.

Personalized Pet Hoodie

Even the coldest days can feel like sweater weather when you're in love with your fur baby! This fashionable dog hoodie will instantly transform them into adorable or handsome creatures (depending on which style you choose). Like one of your favorite sweatshirts, it is made from soft warm fleece. You can choose from five fun colors or choose custom colors for your special lady, and she'll love it! These personalized pet hoodies will keep them warm and stylish this winter. Make someone's day with this perfect personalized gift for dog lovers!

Custom Pet Bed

With this bed, your little furry friend will never be lonely again. It is the perfect match for those with a sense of style! The high-quality embroidery ensures that these beds are saturated in personality and also very easy to maintain. What sets these apart from other pet beds is the elastic pillows that provide pets safety and comfort, as well as the removable cover which makes it great for washing machine use too. Make this pet bed special for your favorite pet or your friend by choosing a font and color for the name tag!

Personalized Dog Toys and Treats

Along with our best gifts for dog moms and dads, we've rounded up some excellent dog gifts for the pups themselves. Chew toys and tasty treats are just the tip of the iceberg here; a heated pet bed is bound to get more than a few tail wags, a portable dog water bottle will keep them hydrated, ... Looking for a gift for a feline instead? Check out our best personalized dog toys and treats below!

Pridebite Dog Toys

Playtime is supposed to be fun, and with BrideBites Dog Toys, it is. These custom toys are perfect for both land and water activities. You don't have to worry about your pets' safety while playing with these. The ultra-lightweight design means the puppies can have hours of playtime without getting too tired out, and the 55 lb pull pressure may just seem like a game to your pooch! Dogs of all sizes love these toys! These cute dog items are perfect for any season.

Simply Chic Heart Print Dog Toy

Give your favorite furry friend a toy that they won't be able to get enough of. Whether their heads are bouncing off the walls with excitement or you need a companion for fetch, this chic heart dog toy is just the thing! Throw your dog this lovely plush squeaker bone! They are available in two sizes, made with reinforced seams. Any canine companion will enjoy playing with this poly fabric and poly-filled toy. This toy comes with built-in squeakers, so dogs will love it for the loud sound. Just a small reminder, there is no dog toy that is indestructible, so always remove the toy when pieces begin to fall off.

Personalized Dog Toy Basket

You're ready to create a personalized toy basket for that beloved four-legged friend! These adorable, durable, cotton canvas baskets provide convenience and style while being uniquely created with you and your furry family member in mind. Choose from 3 different sizes when shopping for this flexible use bargain. Loop the ribbon handles through each of the metal loops on top for easy carrying, or leave them dangling so that an animal can easily pull their own toys out of their new storage space as they want. Another added benefit to these chic kits is that it's big enough to store your pet food as well.

Custom Dog Bone Cookie Cutter

If you worry about your dog not getting enough treats at home, then this one-of-a-kind personalized cookie cutter is perfect for you. Cut those classic store-bought bones into stylish dog bone cookies with this custom design, and surprise your best friend with a tasty treat whenever they deserve it! All we need to do is enter the name of your dog in the order box, and they'll do the rest to make sure these details are given just right on their teeth. This product comes made from safe PLA plastic that's approved for food contact by the FDA, so you won’t have to worry about its quality and safety.

Personalized Pet Treat Jar

Whether their pet is big or small, this Customized Pet Treat Jar will make them happy! A personalized jar for your loved one's favorite pet! It was created to bring your pets' favorite treats to life and give them a special home! Made from food safe, durable plastic, and hand-decorated with any text and color of your choice, this Personalized Pet Treat Jar is sure to become a talking point in any home. On the lid of the jar, there is a sticker depicting a pet-related graphic, for example, a paw print. So perfect for finding amongst all the other boring jars!

That’s a wrap of personalized gifts for dog lovers.

Throughout this article, you’ve had the chance to scroll through amazing, personalized and fashionable dog lover gift ideas. There’s a lot to choose from, and we’re sure that you’ve already got your favorite ones lined up.

Take this opportunity to surprise your dog lover friend with a gift that’ll put a smile on their face.

Good luck!

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